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America’s Most Racist Poet is Taught in Colleges Across America

“We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of shit),” Baraka wrote in ‘A School of Prayer’. This was about the nicest thing that he ever said about white people. “Come up, black dada / nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape / their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats,” the black nationalist raved in.another poem. In a poem published by his own Jihad Press, Baraka fantasized about a race war, “cracker you may be wood and fire is what you need… n___r you might be fire and need to be burn some wood” and declared that, “Allah speaks in and thru me now.” In his play, ‘A Black Mass’, Baraka dramatized the Nation of Islam’s myth of a black mad scientist creating white people with the emergence of “a beast” who is “white with a red, lizard-devil mask” and who “hops around, all the while screaming, ‘white, white, white'”. The play concludes with the narrator warning, “There are beasts in our world. Let us find them and slay them. Let us lock them in their caves. Le

Who Was Really Behind the Jerusalem Terror Attack

On Thursday, Jan 26, the Palestinian Authority announced that it was suspending “security coordination” after Israel broke up a Jenin terror cell that had been planning a major attack. On Friday, Jan 27, an Islamic terrorist opened fire outside a Jerusalem synagogue killing 7 Israelis, including Asher Natan, a 14-year-old boy, Eli and Natali Mizrahi, a married couple who rushed out to help the victims, and Shaul Hai, a 68-year-old synagogue sexton. The shooter, despite being branded a “lone wolf” with no previous connection to terrorism, was described as having advanced shooting skills. And the death rate testifies to that. It seems highly likely that he was selected and secretly prepped to carry out this attack. On Saturday, Jan 28, a second shooting in Jerusalem injured two other Israelis. Another armed terrorist was taken out by the town’s security team in Kedumim. That may not be the last of it. There is nothing coincidental about the timing of this surge of violence: the deadliest

How the Atlanta Riots Were Funded

Even after an ‘Atlanta Forest Defender’ shot a Georgia state trooper in the stomach and his comrades set off race riots in the city, the leftist group at the center of it all is still fundraising. This comes months after the leftists threw Molotov cocktails at police and nearly burned an elderly driver to death. Multiple members of the ‘occupation’ have been arrested on domestic terrorism charges. And yet the IRS and Georgia’s Secretary of State have done nothing. Even Twitter suspended ‘Scenes from the Atlanta Forest’, an account calling for a “Night of Rage” and “reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies”, but the IRS has yet to take action to stop the ‘Atlanta Forest Defenders’ from taking in tax-deductible donations. In Atlanta, small business owners are sweeping away broken glass and police have recovered explosive devices from some of the rioters. Yet the ‘Atlanta Forest Defenders’ are still raising money through Open Collective: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fundrais

Survival and Sensibility in Israel

 After weeks of hysterical liberal tantrums against the new conservative Israeli government, Muslim terrorists struck killing Israeli Jews of all ages: seven of them near a synagogue.  And after a moment of silence for the dead, who include a 14-year-old boy, the demands that Israel make deals with the terrorists, the claims that the government is "extremist" for trying to stop the terrorism, for trying to reform a judiciary that is biased toward the terrorists, will resume. Along with the protests and official boycotts. The part of the Torah that the 7 dead Jews in Jerusalem never had a chance to hear was Parshat Bo which describes the final plagues on Egypt. Pharaoh began the enslavement and genocide of the Jews by enlisting Jewish collaborators. There are Jewish taskmasters to manage the Jewish slaves and even the midwives are enlisted to kill newborn children. When Moshe rises up and kills an Egyptian who is beating a Jewish slave, it is the slave himself who tells on him

Democracy is a Threat to Democracy

Democracy, like the polar bears, the bald eagle and the 99-cent pizza slice, is threatened. We know that’s true because the media, the least democratic body outside of North Korea, tells us this all the time. And we know that it must be true because apart from its daily panics over some political, medical, environmental or economic crisis that will later turn out to be imaginary or overblown, the media has an unbroken track record of honesty and truth that almost equals that of Bill Clinton. So who better to warn us about the threat to democracy than an undemocratic body whose membership disproportionately tilts toward a handful of elite schools and who get their marching orders from major corporations, who have been caught making up stuff so many times that they make George Santos seem like the soul of integrity. (This hasn’t stopped the media from outraged posturing that a member of Congress who is not named Joe Biden would dare to build his career on a pack of crazy lies.) America i

