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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Liberal Christians Record Hateful Rap Songs

By On November 29, 2005
Four members of of an organization called Christian Peacemaker Teams have been taken hostage in Iraq with their videotape on Al Jazeera. They had ironically come to aid the very terrorists who captured them by collecting 'evidence on detainee abuses.'

The Christian Peacemaking Team claims to be a pacifistic organization. Their motto is, "What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war?" Interesting question, though the Christian Peacemaker Teams has as much chance of answering it as did the Spanish Inquisition since CPT is very much about violence and hate.

CPT has become notorious for confrontations with the US border patrol in Arizona and IDF soldiers at checkpoints, including inciting physical confrontations and then blaming the soldiers for the incidents. A sample of Christian Peacemaker Team's hatefulness can be garnered from the rap lyrics of one of their people (an ex-ISM'r) hosted and distributed on the CPT website.

And to the army of Israel, the IDF
Exhaling death, with each breath
till there's nothing left
They kill, catch and cripple women, children, and men
Who's only crime is that they're Palestinian

Now putting aside that CPT and Joe Carr think 'men' rhymes with 'Palestinian' we have something that could as easily come off one of the White Power neo-nazi heavy metal groups. And for all the talk about peace, the songs openly celebrate violence and terrorism.

So its disgusting all this fussing over blowing up buses
Without even discussing who's funding injustice
And that's us
Capitol U.S. us

Yes why 'fuss' over blowing up buses killing entire families. Why fuss over children perforated with nails and both Jews and Arabs killed for nothing more than being on the wrong bus at the wrong time. And then there's this non-violent anthem.

What's the Point of a Check Point? Machsum (checkpoint), F___ You!

Cause Palestine, you can't hold her
She'll shake off the closures
And bulldoze the soldiers
And roll to freedom's shoulder like bouncing boulder

F__ You
I wanna clock the f_____g Machsum

Cock zoom
Shock boom
We're gonna chuck f_____g Machsum
My rocks zoom
At the Machsum
We'll unblock and walk through Machsum

Combine this with descriptions of terrorists as Shahids or martyrs as suicide bombers are described. There's a touch of good old fashioned Christian 'Jesus Killers' anti-semitism when rapping that under Israeli checkpoints, "Mary never would have made it to have the son of man." What ultimately flows beyond the utterly bad and absurd writing, Carr considering himself heroic for making puppets and theater pieces is the privileged upper class bigot who finds sanction in his hate and adoration of violence and terrorism because it is directed through the sanction of socially acceptable pro-Palestinian activism.

This is the logical result of a hypocritical state of affairs which renders 'bigotry from above' as practiced by upper classes and conventional authority unacceptable but views 'bigotry from below' as practiced by those supposedly oppressed as kosher. This has lead to anti-semites repackaging their bigotry as bigotry from below and thus a white man can spew obscene hate at Jews and pretend to be a rap star by repackaging himself as a Palestinian activist.

It is worth remember the next time someone calls one of these groups 'pacifistic' or 'non-violent' or 'seeking a peaceful solution,' what they really stand for. 'Anti-Semites From Above' trying to pass themselves off as 'Anti-Semites From Below.'

Sex, Drugs and Activism: Arabs want the Left Out

By On November 29, 2005

Increasingly activists who want to make a reputation for themselves have headed to Israel to supposedly protect Arabs from the IDF. Such activists will spend a few months aimlessly hanging around arab towns and leap at any IDF soldier in sight, when one shows up, hoping to get a shot of himself on camera (and shot on camera too.) When he goes home to Wisconsin or Oregon or Bonn or Paris, this 'experience' will make an integral part of his radical activism resume when he or she decides to run for the Green Party, post at Moveon.org or apply for a job at Google.

In practice this comes down to western twenty somethings from prosperous families that they're rebelling against hanging around arab towns where they tend not to even speak the langauge and living a slacker lifestyle with a noble title. Much like the 'Human Shields' who went to Iraq before the War to 'protect the Iraqi people' they're also not wanted by anyone except the totalitarian arab regimes who use them to promote the righteousness of their own cause.

The 'Human Shields' who went to Baghdad quickly discovered that the Iraqi people on whose behalf they were here didn't want them or trust them. Now a report comes from Hevron that the arab leaders in Hebron have been making arrangements with the Jewish community to get the ISM 'observers' out. The ISM or International Solidarity Movement or more popularly I Support Murderers has been notorious for publically supporting terrorist attacks on Israel and for harboring two Hamas terrorists.

But beyond their revolutionary fervor on behalf of Islamic terrorism, they're still twenty somethings determined not to get jobs but live off trust funds dragging out the experience of being in college without the classes. And that means sex and drugs and mindless random rebellion against authority. This was the kind of thing that the Arabs in Hebron, no more than anyone anywhere wants in their community. The actibrats who came to save the Arabs from Israel stayed to smoke pot, walk around scantily clad in Muslim areas and offer drugs and have sex with local Arab youth.

Rachel Corrie who has been elevated to sainthood by the international left and has had plays and operas and poems composed in her name, wrote in her own diary that the local arabs put together a petition to get her and the rest of her group out, because they were carrying on with their children. While these activists return home boasting of how well they related to arab culture, they mostly succeed in disgusting and annoying local Arabs as they behave immorally and deliberately touch off confrontations with IDF soldiers.

As so often happens, the left's activists aren't wanted even by the people whose behalf they're supposedly working on.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Vandalism or a Message?

By On November 28, 2005

It's been reported that Netanyahu's car was broken into and two mobile phones stolen after it was supposedly left unguarded. The incident raises a few questions.

Netanyahu is running for Likud leadership and is most likely to be the candidate who opposes Sharon in the next election. As a former Prime Minister, his guards are members of Shabak. Standard procedure, observed of them, has been that one guard goes with Netanyahu and one guard remains with the car. This prevents any attempt to wire the vehicle with explosives. Furthermore Netanyahu's car is armored, it would not at all be easy to simply break into. Going to all that trouble for two phones makes little sense nor does it make any sense that the car was unprotected when that was standard procedure.

