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Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Senators, Rapists and Countrymen

By On August 31, 2007

The same Democrats who praised New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, whose closeted gay tendencies caused him to engage in sexual harassment and hand over the top security position in the state to an unqualified foreign citizen he was busy trying to seduce are now flocking all around Senator Larry Craig.

What specifically was Senator Larry Craig's crime? Broken down based on the policeman's statement, he tapped his foot while sitting in the stall and he reached down with his finger turned up. Now maybe this is all part of the covert gay signaling system. I have no idea.

Senator Craig's real mistake was to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, something an ordinary person would do when confronted with a ridiculous charge that carried no actual prison time or real consequences. At no point in the recorded interview did he admit that he had attempted to solicit the officer, despite being threatened and intimidated, bullied and coaxed to admit it. I have no idea if Senator Craig is really gay or not. I don't think however he should lose his position over something so absurdly flimsy at the behest of the same people who thought a President who exposed himself to women and had an affair with a White House intern was entitled to his "personal life".

Similarly Israel replaced as its President a man who was merely accused of sexual assaults with one responsible for the deaths of thousands, who has just arranged to free Arabs responsible for their own rapes. The irony is murderous.

And even while the bickering goes on, Russia is arming Iran which is arming Syria which is arming Hizbullah for the next war.

Called the SSN-X-26 Yakhont, the supersonic cruise missile can be launched from the coast and hit sea-borne targets up to 300 kilometers away. The missile carries a 200-kilogram warhead and flies a meter-and-a-half above sea level, making it extremely difficult to intercept. Its closest Western counterpart is the US-made Tomahawk and Harpoon.

The recent delivery of an advanced Russian-made anti-ship missile to Iran has defense officials concerned it will be transferred to Syria and Hizbullah and used against the Israel Navy in a future conflict.

In the blog roundup, IsraPundit is chock full of great posts this week but best of all is The Case for a Larger Israel which is a true must-read

"Israel has a great deal to benefit from standing up to its enemies and making larger demands. The settlement between Israel and its neighbors, if there is to be one, will be between two competing views that vie for international support—one put forth by the Palestinians/Muslims/Arab and one put forth by Israel. The not-so-secret is this: the world powers don’t really care about a just and proper settlement. They just want to avoid a situation that could spill over into neighboring countries and interfere with global economic prosperity.

Nat, remember when Prime Minister Sharon refused to meet with Arafat? The world eventually came around to Sharon’s thinking. It wasn’t a matter of agreeing with Sharon. It was a matter of the “peacemakers” understanding that Sharon wasn’t going anywhere, and dealing with Arafat was a deal-breaker for Sharon.

If Israel doesn’t advance a competing vision to the one that demands that Israel leave the territories, the world powers will simply follow the path of least resistance and push Israel out. That is what is occurring now bit by bit."

The Kinneret Lives documentary is also well worth seeing.

Daled Amos has a good post on Human Rights Watch

It's good to know that a year after Israel's war with Hezbollah, HRW has finally gotten around to condemning Hezbollah for targeting civilians--but it is telling that their report is less of a revelation than the fact that they finally came out with the report at all.

Lemon Lime Moon has a good post on Poverty in America

This is John (we should all sacrifice for the poor) Edwards' house. It is huge. The *barn* is larger than some apartment buildings. How many poor could live here? Well, what does it mean to be in poverty in America?

Elder of Ziyon continues his groundbreaking study of the Psychology of Palestinian Arabs with Part 13

The Palestinian Arabs themselves were fragmenting into four major groups:

The Gazans were in many ways in the worst shape of all Palestinian Arabs. Completely dependent on UNRWA handouts and completely immersed in Egyptian Nasserite propaganda, they tended to support Nasser wholeheartedly even as he would use them purely for political points.

The fatalists were the ones who stayed in refugee camps, even more than a decade past their leaving Palestine and with little intention of leaving. They were happy to be living on the UNRWA dole, getting free education, medical care and food. They tended to support Nasser as well, and his vision of a pan-Arab nation in which they would become equal citizens again with their Arab brethren took strong hold of their imagination.

The pragmatists were the ones who left the camps and settled their families in Jordan, taking jobs and living in honor. They tended to be more supportive of the King and they didn't agitate nearly as much for a return to Palestine.

Finally, there were the ambitious Palestinian Arabs. This group tended to move further away from old Palestine and make their own way in life. In many ways, these were the spiritual and sometimes literal descendants of the hundreds of thousands who moved to Palestine in the first half of the century for purely economic reasons. Most of them moved to the Gulf states that were beginning to reap the benefits of the oil boom, although a significant number moved to Central and South America.

Steven Plaut has a good article at the Jewish Press on Richard Dawkins

Dawkins pushes his atheist arguments by setting up the weakest straw men he can find and then toppling them over. He briefly argues with Thomas Aquinas, but chooses most of his other sparring partners from among the dullest, most evil, and least sophisticated he can find. This is all a bit like claiming that if some foolish or unscrupulous people happen to believe the world is round, that in itself proves it is flat.

As it turns out, when Dawkins writes about "religion," he, like many similar writers, really means Western Christianity. He has at most a shallow passing familiarity with Islam and Judaism, and knows virtually nothing at all about other religions. His ideas about "Bible believers" are really all about fundamentalist Christians; he seems to have never met a Jewish biblical authority or scholar.

(Hitchens is little better; he spends a significant amount of time attacking the biblical pronouncement of an eye for an eye, apparently unaware that Judaism has always interpreted that as meaning the monetary value of losing an eye.)

Finally this is a surprisingly good article over at Haaretz, Warren Buffett, dire threat to Israel

The most shocking element of the story is that the common recipe for success, Buffett's as well as Wertheimer's, has nothing to do with the modern American and Israeli obsession with shortcuts, hidden-ball tricks, securities and exchange shananigans, gutting companies for cheesy profits, "downsizing" [Read: summarily destroying the lives of workers and their entire families], or "outsourcing [Read: summarily destroying the lives of entire companies and communities].

Both Buffett and Stef Wertheimer, to an extent inconceivable by contemporary standards of high finance, actually made their money the old fashioned way. They earned it.

Perhaps most threatening of all is the circumstance that the Wertheimers were offered much more money by other potential buyers, but nonetheless went with Buffett.

In these parts, there is nothing quite like the fear of being taken for a ride. Of being taken for a freier, gullible, a sucker. This is closely associated with the fear of not having gotten the best possible price either as a seller or as a buyer. The Wertheimers, in short, did not take the highest offer. They took the best one. They took the one that assured them that he would not fire any of their employees.

"I can guarantee that that will not happen." Buffett said in remarks carried on Israel Radio Sunday. "You can broadcast that, you can have me sign it in blood. It doesn't happen. It doesn't happen in any of our other companies. We've bought dozens and dozens of companies since 1965, 41 years now, and it's a clear record."

To the glitterati of Miami-on-the-Mediterranean, there was something threatening in the way Wertheimer spoke of the billions the family stood to gain. "Everyone is equal before God," he said. "This money is not for buying Swatches. This is money is either to further develop industry, or to do good things for the state. "You can't eat more than one sandwich. I have one bed I can sleep on. I have one chair I can sit in."

A closing note. I am not in favor of moderating comments, I do not like censorship but I don't like war zones either. I have a sick relative and two major projects to complete. I don't have the time or the energy left over to maintain the blog and address issues like this.

I would personally appreciate people not insulting each other or making inflammatory statements. I am not asking people not to have opinions. I regularly make inflammatory statements myself but people respect the other people in the comments and do not make derogatory statements about all Jews or Non-Jews.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Name Wang Xiaoning Continues to Haunt Yahoo

By On August 30, 2007

The name Wang Xiaoning continues to haunt Yahoo. Wang Xiaoning was supposed to be just another of Yahoo's costs of doing business in the burgeoning Chinese market. He was just a name that Yahoo handed over to Chinese authorities which promptly proceeded to do to Wang Xiaoning what China does to its political dissidents. But Wang Xiaoning has come to haunt Yahoo serving as an exemplum of corporate greed at the expense of human lives that is not limited to industrial production but applies equally well to the digital world.

Yahoo is now asking to dismiss the case against them filed under the US Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victim Protection Act claiming it's political. Of course that's exactly the point, it is political. For Yahoo the political was irrelevant except as a way to make some money. For Yahoo business is business and if people are imprisoned, tortured or murdered because of them... it's just part of the cost of doing business. And Yahoo of course can't grasp why anyone should have a problem with such an attitude.

"Free speech rights as we understand them in the United States are not the law in China," Yahoo said in a statement Monday. "Every sovereign nation has a right to regulate speech within its borders."

That is itself a fascinating contention. You might argue that nations do regulate speech within their borders but arguing that they have a right to restrict free speech grants nations more rights than individuals. Can a nation have a right to restrict human rights? That is an interesting paradox and symptomatic of a mindset that prioritizes national rights over individual rights and treats the rights of nations as NOT proceeding from the rights of individuals.

