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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Senators, Rapists and Countrymen

The same Democrats who praised New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, whose closeted gay tendencies caused him to engage in sexual harassment and hand over the top security position in the state to an unqualified foreign citizen he was busy trying to seduce are now flocking all around Senator Larry Craig. What specifically was Senator Larry Craig's crime? Broken down based on the policeman's statement, he tapped his foot while sitting in the stall and he reached down with his finger turned up. Now maybe this is all part of the covert gay signaling system. I have no idea. Senator Craig's real mistake was to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, something an ordinary person would do when confronted with a ridiculous charge that carried no actual prison time or real consequences. At no point in the recorded interview did he admit that he had attempted to solicit the officer, despite being threatened and intimidated, bullied and coaxed to admit it. I have no idea if Senator Craig is rea

The Name Wang Xiaoning Continues to Haunt Yahoo

The name Wang Xiaoning continues to haunt Yahoo. Wang Xiaoning was supposed to be just another of Yahoo's costs of doing business in the burgeoning Chinese market. He was just a name that Yahoo handed over to Chinese authorities which promptly proceeded to do to Wang Xiaoning what China does to its political dissidents. But Wang Xiaoning has come to haunt Yahoo serving as an exemplum of corporate greed at the expense of human lives that is not limited to industrial production but applies equally well to the digital world. Yahoo is now asking to dismiss the case against them filed under the US Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victim Protection Act claiming it's political. Of course that's exactly the point, it is political. For Yahoo the political was irrelevant except as a way to make some money. For Yahoo business is business and if people are imprisoned, tortured or murdered because of them... it's just part of the cost of doing business. And Yahoo of course can&

Ovadya Yosef Kills IDF Soldiers

Ovadya Yosef recently made a pronouncement that Israeli soldiers die in wars because they do not keep Shabbat or wear Tefilin. As usual Eli Yishai claimed that the statements had been taken out of context and that the Rabbi was speaking of biblical times, even though his statements were in the present tense. But let me provide some context. Today the IDF has more religious soldiers and officers than it has ever had before. It has a higher proportion of soldiers who keep Shabbat and wear Tefilin than ever before. Today IDF soldiers are dying because of Ovadya Yosef. Without Shas there would have been no Oslo Accords voted in and no Palestinian terrorist state. Without Shas, the entire Rabin-Peres reign of terror that has brought Israel to the brink of destruction and turned over a part of Israel to Arab terrorists would not be. Every Israeli soldier and civilian who has died since Oslo is a bloody stain on the hands of Ovadya Yosef, Shas and its voters. Every last one. Soldiers who wear

Zbignew Brezezinksi, Barack Obama and America as the Headless Chicken

While the Carter Presidency dominated American politics for only a scant four years, there seems to be something viral about the figures from the Carter Administration that renders them into a poison circulating endlessly in the foreign policy vessels of American diplomacy. Just as Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was busy touting Dennis Ross to Jewish groups as his unofficial adviser on the middle east, Zbigniew Brzezinski emerged zombie-like from his crypt to endorse Obama as the superior candidate in the race. "Obama is clearly more effective and has the upper hand," Brzezinski...said. "He has a sense of what is historically relevant, and what is needed from the United States in relationship to the world." Clinton's foreign-policy approach is "very conventional," Brzezinski said. "I don't think the country needs to go back to what we had eight years ago." "There is a need for a fundamental rethinking of how w

Did Major Roi Klein Have to Die?