On the other hand such an act serves three purposes. It walks away with Netanyahu's cell phones which may provide usefull information and it allows the replacement of his old ones with new ones on their timing, that can be tampered with to be eavesdropped over. Finally it demonstrates to Netanyahu that his security is worthless, because it is ultimately the government that provides his security led by Ariel Sharon and that the government can always get to him. 'Lapses' in Shabak security sealed the fate of Yitzchak Rabin. Another lapse in Shabak security around a Prime Ministerial candidate is an effective message of what can happen in a game of psychological warfare.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Democracy wins! Terrorists win!

By On November 27, 2005

Wanted Palestinian terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi leader of the Al Aqsa terrorist group in Jenin, affiliated with the Palestinian authority, casts his ballot. Israel has hunted Zubeidi for several years but has promised the United States not to interfere in Palestinian elections.

Unsurprisingly two terrorists from the Al Aqsa brigade won office, including one in Jenin where Jamal Abu Rob, who killed a number of fellow Palestinians and gave himself the nickname , "Hitler," is the new elected leader.

It's hard to conceive of a better demonstration of the complete absurdity of the liberal and neo-con position that Bush has championed and sacrificed thousands of US troops for, that democracy ends terrorism and extremism. Extremists and terrorists are happy to exploit democracy to get to power as the original Hitler did. As long as we are clueless enough to wave democracy as a cure-all mantra, instead of something that benefits a people ready to accept responsibility, we will only be aiding terrorists and Islamic extremists as we did in Iran and attempted to do in Uzebkistan and as we are now doing in Egypt by dismantling the very governments that keep Islamic extremism in check.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

What do you have left to lose?

By On November 24, 2005
Today is Thanksgiving and beyond the turkey and the parade and the sweet potatoes, what is thankfullness. To be properly thankfull for anything is to understand not only what it's like to be without it but to know that in the normal state of affairs, you would not have it. And we lack that understanding.

All too often we fail to understanding that our comfortable existance in Western countries, in which we are not discriminated against and no laws are passed against us; is an aberrant state of affairs. One that has very rarely existed and not for very long. Yet we have grown used to it. So much so that when Jews once again become tarred with classic anti-semitic stereotypes, whether it's by the religious right or the liberal left we treat it as a nuisance.

We have forgotten that the usual state of affairs was for Jews to briefly abide in a nation before being expelled from it. The Jews of the world look at what happened in Gush Katif with apathy and even us, those few who don't, see it as something remote and distant that could never happen to us. History says that such a delusion is deeply mistaken. On Pesach we are commanded to see ourselves as if we too were leaving Egypt. We might consider seeing ourselves as if we really were expelled from Gush Katif, not merely for reasons of empathy but as a wake up call to what can happen and what eventually will.

Time and time again Jews have been forced out with little more than the clothes on their backs. Time and time again waves of persecution began with the acceptance of hatefull rhetoric by a society towards the Jews. Too many Jews take comfort in the marginalization of Neo-Nazis, as if they are the only threat Jews ever faced. Look to the atmosphere on the left where in the name of a war on Zionism, rhetoric is spewed that equals Goebbels at his worst. Look to the religious right which while claiming to befriend Jews at once blames Jews for all of society's ills.

When a bomb goes off in Israel it is accepted in the media that dead Jews, whether they are citizens of Israel or America, are unfortunate but acceptable. By contrast when a wedding in Jordan was bombed, the media spilled more tears over the attack going into detail with human interest stories while as in WW2, stories on dead Jews are banished to the back pages if they are printed at all. And so the dehumanization of the Jews as people whose lives have value and right goes.

Too many Jews are deluded by the prominence of Holocaust commemoration in the west. They however fail to grasp that this is only done because Holocaust commemoration has been increasingly universalized and used as a tool by liberals and socialists to promote 'anti-racist' programs and international courts and the importance of the UN; more than a mourning for the Jewish victims. And beginning with the Soviet Union and continuing today with the left and many liberals; Jews are described as the new Nazis so that the very commemoration of the Holocaust is twisted by the left to attack the Jews.

Do you want to know what to be thankfull for? Think about what you have to lose. Think carefully and be happy for what you have now.

Nothing lasts forever. That is a lesson that Jews as the world's oldest people keep forgetting and having to learn.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Democratically Shooting Yourself in the Foot

By On November 23, 2005
The US has insisted that bringing democracy to Iraq would bring stability to Iraq. Iraq today is more unstable and more dangerous than ever. Its government is a collection of quarreling parties and the strongest force are the Iranian allied Shiite leaders.

The US strongly insisted that Egypt democratize more and open up its electoral process. The neo-cons assured us that this would reduce support for 'islamic extremists.' Now in Egypt's elections, the Muslim Brotherhood which is the originating body for Hamas and many Muslim terrorist groups and the inspiration for Al Queda, has doubled its representation. The Muslim Brotherhood now has 30 seats to Mubarak's party's 50. Thanks to the US, the spirtual guides of Hamas are drawing closer to coming to power in Egypt.

The US has insisted on Hamas participating in Palestinian elections. Diplomats, Neo-cons and Secretary of State Rice has assured us that this will promote democracy and reduce extremism. Instead the participation of Hamas in elections has resulted in increasing conflict and terrorism as Hamas and the PA's terrorists try to win a popularity contest fought with terrorist attacks against Israel.

Conservative liberals of the Clinton and Bush variety have continually insisted that democracy is the cure for all ills. Democracy though is merely a way of opening up the process, for good or ill. In a stable country with a population that doesn't support genocide or terrorism or religious extremism, democratization is a good thing. In the middle east it is a disaster and Islamic terrorist parties like Hamas and Hizbullah, like the Nazis, are extremely adept at exploiting the weakness of democracy by gaining office, taking power and then eliminating the democracy.