What that amounts to is a kind of "Divine Right of Kings" in which national governments receive the source of their legitimacy from someplace other than their populations. It's a bizarre argument to make in the 20th century but it's one that anti-war activists had been making for Saddam Hussein's Iraq calling it a sovereign country. But can a dictator ever be a sovereign country except in the old meaning of sovereign.

Yahoo filed a motion to dismiss the case, saying it was compelled by Chinese law to hand over information to authorities including user registration information and email content. The suit filed in April by the wife of Wang Xiaoning accuses Yahoo of helping Chinese officials track down her husband and of linking her husband and others to email and online comments. Yahoo was referred to 10 times in the 2003 Chinese court verdict that declared Wang guilty of "incitement to subvert state power" and sentenced him to a decade in prison.

Was Yahoo required by Chinese law to hand over that information? That is particularly in dispute as I believe Wang Xiaoning was not employing a PRC based Yahoo email account. What that really means is that Yahoo handed over information not based on a section of its service in China which means that Yahoo felt that "complying" with Chinese law enabled them to violate the privacy of an account user anywhere in the world. That should be troubling to anyone.

Furthermore Yahoo claiming that they were "just following orders" is really not much of an argument. Law is not morality and corporations are in the end made up of human beings. A corporation that follows a law which causes people to be imprisoned, tortured or murdered for their beliefs is accountable for these crimes, regardless of what the local law says, just as corporations operating in Nazi Germany were morally and legally accountable for collaborating in genocide and war crimes.

"This is a political and diplomatic issue, not a legal one," Yahoo spokeswoman Kelley Benander said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "The real issue here is the plaintiffs' outrage at the behavior and laws of the Chinese government. The US court system is not the forum for addressing these political concerns."

Yahoo spokeswoman Kelley Benander (formerly Deputy Communications Director of the John Kerry for President campaign and Senator Kerry's press secretary) leaves out the moral issue but that is natural both for Yahoo and for a Kerry staffer. She may be right that it's not a legal issue or not. What is legal in China may not be legal in the United States. Imprisoning people for their beliefs may be legal in China and collaborating in it may be praiseworthy but it isn't exactly as popular in the United States. If Yahoo handed over materials from outside its PRC operations, then Yahoo went well beyond the letter even of the Chinese law. Either way Yahoo certainly bears the moral responsibility for its actions, if not the legal one.

Coincidentally or not so coincidentally, Kelley Benander and the People's Republic of China had last coincided during the Kerry campaign when Kelley Benander had to defend Senator Kerry against charges that he took tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from figures in the Chinese military. General Ji, head of Chinese Military Intelligence (the espionage arm of the Chinese military) had passed on 10,000 dollars to Senator Kerry. George Chao-chi Chu, a top Democratic fundraiser closely involved with the Chinese government, had also made sizable donations to Kerry. At the time Kelley Benander had defended Kerry with the following words;

"Mr. Chu has never been convicted of any crime," stated Kelley Benander, a spokeswoman for Kerry's presidential campaign.

The common theme when it comes to China seems to be, if it's not blatantly illegal, we can do whatever we like regardless of right and wrong. Or as Al Gore famously put it when it came to raising money, "There is no controlling legal authority that says this was in violation of law."

Yahoo too feels there is no legal controlling authority, except the Chinese government, which it defers to and its stock price and profit margins, which are its moral guidelines. It knew that the cost of one human life was easily outweighed by the amount of money that could be made by doing business in China. And so Yahoo did business.

Democrats and liberals have conveniently introduced moral relativism, the doctrine of the "no controlling authority" as a poison into the moral bloodstream of the nation, turning morality into something each culture and nation votes on by default and whatever it does, is right. You want to mutilate young girls, go right ahead, if your culture does it, it must be right and we have no right to judge. You want to blow yourselves up in buses, clearly you are so troubled that your moral culture has found no other option. You want to torture people to death, you're a sovereign nation, go right ahead. Of course this doctrine conveniently only applies to the third world and to "progressive" nations, which also makes it perfect for business.

Yahoo knows it can do what it did and walk away from it. The same public furiously outraged over dogfighting driving Michael Vick from the NFL can barely spare a yawn for Wang Xiaoning, after all no dogs or celebrities are involved.

Meanwhile the business culture that embraced China and its utilitarian approach to human rights is finding that the cost is higher than they thought as China produces their goods with as little concern for the end users as for the workers, creating the "Chinese poison train" and the rash of recalls and poisonings using PRC made products. By ignoring human rights in favor of business with China, the process begins with the destruction of American jobs, with the import of inferior and dangerous goods and finally the consumption and the destruction of those same American businesses, as witnessed by China devouring IBM's personal computer branch and now Seagate\Maxtor. And all the while Wang Xiaoning continues to haunt Yahoo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ovadya Yosef Kills IDF Soldiers

By On August 29, 2007
Ovadya Yosef recently made a pronouncement that Israeli soldiers die in wars because they do not keep Shabbat or wear Tefilin. As usual Eli Yishai claimed that the statements had been taken out of context and that the Rabbi was speaking of biblical times, even though his statements were in the present tense. But let me provide some context.

Today the IDF has more religious soldiers and officers than it has ever had before. It has a higher proportion of soldiers who keep Shabbat and wear Tefilin than ever before. Today IDF soldiers are dying because of Ovadya Yosef.

Without Shas there would have been no Oslo Accords voted in and no Palestinian terrorist state. Without Shas, the entire Rabin-Peres reign of terror that has brought Israel to the brink of destruction and turned over a part of Israel to Arab terrorists would not be. Every Israeli soldier and civilian who has died since Oslo is a bloody stain on the hands of Ovadya Yosef, Shas and its voters. Every last one.

Soldiers who wear Tefilin and keep Shabbat are dying because bullets from Arab guns given to them by the Rabin-Peres government are killing them. Soldiers died because bombs detonated by suicide bombers trained by the Fatah terrorist state set up under Oslo exists.

Let's have a little more context. In 1983 a 14 year old boy named Danny Katz was kidnapped by five Arabs, tortured, sodomized and finally beaten to death. Two of them were also responsible for the rape and murder of a female soldier. Now employing his power as President, Shimon Peres YS'V has commuted their sentences making them shortly eligible for release. Peres did this after meeting with Arab MK Taleb a-Sana who also wanted Peres to pardon the murderers and rapists of another Jewish girl, Chanit Kikus. This is certain to be the beginning of a series of pardons by Peres of Arab terrorists and murderers.

It was Ovadya Yosef who put Peres in power. It was Ovadya Yosef who held a chummy session with Peres, who ordered his MK's as a test of loyalty to vote for Peres. Who warned that those who do not vote for Peres will be damned. It is thanks to Ovadya Yosef that the murderers of Danny Katz will be set free. The blood of those they murder will be on his hands as is the blood of every Jewish child murdered by Arab terrorists since Oslo.

Kol Dmei Achicha Zaakim Elai Min Ha'Adamah - The blood of your brother cries out from the earth but all that the rotten leadership of Shas can hear is the clink of money. For money Shas betrayed Israel and the Jewish people and backed Rabin and Peres. For money they back Olmert and Peres. Five Shas MK's have been convicted of financial crimes and one is on trial now and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tefilin? Shabbat? Shas and Ovadya Yosef are guilty of murder. If you aid in the release of murderers, do you not have blood on your hands? If you enable a terrorist state to rise are not responsible for its victims? If you bring a man to the Presidency who loves nothing so much as Arab terrorists, are you not responsible for what he does?

When it is convenient Shas begins to playact as if it is right wing and when there is money on the table, it tosses aside all principles. It stretches out its pig feet to its voters and to the religious public and shows its sow's face to the left wing politicians who seek its favor and Israel's destruction.

When Jewish soldiers perished in the battle against the city of Ai, (Yehoshua 7) the reason was not a lack of Shabbat and Tefilin, it was because Achan had taken what was meant for G-d to himself. It was because of the theft of what was holy that soldiers died. How much of what belonged to G-d has Shas taken? From the money it solicits in the name of religion that its MK's and officials rob to Gaza with its Yeshivot and Batei Midrashim, which is part of the land that G-d gave and even unto the Kotel itself which this government which Shas supports is planning to give away.

י וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה אֶל-יְהוֹשֻׁעַ, קֻם לָךְ; לָמָּה זֶּה, אַתָּה נֹפֵל עַל-פָּנֶיךָ. 10 And the LORD said unto Joshua: 'Get thee up; wherefore, now, art thou fallen upon thy face?
יא חָטָא, יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְגַם עָבְרוּ אֶת-בְּרִיתִי, אֲשֶׁר צִוִּיתִי אוֹתָם; וְגַם לָקְחוּ, מִן-הַחֵרֶם, וְגַם גָּנְבוּ וְגַם כִּחֲשׁוּ, וְגַם שָׂמוּ בִכְלֵיהֶם. 11 Israel hath sinned; yea, they have even transgressed My covenant which I commanded them; yea, they have even taken of the devoted thing; and have also stolen, and dissembled also, and they have even put it among their own stuff.
יב וְלֹא יֻכְלוּ בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, לָקוּם לִפְנֵי אֹיְבֵיהֶם--עֹרֶף יִפְנוּ לִפְנֵי אֹיְבֵיהֶם, כִּי הָיוּ לְחֵרֶם; לֹא אוֹסִיף לִהְיוֹת עִמָּכֶם, אִם-לֹא תַשְׁמִידוּ הַחֵרֶם מִקִּרְבְּכֶם. 12 Therefore the children of Israel cannot stand before their enemies, they turn their backs before their enemies, because they are become accursed; I will not be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you.

