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Democratically Shooting Yourself in the Foot

The US has insisted that bringing democracy to Iraq would bring stability to Iraq. Iraq today is more unstable and more dangerous than ever. Its government is a collection of quarreling parties and the strongest force are the Iranian allied Shiite leaders.

The US strongly insisted that Egypt democratize more and open up its electoral process. The neo-cons assured us that this would reduce support for 'islamic extremists.' Now in Egypt's elections, the Muslim Brotherhood which is the originating body for Hamas and many Muslim terrorist groups and the inspiration for Al Queda, has doubled its representation. The Muslim Brotherhood now has 30 seats to Mubarak's party's 50. Thanks to the US, the spirtual guides of Hamas are drawing closer to coming to power in Egypt.

The US has insisted on Hamas participating in Palestinian elections. Diplomats, Neo-cons and Secretary of State Rice has assured us that this will promote democracy and reduce extremism. Instead the participation of Hamas in elections has resulted in increasing conflict and terrorism as Hamas and the PA's terrorists try to win a popularity contest fought with terrorist attacks against Israel.

Conservative liberals of the Clinton and Bush variety have continually insisted that democracy is the cure for all ills. Democracy though is merely a way of opening up the process, for good or ill. In a stable country with a population that doesn't support genocide or terrorism or religious extremism, democratization is a good thing. In the middle east it is a disaster and Islamic terrorist parties like Hamas and Hizbullah, like the Nazis, are extremely adept at exploiting the weakness of democracy by gaining office, taking power and then eliminating the democracy.

The faith in democracy is a delusional belief based not on rational political analysis but ideology and wishful thinking. Democracy will not stop Islamic terrorism, only the courage to resist and fight terrorism will.


  1. Anonymous23/11/05

    It seems to me that this Golus is winding down; democracy has run its course. It cannot be exported anymore, and even America is drowning in liberalism which is the natural progression/extrapolation of the ideology of democracy. Remember that europeans fled Europe for the new land. Now, we are witnessing the downfall of Europe, and I would propose that America is headed in that direction also. One could say that the nations are getting their 'reckoning'. And since America has weakened its stance vis-a-vis the Jewish People, it has abandoned its historical purpose. We are witnessing the wonders of a spiritual chess game.

  2. Anonymous24/11/05

    Democracy is the proper way to govern, does anyone have a better system, should we have a dictator, or be run by business, which is actually the current government in america anyway. While democracy is the only form of government that can work, the people must be responsable for it to work, and people are corrupt, just like government and business, corruption is part of human nature. The founding fathers of america tried to deal with this using a system of checks and balances, which has kept our nation remarkably stable for 230 years, but no system is fail safe, and if people insist on doing the wrong thing, their society will dissapear, as is happening to western civilization. The biggest threat to america is not that we are drowning in liberalism, we have a conservative - republican government that is cutting aid to the poor and giving aid to the wealthy and big business, rather we are drowning in salt water, like the gulf coast and florida, from the super hurricanes of recent years. America insists on burning arab terrorist oil, pumped by corrupt big business, into the global warming that greatly increases the power of these storms, this is judgement day for civilization. "the wind of God hovers upon the water".

  3. Democracy is rule by the mob and rabble and never works.
    The United States is not a democracy.
    It is a Constitutional Republic ( remember the pledge of allegience.. "And to the REPUBLIC for which it Stands) and why people insist it is democracy is beyond me, except for rampant lack of education.
    Lets learn what it is people.
    If you live here you ought to know what it is right?
    Decent forms of government dont work with indecent people anyway.
    A contitutional republic takes people who are basically decent, fair minded and noble. They are necessary to uphold the constitution.
    When people like that fail to appear the government begins to crumble because people with lack of character and nobility seek to rewrite the law to fit their own brand of wickedness.
    This is why such forms of government do not work in nations which are far from moral decency.

  4. Anonymous25/11/05

    Democracy, or constitution federal republics like the USA, only work with decent God fearing people of high moral character.
    The middle east is populated by men who Hashem calls Jackasses..
    Jackasses need bridles and bits in their mouths to be governed.


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