The faith in democracy is a delusional belief based not on rational political analysis but ideology and wishful thinking. Democracy will not stop Islamic terrorism, only the courage to resist and fight terrorism will.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Conspiracy Fairy on the Loose.

By On November 22, 2005

The conspiracy fairy, Fairy Foompha, has been spotted hovering around the Sultan Knish blog for the last few days. As a public service I have volunteered to capture said fairy and send her back to fairyland once and for all!!!!

This photo, which can be viewed in the original in any U.S. Post Office, is an accurate portrayal of her insidious countenance. Notice the large eyes and bottle thick spectacles through which she sees her distorted world view! Note the curled toes, which denote her glee at finding conspiracy everywhere and in accusing others of being part of it!!!

Take particular note of the ears nestled to the back of the head in the curly green hair. These ears are quick to pick up on gossip. Foompha majored in lashon hara and rechilus in Herb's College of Wizardry and Magic.

You will see in her hand the magic wand with which she transforms simple things into the convoluted and ridiculous. The jutting bottom lip which tell of determination to find something wrong with someone, somewhere, no matter how hard it may be. These Fairies are convinced that no one can have an opinion of their own but that it must be fed to them from some sinister origin. Although I am now officially on the case, I ask you, the public, to be aware of her existence and on the look out.

Please report your sightings to me so that we might send her away to Fairyville once and for all.
Thank you, LemonLime Moon

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Conspiracy Theories and the Secret of My Secret Identity

By On November 20, 2005
I received a rather strange email this week which had been circulated to a number of people including Arutz 7's Tamar Yonah and Worldnetdaily's Aaron Klein and Reuven Koret accusing me of really being Steven Plaut.

Why Steven Plaut who has a successful career as a pundit would create an obscure blog to post long articles which he never places in media publications is unclear to me but apparently it involves my supposed involvement in a war against Barry Chamish, whose follower this person is. I've actually only written two pieces on Barry Chamish among over 400 posts in nearly a year so this blog isn't remotely Chamish centered.

I have pointed out that Chamish is affiliated with Neo-Nazi holocaust deniers and is himself promoting theories that amount to holocaust denial, e.g. the Holocaust was arranged by the Jews, a form of Holocaust denial innovated by the Soviet Union and repeated by some in the arab world which claims the Zionists were behind the Holocaust. I've pointed out that his claims are bizarre ranging from UFO's over Israel to claims that Yeshiva University is run by the Illuminati because they switched to a torch symbol and that he ultimately ends up discrediting the right by association.

In response to those pieces I received a number of angry comments, including from this person, as well as an angry email from Barry Chamish for calling him a holocaust denier. (Unlike what some of Chamish's associates have done in their fight with Steven Plaut and Daniel Pipes though I do not publish private emails on my site as this is a violation of elementary ethics) and now an accusation that I'm just a front for Steven Plaut.

It is a sign of how conspiracy theories can warp the mind that such accusations are even made but then when one lives in a universe in which everyone hides a hidden agenda and every seemingly meaningless act conceals a greater purpose, such modes of thinking become inevitable.

The conspiracy theorist like the religious believer assumes that nothing happens by accident but where the religious believer sees that as G-d's hand in the world, the conspiracy theory is gnostic believing that everything happens for a reason...because evil forces are manipulating the world.

Hard core believers in conspiracy theories create a gnostic world, one in which good contends with a nearly omnipotent evil conspiracy that turns the entire world into a web of lies and deceit and whose followers and leaders are capable of making the most convoluted plots succeed and directing the everyday life of the world without anyone but them knowing it. The 'secret knowledge' of the conspiracy theorist is his gnosis enabling him to find the truth in a world ruled by lies.

That very belief though ensures that such a person achieves nothing useful as they labor over what isn't instead of dealing with what is. The world is not run by great conspiracies. A handful of men don't sit in a secret room deciding the fate of the world. The truth is much worse than that. The state of the world is our fault. There are evil men but their efforts would come to nothing if we would stand up to them. Their plans tend to be laughable and pathetic. They succeed because good people do nothing. This blog is an attempt to do something.

I am not Steven Plaut. I am however the Archduke of Wisconsin. Really.

Sultan Knish

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tzedakah and Misphat; Givers and Takers

By On November 19, 2005
In this parsha, derivations of the word yada, know, are used to indicate intimacy. When G-d decides to tell Avraham of his intentions to destroy Sdom, he says Ki Yedaativ, for I have known him. The word Yeedativ is used here to mean love, Hashem is saying that he has known Avraham that through his knowledge of him Avraham is beloved to G-d.

When the men of Sdom encircle Lot's house demanding his guests, they also use a derivation of yada. They demand that the guests be brought out to the mob, Veneida Otam. Here the word also involves intimacy but their intention is rape. In both usages an intimate knowledge is meant but in the first case it involves love for another that comes through knowing another, in the second it involves an assault for personal satisfaction.

In its first use G-d sees the goodness of Avraham and gives him special privileges and rewards. In the second use the men of Sdom are so threatened by generosity towards strangers, that they threaten cruelty towards them and Lot. This is the gap between those who give and those who take.

This parsha begins with Avraham sitting in great pain after his circumcision, in the presence of G-d when he sees three men whom he suspects of being idol worshippers; he nevertheless runs towards them and welcomes them and invites them in and serves them personally, though he had an entire household he could have delegated the job to. It is only after he has shown them hospitality that the angels inform him and Sarah that they will have a son.

They even inquire about Sarah's location. Why is her location important? If we look back we see that Avraham involves Sarah in the perperation of the food by going to the tent, by emphasizing Sarah's location in the tent, her involvement in Avraham's hospitality, they make the distinction between Yishmael and Yitzchak. Yishmael was also born of Avraham but born of a woman who would push her child away from her as he was on the verge of death. Yitzchak was to be born of Sarah who shared in Avraham's hospitality so that he would come from two parents and be the product of a family which was hospitable, who were givers.