יג קֻם, קַדֵּשׁ אֶת-הָעָם, וְאָמַרְתָּ, הִתְקַדְּשׁוּ לְמָחָר: כִּי כֹה אָמַר יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, חֵרֶם בְּקִרְבְּךָ יִשְׂרָאֵל--לֹא תוּכַל לָקוּם לִפְנֵי אֹיְבֶיךָ, עַד-הֲסִירְכֶם הַחֵרֶם מִקִּרְבְּכֶם. 13 Up, sanctify the people, and say: Sanctify yourselves against tomorrow; for thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel: There is a curse in the midst of thee, O Israel; thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you.

Israel has no shortage of accursed things in their midst and no shortage of Achans, especially among the Haredi parties who claim to take what is for G-d in ways that are abominable, but of them Shas is the worst. And the blood of soldiers and children, wives and mothers, men and boys is on the hands of Ovadya Yosef, on the hands of Shas party officials and on the hands of anyone who votes for the next of corruption that is Shas.

Ovadya Yosef often announces who should go to hell. I think the man who helped set the rapists and murderers of Danny Katz belongs on that list. And I think that if we do not put the "accursed" from us, the curse will continue to rest upon us.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Zbignew Brezezinksi, Barack Obama and America as the Headless Chicken

By On August 28, 2007

While the Carter Presidency dominated American politics for only a scant four years, there seems to be something viral about the figures from the Carter Administration that renders them into a poison circulating endlessly in the foreign policy vessels of American diplomacy.

Just as Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was busy touting Dennis Ross to Jewish groups as his unofficial adviser on the middle east, Zbigniew Brzezinski emerged zombie-like from his crypt to endorse Obama as the superior candidate in the race.

"Obama is clearly more effective and has the upper hand," Brzezinski...said. "He has a sense of what is historically relevant, and what is needed from the United States in relationship to the world."

Clinton's foreign-policy approach is "very conventional," Brzezinski said. "I don't think the country needs to go back to what we had eight years ago."

"There is a need for a fundamental rethinking of how we conduct world affairs," he added. "And Obama seems to me to have both the guts and the intelligence to address that issue and to change the nature of America's relationship with the world."

To glean a sample of what Brezezinski's idea of historical relevance and the United States' relationship to the world, one need only read any of his more recent tirades blaming Israel for anti-americanism, comparing the Likud to Hamas and calling for a continuation of aid to Hamas.

The Polish-Canadian Zbigniew Brzezinski who played a major role in turning Iran over to the Ayatollah Khomeni by refusing to back the Shah has now emerged as one of the loudest voices opposed to confrontation with Iran, warning that an American attack on Iran would turn America into an outlaw state in the world community and would spell the end of Israel while at the same time crying that any possible confrontation with Iran is a long time away and that the United States should be negotiating directly with Iran just as they had with North Korea. Brzezinski of course is well aware that the negotiations with North Korea simply allowed Kim Jong Il to continually stall for time and solicit American aid while funding the next stage of North Korea's nuclear program. Zbigniew Brzezinski would no doubt find such a state of affairs repeated with Iran to be ideal and to have Iran's nuclear weapons program developed and deployed using American aid money before being used against Israel to be a sublime twist of irony.

Zbigniew Brzezinski's essential prescription is to sit and wait while pressuring Israel to make more concessions, which will somehow magically resolve all the problems and tensions in the middle east, causing Sunni to love Shiite, Wahhabi to embrace Sufi, Zoroastrian to love Copt and Syria and Lebanon to join hands in loving fellowship. When the American embassy was taken hostage in Tehran under President Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the prescription too was to sit and wait. And the United States waited for five months becoming a laughingstock in the process and encouraging terrorists to view America and Americans as soft targets.

Zbigniew Brzezinski's plan was to counter the rise of pro-Soviet left wing regimes with a string of Islamic regimes, countering Marxism with Islamism finally culminating in an Islamic overthrow of the USSR (replacing one monstrous regime with another monstrous regime). His dabbling in Afghanistan would eventually give birth to Taliban rule and Osama Bin Laden and September 11th, something he blames Israel and Neo-Cons for. In Iran, Zbigniew Brzezinski backed a policy that would support the Ayatollah Khomeni as America's new ally. And thus when the hostages were taken the United States waited instead of acting because Zbigniew Brzezinski's Green Belt strategy required an Islamic victory in Iran.

To show its affinity for the Mullahs, the Carter Administration had lifted a 1978 ban on arms sales to Tehran. The exiled Shah was barred from entering the United States to seek medical treatment. The United States even promised to defend Iran against the Soviet Union. Zbigniew Brzezinski met with the Ayatollah Khomeni's Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan and offered the new regime a strategic relationship with the United States. It took five months before a rescue attempt was made and when Zbigniew Brzezinski planned out the disastrous Operation Eagle Claw it was sabotaged from the start by the chains placed on the operation from the Carter White House.

The Carter Administration may be gone but the wicked never rest. While Carter himself plays America's Mullah, piously preaching hate against Israel and supporting terrorist and anti-american regimes around the world from Iran to Hamas to North Korea to Venezuela, Carter associates like Zbigniew Brzezinski do not rest either.

Zbigniew Brzezinski continues to hold to a vision of an America allied to Islamic Iran and Hamas and even the Islamic terrorists in Chechneya. Zbigniew Brzezinski is co-chairman of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya. The American Committee for Peace in Chechnya supports the "Government in Exile" in Chechnya which includes Shamil Basayev, one of those behind the Beslan massacre.

As he did then, Zbigniew Brzezinski remains far more interested in using Islamic regimes allied to the United States to checkmate a revitalized Russia thereby protecting his native Poland than in protecting America and the world against Islamic terrorism. Zbigniew Brzezinski more than anyone else has been responsible for the emergence of Shiite terrorism on a grand scale and the rise of international Saudi backed terrorism continues to treat Islamic terrorists, much as Carter did, as "men of faith" minimizing the danger at every step while hinting at great rewards from an American-Islamic alliance.

Zbigniew Brzezinski who in 1978 wrote a memo to President Carter claiming that Islamic extremism was not a significant factor in the middle east has not only not retracted it today but continued to claim the very same thing after September 11th, condemning Bush's comparison of Communism and Islamism and warning that such rhetoric will only enrage moderate Muslims. In Zbigniew Brzezinski's world, Israel is the obstacle to an ideal American-Islamic alliance bound by some loosey goosey Jimmy Carter style vague faith of the sort that the Ayatollah Khomeni laughed at. And today Zbigniew Brzezinski is endorsing a candidate whom he believes will carry on the same Carter administration policies that the Ayatollah Khomeni mockingly described as "like a headless chicken."

If America winds up with another President committed to headless chicken policies in the face of terrorism, the consequences are inconceivable.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Did Major Roi Klein Have to Die?

By On August 27, 2007

Many people know some of the story of Major Roi Klein, the father of two children, who jumped on a grenade during the fighting in Bint Jebail, shouted "Shema Yisrael" and in doing so shielded the men in his unit with his body. Major Roi Klein had gone in pursuit of IDF soldiers captured by Hizbullah. He was buried on his 31st birthday.

Major Roi Klein was the highest ranking officer on the scene and yet that was not unusual because in Israel, officers lead from the front rather than from the back. Israel was built on that tradition. The contrast to Olmert who sat in his office and his sons partied in New York and Paris while soldiers deprived of equipment and resources fought and died could not be greater.

Some people know that Major Roi Klein was a resident of the community of Harisha near the settlement of Eli slated for destruction. Some know that Major Roi Klein's widow Sarah and his two children are at risk of being evicted from their homes by a demand from Peace Now, whose membership includes Olmert's wife and lesbian daughter.

Fewer people know that Major Roi Klein did not have to die. Major Roi Klein had repeatedly asked his superior for permission to clear the area with air support or direct assault on Bint Jebail which harbored a nest of Hizbullah terrorists. He was refused permission because he was told it would endanger possible Arab civilians in the area. Instead his squad was ordered to advance directly into enemy fire. The cost of that refusal was the death of all those IDF soldiers at Bint Jebail including Major Roi Klein.

The story of Major Roi Klein's death is often told but what is not told is that he did not die in that instant and his last words were not Shema Yisrael. His last words before throwing himself on the grenade were Shema Yisrael. He did not however die immediately and before he did die, he expressed his bitterness and frustration at the way the lives of his men were thrown away by the orders that placed the lives of Arabs over the lives of Israeli soldiers.

Major Roi Klein was a hero but he did not have to die. The Battle at Bint Jebail did not have to end the way it did. The determination of a government and its politicized military generals to put public relations ahead of strategy and victory insured disaster. The Olmert government has been all too willing to give Major Roi Klein a medal but they won't even let his surviving family live in peace. They are willing to hold memorial ceremonies for the dead but not to hold themselves accountable for how those men died.

