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Every Day is Halloween Now

A zombie is shambling down the street, one leg dragging, arm waving at the sky before collapsing on a discarded cardboard refrigerator box. A thin trail of blood can be seen on the back of his dirty shirt. It’s not Halloween yet. It’s just Thursday. But in the America of Drag Queen Story Hour, of homeless encampments, random arsons, gangs smashing their way into stores, street takeovers with blowtorches and meth addicts screaming into the night, all the monsters are real and every day of the year is Halloween. Zombies and monsters are real. Some are dead end vagrants from skid row. Others operate at the highest levels of government. In Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, Frankenstein’s monster reborn, shambles, looms and issues strange noises that faintly resemble human speech as he strives for the Senate. Joe Biden attends conferences and offers impromptu word salads while dressed as the naked emperor. Neither are functional human beings, but our standards are low enough that we accept any

New Report Warns America's Woke Military "Would Struggle in a War"

For the first time the Heritage Foundation’s index of American military strength has ranked us as ‘weak’ . The index warns that the Army “remains ‘weak’ in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have”. And even the Army has admitted that it has missed its recruiting target by 10,000 personnel which is expected to climb to over 20,000 by the end of the next fiscal year. As Heritage and the Wall Street Journal note , “From 2005 to 2020, the U.S. fleet grew to 296 warships from 291, while China’s navy grew to 360 from 216.” The Navy however is focused on inclusion and diversity. The situation at the Air Force is much worse with the Heritage report warning that “the munitions stockpile” would probably “not support a peer-level fight that lasted more than a few weeks”. But the Air Force is also focused on diversity and inclusion. The Navy is rated as very weak in capacity and weak in readiness. The Air Force ranks as very weak due to “problems with pilot production and retent

NYC Issues ‘Halal Guide” Featuring Terror Mosques

Before the 21st anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, New York City issued an official “Halal Guide” to its landmarks and tourist attractions. The guide, featuring Muslim women in hijabs in front of skyscrapers, informs us that Muslims are “making an indelible mark on the City” and boasts of the “over 275 mosques spread across all five boroughs—more than any other metro area in the US”. That’s almost one mosque for every 9 people murdered in and around the World Trade Center by Islamic terrorists. The guide, to its credit, begins its Manhattan section with the 9/11 Memorial in its “Must See & Do” section, but that’s probably in alphabetical order. Beyond halal eateries, it seems clueless about what Muslims might want to do in New York City, recommending a visit to an “avant-garde theater” in a warehouse featuring a production of 4:48 Psychosis, a play by a suicidal British playwright who then killed herself. The play was described as a “75-minute suicide note”. That m

Democrats Don’t Want Federal Employees to Have to Come to Work

The pandemic divided Americans into two classes: those who could work from home and those who could not. Federal government employees were members of the privileged class. And they don’t want that to change. During the pandemic, over 90% of the EPA, USAID, the Department of Education and, ironically, the Department of Labor, were 'working' online. The utility of federal agencies could roughly be measured by whether their employees were mostly showing up to work, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs, or were permanently out to lunch like the Department of Housing and Urban Development which did the vast majority of its work over the internet.. While the pandemic is over, the privilege of the political pajama class isn’t. Long before the pandemic, Obama had signed into law the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. Two years before the pandemic, Rep. Sarbanes of Maryland, who had originally introduced the Act, alongside Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia, bot

Virginia Military Institute Went Woke, Enrollment Fell 25%

The Virginia Military Institute is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the presence of women at the nation’s oldest state military college with an appearance by Kimberly Dark: a fat rights activist and author of lesbian fanfic who wants to “reimagine masculinity”. “Why couldn’t we see that America has been racist forever, sexist forever?” Dark ranted in a post titled, “For those who do not want a Trump presidency — this is what we will do now.” Under Superintendent Cedric Wins, this is what the Virginia Military Institute has become. “How have you benefited from adherence to your gender role?” a VMI diversity training presentation asks . The resources for it included journal articles like, “How Military Service Members Reinforce Hegemonic Masculinity.” There’s not meant to be any room for “hegemonic masculinity” at an institution whose students experience spartan living and the warrior tradition. The institution that gave us Patton, Marshall and Byrd now asks about your “gender rol