Afterwards when Hashem discusses why he should tell Avraham the fate of Sdom, he emphasizes Avraham's descendants. The nation that will arise from him, who will practice Tzedakah U'Misphat, Righteousness and Justice. Why does righteousness come before justice here? Because without righteousness there is no justice. Law is meaningless without integrity and without charity as well which is the meaning of Tzedakah.

Both Sdom and the Philistines possesed law. Both Sdom and the Philistines followed their laws. Both Sdom and the Philistines are threatened with destruction and Avraham prays for both Sdom and the Philistines. When Avraham prays to Hashem for Sdom, he appeals to G-d saying, Hashofet Kol Haaretz Lo Yaaseh Misphat, 'Can It Be That The Judge of the Whole World Would Not Do Justice.' Once again the word Misphat is used.

Avraham goes through the list of numbers of Tzaddikim needed to save Sdom and none are found. Tzaddik is of course related to Tzeddakah and Sdom was renowed for its cruelty and its refusal of hospitality. At the heart of such cruelty is self-centeredness. Where Avraham was a Tzaddik, who gave to all exerting himself to the utmost, Sdom was the linear opposite. Avraham was a giver, the people of Sdom were takers. Sdom had Mishpat and not Tzedakah and so was destroyed. The angels visit Avraham and partake of his hospitality and in doing so condemn Sdom by its contrast.

When Avimelech, king of the Phlistim, appeals to G-d to save him and his people from anhiliation, he too appeals in a way similar to Avraham in questioning why G-d would destroy a righteous people and appeals, Hagoy Gam Tzaddik Taharog. Will You Also Destroy a Righteous Nation. Avimelech contrasts his people with Sdom, asking whether they will be destroyed like the wicked of Sdom. He argues that he acted within the letter of the law enstabilishing Misphat and yet G-d directs him to ask Avraham to pray for him to prevent his people's destruction. Only when Avimelech gives Avraham gifts does Avraham then pray for him and are they spared.

The Phlistim too like Sdom only had Misphat and allowed abuses to happen within the letter of the law. That is why Avraham states that there was no fear of G-d. They enforced a law but it was devoid of Tzedakah, of righteousness and of charity. It was a purely self-centered law that allowed the king to seize a woman as property if she wasn't another man's property. Like Sdom the idea here was 'what's yours is yours' and 'what's mine is mine.' It took charity, tzedakah, for Avraham's prayers for the Philistines to be succesfull.

The promise of Yitzchak was the promise of future generations which would practice both Tzedakah and Misphat and thus the promise of a better world brought about by following G-d. Lot who was prepeared to take great risks for hospitality nevertheless failed to influence others, even his own son-in-laws and thus like Noach, was saved along with his family but like Noach became drunk and resulted in damage to his lineage. By contrast Avraham and Sarah had built a legacy of influencing others. Lot's hospitality was purely physical. It was a hospitality of Misphat. He followed the law in giving physically to others but he lacked Tzedakah in giving them righteousness.

Misphat without Tzedakah leads to corruption and Lot's descendants, like Sdom and the Phlistim, became corrupted. His descendants in Midaan and Moav would then attempt to corrupt the Jews spirtually becoming sources of corruption. Tzedakah and Misphat and leads to the creation of a better world influenced by G-d. That is the legacy of Avraham who in this Parsha gives endlessly of himself. He loses his wife, he loses one son and then nearly loses another, time and time again he loses his home and the man who humbled kings is forced to wander himself and yet he continues to give everything up for G-d. Thus the parsha ends with the birth of Rivka and from there the continuation of the Jewish future with the birth of a woman whose destiny for Yitzchak would become apparent through her acts of selfless giving.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

France's Infitada: A Circus Without a Net

By On November 17, 2005
Muslim rioting in Paris continues, spreading across France from cities to small suburbs and into other countries including Belgium and Germany with its own large Muslim populations. Curfews have now been declared across France and there is talk of bringing in the army to stem what is now being called The French Intifada

Aside from the billions in destroyed property, in torched homes and cars, people have been badly injured, especially the elderly whom in true cowardly fashion the followers of Islam prefer as their prey and whom in true cowardly fashion, the French people are happy to leave behind as they flee. A 61 year old man has died of a severe beating from Muslim rioters and an elderly disabled woman had gasoline poured on her and set on fire.

Meanwhile the same media that has shrieked endlessly about Abu Ghraib treating it as the worst crime in human history on par with the Holocaust manufactures excuses for the murderous mobs. To the media women's underwear on the head is inexcusable, but setting senior citizens on fire is perfectly understandable. They're protesting high unemployment rates, the media insist. I've been unemployed without going on a killing spree and if I were to respond to high unemployment rates with a spree of burning, looting and killing, somehow I suspect the media wouldn't be quite as understanding.

Yet at every turn the media whispers its poison into our ears promising us that this is a minor incident and this has nothing to do with Islam. Never mind the video of rioters shouting Allah Akbar, reporters have found a few non-Muslim vandals doing copycat car burnings too. Never mind the uncovered bomb factory, the evidence that the riots are being directed by a centralized organization French authorities have not been able to uncover and rioters expressing distinctly Islamic reasons for the attacks, such as the headscarf ban, cartoons criticizing Mohammed and tolerance for homosexuality. All this we are told will be resolved as soon as France abandons any commitment to equality and implements affirmative action for Muslims on the American model.

The American left blames Bush for the riots. Iran blames Israel. The media blame French racism. No one blames the rioters. No one blames those who poured gasoline over a woman on crutches and set her on fire. When they torch nursery schools and synagogues (though heaven help us when a gas canister accidentally hits a 'holy' mosque) they are only engaging in the class warfare that the left wing media so adore in their delusional self-image as revolutionaries against the established order. The failure to hold criminals, terrorists and murderers to account dissolves a society's moral fabric reducing it to anarchy and leaving it weak and defenseless.

