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When China Wired Money to Joe’s House

When Hunter Biden got wire transfers from China, they went to Joe Biden’s address. In the summer of 2019, while Joe Biden was running for president, the money was rolling into Delaware from Communist China. This was the same Wilmington house where classified documents were lying around while Hunter Biden was living while allegedly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes: some of them apparently foreign nationals. On paperwork, Hunter appeared to claim ownership of the house and in 2010, he had begun paying for the upkeep of the house and his veep dad’s bills. By the time Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, was sending a $250,000 wire payment to Joe Biden’s address, the former vice president and future president had already met with the Chinese investment exec doing business with his family and had written recommendation letters for his kids. The $250,000 Chinese wire was described as a “loan” . But how was Hunter, by then approaching rock bottom, going to pay it off? Wher

Iran Moves Into Somalia

And the terrorists can thank Rep. Ilhan Omar. After six months of Iran using its Houthi Jihadis to impose a blockade near Yemen while defying Biden to do anything about it, the Islamic global terror state is moving on to a Somali blockade. Current reports suggest that the Houthis, an Iranian Shiite terror group, is negotiating to provide weapons to Yemen’s Al-Shabaab, a Sunni Jihadist group allied with Al Qaeda, to expand Iran’s control over shipping. While Al-Shabaab has operated using the conventional Al Qaeda playbook of rifles and IEDs, the Houthis (pictured above) can offer upgraded drones and missile technology. And best of all the Houthis can claim that the weapons were battle tested on the US Navy. When the Houthis began their naval blockade, the Biden administration had the opportunity to shut it down. Instead, a US Navy carrier group has been tied up for months with no results. The AP headlined its recent coverage as “US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War I

Gays for Killing Gays

Nearly eight years after a Muslim terrorist committed the largest massacre of gay people in American history, LGBTQ Islamic terror supporters blocked the Philadelphia gay pride parade. “Long live the Intifada,” members of Queers4Palestine chanted, referring to the Islamic terrorist campaign against the Jewish State, chanting that the gay pride parade was just like the KKK and the Israeli army. “From the sea to the river, Palestine will live forever!” Protesting a gay pride parade in support of Hamas was a fitting prelude to the anniversary of the Islamic massacre at a gay nightclub which had its own Hamas connection. On June 12th, 2016, Omar Mateen, an Afghan Muslim, conducted his own ‘intifada’ at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, murdering 49 people and wounding over 50 more partygoers. The terrorist attack at a gay nightclub is commemorated every year in the gay community without a single reference to the fact that Omar was a Muslim terrorist killing for Islam. Even though O

Only Biden Can Keep Russia Out of Moscow

“When Putin decided to go into Russia—I mean, he’s gonna go from Russia into Ukraine,” Biden told Time. “Trump—what he never understood—which is that Russia, he wasn’t just going into Moscow, I mean from Russia into Ukraine.” If you understood that gibberish, you too are qualified to serve as leader of the free world. What’s left of it. In a wide ranging interview showcasing Biden’s foreign policy accomplishments, he confused Iran and Iraq, Russia and Ukraine, South Korea and Taiwan, Putin and Xi, and blamed his misspeaking on a cold, his voice and then claimed that the magazine thought he was crazy. The Time transcript is notable for its incomprehensibility. The same party that used to mock ‘Bushisms’ has given us a president whom even his own supporters can’t actually understand. At times the Time transcript has no choice but to mark sections ‘unintelligible’ while other sentences just make no sense. And that’s a problem when speaking on a world stage. Whether or not we end up in a

"Healthy Masculinity" is the Most Destructive School DEI Program You Never Heard Of

The ‘Healthy Masculinity Club’ at a Portland high school is described as a “place for guys to not be guys” while the ‘Healthy Masculinity’ class at Montpelier High School in Vermont indoctrinates boys on “how traditional concepts of masculinity have harmed women.” The ‘Healthy Masculinity’ movement is a component of DEI, but it has attracted less attention and controversy than other ‘woke’ indoctrination programs that target ‘whiteness’ and teach racism or promote pornographic sexual identity programming. Nevertheless it may be even more destructive than all of the other high school DEI programs put together. Much like ‘whiteness’ courses, the premise of ‘Healthy Masculinity’ is that there is something wrong with being a man. A Call to Men, for example, defines masculinity as a ‘Man Box’ in which men are “expected to be strong, successful, powerful, dominating, fearless, in control, and emotionless” that men have to “break out of” to end their ‘toxic masculinity’. The Tucson Unified S

The Government is Creating Jobs. Literally.