Time and time again, the Olmert government has placed the lives of Arab enemies over the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians. The price for that has been paid in blood each time. Our blood. While the government remains unaccountable, the victims of their policies die and are crippled in Sderot and on the front lines of the war. It is time for the government to pay the price with their positions and their jobs.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Leftists and Vineyards, Russian Planes and CNN Lies

By On August 24, 2007

This is all that now remains of שלומי כהן Shlomi Cohen's vineyard after a hundred left wing activists and their Arab allies including the Governor of Ramallah destroyed and trampled 5000 grape vines, set fires burning irrigation equipment and sprinklers. They did not come alone. They brought press photographers with them to document what they did and take photos.

The reason for the attack? Shlomi Cohen is a Jewish landowner. And Jewish farmers must be driven out. The IDF was notified ahead of time about the attack but did nothing except issue a statement. There were troops in the area but aside from warning them to leave once the vandalism was done, they did nothing as well.

The arrogance of the Israeli left wing "pro-peace" groups comes from knowing that the Olmert government is on their side. Olmert's wife and daughter belong to Peace Now. Groups which persecute and attack Jewish farmers have international funding and protection from American liberal groups and from the EU.

Groups with names like "Rabbis for Human Rights" have destroyed vineyards and they have staged provocations invading farms with their Arab allies and when the owners attempt to interrupt their vandalism, Olmert's police arrest the owners and jail them. This has already happened on several occasions.

While the media typically broadcasts claims of settler attacks on Arab olives, not a word can be found in any foreign media organization. The AFP photo above is the only one I could find and it was on Ynet. There is an organized campaign by the left and their Arab allies to pursue, persecute and drive Jewish farmers off their land. Unable to build they destroy, unable to create they ruin. The Arabs and the Left both represent a corrupt decaying culture of death and they operate in perfect synchronity, the corrupt children of civilization opening the doors and cheering on the barbarians who burn, loot and destroy across Israel, Europe and America.

More information can be found on the attacks at the Israel National News story on this
and previous attacks as well as planned attacks.

Meanwhile the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Russian warplanes flew over Dimona before the 1967 war. This is of course not an accidental leak, like the Russian bomber flights and the Russian missile strike in Georgia, this is the renewed Russian regime flexing its muscles and going back to the same "old bully in the schoolyard" routine that passes for Russian diplomacy.

What Russia has not confirmed, because it is far more embarrassing, is that significant numbers of Russian air force pilots flew sorties against Israel in the Yom Kippur War and were shot down, some were filmed on television in the hospital cursing loudly in Russian.

After a brief period of democracy under Yeltsin, Russia has returned to its totalitarian roots, suppressing the press, imprisoning political opponents in prisons and psychiatric hospitals while assassinating others and funding and conducting a covert war against Israel and America, in Iraq and Iran and Latin America.

Fueled by gas and oil money, Russia is beginning a second cold war from the arctic where Putin is attempting to muscle out Canada for undersea gas and oil reserves to Iran, where Russia is funding a second Holocaust for Israel with nuclear weapons to the world where Russian companies controlled by Putin's KGB allies extrude their tentacles across the world buying up media and taking control of Russian emigre communities. The war is on again.

Meanwhile in response to the CNN hit piece on Jews in Israel conducted by Christine Amanpour, Boker Tov Boulder has information on how to contact CNN with a protest.

Call CNN. Ask to speak to the president of CNN or leave a message on the comment line: 404-827-1500 Or submit a comment on CNN's Web site at http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form6a.html?2

Via Daled Amos, The Jewish Press has a good piece and interview on Machon Shilo

-- In news and blog overview, Lemon Lime Moon on Anger As A Weapon to Silence Opposition

The trend today is to refer to anyone who speaks out on any subject that is someone else's pet agenda, or some subject held dear, a Nazi, racist, bigot, intolerant, etc.
If you say there are no such thing as a palestinian people you are called a Nazi.
If you say that there should be an end to illegal immigration or criminal trespass in the US or Europe you are a Nazi AND a racist.

If you say anything that upsets someones apple cart, the string of accusations and finger pointing begin in earnest to make the speaker look bad in the eyes of the world by associating them with some widely disliked group or attribute. They are "evil" or a "bigot" or any word that appeals to raw emotion.

It is not new, of course. It was employed by the Fascists themselves along with violence to silence any opposing view. Anger as a weapon can become a powerful tool for silencing your opposition.

- Over at Magic City Morning Star, Michael Devolin has an article on Christiane Amanpour: An Accomplice to Lies

" As a rebuttal to those who questioned her professionalism after witnessing her emotional outbursts during her coverage of the siege of Sarajevo, Christiane Amanpour replied, "There are some situations one cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice." Apparently Christiane Amanpour feels less emotional and more neutral about Jews and their religious connection to Israel than she does for the Muslims of Sarajevo.

In her latest documentary, God's Warriors, Amanpour vilifies Jews simply by equating religious Jews with religious Muslims. Of course, not everyone will see it this way. Not everyone these days is willing (or brave enough) to critique Islam and its adherents, both for the violence and anti-Jewish hatred this religion and its attendant culture advocates, and the advocates of this religion and its culture, for how they are all too willing to accommodate such violence and anti-Jewish hatred. Obviously, the journalist Amanpour is not brave enough. An Oriana Fallaci she is not."

At Right Truth is a post on the possibility of Iranian Sponsored Terrorist Attacks in Europe

We know also that they conducted, those last months, some reconnaissance missions on possible targets in various European countries we cannot name for security reasons. Those possible targets include industrial facilities, “critical infrastructure” and nuclear power stations. It’s clear that, if the Iranian nuclear program is the victim of an attack, retaliating by attacking nuclear power makes sense. Last but note least, we know, also that the Hezbollah has considerably increased its capacities –both logistical and operational –in Europe since the last summer. The goal of Hezbollah is obvious: it put itself in the position to attack in Europe if things evolve badly for it in South Lebanon.

In response to CNN, Elder of Ziyon has a good post on how to determine which religion is the most dangerous one

Are Muslims who walk through any Jewish or Christian "hotbeds" of "extremism" taking their lives into their hands? Can a Muslim walk, in full religious attire, unmolested through Boro Park, Brooklyn or in Bnei Brak? Can he walk though Rome?

Are Christians or Jews who walk through neighborhoods in Gaza or Iraqi cities or Riyadh doing anything that might endanger their lives?

If religious people are in danger of being killed by people of other religions simply because of who they are, it seems a pretty sure bet that the would-be killers are the dangerous ones.

Shabbat Shalom to all

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

86 Year Old Hawaiian Jewish Man Donates Brain to Gaza Arabs

By On August 22, 2007

Jerusalem - Dorian Paskowitz, a retired 86 year old man who has not used his brain since the Eisenhower administration has decided to donate his brain to impoverished Gaza Arabs.

"Lookee here," Dorian Paskowitz said, "I'm an eighty six year old man. I'm probably gonna die soon. Wat do I need a brain for? I don't use it anyway. Those fellows in Gaza, they need a brain. I mean look at them. Smashing up everything. Shooting rockets and killing der own wimen and children. So I decided I should gib my brain to them. Mebbe it'll do them some good."

While international organizations have praised Dorian Paskowitz's sacrifice in donating his own brain to the mentally impoverished Palestinian Arabs of Gaza who up till now still can't figure out how to spend any of the billions of dollars in aid they get each year on a payroll accounting system or to keep themselves from drowning in raw sewage, Israeli military authorities have become concerned about the strategic implications of a Jewish brain in an Arab head.

"A Jewish brain imported into the head of a top Arab terrorist could seriously alter the strategic equation," said an anonymous IDF General. "We are risking the possibility of facing an enemy whose strategy no longer revolves around taking random potshots at Israeli kindergartens and whining to the international community when we shoot back, but actual organized warfare."

Dorian Paskowitz's doctor, 76 year old Marshall Mirkin Goldstein however discounted such concerns. "Dorian, he's an old man. Not a spring chicken like me. His brain is not so good, he gets confused easily. Yesterday he told me he wanted to donate his gall bladder to Jimmy Carter so he shouldn't be so bitter anymore and his sanity to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so he shouldn't be such a crazy maniac all the time."

Dorian Paskowitz had previously become famous for donating surfboards to Gaza Arabs. But the backlash was swift when Hamas terrorists discovered that the surfboards would not successfully carry Kassams across the water to Israeli beaches. Dorian Paskowitz was accused of being "A Zionist agent who has deliberately set out to sabotage the glorious campaign of the martyrs. May a thousand curses fall on him and his camel."

"Today with my brain," Dorian Paskowitz said, striding across the Gaza border, "I hope to give back to the mentally impoverished Palestinian people who have not two good thoughts to rub together in their little heads.