There are lessons to be learned in the burning streets of France but they are not lessons of social justice. But of the eventual fate of appeasement and cowardice, of filling your country with the followers of fanatical religion that hate you and of refusing to hold them to account. And finally of the price of retreat.

Israel hoped to buy itself peace by retreating from Gaza, the French hoped to buy themselves peace by retreating from Algeria. Today the civil war that France had hoped to leave behind in Algeria has followed it back to its own cities. If it didn't work for the relentlessly appeasing French who left a sea between them and Algeria will it work for Israel?

The West hopes to buy peace with appeasement of the Arab street, but how much are they really willing to give up because the ultimate cost will be everything. You cannot negotiate from a position of weakness. Turning to appeasement only displays weakness to an aggressive enemy.

Why is France rather than New York burning, as the left wing pundits who hailed France's opposition to the war suggested. Because where we showed strength, the French showed weakness. Spain and London have been bombed but Al Queda has not executed a single successful terrorist attack on US soil post 9/11. Why is that?

For all the fury that the left and the libertarian right directs at the Patriot Act, at secret prisons, at torture and extra-legal detention of captured terrorists, at the war itself; they work. For all that many would lie to deny it and tidy over 9/11 as an aberration, we are at war and the war continues across the world. The French who doggedly refused to fight it proved incapable of understand that this refusal only showed them off as the weakest link in the chain. France kept its troops at home and the war has come home to France. While US troops fight Al Queda in the streets of Baghdad, French police huddle under shields in the streets of Paris.

While the civilizations of the 7th century rampage in Europe, the civilizations of the 20th century have become lost in the mazes of their own cleverness, confusing their rhetoric with reality and their philosophical constructions with truth and their Utopian socialist codes with morality. We have become so lost that even few conservatives can credibly contemplate the necessities of a war and what it will take to win it as their grandparents had no trouble doing. If the West does not find its way out of this maze of its own liberal philosophies and ideals to realism and nationalism; then the West is truly doomed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Isn't Democracy Wonderfull?

By On November 16, 2005

Stalin wannabe elected to head Israeli Labor Party.

Gay cokehead chosen head of Canadian Quebecois Party

Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) doubles seats in Egyptian election

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Forgotten Yitzchak's: Who will remember them?

By On November 15, 2005
As is the case every year, Israel or at least its politicians and some of its more gullible youth turn once again to the pseudo-religious ceremonies presided over by the anti-religious left for the commemoration of the assasination of Yitzchak Rabin. The real raison d'etre will be a circus aimed at cheerleading the same distastrous policies that has cost numerous Israeli lives, created a terrorist state within Israel's borders and is bringing Israel closer and closer to the brink of anhiliation. The same policies which are rationally indefensible, are lent an aura of martyrdom through their association with a dead politician. But while the mawkish sentimentality will flow like bribes in the histadrut, who will remember the other Yitzchak's. The Yitzchak's murdered by terrorists since the start of Oslo, the victims of Israel's national hero.

Yitzhak Ringel was a Baal Tesuvah who became religious after the death of his parents. In 2001 he was killed by a suicide bomber at age 41 on a Haifa bus.

Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder was 4 years old and eating with his family in a pizza shop when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside. The 10 kilogram bomb packed full of nails and screws and bolts through the bodies of Avraham Yitzchak, his parents Tzira and Mordechai, his 14 year old big sister Ra'ava and his 2 year old little sister, Hemda. He had just learned the entire Alef Bet by heart.

Rabbi Yitzchak Arama was the Rabbi of Netzer Hazani in Gush Katif. He was driving with his wife and six children before Shabbat when terrorists opened fire on their car. Rabbi Arama was a descendant of the Akeidat Yitzchak. Those of his family who survived would later be forcibly evicted from their homes, something Rabbi Arama did not live to see.

When a terrorist broke into Kibbutz Metzer, Yitzchak Dori was one of the first on the spot and was shot and killed. He taught high school and organized nature hikes and left behind a wife and 2 year old daughter.

Yitzchak Kanner, 83, had come from Yerushalayim to visit his daughter and her family for Pesach. A terrorist murdered him along with his daughter and her husband and his grandson together in one night.

Yitzchak Cohen had left work and was walking to his bus when a terrorist blew up a bomb in the middle of the afternoon shoppers. He left behind six children, the youngest of them a four year old girl.

And there are so very many stories so like this and so many dead Yitzchak's besides the one who will canonized as a saint for making a deal with a treacherous enemy and not bothering to see that the enemy kept his terms of the bargain.

Yitzchak Bablar was killed together with his wife when a palestinian terrorist detonated a bomb filled with nails in a club. Shlomo Yitzchak Shapira was killed during Sukkos as he walked to pray at the Maarat HaMachpela with his three children, the youngest nine years old. Yitzchak Buanish was also killed near the Maarat HaMachpela walking home from Tefilot on Erev Shabbat. Yitzchak Buzgalo was murdered on the Tel Aviv promenade while his wife who had been with him was critically wounded and left alone to raise their two children. Yitzchak Moyal, a postman, was on his way to work. Co-workers said that until his death at the age of 64 he had never missed a shift.

Beyond these Yitzchak's, there are also Yosef's and David's and Asaf's and Yigal's and Rachel's and Leah's and Elisheva's. Men, women and children. Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. Murdered, wounded, crippled and bloodied. They are Yitzchak Rabin's true legacy. It is not peace that Rabin has left behind but the wounded and the dead killed by his disastrous policies and the death toll has just begun.

We remember Rabin but not those victimized by his actions, yet it is them we must remember. Instead of commemorating Yitzchak Rabin, let us commemorate all the other Yitzchak's. While the memorials are held and the proclamations read and the solemn speeches delivered, let us turn from them and remember the forgotten dead.

