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Terrorism Denial

While the Jewish community continues to cope with the problem of Holocaust denial, a new form of historical revisionism is emerging that victimizes both Jews and Non-Jews. In its plainest form it might be called Terrorism Denial. It seems inconceivable that any sane person could deny the existence of the Holocaust or the reality of terrorism, yet there is a large Holocaust denial industry and now there is also a large 9/11 denial industry. Both industries are run much the same way, amateurish documentaries, elaborate conspiracy theories, books desperately trying to poke holes in history with a sharpened pen and a malicious eye. Beyond these venomous manifestations though, the milder forms of Holocaust denial cover vast populations existing not as calculated denial but as deliberately avoidance. This form of Holocaust denial began when Jews were being massacred by the hundreds of thousands while the world steadfastly turned its eyes elsewhere and buried the reports deep down as a minor

A German Pope's Holocaust Revisionism at Auschwitz

The much publicised visit of the Pope to Auschwitz has gotten the most publicity for the Pope's question, asking where was God at Auschwitz. A better question is where was man at Auschwitz. It was human hands that shots, gassed and murdered millions. It was men who did and many if not most of those men were Catholics. The Holocaust was a vast enterprise, beyond the many millions from across Western and Eastern Europe who collaborated, informed, rounded up, guarded and murdered the victims of the Holocaust; were a hundred times that number who sat with folded hands, either approving or uncaring. But yet the Pope's question is revealing because it is yet another attempt by the Catholic Church to reframe itself as the victim and Pope Benedict's speech, the speech of the former Hitler Youth member Ratzinger is a cunning elaboration of that agenda. By asking where was God, the Pope shifts the Holocaust from a physical crime carried out by human perpetrators to a perplexing relig

Horrifying Pictures of the Palestinian Victims of Israel Starvation

Recently everyone from the Liberal media to notorious racist Pat Buchanan have been picking up the "Starving Palestinian" meme claiming that the Palestinians are being starved to death by the Israelis. Never mind that the Palestinians recieve the most per capita UN aid of any people in the world (including Africa where people actually are starving), that Israel has shipped tons of free food to Palestinians, that the claims of Palestinian starvation in reality come down to a run on a single bakery after rumors of shortages that was then blown up out of proportion by the media... the shortages themselves caused by an attempt by Palestinian leaders to shut down an entry point where the food was supposed to be coming from, because they weren't recieving duties on it. Never mind all that. The Palestinians are starving. And there is no better proof of that than this gallery full of horrifying pictures of the toll that the starvation has taken on Palestinians, particularly on th

Mr. Olmert Goes to Washington...And the Song Remains the Same

So far selling the next Disengagement and the next stage of the dismantling of the State of Israel is proceeding much the same as has every step of the peace process. 1. The Israeli government claims US support for its position. In public the President makes encouraging noises, though in fact the American position is to set demands far in excess of the Israeli position and expect them to be eventually carried out. In 1992 Israel's position was an autonomous territory for the Palestinians. America's position was a Palestinian state on most of the territory of 1967 and the dismantlement of the settlements. Now that Israel's position is seemingly in line with America, America has made it clear that they will only accept such a state on the condition that the Palestinians agree to such a state. In other words even giving the Palestinians the state isn't enough, it has to come by the agreement of the Palestinians and the fulfillment of all their demands. In other words n

Jet Planes Flying Low Over Manhattan

We interrupt this blog for a brief confused public service query This morning I saw what appeared to be a passenger jet flying dangerously low on a descending course. The roar of its engines was horrendously defeaning and left people in shock and covering their ears. This was repeated all morning with several roars loud enough to deafen passerby. Around 15 minutes ago I saw what appeared to be a passenger jet plane on a steep descending course followed by two fighter jets, flying low but not nearly as low as before. There's a good deal of speculation on the streets as to what's going on, much of it centering on terrorism. New York is having fleet week now, however the fleet week website only lists helicopter demonstrations as being scheduled for today. And these definetly weren't helicopters. The news only mentions the Washington to New York route shutdown. If anyone has any further information on what's going on, please leave a comment at the beep. Fleet Week is the ob