"I read of a Palestinian Arab who had nothing to think about except blowing himself up and doing naughty things with 72 virgins or raisins in paradise and felt very sad. With my brain in his head I hope to give him many other things to think about, like kidney problems and getting up to go to the bathroom three times a night and how expensive all the groceries are today and whether you turned off the light when you went to bed and if the radiation from the television is gonna make you blind before you hit 90 and he will not have any more time for such foolishness as thinking of blowing himself up when he has real problems to worry about."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Watering Down the IDF Oath

By On August 20, 2007

Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan has put on hold the usual Meretz\Shinui proposals to toss all the Jewish babies in the sea with a proposal to once again alter the IDF oath to reflect that soldiers must obey the orders "only" of their authorized commanders. Has a right wing MK proposed such a thing, the usual press and academics would be barking "fascism" like mad dogs and claiming that the government is turning Israeli soldiers into fascists, but of course fascism is never fascism when it's on the left.

The "only" is meant to be the word that orders soldiers not to listen to their conscience or their Rabbis but only the politically appointed commanders planted on top of the IDF by the Sharon/Olmert government.

By Oslo, the Rabin/Peres government had already appointed Professor Assa Kasher to water down and outright destroy the IDF code by eliminating any mention of land, Jewish people and Torah and focusing only on the government. The result was to focus on the military not as a means of protecting a land and a nation and a people but to execute the decisions of the government.

Professor Assa Kasher was a leading academic and a leading left winger who opposed the Law of Return for Jews to Israel, supported the return of Arabs and a separate Arab state in the Galilee. Professor Asa Kasher had worked with Yesh Gevul, an organization that encouraged left leaning IDF soldiers to refuse to serve in the territories.

When given the chance to formulate an IDF code, Professor Asa Kasher worked to strip any Jewish references, both cultural and religious from it. There is no Zionism in it. No commitment to the Jewish people. Its Jewish content has been sterilized and cleansed.

The gap can easily be seen with the Haganah oath
I hereby swear to devote all of my strength, and even to sacrifice my life, to defense and war for the sake of my people and my homeland, for the freedom of Israel and the redemption of Zion.
to the IDF oath

I swear and obligate myself on my word of honor to remain loyal to the
State of Israel, its laws and its legitimate administration ... and to devote
all of my strength, and even to sacrifice my life, in the defense of the
homeland and the freedom of Israel.

Now MK Vilan (one I and L away from his true name) wants to sterilize this even further.

Vilan also recommends removing the declaration that soldiers will sacrifice their lives during their military service. He said that the words "sacrifice my life" should be replaced with "give my entire self."

Vilan said that Joseph Trumpeldor's dying words, "It is good to die for our country," were no longer relevant for today's youth.

"No one goes to serve in the IDF to sacrifice his life and to die," Vilan explained. "Soldiers do all they can to protect the state, and sometimes they to pay with their life, but this is not the goal they start their military service with."

No one's goal of course is to join the army to die. No one but Arab terrorists. But the import of a commitment to sacrifice one's life if need be is the fundamental understanding of the nature of service, which is to put one's one life at risk. To proclaim that Trumpledor is no longer relevant is the typical mantra of the post-zionist left which reveals their true face rather aptly.

Azure Magazine has an excellent article laying this all out in depth, of which this best demonstrates how we got here,

The committee of four refused to accept any alternative principle which implied loyalty to the Zionist idea—or even to include the word “Zionism” in the code’s preface or main body—claiming that there is no consensus definition of the term, and no reason or need to include this concept in the code. There were also those who doubted whether Zionism is a doctrine that is acceptable to the majority of soldiers.
Moreover, the prospect that IDF troops would be asked to be loyal to the State of Israel as a Jewish state (or a “Jewish and democratic” state) was categorically rejected. The authors claimed that it is impossible to ask the non-Jewish soldiers serving in the IDF to be obligated to Jewish-national values, and even more so to religious values. Because the intent was to formulate a code that would be suitable—without exceptions—to all IDF troops, they maintained that there is no place in the code for even the slightest Jewish-national content.
And thus we now have a government that attempts to use the IDF in a campaign against Jewish and Zionist values and that works to mandate that soldiers not rely on Jewish and Zionist values to inform their moral reasoning.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup -

By On August 17, 2007
In Israel as the political backbiting is reaching critical levels, Olmert's motorcade managed to hit a 10 year old girl crossing the street on a green light. It almost seems as if Olmert is finding new and better ways to stamp the mark of cain on his forehead knowing that the public will not do anything about it. The Olmert regime has become as corrupt and rotten as the ancien regime in France and as arrogantly certainly that nothing can touch them.

Just to reaffirm that, the walking gargoyle who heads Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman along with Shas have both announced that they're staying in the government and plan to "work from the inside".

There are of course only two types of people who work from the inside. Bank robbers and collaborators. Yisrael Beinteinu insists on being considered part of the National Camp even as it fosters the most destructive government in Israel's history while Avigdor Lieberman nurses his delusional dreams of becoming Prime Minister. Meanwhile Shas is propping up a government which Yediot Aharonot has reported is considered giving away the Kotel. Luckily Shas is too busy counting up the shekels it collects for its Batei Midrashim to be concerned with Bayit Hashem.

Yisrael Beiteinu, whose MK David Rotem, had proclaimed he would be willing to blow up the Kotel for peace, has common ground in this with Shas. Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas may outwardly represent Russian secularists vs Sefardi Haredim but they have one thing in common, a willingness to sell out everything from G-d and Country, to pander to their own communities and keep the shekels flowing to their own institutions and power bases.

In the news roundup, Ted Belman has a post citing Dr. Ron Breiman, The “peace process” is an existential threat

Only he who cannot observe the mendacity of the “peace process” - that inevitably led to the loss of about 1,500 Jewish lives as well as thousand of Arab lives - does not realize that hundreds of thousands of secular “orange” citizens see an existential threat in the continued rolling down along the leftist slant. Strenger uses words regarding human life as a universal value, but disregards the enormous loss of lives as a result of the Orwellian “peace process.”

It is time to show that he who talks a true Zionist language can attract the majority of Israeli electorate, both secular and religious, which is sick and tired of the lies and dangers of the last 14 years, since the Oslo disaster. The Israeli public is fed up with falsity of the “enlightened” and prefers hearing the truth, even if it means blood, sweat and tears. The Israeli public does not need the thought police of “peace,” but truth and hope.

Lemon Lime Moon has a post on the Islamization of the Liberty Science Center

Considering where this center is.. just across the water from NY and the resting place of over 3,000 people murdered by Islam, it is a giant middle finger sticking up. Money, however , talks.

In Pennsylvania it seems that a memorial to the heroes of the flight that Islamic peoples tried to hijack, is being made in an islamic shape by its architect.
Once again..does money talk here also?

New York City has an islamic high school opening. The very city that Islam choose to murder 3,000 innocent people will allow this? gain, where is the money? Who is driving new cars and who has bulging bank accounts somewhere

Front Page Magazine carries the Debbie Schlussel story on Wayne Kramer's immigration melodrama Crossing Over which I contributed to. I have also been quoted by the One Jerusalem blog.

Debbie at Right Truth has an important post on the ties between Russia's oil money and its military threat to the United States, Russian oil money for military build-up headed West

Maggie's Notebook has an exclusive interview with Executive Director of Vets For Freedom, Pete Hegseth

Finally Daled Amos has a post on Israel and the Kurds

The ties between Israel and the Kurds were severed almost in one fell swoop in the mid-1970s, and since then Israel has vanished from the scene. But not the memories.

At every corner, office, street and booth where I could say I was from Israel, the response was a thumbs-up, sometimes with both thumbs, or the word "brothers," spoken in English. Some spoke of a feeling of betrayal or abandonment, others as though they had lost family.

At every opportunity, someone spoke longingly about a Jewish friend or neighbor who had emigrated to Israel, and one person even had images from Israel as his screen saver.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post-Victory Wither Bibi Netanyahu?

By On August 15, 2007

Netanyahu's victory in the Likud primaries was inevitable but the real challenge has only begun. Netanyahu now faces a dilemma primarily of his own making, he is a statesman adept at making speeches and poor at actually committing to the resolve necessary to see himself and the nation through tough times.

The Israeli public today is more dissatisfied with their government than at any time in the past, even including the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War. The one thing the man in the street agrees on is that it's time for a change. All that is required is someone credible to step forward and make that change from a slogan into reality.

Before Oslo plenty of left wing activists had dreamed of an accord with Arafat. But it was as implausible and as improbable a policy then as Israel reconquering Gaza and the West Bank would be today. What made it real is that prominent Israeli statesmen like Rabin and Peres were able to see it through by acting as if it was inevitable. If the impossible is to happen twice, if Israel is to end the Palestinian experiment, then Netanyahu must learn from Rabin and Peres and commit calmly and transparently to a reconquest of Israel.

Those most afraid of a change are those in power. That is why this government continues to remain in power and the Knesset still sits. For now no real effort has been mounted to remove them and so the same corrupt asses hold down the same grimy Knesset seats and the same parties squabble and make their dirty deals disdaining the public will which they feel free to ignore.

To win Netanyahu will have to do more than show up and make speeches. He will have to fight an uphill battle. Yet Netanyahu has spent too much of his political career playing it safe. His campaign thus far has consisted of simply showing up. It might be enough to win the next election but not with a solid majority. And with all sorts of third parties like Gaydamak's likely to leap into the fray, the next Knesset is likely to be even worse than this one.