Shalom Chaverim.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Europe replaced the Jews with 20 Million Arabs

By On November 13, 2005

The Europeans Replaced Their Jews with 20 Million Arabs

This article was written by Sebastian Villa Rodriguez in one of Spain's newspapers

"I walked along the streets of Barcelona when suddenly the horrible truth hit me. Europe died together with Auschwitz. We killed 6 million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned an entire culture of intelligence, talent and creativity. We annihilated these brilliant people, truly brilliant and grand people, who helped change the face of this earth. The contribution these people made in all phases of our life such as: science, art, international trading and especially providing this world with a conscience. These are the kind of people we burnt.

And, under the illusion of the need to be more tolerant, we had the desire to prove to ourselves that we are healed from our prejudices, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims who brought unto us stupidity and ignorance, religious zealotry and impatience, crime and poverty, all which stem from their lack of ambition to work and support their families, honorably.

They turned our beautiful cities of Spain into a third world country, drenched in filth and crime. Locked in their dwellings which were given to them by the European governments, they confer secretly and plan acts of murder and destruction against their naive hosts.

Thus... to our shame, we traded a culture for fanaticism and hatred, traded the ability to create for the ability to destroy, intelligence for primitive thinking and superstition. We traded the desire for peace of Europe's Jewry and their talents and their continued hope for a better future for their children and love for life with all their might since life is their sanctification. We traded it all for the pursuers of death, people who wish death upon themselves and others, who wish death upon our children and theirs. What a terrible mistake this miserable continent has made."

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Avraham and the Greatness of Stars and Dust

By On November 12, 2005
In Parshat Lech Lecha, G-d first promises Avraham that his seed will be as numerous as the dust of the earth and then as the stars in the sky. These two promises are a contradiction in contrasts, dust is low and common and stars are great and glorious. What do such promises mean?

Dust is the source of human life as man comes from dust and returns to dust leaving behind nothing but dust. By contrast the light of stars endures even after the stars themselves are gone, their light shines on to distant places. Since these promises do not apply to merely one generation but the entire continuity of the Jewish people, we might consider them to be two ways of looking at what a generation of the Jewish people will leave behind after it passes on.

A generation that is dust may be numerous and cover the world but what it leaves behind is mere dust. A generation that is like stars may die but the light of their greatness shines on after them in this world. It also reflects two ways of looking at those who are dead. To the simple the dead are like dust whose passing leaves nothing but dust, to the wise the dead have left behind their knowledge which like light shines into our lives.

Why these two different promises then made to Avraham? Unlike the previous two Parshas, Bereishis and Noach, both of which begin on a high note, the creation of the world with man at its pinnacle and Noach as the perfect Tzaddik salvaged from the flood to begin a new world and end in ruin and decay as Adam's children murder one another and go on to corrupt the world and Noach's children repeat all the mistakes of the past and create a tower to fight against G-d himself; Lech Lecha begins at a low point with Avraham told to leave his home and to wander, remains childless, faces war, domestic turmoil and uncertainty over his future ending in the high note of the promise of the birth of Yitzchak who will continue his righteous line. Where in Bereishis the creation of the heavens precedes the creation of 'dust,' with Avraham the order is reversed with an ascent of accomplishments, rather than a descent of accomplishments as occurs throughout most of human history.

Both of the promises are tied to specific events or rather a specific person, Lot. The first explicitly so, when the Torah makes a point that G-d speaks to Avraham after he parts from Lot, as if parting from Lot in some way enabled G-d to speak to Avraham. After this separation God promises Avraham the inheritance of the land and his descendants to become as numerous as the dust. This is the promise of a physical inheritance, an inheritance of earth, a growth of physical numbers.

When G-d makes his second promise to Avraham it is after he has rescued Lot from the kings and turned down any offer of a reward that G-d promises that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars. This is not merely a promise but a covenant sealed with sacrifices and the promise of a spiritual destiny, rather than merely a physical one. G-d has already promised Avraham that his children will inherit the land, the new element is their slavery in Egypt until then. As a reward this seems more of a punishment, unless we understand that this is a trial, for Avraham's descendants who will inherit not merely land or wealth but his spiritual destiny. As Avraham did in Lech Lecha, they will begin at a low point to be elevated and taken out of slavery to be G-d's people. From the dust, they will ascend to become stars.

But what is the relevance of Lot in all this? Lot is not an evil man but he chooses greed over godliness. The first time Avraham parts with him, it is over grazing rights, essentially property rights disputes. Lot chooses wealth even if it comes at the cost of wickedness. Avraham chooses to follow G-d even if means danger and impoverishment. The reward Avraham receives is a promise that his descendants will gain the wealth and property that he passed up, becoming as numerous as dust, an aspect of the earth, and inheriting the land.

When Lot is captured by the enemy kings, Avraham marches into battle to save him and gives up all the property refusing to be enriched by it. This time when Avraham leaves Lot behind the dispute is not possibly over property. Previously it might have been said the two had parted ways because Avraham would not share his wealth but now it was apparent that Avraham refused even the wealth he had coming to him. His separation from Lot this time was a spiritual separation and merited a spiritual reward.

What was the importance of separating from Lot? The generations before the flood became corrupted by intermingling with the children of Kayin. The Jews would become corrupted by mingling with Caananites, Philistines, Phoenicians, Greeks, etc. Time and time again the children of Avraham would need to divide themselves from those who would corrupt them, Yishmael and Esav and Lavan. Lot was ultimately the first test. By first dividing himself from Lot the first time, Avraham was rewarded with the promise that if his descendants could divide themselves physically from those who would corrupt them, they would achieve material prosperity. The second time he was promised that if they could separate themselves spiritually from them, they would achieve spiritual prosperity.