Ukraine Celebrates a Mass Murderer of Jews

Ukraine's new President, President Yuschenko has been widely celebrated as a reformer, a courageous leader, a friend of democracy in his coming to power during the Orange Revolution. Bush called him "the courageous leader of a free Ukraine" and American money and direct intervention played a key role in bringing Yuschenko to power. Today President Yuschenko signed an order commemorating the "eternal memory" of Simon Petlura as a Hero of the Ukranian people. A large memorial will be unveiled in Kiev on October 1st. To many Ukranians Petlura is indeed a hero, a Cossack leader who temporarily ruled an independent Ukraine. To Jews he is better known for the massacres of as many as a hundred thousand Jews across the Ukraine carried out by the Ukranian army and Ukranian gangs. Among the many thousands dead across hundreds of towns were nineteen members of a watchmaker's family who had served in the French Foreign Legion during World War I. When Simon Petluria fled

Olmert Booed and Jeered in Disastrous Speech

Olmert arrived to speak at the Jewish Agency’s MASA meant to connect disaspora Jews with Israel. As he arrived an announcement was made asking the crowd to stand, very few stood, despite repeated pleas for the people to rise for the Prime Minister. As he began speaking he was booed with shouts of 'Boged' 'Traitor' or 'Gush Katif.' To silence them larger speakers were turned on playing music which drowned out both the hecklers and Olmert's speech as well. In the middle of the speech Olmert suddenly switched to English and attempted to connect himself to Ariel Sharon's legacy. He then finished by advising the heavily Russian crowd not to drink too much. The result was a deathly uncomfortable silence instead of applause. Mattvei Ganapolsky who was in charge of the evening stepped out on stage pleading with the audience to applaud. After several futile attempts Ganapolsky exclaimed, "But it's the head of your government." All the response consi

The Easy Erev Rav Way Out

It has become increasingly common in some circles to blame all of Israel's problems on the 'Erev Rav.' Any Israeli figure from Shimon Peres to the police officers at Amona are described as Erev Rav. Now it's entirely possible that we do indeed have the Erev Rav among us. Certainly many of those who have come to Israel, particularly from Russia, are not Jews. But at the same time the 'Erev Rav' is an easy way out to avoid dealing with the reality of the problems in the Jewish people. Our Destroyers have all too often tended to come from us. Were Korach and the Meraglim Erev Rav? Were most of the kings of Yehuda and Yisrael Erev Rav, some of whom came out of the seed of David? Were the descendants of the Hasmonoim who allowed the Romans to take over? Was Josephus who betrayed his men and defected to the Romans and then composed a slanderous history of the Jews, even now being used in academic circles as legitimate, also Erev Rav? In the 20th century were the Yevse

Hijacking the Salute to Israel Parade

Word is that the Salute to Israel parade in New York formerly run by American Jews will now be subject to the control of the Israeli consulate. The consenquences of this is the barring of strong Zionist groups such as AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) and ZOA (Zionist Organizations of America), two groups who have always had a strong presence at the parade and have held the barricades opposing Oslo and further surrender to the Palestinians. The consulate will have approval over all signs at the parade and any group bringing unauthorized signs to the parade will be ejected and have its money pulled. It appears that the Kadima regime has succeeded in accomplishing what Collete Avital under Peres could not, bring New York Jews into compliance with the policies of yet another appeasement government. The Columbus Day Parade is not under the aegis of the Italian government or the St. Patrick Day parade under the Irish government or the Puerto Rican Parade under Puerto Rico. The Salute to Is

Steven Spielberg to make film about the Entebbe rescue

 Fresh from his film Munich about the Israeli response to the Munich massacre, Spielberg is set to film the story of the Israeli rescue attempt at Entebbe Airport saving the passengers of a plane seized by PLO and German terrorists and diverted to Uganda.  Unlike previous films about Entebbe which focused on the heroism of the IDF and the rescue of the hostages from the terrorists, Spielberg will be reteaming with Tony Kusher for a more angst-ridden take on the events in question.   Based on the book 'How I Was An Israeuli Commando And Blew Up Stuff' by Georgi Rasmanoff, who initially claimed to be a former Israeli colonel but was in actuality revealed to be an out of work Russian Taxi driver, Spielberg promises that his movie will reimagine the Entebbe rescue as it had never been seen before.  While critics are already pointing to technical errors in the script such as Golda Meir being played by a man and Yitzchak Rabin being assassinated decades too early in the closing act,

Where the Palestinian Money is Really Going A.K.A. "What A Job"

A good deal of noise is being made now about how badly the Hamas run Palestinian Authority needs money. Jimmy Carter wrote an editorial accusing anyone who favors not funding terrorists, of treating the Palestinians like 'animals.' The 'Send Money to Hamas' crowd points to the money as providing aid to the needy and sustaining the Palestinian people, whom we are told are in danger of starving and dying within minutes. But where is the money really going. An AP story cites the following data. "The cutoff has left the Palestinian government virtually broke and increasingly unable to provide basic services. Some 165,000 government workers, whose incomes had supported one-third of Palestinian families, have not been paid for the past two months." Since the Palestinian government was never providing much in the way of services to begin with, actual services like electricity and water all coming from the Israeli side, the real issue is the 165,000 government workers

Hevron Expulsion Video

See more photos and videos at the official site of the Hevron community here Read about the situation here .

