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Home Random Vandalism or a Message?

Random Vandalism or a Message?

It's been reported that Netanyahu's car was broken into and two mobile phones stolen after it was supposedly left unguarded. The incident raises a few questions.

Netanyahu is running for Likud leadership and is most likely to be the candidate who opposes Sharon in the next election. As a former Prime Minister, his guards are members of Shabak. Standard procedure, observed of them, has been that one guard goes with Netanyahu and one guard remains with the car. This prevents any attempt to wire the vehicle with explosives. Furthermore Netanyahu's car is armored, it would not at all be easy to simply break into. Going to all that trouble for two phones makes little sense nor does it make any sense that the car was unprotected when that was standard procedure.

On the other hand such an act serves three purposes. It walks away with Netanyahu's cell phones which may provide usefull information and it allows the replacement of his old ones with new ones on their timing, that can be tampered with to be eavesdropped over. Finally it demonstrates to Netanyahu that his security is worthless, because it is ultimately the government that provides his security led by Ariel Sharon and that the government can always get to him. 'Lapses' in Shabak security sealed the fate of Yitzchak Rabin. Another lapse in Shabak security around a Prime Ministerial candidate is an effective message of what can happen in a game of psychological warfare.


  1. Is the picture you posted associated with the event? That car clearly does not have bulletproof windows (they wouldn't break like that). While the car size seems appropriate for Israel, the road behind it and the grassy background does not.

    I doubt that's the actual damaged car.

  2. The Car is PURPLE!!
    That is the real reason for the smash.
    I have to admit though, that if I could afford a Rolls Royce, I would have it chopped, lowered and get a nice 189.00 Maaco Paint Job on it in "Plum Crazy" silver flecks and all.. fuzzy dice on the mirror.. hula dancer on dash board and neon around the plates and undercarriage.
    Then I would drive that baby to
    Shop Rite for groceries.
    Sigh, the good life.

  3. Anonymous28/11/05

    it's not the car but a generic picture used for purposes of illustration

  4. Anonymous28/11/05

    Netanyahu should take this as a sign that he should hire independent security men to protect him from unsavory characters. His old phones are dangerous to him now; even new ones are. Such a shame that Israeli politics is so corrupt - they will devour each other for the love of power. I guess they are destined to disintegrate.


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