Many people know some of the story of Major Roi Klein, the father of two children, who jumped on a grenade during the fighting in Bint Jebail, shouted "Shema Yisrael" and in doing so shielded the men in his unit with his body. Major Roi Klein had gone in pursuit of IDF soldiers captured by Hizbullah. He was buried on his 31st birthday. Major Roi Klein was the highest ranking officer on the scene and yet that was not unusual because in Israel, officers lead from the front rather than from the back. Israel was built on that tradition. The contrast to Olmert who sat in his office and his sons partied in New York and Paris while soldiers deprived of equipment and resources fought and died could not be greater. Some people know that Major Roi Klein was a resident of the community of Harisha near the settlement of Eli slated for destruction. Some know that Major Roi Klein's widow Sarah and his two children are at risk of being evicted from their homes by a demand from Peace Now

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Leftists and Vineyards, Russian Planes and CNN Lies

This is all that now remains of שלומי כהן Shlomi Cohen's vineyard after a hundred left wing activists and their Arab allies including the Governor of Ramallah destroyed and trampled 5000 grape vines, set fires burning irrigation equipment and sprinklers. They did not come alone. They brought press photographers with them to document what they did and take photos. The reason for the attack? Shlomi Cohen is a Jewish landowner. And Jewish farmers must be driven out. The IDF was notified ahead of time about the attack but did nothing except issue a statement. There were troops in the area but aside from warning them to leave once the vandalism was done, they did nothing as well. The arrogance of the Israeli left wing "pro-peace" groups comes from knowing that the Olmert government is on their side. Olmert's wife and daughter belong to Peace Now. Groups which persecute and attack Jewish farmers have international funding and protection from American liberal groups and fro

86 Year Old Hawaiian Jewish Man Donates Brain to Gaza Arabs

Jerusalem - Dorian Paskowitz, a retired 86 year old man who has not used his brain since the Eisenhower administration has decided to donate his brain to impoverished Gaza Arabs. "Lookee here," Dorian Paskowitz said, "I'm an eighty six year old man. I'm probably gonna die soon. Wat do I need a brain for? I don't use it anyway. Those fellows in Gaza, they need a brain. I mean look at them. Smashing up everything. Shooting rockets and killing der own wimen and children. So I decided I should gib my brain to them. Mebbe it'll do them some good." While international organizations have praised Dorian Paskowitz's sacrifice in donating his own brain to the mentally impoverished Palestinian Arabs of Gaza who up till now still can't figure out how to spend any of the billions of dollars in aid they get each year on a payroll accounting system or to keep themselves from drowning in raw sewage, Israeli military authorities have become concerned about th

Watering Down the IDF Oath

Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan has put on hold the usual Meretz\Shinui proposals to toss all the Jewish babies in the sea with a proposal to once again alter the IDF oath to reflect that soldiers must obey the orders "only" of their authorized commanders. Has a right wing MK proposed such a thing, the usual press and academics would be barking "fascism" like mad dogs and claiming that the government is turning Israeli soldiers into fascists, but of course fascism is never fascism when it's on the left. The "only" is meant to be the word that orders soldiers not to listen to their conscience or their Rabbis but only the politically appointed commanders planted on top of the IDF by the Sharon/Olmert government. By Oslo, the Rabin/Peres government had already appointed Professor Assa Kasher to water down and outright destroy the IDF code by eliminating any mention of land, Jewish people and Torah and focusing only on the government. The result was to focus on t

Friday Afternoon Roundup -

In Israel as the political backbiting is reaching critical levels, Olmert's motorcade managed to hit a 10 year old girl crossing the street on a green light. It almost seems as if Olmert is finding new and better ways to stamp the mark of cain on his forehead knowing that the public will not do anything about it. The Olmert regime has become as corrupt and rotten as the ancien regime in France and as arrogantly certainly that nothing can touch them. Just to reaffirm that, the walking gargoyle who heads Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman along with Shas have both announced that they're staying in the government and plan to "work from the inside". There are of course only two types of people who work from the inside. Bank robbers and collaborators. Yisrael Beinteinu insists on being considered part of the National Camp even as it fosters the most destructive government in Israel's history while Avigdor Lieberman nurses his delusional dreams of becoming Prime Minist

Post-Victory Wither Bibi Netanyahu?

