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Conspiracy Theories and the Secret of My Secret Identity

I received a rather strange email this week which had been circulated to a number of people including Arutz 7's Tamar Yonah and Worldnetdaily's Aaron Klein and Reuven Koret accusing me of really being Steven Plaut.

Why Steven Plaut who has a successful career as a pundit would create an obscure blog to post long articles which he never places in media publications is unclear to me but apparently it involves my supposed involvement in a war against Barry Chamish, whose follower this person is. I've actually only written two pieces on Barry Chamish among over 400 posts in nearly a year so this blog isn't remotely Chamish centered.

I have pointed out that Chamish is affiliated with Neo-Nazi holocaust deniers and is himself promoting theories that amount to holocaust denial, e.g. the Holocaust was arranged by the Jews, a form of Holocaust denial innovated by the Soviet Union and repeated by some in the arab world which claims the Zionists were behind the Holocaust. I've pointed out that his claims are bizarre ranging from UFO's over Israel to claims that Yeshiva University is run by the Illuminati because they switched to a torch symbol and that he ultimately ends up discrediting the right by association.

In response to those pieces I received a number of angry comments, including from this person, as well as an angry email from Barry Chamish for calling him a holocaust denier. (Unlike what some of Chamish's associates have done in their fight with Steven Plaut and Daniel Pipes though I do not publish private emails on my site as this is a violation of elementary ethics) and now an accusation that I'm just a front for Steven Plaut.

It is a sign of how conspiracy theories can warp the mind that such accusations are even made but then when one lives in a universe in which everyone hides a hidden agenda and every seemingly meaningless act conceals a greater purpose, such modes of thinking become inevitable.

The conspiracy theorist like the religious believer assumes that nothing happens by accident but where the religious believer sees that as G-d's hand in the world, the conspiracy theory is gnostic believing that everything happens for a reason...because evil forces are manipulating the world.

Hard core believers in conspiracy theories create a gnostic world, one in which good contends with a nearly omnipotent evil conspiracy that turns the entire world into a web of lies and deceit and whose followers and leaders are capable of making the most convoluted plots succeed and directing the everyday life of the world without anyone but them knowing it. The 'secret knowledge' of the conspiracy theorist is his gnosis enabling him to find the truth in a world ruled by lies.

That very belief though ensures that such a person achieves nothing useful as they labor over what isn't instead of dealing with what is. The world is not run by great conspiracies. A handful of men don't sit in a secret room deciding the fate of the world. The truth is much worse than that. The state of the world is our fault. There are evil men but their efforts would come to nothing if we would stand up to them. Their plans tend to be laughable and pathetic. They succeed because good people do nothing. This blog is an attempt to do something.

I am not Steven Plaut. I am however the Archduke of Wisconsin. Really.

Sultan Knish


  1. Anonymous21/11/05

    Conspiracy theorists are usually paranoid schizophrenics who have not kept up on their medication.
    Certainly many are clinically depressed.

  2. Anonymous21/11/05

    You might think you are clever but you are a tool of the capitalist cabal who limits our drinking water to 1 gallon a day of filtered fish brine.
    You think this is an accident that they are all members of the National Council of Churches and that they are all former members of the Nature Campers of America?
    dont come crying to me when you find your copy of Tom Sawyer heavily edited!

  3. Anonymous21/11/05

    Plaut would never make the spelling and syntax errors you routinely make.

  4. Anonymous21/11/05

    yes a lot of conspiracy theorists have several mental problems including schizophrenia, it makes them very creative in being able to come up with very complicated scenarios and yet divorced from reality

  5. Anonymous21/11/05

    oh my goodness, not the filtered fish brine?

    I did look through my copy of tom sawyer and found that Becky had been renamed Queen Elizabeth II, I demand an immediate explanation!

  6. Anonymous21/11/05

    many mentally ill people stalk the internet.
    They usually accuse others of all kinds of wild things that they themselves are guilty of.

  7. Have any of you met Barry Chamish, that you think you know what you're talking about???

    Well, I have... and he's quite sane. I don't know about all of his CFR theories, but I know one thing - about Rabin, he's 100% accurate. No one, but no one, has a better explanation as to what happened, and he has DOCUMENTED proof of his claims.

    Sultan, you complain about others who "publish private e-mails" on their sites, but you do disclose the contents of two private e-mails, including one from Chamish. He is, of course, correct - he is NOT a Holocaust denier. Your accusation that he is "affiliated with neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers" - where does this come from? Don't tell me about other websites - they may lift his material without his permission! And where, pray tell, does he talk about UFOs over Israel? I've never seen this!

    And he just may be correct that "evil forces are manipulating the world." That is no contradiction to the fact that Hashem is running the show.

    To wit - Hitler killed 6 million of our people, and l'havdil, Sharon perpetrated an evil expulsion of our brothers from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron. Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu clearly said that the latter was against the Will of G-d, the Ratzon Hashem.

    So one can believe that evil forces do manipulate things, while still believing that Hashem's Hand is there, and He will have the Ultimate Say!

  8. Anonymous21/11/05

    the question is yitz, do you know what you're talking about? I haven't published any emails from Chamish on the site.

    Are you aware of what Chamish actually believes?

    Chamish claims that the world is run by a conspiracy of Sabbateans, Freemasons, Illuminati who are behind nearly everything that happens in the world. This is a modified version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    He claims that Jews financed and were responsible for the Holocaust.

    His claims about UFO's over Israel can be found here, http://www.greatdreams.com/chamish.htm

    as far as Gush Katif goes, Chamish sneered at the refugees from Gush Katif and advocated denying them any help or money

    if you actually look for yourself what Chamish is and who he's associated with, namely neo-nazis...browse rense.com for a good overview, you will see what he really is

  9. Anonymous21/11/05

    You really do get some nut jobs posting on this site. Comes from a lack of meat in the diet.
    I think Yitz missed the point completely.
    The post was about some mental patient who accused the Sultan of being someone else.
    This is why I advocate college educations for people since it does help people stick to the point.

  10. Anonymous21/11/05

    Doenst Barry think that Sharon is really from a UFO?
    I think I heard that.
    He thinks most people are aliens landing in Israel now.
    whats up wit dat?

  11. Anonymous21/11/05

    for too long your earth people have remained ignorant of our plot to seize your planet until the human named chamish revealed our plotting

    but beware we do not give up easily. I Zargon the Merciless have adopted the identity of Sultan Knish in order to destroy his reputation so that our invasion may take place on schedule

  12. Anonymous8/1/06

    Oh, again this same idiotism. Lies and infantile scoffing at something you can`t know, because you are not educated enough and obviously even not equipped well enough mentally to apprehend what is written. Miniscules rule!


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