What the Latest Arrest Says About FBI Corruption

On Saturday, the FBI arrested one of its own. Charles McGonigal, who used to head counterintel for the Bureau in New York and investigated Trump over Russiagate, was busted at JFK Airport and has been charged with violating the sanctions placed on Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch allied with Putin, has his name scrawled on parts of Russiagate. Before Christopher Steele was brought on board to produce the infamous dossier aimed at Trump, the British ex-agent had been working on a project for Deripaska to go after Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, who would also prove to be an FBI target. In the tangled relationship that is an apt metaphor for Russiagate, the Russian billionaire appeared at times to be an FBI asset and at other times employed FBI personnel. McGonigal is reportedly one of a number of ex-FBI agents who became freelance consultants, like American versions of Steele, under investigation. And connections between ex-FBI officials and the Russians hav

Director of Movie Co-Starring Sex Predator Smears Justice Kavanaugh

There was big news at the Sundance Film Festival, formerly the haunt of Harvey Weinstein, a new documentary smearing Justice Kavanaugh, once again, as a high school sex predator. The folks at Sundance know all about sexual predators. Don’t take my word for it. Take it from this Washington Post op-ed, “Everyone at Sundance knew what Harvey Weinstein was.” But after the requisite political pieties, Hollywood is back to doing what it does best. Changing the subject and smearing Republicans with projections of their own filth. The Hollywood Reporter, splashily announced that Doug Liman, “the sought-after features director behind titles like Swingers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity — spent all of 2022 making his documentary debut about the government investigation into now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.” The documentary will be, ironically, titled, “Justice”. The publication understandably neglects to mention that Harvey Weinstein gave Liman his big break by snapping up

China’s Tax-Deductible Operation to Influence American Students

Senators and law enforcement officials have expressed concern about the presence of the Confucius Institute on college campuses. The Trump administration demanded that it register as a foreign mission. It has been the subject of congressional investigations, a defense boycott, warnings from cabinet members, and scrutiny at the highest levels of government. And yet multiple Confucius Institute branches are fundraising in the United States and the D.C. office, the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, remains a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS. The Confucius Institute’s office on Embassy Row, just off Dupont Circle, less than a dozen blocks from the White House, is part of a global presence that stretches from D.C. to China. And it’s one that has many government officials worried. The FBI has expressed concern about the CCP front group. 2021’s National Defense Authorization Act blocked Defense Department funding for campuses where Confucius Institutes were embedded. That concern ha

A Nation of Victims is Doomed to Fail

America has become a nation of ‘victims’ and ‘survivors’. Everyone is getting over a ‘trauma’ or ‘processing’. They demand special privileges because of the suffering of their ancestors. They trot out studies which prove that they are somehow disadvantaged. They gorge on self-help books and deploy therapy terminology to accuse everyone else of mistreating them. Our society has turned into a cross between a Marxist academic conference and therapy session where Marxist terminology like “systemic racism” and therapy talk like “gaslighting narcissist” form key parts of the grammar of perpetual victimhood. Politics has been reduced to victimhood advocacy and we are worse off for it. Victims are not good people. Postmodern influencer culture conflates ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’, but they are two very different things. Survivors are people who pick themselves up and go on. Victims give up and spend the rest of their lives doing nothing except blaming everyone else. After the slaves were freed, s

The Unsustainable Left

“Today, the Democratic Party may be the most ruthlessly organized and efficient political entity in the world,” the Wall Street Journal‘s Editor-at-Large Gerard Baker wrote . “We can denounce the activism and deplore the outcome, but we can only marvel at the political efficiency with which it has been achieved.” The Democratic consolidation is the product of ideological, economic and cultural forces. The Left seized the commanding high ground of the entertainment industry and the educational system to cultivate generations that were culturally primed to accept its ideas. The current state of affairs that Baker bemoans, in which Democrats have captured white college graduates and Republicans now hold the working class, were triumphs of culture over economic interest. The Left did not win a debate of ideas, it formed a tribe of elites. Behind the violence, the radicalism and the posturing are the daughters of CEOs and the Ivy League. The Democrats became the party of elites. That elitis