Saving Hamas In Order to Destroy It: An Excercise in the Tortured Logic of Appeasement

Those Jewish and Pro-Israel columnists who enjoyed a few moments of foolishly naive optimism arguing that the election of Hamas would finally convince the world that the Palestinians don't want peace today experienced yet another disappointment today as the Quartet has agreed to channel funds to the Hamas run Palestinian Authority. The arguments for funding the Hamas government fall into two camps. Those who openly endorse dealing with Hamas such as Jimmy Carter who authored an International Herald Tribune editorial accusing the US of treating the Palestinians like 'animals' for not wanting to fund a Hamas state, claiming that merely because the Palestinians voted in (another) terrorist organization doesn't mean they don't want peace, blaming everything on Israel and concluding by praising the integrity of Hamas and calling for negotiations with them. This camp is the most open about its agenda. It unapologetically supports the legitimization and funding of Ha

Sultan Knish and Bill Gates Overthrow a 1000 Years of Muslim Culture

Though only in existance for little more than a year in collaboration with Microsoft, Sultan Knish has overthrown the over 1000 year reign of Muslim Sultans beginning with Mahmud of Ghazni to the many present day Muslim Sultans becoming the first Jewish Sultan to appear as the 7th result on MSN's Search for 'Sultan.' Sultan Knish has beaten out the Sultan of Brunei, Tipu Sultan, Isaac Sultan's underwear emporium, Kuwait's Sultan Center shopping mall, Prince Sultan Airbase, Sultan Limousine Service and the Non-Muslim but entirely beloved Sultan, Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat.

Al Gore Invented the Internet \ Ehud Olmert Invented Pretty Woman

(JTA) " Ehud Olmert reportedly came up with the title for the Hollywood hit "Pretty Woman". Israel´s prime minister-elect was a Knesset lawmaker when he helped his friend, film producer Arnon Milchan, choose golden oldie "Pretty Woman" as the title song for the 1990 romantic comedy, Yediot Aharonot reported Thursday. The daily did not cite sources but its reporter, Yair Lapid, is a former Milchan protege ." Since Olmert's military experience consisted of working on a newspaper and his main accomplishment is being indicted without being convicted of a financial coverup (something that doesn't play as well as it used to), his lackeys have to find something to his credit. Al Gore claimed he invented the internet, Ehud Olmert can claim he invented the title of an 80's movie about a prostitute. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. The only reason Sharon is still on life support is that Olmert knows he has no crediblity of his own and must lug

Munich vs United 93

There are certain similarities between Munich and United 93. Both are high profile movies about terrorist attacks supposedly based on real life events and are the focus of a great deal of controversy. Let's look at the two of them now. Munich Budget - 65 Million dollars \ United 93 Budget - 15 Million dollars Munich was a large scale extravaganza with a top Hollywood director, a prominent cast, a famous screenwriter and lavish set designs. Its scenes were filled with symbolism and metaphors all around. By contrast United 93 was cheaply shot in England with a small budget. Its actors are unknowns, the director was little known outside of cinematic circles and also handled the screenwriting. It tells its story without ornamentation or resort to metaphor and symbolism but by pointing a camera and showing how people lived and died. Munich claimed to be based on a book by one of the Israeli agents, but in fact was written by an impostor. None of the actual agents were consulte

The President of the United States Ridicules Himself

The press is filled with praise for Bush's routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in which he teamed up with a Bush impersonator to poke fun at himself. The oddest thing is to see Conservatives glowing at seeing that Bush can make a fool of himself as well as his impersonators. With the Clinton administration what America needed most desperately was to restore some dignity to the Presidency. Earlier Presidents might have attended the dinner and poked fun at themselves but it is a very different matter to joke about the Presidency in a time when the Presidency has become a joke. There is also a difference between delivering some jokes at a dinner and breaking into what amounts to a Saturday Night Live routine. Clinton and Bush have both displayed an amazing teflon endurance displaying their faults openly and shrugging off the harping of their political opponents at their personal failings. But while this is a personal strength, it is a Presidential weakness. It