Netanyahu's victory in the Likud primaries was inevitable but the real challenge has only begun. Netanyahu now faces a dilemma primarily of his own making, he is a statesman adept at making speeches and poor at actually committing to the resolve necessary to see himself and the nation through tough times. The Israeli public today is more dissatisfied with their government than at any time in the past, even including the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War. The one thing the man in the street agrees on is that it's time for a change. All that is required is someone credible to step forward and make that change from a slogan into reality. Before Oslo plenty of left wing activists had dreamed of an accord with Arafat. But it was as implausible and as improbable a policy then as Israel reconquering Gaza and the West Bank would be today. What made it real is that prominent Israeli statesmen like Rabin and Peres were able to see it through by acting as if it was inevitable. If the imposs

Britain Cries: Boycott Israel Not Hamas

When Hamas won elections in the Palestinian Authority, it should have been rather clear to everyone the world over that the Palestinian Arabs had made their choice and they had chosen murderous terrorists who rejected peace and would accept only truces in a larger war. Some European countries, primarily prodded by the United States, did agree to cut ties with the new ruling authorities in Gaza and boycott Hamas. But months and months have gone by and their little feet are itching to run back to Hamas again. Now the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is arguing that the British boycott of Hamas was a very big mistake. The committee warns that the boycott of Hamas will only "further jeopardize peace". What peace and with whom is left unresolved as Hamas has no interest in peace only in conquest. But reflexive language like that was used by parliamentarians arguing for diplomatic relations with Hitler, so why should anything have changed in six decades and change. There&

Liberty Science Center Promoting the Slavery of Islam

Islam means submission or slavery, the literal opposite of liberty. When Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11, their attack took place a block off Liberty St. And now the Liberty Science Center across the river from the World Trade Center has become the first place in North America to host a phony exhibition on the wonders of Islamic science and the glory of Arab culture full of the same fraudulent promotion for a barbaric culture of murderers, bigots and thieves. With enough money invested the Arab and Muslim world has demonstrated the ability to take advantage of American tolerance and Western political correctness to promote their propaganda and self-glorification abroad. The Liberty Science Center exhibition is not simply about promoting a myth of Islamic culture, it is about promoting Islam. Read the following paragraph from the official Liberty Science website. "Never before presented in North America, this important exhibition from MTE Studios in South Africa was fir

What Netanyahu Actually Said

This shortened out of context description of Netanyahu's statement has been picked up on by a number of blogs as the Jpost reported it. "In the interview, Netanyahu also leveled criticism at Defense Minister Ehud Barak for his comments that there is no difference between Hamas and Fatah and that there is no partner among the Palestinians. Barak is zigzagging again, Netanyahu said. This made it appear as if Netanyahu was criticizing Barak for not supporting Fatah. Which is not the case. This is the full statement . "I welcome that he saw reality but the question is how long will he keep his point of view, because he is known for his zigzagging," Netanyahu said. "Barak is proving once again his diplomatic amateurism and zigzagging. It's shocking that a man who was willing to give up the entire West Bank and led the fleeing from Lebanon not too long ago has suddenly become more Right than the Likud." Quite a different statement entirely. Note I am not endo

Professor Hillel Weiss and the Curse of this Government

It's funny in a grim sort of way. You can evict thousands of people from their homes. You can break the bones of grandfathers and children. You can put them in concussions so severe they wind up in a coma. You can deprive them of their property and leave them virtually penniless. But if one of those people should curse back, then the outrage of the same press which had stigmatized them and ignored their suffering, comes down on their heads. Thus the campaign against Professor Hillel Weiss which parallels the previous campaign against a Hevron woman who was caught cursing an Arab on camera which parallels the obsession with the supposed curses against Rabin. It seems that the secular leftists in the Israeli media and government are oddly petrified of curses, almost as if they believe that they will come true. And somehow in the warped moral compass of the media, to curse has become worse than to evict, to degrade, to beat and abuse. Now Defense Minister Ehud Barak took a break from

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Colds, Curses, Bagels and Bombs