The reality is that few people inside Israel like Netanyahu. But that's okay. No one in England much liked Churchill. Netanyahu makes speeches like Churchill but he doesn't act on them. Netanyahu's last chance rests on an ability to do more than talk but to lead by setting out two clear alternatives, the path of continued compromise and a long bloody struggle of negotiating tables and battlefields inside Israel itself or a single decisive campaign to destroy the terrorist presence within Israel and demonstrate to Israel's enemies that the nation stands ready to fight against all who would do it harm.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Britain Cries: Boycott Israel Not Hamas

By On August 14, 2007

When Hamas won elections in the Palestinian Authority, it should have been rather clear to everyone the world over that the Palestinian Arabs had made their choice and they had chosen murderous terrorists who rejected peace and would accept only truces in a larger war.

Some European countries, primarily prodded by the United States, did agree to cut ties with the new ruling authorities in Gaza and boycott Hamas. But months and months have gone by and their little feet are itching to run back to Hamas again. Now the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is arguing that the British boycott of Hamas was a very big mistake.

The committee warns that the boycott of Hamas will only "further jeopardize peace". What peace and with whom is left unresolved as Hamas has no interest in peace only in conquest. But reflexive language like that was used by parliamentarians arguing for diplomatic relations with Hitler, so why should anything have changed in six decades and change.

There's the usual boilerplate about engaging the "moderate elements" in Hamas which is a little like telling a man being attacked by an alligator to try to find the least sharpest teeth in the alligator's mouth. The summation of the report is to give Hamas everything it wants by pushing for a new unity government, relations with the West and diplomatic status complete with special attention from Mr. Blair.

But the real irony is that at a time when Britain is full of movements to boycott Israel, it is at the same time full of cries not to boycott Hamas. The same fraudulent lovers of humanity who cry in outrage over Israel's "crimes" also cry to lift the boycott from Hamas, which has unleashed an orgy of violence and maintains a theocratic state right down to forced conversions of Christians.

The cry in Britain is "Boycott Israel Not Hamas."

Meanwhile Shahid Malik, Britain's first Muslim minister and the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development across the world, including the Middle East and in Israel, flies around the Arab world. Shahid Malik began his career after he was arrested during Muslim vs British riots in Lancashire in 2001 and was shown bloodied on camera, which garnered public sympathy. From there he made it to MP and now in a few years is already in the cabinet. Shahid Malik served as an election monitor for the Hamas elections in 2006, raised a storm over Israel's attack on Hizbullah and is cunning enough to make occasional statements about how terrible the Holocaust was. Now Shahid Malik will have millions of pounds from British taxpayers to hand out to his terrorist friends.

Perhaps the cry instead should be, Boycott Britain and Hamas.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Liberty Science Center Promoting the Slavery of Islam

By On August 13, 2007

Islam means submission or slavery, the literal opposite of liberty. When Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11, their attack took place a block off Liberty St. And now the Liberty Science Center across the river from the World Trade Center has become the first place in North America to host a phony exhibition on the wonders of Islamic science and the glory of Arab culture full of the same fraudulent promotion for a barbaric culture of murderers, bigots and thieves.

With enough money invested the Arab and Muslim world has demonstrated the ability to take advantage of American tolerance and Western political correctness to promote their propaganda and self-glorification abroad. The Liberty Science Center exhibition is not simply about promoting a myth of Islamic culture, it is about promoting Islam. Read the following paragraph from the official Liberty Science website.
"Never before presented in North America, this important exhibition from MTE Studios in South Africa was first presented at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It will help guests of all ages understand how the flowering of Islam led to a new kind of prosperity across large areas of the known world, from Spain to China."
Note that what is mentioned is specifically the flowering of Islam as bringing prosperity across the world. Never mind the millions dead, the religions and cultures crushed and suppressed. They of course go unmentioned.

Now there of course are no exhibitions on Jewish or Christian science. The idea that science is an outgrowth of religion is an unacceptable notion except apparently when it comes to Islam.
You'll even visit a re-created Souk, an Arabic market, as part of your introduction to the Islamic world.
Which of course is the real agenda. Not promoting science. But "introducing your kids to the Islamic world" which the Arab money behind the exhibition intends to have them join down the road.
By the ninth century CE, astronomers across the globe used one language to communicate, and that language was Arabic, due to advances of the Islamic world in astronomy.
Can you see the dream of the Caliphate nakedly on display here? One world. One language. The exhibition being hosted by the Liberty Science Center is a product of MTE Studios, which is solidly based in Arab and Muslim countries. According to the Director of MTE Studios, the goal of the exhibition was aimed at “communicating a powerful and positive message about the Arabic and Islamic civilisation”. Yeah I just bet it is.

MTE Studios placed its exhibition under the academic supervision of Professor Mohammad Al Qurashi, Director of the Research House of Islamic Studies and Heritage Revival. The Research House For Islamic Studies ِAnd Heritage Revival is based out of the UAE. It appears to be a UAE government institution geared to promoting Islam and the myth of Islamic cultural supremacy.

That this propaganda has been repeatedly aimed and targeted at Western children, whether through schools or now a children's educational museum, bespeaks the cowardly and cunning nature of the enemy intent on brainwashing our children when they cannot get to the adults and those adults in charge at the Liberty Science Center and at schools who allow this promotion of Islamic supremacism.

What Netanyahu Actually Said

By On August 13, 2007
This shortened out of context description of Netanyahu's statement has been picked up on by a number of blogs as the Jpost reported it.

"In the interview, Netanyahu also leveled criticism at Defense Minister Ehud Barak for his comments that there is no difference between Hamas and Fatah and that there is no partner among the Palestinians. Barak is zigzagging again, Netanyahu said.

This made it appear as if Netanyahu was criticizing Barak for not supporting Fatah. Which is not the case. This is the full statement.

"I welcome that he saw reality but the question is how long will he keep his point of view, because he is known for his zigzagging," Netanyahu said. "Barak is proving once again his diplomatic amateurism and zigzagging. It's shocking that a man who was willing to give up the entire West Bank and led the fleeing from Lebanon not too long ago has suddenly become more Right than the Likud."

Quite a different statement entirely. Note I am not endorsing Netanyahu, any more than I am endorsing Feiglin. Netanyahu failed once already. Unfortunately he's what we're stuck with barring a more credible candidate and that candidate is not Moshe Feiglin obviously whose role in this election will be exactly the same as his role in the previous election.

There are candidates I believe the country could get behind. Men like Effi Eitam, Benny Elon, Aryeh Eldad. Feiglin was never going to be one of them. He hasn't transformed the Likud. What he has done is weakened it and there is no genuine Zionist party that can benefit from its weakening only Labor and Kadima. The result is simply the same present the right gave Barak once before when Netanyahu was toppled and the same present Feiglin gave Olmert in the previous election.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Professor Hillel Weiss and the Curse of this Government

By On August 11, 2007

It's funny in a grim sort of way. You can evict thousands of people from their homes. You can break the bones of grandfathers and children. You can put them in concussions so severe they wind up in a coma. You can deprive them of their property and leave them virtually penniless. But if one of those people should curse back, then the outrage of the same press which had stigmatized them and ignored their suffering, comes down on their heads.

Thus the campaign against Professor Hillel Weiss which parallels the previous campaign against a Hevron woman who was caught cursing an Arab on camera which parallels the obsession with the supposed curses against Rabin. It seems that the secular leftists in the Israeli media and government are oddly petrified of curses, almost as if they believe that they will come true. And somehow in the warped moral compass of the media, to curse has become worse than to evict, to degrade, to beat and abuse.

Now Defense Minister Ehud Barak took a break from planning the creation of a Palestinian Terrorist state on 100 percent of the territory of the West Bank and a fantastic scheme to somehow defend all of Israel from rocket attacks to call for Professor Weiss' suspension from Bar Ilan University. In a Democratic country that would be somewhat inappropriate behavior for a Cabinet Minister. In Israel the left has spent so long trafficking in "incitement hysteria" that it has been somehow decided that words are the same as a bullet-- so long as those words come from the politically incorrect right.
IDF Chief of Staff >Gabi Ashkenazi said, "There is nothing left to say but to express contempt at these words. Woe to a society that doesn't cherish its fighters, and woe to those who curse their protectors."
Yes woe indeed to such a society. Or rather to a government that sends out soldiers against its own citizens, pitting brother against brother. Woe to a government that shortchanges the equipment of its own soldiers while stealing money under the table. Woe to a government whose own Prime Minister's sons flouted the IDF and whose own wife and daughter demonstrates against them and calls them, baby-killers.

But Gabi Ashkenazi does not say woe to these, only to the outburst of Professor Hillel Weiss.

Perhaps we should suspend Barak until he apologizes for his incompetent withdrawal from Lebanon which brought on the current crisis with Hizbullah. Perhaps we should suspend Olmert until he apologizes for his grotesque incompetence that has already brought the dismissal of the former Defense Minister and IDF head.

