Home Sex, Drugs and Activism: Arabs want the Left Out
Home Sex, Drugs and Activism: Arabs want the Left Out

Sex, Drugs and Activism: Arabs want the Left Out

Increasingly activists who want to make a reputation for themselves have headed to Israel to supposedly protect Arabs from the IDF. Such activists will spend a few months aimlessly hanging around arab towns and leap at any IDF soldier in sight, when one shows up, hoping to get a shot of himself on camera (and shot on camera too.) When he goes home to Wisconsin or Oregon or Bonn or Paris, this 'experience' will make an integral part of his radical activism resume when he or she decides to run for the Green Party, post at Moveon.org or apply for a job at Google.

In practice this comes down to western twenty somethings from prosperous families that they're rebelling against hanging around arab towns where they tend not to even speak the langauge and living a slacker lifestyle with a noble title. Much like the 'Human Shields' who went to Iraq before the War to 'protect the Iraqi people' they're also not wanted by anyone except the totalitarian arab regimes who use them to promote the righteousness of their own cause.

The 'Human Shields' who went to Baghdad quickly discovered that the Iraqi people on whose behalf they were here didn't want them or trust them. Now a report comes from Hevron that the arab leaders in Hebron have been making arrangements with the Jewish community to get the ISM 'observers' out. The ISM or International Solidarity Movement or more popularly I Support Murderers has been notorious for publically supporting terrorist attacks on Israel and for harboring two Hamas terrorists.

But beyond their revolutionary fervor on behalf of Islamic terrorism, they're still twenty somethings determined not to get jobs but live off trust funds dragging out the experience of being in college without the classes. And that means sex and drugs and mindless random rebellion against authority. This was the kind of thing that the Arabs in Hebron, no more than anyone anywhere wants in their community. The actibrats who came to save the Arabs from Israel stayed to smoke pot, walk around scantily clad in Muslim areas and offer drugs and have sex with local Arab youth.

Rachel Corrie who has been elevated to sainthood by the international left and has had plays and operas and poems composed in her name, wrote in her own diary that the local arabs put together a petition to get her and the rest of her group out, because they were carrying on with their children. While these activists return home boasting of how well they related to arab culture, they mostly succeed in disgusting and annoying local Arabs as they behave immorally and deliberately touch off confrontations with IDF soldiers.

As so often happens, the left's activists aren't wanted even by the people whose behalf they're supposedly working on.


  1. Anonymous30/11/05

    yup, it's ultimately about their egos and their need to act out revolutionary scenarios from their parents time, rather than any desire to help anyone since they never see past themselves

  2. Anonymous30/11/05

    The guy without the gun has green hair and red lips.
    I bet he is wearing a skirt too.


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