If You Liked Big Brother, Meet Google’s Big MUM

Forget Big Brother, Big MUM is Google’s new tool for suppressing conservatives. MUM or Multitask Unified Model was hyped last year as the company’s new machine learning algorithm. MUM had been initially described as an innovative way to allow Google’s dying search service to answer natural language questions by drawing on multiple sources. While MUM’s applications initially appeared to be apolitical, that quickly changed. Google first unleashed MUM to fight what it considered COVID “misinformation” by making sure that everyone saw “high quality and timely information from trusted health authorities like the World Health Organization”. By reducing the number of sources to only those that agree with its agenda, Google is able to deliver fast results while getting rid of different points of view. A Forbes article described how MUM would "check information across multiple reliable sources" to allow "the system to come to a general consensus". Google had once built it

“Don’t Trust Experts, Experts Say”

  I’m worried. “Is ‘rainbow fentanyl’ a threat to your kids this Halloween? Experts say no,” NPR assures me. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in these past few years it’s to believe the opposite of what experts say. The media has given up trying to get people to trust it and now asks it to trust its handpicked experts. And those experts say the same exact things that the media says. Every subject is now tackled by experts. Do you think that a Senate candidate who can barely grasp a sentence is worrisome? “Fetterman’s use of captions is common in stroke recovery, experts say,” the  Washington Post  wheedles. Experts tend to say that Democrats should be elected and Republicans shouldn’t be. They agree that when a Democrat does something it’s very different than when a Republican does it. And if you think the experts are biased, the experts will say that they’re not. Q.E.D. Experts warn of the rise of “misinformation”. And misinformation has come to be defined by people disagreeing

Serial Killers Are Too White

Netflix’s new Jeffrey Dahmer movie is revisiting stereotypes of serial killers as white men. The FBI however informs us that, “Contrary to popular belief, serial killers span all racial groups. There are white, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian serial killers. The racial diversification of serial killers generally mirrors that of the overall U.S. population.”  We’ve come a long way, baby. It’s been a long road toward equity and diversity in serial killing. Radford University’s serial killer database reveals that in 1900 , a less diverse time, 72.9% of serial killers were white, while only 25% were black and none were Asian or Hispanic. By 1970, progressive forces were making inroads in our society so that only 60% of serial killers were white and 33% were black. Hispanic serial killers, long overlooked, became a serious presence in 1950 when they hit the murder charts at 2.8% and in a massive win for civil rights made it all the way up to 11% in 2000. By 2010, 30% of serial killers

Zombie Democrats Run a Zombie Nation

Six months after his stroke and a month before Election Day, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman finally sat down for a disastrous interview in which he offered contradictory responses and responded to closed captions. The Democrat Senate candidate still hasn’t provided his medical records even to a friendly press and social media is filled with awkward videos of his campaign appearances. Will Fetterman be able to function if he wins? Who knows. Just ask Joe Biden. If he can answer. Biden, who insists on another term, is barely present and functioning in this one. His attention span varies wildly. He spews incoherent gibberish and lies so wildly that it’s practically a medical condition. Videos show him wandering aimlessly with staff and even a giant bunny acting as handlers for the man who is supposed to be the most powerful figure on the world stage. The Zombie Democrats aren’t an entirely new phenomenon. In 1919, two years after he was inaugurated after winning a second term on a promise to kee

When the FBI Joined Planned Parenthood

 Last month, The Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center, a pregnancy center in Southfield, Michigan, was vandalized causing thousands of dollars in damages. Graffiti left behind reading, “If abortion isn’t safe neither are you, Jane” linked the attack to Jane’s Revenge, a leftist pro-abortion domestic terrorist group that is believed to be responsible for as many as 50 attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life groups. Southfield police notified the FBI which refused to comment on the case. After 18 attacks directly claimed by Jane’s Revenge over a period of six months, the FBI has made zero arrests. But while under Biden the feds have shown no interest in a national campaign of leftist terrorism, the FBI has been swift to come after abortion opponents. The same month as the Southfield attack, an FBI team of 25 armed agents pounded on the door of of an anti-abortion activist in Pennsylvania who had been accused of shoving a Planned Parenthood escort. A nationwide campaign of domestic terror