If they could separate themselves both spiritually and physically, survive the trials and the wanderings than the Jews would achieve the level of greatness that would allow us to be numbered among the stars whose light shines on after them.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why Bloomberg Won

By On November 09, 2005
New York City Mayor's Mike Bloomberg won reelection today by the largest margin of any politician, including the popular Rudy Guliani. The secret of his success though certainly isn't popularity or charisma but inoffensiveness. Where previous New York mayors like Ed Koch or Guliani might have positioned themselves as aggressive activists and strong leaders, Bloomberg is secure in a persona as a grey middle manager. Unlike the larger than life figures of CEOS's we encounter all too often in biographies and in court records, Bloomberg is devoid of any personality livelier than a supervisor at the DMV. He lacks any human touch or empathy but this positions him as a manager rather than a mayor of r New York. Like a manager he is devoid of humanity but also inoffensive. He is not relatable but people presume that he does a good job because his entire aura is professional and inhuman and it is that very inhumanity that gives credibility to his competence.

Where other Mayors have staked out positions, Bloomberg with true buisness acumen has staed out deals that brought leading figures from all sides to his side of the table. He is as capable of making deals with a cult as he is with a union as he is with buisnessmen, unlike ideological politicians Bloomberg understands that everyone has interests and is ready to cut a deal with anyone. It's the secret of his success in gaining allies across racial and politicial lines. Many talks about everything in the city being for sale, but Bloomberg is the only one who really understands and acts on this concept.

The era of Bloomberg is an era of exhaustion. New Yorkers are tired of egotistical figures, of eccentric and strong willed politicians and Bloomberg functions as the replacement for those figures.In an era where people are more likely to vote against politicians than for them, Bloomberg has the least personality, the least positions and the fewest beliefs making him very difficult to strike against. The depersonalized and inhuman politician is the antitode and consenquence of negative politics and diminished idealism and optism. We vote for him because he's the least offensive, the least problematic and the least likely to let us down and so we get leaders who are the least. From Bloomberg to Pataki to Bush we are led by the mediocre, by men who would in the normal course of events have staked themselves out a corner office somewhere and led lives of tedious mediocrity in the buisness world. At a time when great leadership is called for, our own apathy and willingness to compromise our ideals insures the triumph of men without vision, inteligence or ideas.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Top 10 Media Excuses for Muslim Riots

By On November 08, 2005
10. Riots, what riots? Hey did you hear Libby got indicted?

9. Rioting and looting are too judgemental. Can't we just call it 'disorderly shopping.'

8. I'm sure they were just protesting some story we made up about a Koran getting flushed.

7. We have no right to judge their culture, of which I'm sure looting and burning things is a key part.

6. They're just angry about being unemployed due to their chronic looting.

5. This would have never happened if Bush hadn't stolen the election in 2001.

4. This would have never happened if Israel hadn't existed.

3. I don't understand why they would riot in a socialist country instead of a pro-war red state.

2. Sometimes burning cars is the only way to convince the networks to bring back Bill Cosby.

1. Riots, what riots?

Top 10 Muslim Excuses for French Rioting

By On November 08, 2005
10. Protesting the impoverished burned and looted condition of their neighborhoods.

9. Too many snails, not enough camels.

8. Lack of sufficent Synagogues to torch and burn on a weekly basis.

7. Bathrooms don't dispense disposable Burkas.

6. Protesting unemployment rates by burning and destroying buisnesses to create less jobs.

5. That Cathedral in Notre Dame.

4. Hunchback refuses to convert to Islam and accept Allah

3. Eiffel Tower's height mocks Islam

2. Suspicion that French government is secretely run by Jews

1. Still angry their Nazi allies lost World War 2

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday, November 05, 2005

First they came for the Nazis and then the Liars

By On November 05, 2005
For all that some Jews embrace Niemoller, he of the famous 'first they came for the communists' poem; he was a Nazi and enthusiastically supported Hitler until Hitler's policies, not those involving Jews of course, violated his Christian principles he also commanded troops in a right wing coup that predated Hitler and described Nazism as based on a 'solid moral christian foundation'

He voted for the Nazi party and made speeches on behalf of Nazism and Hitler. His difference with the Nazis came not over killing Jews but killing Jews who had converted to Christianity (a position he shared with the Catholic Church) but he remained an ardent nationalist even from Dachau, he wrote a letter volunteering to serve in the navy when WW2 began.

His allies attempted to pass off the letter as a forgery but when Niemoller was rescued, he admitted it was authentic and that he had "never quarreled with Hitler over political matters, but purely on religious grounds".

In other words Niemoller had not disagreed with Hitler only to the extent that Hitler disagreed with Christianity. Niemoller remained a despicable personage who milked sympathy for Germany while at the same time calling President Truman, the second greatest murderer in the world after Hitler.

After the war he developed ties to the Soviet Union, advocated against the Cold War, befriended the Viet Cong leadership and received many prizes and honors from the brutal Soviet regime while denouncing the West.

The famous poem he was credited with, never appeared in his writings or was credibly authored by him, though it has been attributed to him. Its actual source remains unknown.

Walking Before G-d

By On November 05, 2005
Where Parshas Bereishis begins with the creation of the world, Parshas Noach begins with the destruction and thus the re-creation of the world. The question is often asked why Noach, unlike Avraham who prayed for Sodom, did not pray for those who would be flooded. Indeed when the waters are called 'Mei Noach', the waters of Noach; it is said that he was partially responsible for them by, unlike Avraham, failing to influence his generation.

Various answers are given to this question but it's worth considering the difference betweeen Avraham and Noach. Noach is described as a Tzaddik and as Tamim, perfect. Noach was the son of generations of righteous men. He was righteous but he did not understand that it was possible to be away from G-d and then to come close to him. He did not pray or try to influence his generation because he had no reason to believe it was even possible. The world until now had been one where sin was followed by punishment. Adam and Chava sinned and were expelled from Gan Eden for it. Kain sinned and was forever marked by it. This was as far as Noach, righteous from birth and by descent knew, the nature of the world. In modern Orthodox parlance, Noach was an FFB.