The sun goes and the sun comes and goes out again and a week passes in which Barak, the Defense Minister of Israel, began discussing Olmert's plan by way of Shimon Peres by way of Shas, to give Fatah terrorists their own state on 100 percent of the territory and defend Israel from rockets by somehow developing and fielding anti-missile systems that could stop all rockets across Israel and do it before the withdrawal too. Meanwhile the Yassam did what Yassamniks usually do, which was to forcibly and brutally evict Jews from their own property in Hevron while the press became obsessed with Professor Hillel Weiss, rather than the brutal tactics of the police. In America NASA global warming data appears to have a Y2K bug in it slightly dinging the myth of scientific infallibility. The Haditha Marines are good to go while after the press had begun declaring victory for the Taliban, the Taliban are instead being pushed back disappointing their strongest supporters at the Guardian and

Democrats Mainstreaming Historical Revisionism

Historical revisionism goes mainstream among the liberal camp as the Presbyterian Church of the United States is putting out a 9/11 conspiracy book. The PCUSA which had formerly innovated a boycott of Israel seems to be the leading edge of the increasing radicalization of formerly mainstream liberal organizations going into areas that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. The link between historical revisionism and a boycott of Israel is of course obvious. Historical revisionism about the Holocaust is practiced not because the 'people' in question really believe the Holocaust didn't happen but because the Holocaust represents an obstacle to reviving Anti-Semitism. The memory and knowledge of the atrocity makes it much too difficult to convince people to walk along a path that will results in its repetition. To revive Anti-Semitism it was necessary to undermine the reality of the Holocaust and turn it into yet another conspiracy theory about the Jews, thus making

Barak and Olmert: Hand Over Israel to the Terrorists, Promise to Defend Nations with Magic Beans

As the situation worsens, the delusion continues. One failure follows another. Barak, who has been whitewashed by the short memory of Israeli politics and the abysmal failures of Amir Peretz, is now going along with Olmert's plan to transfer most of the West Bank to Fatah terrorists with anti-missile systems. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said this week that major Israeli population centers would be threatened by Palestinian Authority rockets if Israel relinquishes Judea and Samaria. That, however, is no reason not to carry out such a withdrawal, according to the Defense Minister, but rather to quickly equip Israel with a defense system against attacks from those very areas. PA control over Judea and Samaria would place Israel's major population centers, such as Tel Aviv, within Kassam rocket range, Minister Barak explained during a Tuesday meeting with IDF reserve officers. Therefore, Barak emphasized, Israel must first acquire and implement an effective anti-missile defense sys

Olmert's Campaign of Terror Comes to Hevron

This is what those soldiers were refusing to take part in. This is what they will serve prison time for. A group of soldiers from the Duchifat counter-terror battalion, including at least two squad commanders, refused or avoided orders they received on Monday morning to secure a road leading to Hevron ahead of the planned forced evictions. An IDF spokesperson said that only 12 soldiers refused orders outright, but reports from the field indicated that a total of almost 30 soldiers said that they would not actively carry out the relevant orders. Those Duchifat troops who refused or avoided assisting with the Hevron evictions, however, were not soldiers from a Hesder yeshiva, and a significant portion of them were not even outwardly religious, according to witnesses from the unit in question. The fault for what has happened here is not merely Olmert's. Not merely Kadima's. It is the fault of every party that continues keeping them in power. It is the fault of religious and secula

Achdus Uber Alles: You Don't Achieve Unity by Surrendering Only by Winning

Achdus Uber Alles has been the position counseled by all too many in Israel in the religious community. We must remain united above all else. Some who counsel that are well meaning, others less so. The opposition quickly picked up on it with everyone from Sharon down talking about the importance of unity and warning that "the religious" were destroying the nation's unity. The only way to stay united was to "respect the democracy" and surrender and comply. The fallacy at the heart of the Achdus Uber Alles position is that when the other side, be they Jews, has no interest in Achdus, surrender becomes the same process of appeasement and retreat in exchange for stepped up assaults and abuse as the Oslo Peace Accord. At the start of the State of Israel, Menachem Begin made the decision to stay committed to not fighting other Jews no matter what. Even though the left like the happily deceased former Mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek collaborated with the British in cap