But no we instead hear a call for the dismissal of Professor Hillel Weiss whose words did not cost a single life while the Olmert government and Barak whose incompetence has cost the lives of numerous soldiers remain in power.

The real curse here does not come from Professor Hillel Weiss, it is this curse of a government we are burdened by. May it and its Knesset allies be lifted from us soon. May the MK's who have upheld this government be banished from the Knesset. May the parties who have upheld this government, both religious and secular, be weakened and scattered and their names spoken of no more. May the figures, both religious and secular, who have allied with it, wither and fall away and be heard from no more.

No the above is not a curse. It is the sincere hope that the curse which is their presence will be lifted from us soon. Omein.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Colds, Curses, Bagels and Bombs

By On August 10, 2007

The sun goes and the sun comes and goes out again and a week passes in which Barak, the Defense Minister of Israel, began discussing Olmert's plan by way of Shimon Peres by way of Shas, to give Fatah terrorists their own state on 100 percent of the territory and defend Israel from rockets by somehow developing and fielding anti-missile systems that could stop all rockets across Israel and do it before the withdrawal too.

Meanwhile the Yassam did what Yassamniks usually do, which was to forcibly and brutally evict Jews from their own property in Hevron while the press became obsessed with Professor Hillel Weiss, rather than the brutal tactics of the police.

In America NASA global warming data appears to have a Y2K bug in it slightly dinging the myth of scientific infallibility. The Haditha Marines are good to go while after the press had begun declaring victory for the Taliban, the Taliban are instead being pushed back disappointing their strongest supporters at the Guardian and Reuters.

I've come down with a bug myself but meanwhile a version of my post, "How to Defeat Islam, Laugh at It" has appeared as an Op-Ed in the Jewish Press titled, "An Imam Walks Into A Bar... Using The Weapon Of Laughter Against Militant Islam"

Via Nanette at JerusalemPosts, the ZOA has a response to Olmert.

"The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) promised permits a year and half ago to the eleven families who lived in the neighborhood, saying they would be allowed to return with legal status on the condition they left the premises peacefully. Nine of the families cooperated with the government officials, believing they would make good on their end of the deal. Attorney General Menachem Mazuz quickly voided the promise after they moved out, saying the army officials had no authority to make the agreement.

The former marketplace on which the houses were built was in turn constructed on the ruins of the city’s old Jewish quarter, destroyed in the massacre of the Jewish community by Arabs in 1929...During its post-eviction operations, the IDF demolished a synagogue built in memory of Shalhevet Pass, the ten-month-old girl who was shot and murdered by a Palestinian Authority (PA) sniper several years ago.

A letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, signed by seven Knesset faction heads...said, “We are marking 78 years since the 1929 riots, you are faced with a fateful decision concerning one of the sites which represents, more than anything else, the murder and the thievery of the Hebron Jewish community of those days: the site of the ‘shuk’ in Hebron, where presently several families are living ...We are dealing with Jewish-owned land, which was stolen as a result of the terrible slaughter. It is incumbent on the government to act to return the stolen property as would be expected in relationship to stolen Jewish property anywhere in the world. We the undersigned, chairmen of various parties in the Knesset, turn to you with this request to refrain from expelling these Jewish families living in the ‘shuk’ and to study alternative ways to resolve Jewish quarters at this site, legally...

Via Ted Belman at Israpundit, is a good roundup

"When a government becomes illegitimate it shouldn’t be followed. Of course it is not always easy to discern when the line from legitimate to illegitimate has be crossed. Is it enough not to have the support of the people? Many argue that once elected, leaders are expected to lead and not follow public opinion. I argue, only to a point.

The issue of keeping or giving away Judea and Samaria is so fundamental to Judaism and Zionism that a government at odds with the people is not legitimate. Fundamental principals are what wars are fought over."

Lemon Lime Moon has a great post on the motivation behind conspiracy theories blaming America

"And so now you have those whose hatred of their own nation is so virulent, so rotten, the EREV RAV of America and Israel , the hangers on, the leeches who use America for money and power and freedom to speak and move ahead , but hate her in their hearts, who hate Israel and use her for the same reasons....... who just HAVE TO BLAME IT ON AMERICA or ISRAEL.

Hold the feet of these deniers to the fire.
Ask them flat out:
Why do you deny the Arabs and Muslims did this??
Why do YOU identify with evil more than with good?
What evil is there inside of YOU that makes you have to find fault with America a nation that fed the world and protect the terrorists who hate mankind? Haters of Mankind! That is what they are.

Over at Mr. Bagel is a response to Andrew Benjamin in the Sydney Morning Herald writing of his shame at being Jewish.

After reading Andrew Benjamin's opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald,
Israel does not act or speak for every Jew I found myself marveling at the dexterous leaps in logic that he was able to make.

Much in the same way as one blames their Aunt's letter writing for the reason their dog bites the local postman Mr Benjamin's denouncements of the State of Israel seem to be more based on his unfortunate discomforts as a Jew rather than any real logical deductions.

That's all for now. Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Democrats Mainstreaming Historical Revisionism

By On August 09, 2007

Historical revisionism goes mainstream among the liberal camp as the Presbyterian Church of the United States is putting out a 9/11 conspiracy book. The PCUSA which had formerly innovated a boycott of Israel seems to be the leading edge of the increasing radicalization of formerly mainstream liberal organizations going into areas that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

The link between historical revisionism and a boycott of Israel is of course obvious. Historical revisionism about the Holocaust is practiced not because the 'people' in question really believe the Holocaust didn't happen but because the Holocaust represents an obstacle to reviving Anti-Semitism. The memory and knowledge of the atrocity makes it much too difficult to convince people to walk along a path that will results in its repetition. To revive Anti-Semitism it was necessary to undermine the reality of the Holocaust and turn it into yet another conspiracy theory about the Jews, thus making even the murder of Jews into a tool for anti-Semitism.

9/11 Revisionism has the same goal. The liberals and left-wingers who shrugged off 9/11 originally, tried to argue that it was no big deal because far more people die of cancer every year and claimed that America deserved it anyway quickly realized that what happened that day could not be so easily discarded. That left them with two paths, the first was the Ward Churchill approach of showing open contempt for the dead which is doomed to be unpopular and the other to redirect the blame at America and twist the murder of 3000 Americans into still more propaganda for the terrorists.

This the 911 conspiracy theorists or as they liked to be called the '9/11 Truth Movement' has done following in the footsteps of their intellectual ancestors, the Holocaust revisionists. Like them they are no more than propagandists providing cover for the murderers while damning the victims. Like them they are no more researchers than Goebbels was a journalist. Their science is spurious, their lies copious and all of it irrelevant because under all that rotten edifice lies their real motive, to absolve the terrorists and enable them to continue their work.

The extremists on the far right and the far left who form the central audience for 9/11 conspiracy theories want to see America overthrown but unlike the Weathermen or Timothy McVeigh are too attached to their tenured positions at universities and their lucrative speaker's fees to go out and put their lives on the line to kill in the name of of the utopia they want to create. Instead they count on the terrorists to do their work for them and use the government's attempts to fight terrorism as proof that a totalitarian state is on the way.

The extent though to which these same views have penetrated into the mainstream is troubling but not surprising. Political frustration usually elevates the extremists. Eight years of Clinton elevated a lot of the more deranged elements on the Republican side ranting about UN black helicopters, FEMA's plans for genocide and a coming civil war. It's no surprise that eight years of Bush has had a similar effect on the Democrats. But such views never went as mainstream in the Republican party as they now have among the Democrats. Howard Dean's DNC chairmanship is the equivalent of Pat Buchanan becoming the chairman of the Republican party.

Historical revisionism is usually an early warning that blood is to come because the real history has to be blotted out so the murders can continue. Holocaust revisionism by the right had precisely that goal but it's since been superseded by the left's Holocaust revisionism which is to argue that the Holocaust did happen then and now the Jews are perpetrating the Holocaust again, against the Arabs. With that cover the left is now free to engage in unmitigated anti-Semitism and to indulge its most psychotic hostilities and biases towards Israel and the Jews.

That's why the left doesn't practice Holocaust revisionism, not out of some philosemitism, but mainly because it doesn't need to. It doesn't need to deny the truth of the Holocaust when it can just twist the Holocaust itself into a weapon against the Jews. Similarly the historical revisionism aimed at Zionism was meant to transform a real history in which an ancient people reclaimed their land fighting off their neighbor's attempts at genocide, into a false history in which the Jews were invaders who murdered their neighbors and stole their land.

On 9/11 revisionism the left and the right have joined forces promoting a lie intended to force an end to America's War on Terror and to give the terrorists more breathing room to kill yet more Americans. All their rantings about government conspiracies, about secret reports, cover-ups, commissions have one single driving purpose; to shutter the eyes of Americans to the real threat of Islam. To blind the public so the Mohammedan butchers can swing their axes in safety and security while the conspiracy theorists peddle their books and videos and point to D.C. crying, "It's all a conspiracy!"