By contrast Avraham was a Baal Tesuvah, son of an idol worshipper and idol maker who came through his own efforts to know and serve G-d. He understood that repentance was possible and that those far from G-d could be brought to G-d, because he had once been far from G-d himself. As such Avraham could pray even for Sdom because he knew that man's nature allowed him to change and that G-d's nature encompassed love for man despite his flaws and forgiveness and mercy.

Noach's very perfection made him flawed and Avraham's seeming flaw made him perfect. This is why Noach is described as walking with G-d, while Avraham is described as walking before G-d. The man or woman who never deviates is also never tested while the man or woman who is tested can truly serve G-d by walking before him.

One further point is a distinction between Sdom and the world at the time of Noach. Sdom's main crime was to deny others hospitality, namely their own property. Since all property ultimately comes from G-d, this was a crime against G-d. While the generation of Noach's crime was to take the property of others, a crime both against man and G-d. As with the tower, a crime against G-d, we see that G-d can be tolerant of crimes against him than against others as he forgives those sins we commit against him. Therefore Avraham thought it reasonable to pray for Sdom while Noach despaired of praying for the world.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Muslim Rioters set Disabled Woman on Fire in Paris

By On November 04, 2005

(Sky News) "A handicapped woman was doused with petrol and set on fire by youths during another night of rioting in Paris. The 56-year-old suffered third degree burns to 20% of her body in the attack.

Witnesses said a youth poured petrol over the woman and then threw a Molotov cocktail on to the bus she was travelling on in the suburb of Sevran. Other passengers were able to flee but she was unable to escape because of her disabilities."

Did France along with other Europeans really believe they would be immune to the savagery and brutality that Muslims have inflicted on non-Muslims around the world? Did they think that the same brutal ideology that beheads Indonesian schoolgirls and Thai farmers, that those who blow up Israeli buses and gun down tourists in Egypt, who destroyed the World Trade Center and bombed discos full of Australians wouldn't do the same things in the hearts of their cities.

France has been the leader of the European opposition to America and in sympathy to the terrorists and now fires are burning all across France and Jihad has been declared in the streets.

The French didn't learn their lesson in WW2. Appeasement only feeds the beast and the beast is getting hungrier.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Strength in Jewish Diversity

By On November 03, 2005
Sefardim were named after Sefard or Spain and Ashkenazim after Ashkenaz or Germany, yet today there are virtually no Sefardim in Sefard or Ashkenazim in Ashkenaz. The old Chassidic communities of Eastern Europe and Russia are long since smashed to bits, the Jewish communities of Western Europe increasingly succumb to assimilation and the Jews of the middle east have for the most part left their lands.

The old Jewish communities, the traditional places where Jews once lived have been for the most part destroyed or wither away. The geographical distinctions collapse as most Jews increasingly live in two new countries; America and Israel, and in communities where they are fairly close together. No longer do countries divide minchagim but often miles or a handful of blocks or nothing at all. The old separatism is gone along with the old communities but the customs and traditions of those communities remain and continue on. To most people a black hat is a black hat, but to those who notice can see the vast differences in headgear even among this Chassidish\Litvish headgear from wide brims, tapered brims, felt, etc... And those differences neither begin nor end with black hats.

To a casual observer one group of Jews praying is much like another. Heads bow, words are said and recited from prayerbooks. Yet those who know can see the many variations. Nusach Ashkenaz and Nusach Sefard, which is really the Nusach of the Arizal adapted from the prayerbooks of Portugese Jews and Nusach Ari, which is really Lubavitch and the actual Nusach Sefard of the Sefardim. The differences are not objectively too staggering but each man clings to his particular nusach, to the nusach of his father.

Are those differences really needed? Do they divide us and keep us apart?

Certainly some do. When someone will not consider a chassan or kallah from because of such differences, minchag begins to obstruct the perpetuation and life of the Jewish people. One wonders how much of the so-called 'Shidduch Crisis' would even exist if the barriers between misnagdim and chassidim, ashkenazim and sefardim, haredim and dati leumi were dismantled.

Yet at the same time to return to that group of Jews praying, there are many minyanim when you can see a forest of black hats and kippa srugot, black jackets and blue jeans and those differences seem very minor after all. And when Kaddish is said and everyone responds, amen. The Chassidim may respond, Omeyun and the Litvish, Omein and the Israelis, Amen and yet they are all saying the same thing regardless of accent, affirming the truth of our G-d, the G-d of our people Israel.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Judge Alito accused of leaning tower, being addicted to Canolis

By On November 02, 2005
On the heels of reports that leading Democrats had accused Italian-American Judge Alito, Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court of Mafia connections, Democrats denied that their accusations were motivated by bigoted stereotypes but a concerted effort to uncover the truth.

"I personally respect the Italian-American community," Senator Schumer said, "and I would no more think of insulting them than I would of kissing them on the mouth. What we're trying to do is take a carefull look at Judge Alito's background and slander him in whatever way is available to us. If that means accusing him of being in leauge with Sacco and Vanzetti or of plotting to put the Pope in the Oval Office so be it."

Democratic leaders continue to insist there is obviously nothing racist in their statements whatsoever and that their views have been taken out of context.

"I respect Judge Alito's judicial background but I also hear he hangs around the fish market," Senator Ted Kennedy added. "I strongly respect Italian-Americans however and I'm sure he has a large family with many colorfull and wrangling relatives, some of whom also work in the construction industry. When I wanted to drown that annoying Mary Jo woman, I considered getting an Italian to do it but I worried one of them would sell me out to reduce jail time for their many imprisoned relatives."

While Italian-American groups have objected to these characterizations of the Italian-American judge, Democratic party leaders are making no apologies and are determined to intenstify their campaign against Bush's Supreme Court nominee.

"We're hearing different things here and we're not happy with what we hear," Congressman Nadler said at the National Press Club. "We hear this Judge Alito is addicted to Canolis and he'd sell his own mother for them, we hear he's been meeting some suspicious characters out by the docks late at night and we hear he made the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, lean."


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