“Today’s report marks a milestone in America’s comeback,” Joe Biden bragged in March. “With today’s report of 303,000 new jobs in March, we have passed the milestone of 15 million jobs created since I took office.” Milestone or a millstone though might be a matter of opinion. Politicians like to brag about “creating jobs” and for once it was literally true. Of those 300,000 jobs, 71,000 or 1 in 4 were government jobs. Another 72,000 jobs came out of the healthcare industry which is heavily government funded. And 9,000 came from “employment in social assistance” or welfare. About 1 in 2 of Biden’s jobs were funded by taxpayers in one form or another. The only non-government industry showing significant job growth was the hospitality industry which was prepping temporary employment for vacation season. An even more absurd story of government job growth came out of New York City where city officials boasted of having recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic. But aBloomberg article

What America Can Learn From Israel on the Battlefield

America has never successfully liberated and held territory from Islamic terrorists. After thousands dead in Afghanistan and Iraq: both countries are now controlled by Islamic terrorists. Many top current and former defense officials who oversaw both disasters, despite a track record of zero wins, have been criticizing Israel for not following in their footsteps. Everyone from former Gen. David Petraeus to current Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. C.Q. Brown offer the familiar criticisms that Israel is not following the COIN or counterinsurgency model. “Not only do you have to actually go in and clear out whatever adversary you are up against, you have to go in, hold the territory and then you’ve got to stabilize it,” Chief Brown argued. The problem with this model is that it failed and left a lot of widows and orphans along the way. The United States spent over 50 years losing wars, prestige and young men by trying to follow the familiar strategy for defeating guerrilla armies through conventi

The View from Mount Olympus

The view from Mount Olympus is said to be spectacular, but few have ever seen it. Head up past the former homes of long dead movie stars and you can look down from the Hollywood Hills on WeHo’s gay nightlife and Russian restaurants, along with much of the rest of L.A. With names like Hercules Dr, Zeus Dr, Apollo Dr, Jupiter Dr, and, of course, Mt. Olympus Dr, it’s truly a hangout for any gods with twenty million to spare. Reported celebrity residents and owners of the gated community with 24/7 security include Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, and Harrison Ford, but even more importantly here is the Ross House, a 13,000 square foot modernist monster, where Hollywood studios hold intimate receptions, screenings and award parties for the small club of those who are famous or can help make them even more famous. The Ross House of Mt. Olympus is usually a brief entry in industry publications, but it embodies the vast gulf between how people down in L.A. live and how those who decide their fa

Democrats Panic Over Jewish Voters

After tossing Jewish voters overboard to accommodate the Hamas supporters of Dearborn, Michigan, the Democrats are starting to get nervous about the choice they made. Despite the rollout of the campaign, beginning with Senator Schumer’s floor speech blasting Israel, and various liberal Jewish surrogates, including Rep. Jerry Nadler, vocally opposing the campaign against Hamas, the Democrats did not manage to sell Jews on Biden’s betrayal. Biden’s declaration that he would stop providing military support to Israel if it continued to pursue Hamas into Rafah touched off a major backlash from donors, like Haim Saban, from celebrities, like Michael Rappaport, who has said he could vote for Trump, and ordinary Jews. While there’s no accurate polling of Jewish voters because there are too few Jews in much of the country to be captured by conventional polls and polls specifically surveying Jews are usually run by leftist groups, Democrats have suddenly begun to sweat the Jewish vote. And