It is indeed a conspiracy. Not a conspiracy of secret rooms, of freemasons and Illuminati, of knights and shadows or powerful men in cloaked rooms. But like all real conspiracies it is an open book of a conspiracy, one whose plots are not co-ordinated but inspired feeding off each other through the same collective instinct that draws scavengers to a fresh corpse. It's practiced by those for whom September 11th was a taste of blood they'd like to see more of. It's a collection of filth spewed by human vermin who have nothing but contempt for the victims of Al-Queda and nothing but lies to smear those who died on that day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barak and Olmert: Hand Over Israel to the Terrorists, Promise to Defend Nations with Magic Beans

By On August 08, 2007

As the situation worsens, the delusion continues. One failure follows another. Barak, who has been whitewashed by the short memory of Israeli politics and the abysmal failures of Amir Peretz, is now going along with Olmert's plan to transfer most of the West Bank to Fatah terrorists with anti-missile systems.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said this week that major Israeli population centers would be threatened by Palestinian Authority rockets if Israel relinquishes Judea and Samaria. That, however, is no reason not to carry out such a withdrawal, according to the Defense Minister, but rather to quickly equip Israel with a defense system against attacks from those very areas.

PA control over Judea and Samaria would place Israel's major population centers, such as Tel Aviv, within Kassam rocket range, Minister Barak explained during a Tuesday meeting with IDF reserve officers. Therefore, Barak emphasized, Israel must first acquire and implement an effective anti-missile defense system, and only then hand over control of the territory to the PA.

There are not even words adequate enough for this stupidity. Land is given away permanently. Anti-rocket systems only work for as long as the enemy doesn't develop a rocket that can get past it. Russia which has been busy arming Iran, which has been busy arming Hamas, has developed counter-measures to anti-rocket systems. In Lebanon Iran demonstrated it had the ability to use drones that would bypass Israeli countermeasures.

And the volume of systems necessary to deal with nightly Kassam barrages would alone be tremendous because Kassams are a good deal cheaper than countermeasures. When the army wasn't even adequately equipped for the Lebanon War, who seriously believes that it will be equipped to guard Israel site by site. And will this system only protect major cities turning countless Israeli towns into Sderots?

A defensive strategy is doomed to fail. Israel is not Russia. It cannot retreat and wait for snow. Handing out billion dollar defense contracts to Rafael and Elbit will buy more houses in Kochav Yair and Mercedes Benz' while doing nothing to deal with the threat Israel faces. Each year delayed worsens the threat as the cancer of Arab terrorism metastasizes full blown.

Technological magic beans won't save Israel. Only armed force and determination to act will and a refusal to concede more to the enemy in the futile hope of somehow averting the coming catastrophe.

If Israel gives away the rest of the West Bank to form a terrorist state, Israel will face a Hamas state shortly on both sides of the border, with Iranian forces behind it. The war will come again this time with enemy tanks and artillery within sight of Jerusalem. W

While Olmert and Barak squabble, while Livni maneuvers, while Feiglin takes shots at Netanyahu, the Haredi Rabbis fight a concert simply because it celebrated the reunification of Yerushalayim, Ovada Yosef continues cursing everyone in sight, Gaydamak spins his billion dollar web, plans for an alternative right wing party rise and fall; the darkness draws near. The campfires are dying and night approaches. If the Jews do not wake soon, we will wake with our throats cut.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Olmert's Campaign of Terror Comes to Hevron

By On August 07, 2007

This is what those soldiers were refusing to take part in. This is what they will serve prison time for.

A group of soldiers from the Duchifat counter-terror battalion, including at least two squad commanders, refused or avoided orders they received on Monday morning to secure a road leading to Hevron ahead of the planned forced evictions. An IDF spokesperson said that only 12 soldiers refused orders outright, but reports from the field indicated that a total of almost 30 soldiers said that they would not actively carry out the relevant orders.

Those Duchifat troops who refused or avoided assisting with the Hevron evictions, however, were not soldiers from a Hesder yeshiva, and a significant portion of them were not even outwardly religious, according to witnesses from the unit in question.

The fault for what has happened here is not merely Olmert's. Not merely Kadima's. It is the fault of every party that continues keeping them in power. It is the fault of religious and secular parties who continue slurping at the trough while evil continues. It is the fault of Rabbis who issue proclamations about concerts and when it comes to this proclaim with Kayin, "HaShomer Achi Anochi." It is the fault of those who look away. And now nothing is left but to look.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Achdus Uber Alles: You Don't Achieve Unity by Surrendering Only by Winning

By On August 06, 2007

Achdus Uber Alles has been the position counseled by all too many in Israel in the religious community. We must remain united above all else. Some who counsel that are well meaning, others less so. The opposition quickly picked up on it with everyone from Sharon down talking about the importance of unity and warning that "the religious" were destroying the nation's unity. The only way to stay united was to "respect the democracy" and surrender and comply.

The fallacy at the heart of the Achdus Uber Alles position is that when the other side, be they Jews, has no interest in Achdus, surrender becomes the same process of appeasement and retreat in exchange for stepped up assaults and abuse as the Oslo Peace Accord. At the start of the State of Israel, Menachem Begin made the decision to stay committed to not fighting other Jews no matter what.

Even though the left like the happily deceased former Mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek collaborated with the British in capturing Jewish fighters, their thugs like the young Ariel Sharon assaulted members of patriotic Zionist organizations, some captured and tortured Zionist activists and finally the young Yitzchak Rabin opened fire on the Altalena killing refugees, volunteers and Holocaust survivors and nearly Begin himself; Begin chose never to have a Jew fight another Jew. Future Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir even murdered one of his own friends who had been planning the retaliatory assassination of left wing figures.

Was it worth the price? For a while it seemed to be. Israel avoided an Ireland style conflict, which it couldn't afford with Arab armies at its borders. But the rot remained. Begin eventually won office through democratic means but by then it was too late. Nationalism and Zionism had been traded away in exchange for security and stability that could never be achieved except through the path of pride and self-reliance.

The rot finally metastasized in Madrid and Oslo becoming a full blown cancer devouring the state in a cycle of appeasements and ineffectual meaningless piecemeal military actions. This was first and foremost the price of unity. The price of letting the sort of people who collaborated with the British and in some cases even the Nazis, take power and control the country and its culture for too long. The triumph of the socialist left meant a poison seeping through Israel's veins.

Patrick Henry famously said, "Those who would sacrifice liberty for safety will have neither liberty nor safety." Zionism had been sacrificed in the name of unity and the wages of that would be that there would be neither unity nor a Zionism. And that is what we have today.

At the beginning of its history the United States was forced to confront the slavery issue. In the name of unity with the Southern States the issue was buried and suppressed by surrendering to the South on the question. That did not resolve the problem. It did not bring unity. It brought a terrible price that had to be paid through the Civil War and the price is still being paid and will continue to be paid for as long as this nation exists.

It is as yet uncertain if Israel can even look forward to a price as cheap as that paid for that unity. Whether or not Israel will survive at all depends now on choosing disunity. Not a chaotic anarchic disunity but a deliberate drawing of the lines, a refusal to surrender or cooperate with those who are dismantling the country. Those who are for all intents and purposes the enemy, regardless of whether they are also Jews or not.

Unity achieved by the right surrendering to the wrong is worse than worthless. It is a poison that takes root in the nation and eats it alive from the inside. You do not bring unity to a nation by surrendering to the wrong but by winning. By the triumph of the right.

Only a Zionist ideology can bring unity to Israel. Unity under a Post-Zionist flag means giving away and giving up on Israel. For good.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Peace Now Against Israel

By On August 05, 2007
The financial collapse of the Heftzibah Construction Company and the devastating effects on home owners near Modiin, is yet another reminder of Peace Now's campaign against Israel's Jewish residents.

Peace Now worked hard to promote the forcible expulsion of thousands of Jews from Gaza. Peace Now conducts flights on a regular basis tracking Israeli towns and villages and providing information to the U.N., Europe and the Arabs. Peace Now flights have regularly passed military bases as well and photographed them from the air.

Right now Israel continues to live under a Peace Now government. Olmert's wife and lesbian daughter are both Peace Now members. And former Defense Minister Amir Peretz was closely tied to Peace Now. Even on issues that don't concern them such as the protests by Holocaust survivors, Peace Now made a point of defending Olmert.

But what is Peace Now?

Peace Now has fought hard not to reveal the sources of its funding. It has settled at least one lawsuit rather than reveal where its money comes from. But the sources increasingly point abroad. To the European Union.

Documents shared with the Knesset Interior Committee confirmed that the Peace Now organization received a budget in the amount of 50,000 Euros from the government of Finland to conduct intelligence activities in Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, the Golan, Gaza and Jerusalem. In fact, it indicated in the Finnish grant request that it also received $100,000 from the Americans and 150,000 Euros from "European Foundations" for its “settlement watch project.”

A spokesperson for Peace Now stated that the "European Foundations" mentioned in their grant request to the Finnish government were actually funds from the European Union. In other words, Peace Now receives the bulk of its funding from other foreign European governments

Even more troubling are Peace Now's origins which were not grass roots as the myth often goes but manipulated from abroad. Peace Now functions effectively as a fifth collumn inside Israel, spying and undermining and waging a not so covert war against the Jewish State, funded by its enemies.


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