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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Biden Admin Praises Taliban’s 'Openness' to Women’s Rights

By On December 08, 2021
In 2001, the Taliban blew up the giant Buddha statues. Now they’re charging tourists five bucks each to go see the statues that aren’t there. Considering the Islamic knack for destroying statues, tombs, historic buildings, and anything that isn’t a mosque, tourism can be tough.

Fortunately the Taliban have the opium business to fall back on.

While officially the Taliban deplore drugs, their takeover was partly backed by the country’s drug lords who were eager for an end to America’s war on drugs. Planting season has arrived and everyone is expecting a lot of drug money to start flowing into the Taliban’s terrorist coffers.

The Taliban response to international complaints has been the familiar drug shakedown.

“If the international community recognizes our government and we receive aid and development assistance, then poppies will definitely disappear,” a Taliban governor told the media.

Former U.S. administrations had offered aid in exchange for suspending the drug business. And while Afghanistan’s only real cash crop didn’t go away, the Jihadist bosses of the opium OPEC were willing to occasionally reduce production in exchange for cash from Uncle Sam.

The Biden administration is directing over a hundred million in aid to Afghanistan, but what the Taliban really want is the $9 billion in money from the former government they had overthrown.

That includes the $1.3 billion in gold sitting in Manhattan vaults near Ground Zero.

The Taliban would like that gold, but so would the families of the victims killed by the Taliban’s Al Qaeda allies on September 11.

The 9/11 families had sued the Taliban and won $7 billion in damages. But back then the Taliban didn't have money just sitting around in downtown Manhattan.

That's no longer the case.

Biden's problem is the familiar one facing the Obama administration over judgements won by terror victims against Iran and the PLO. How do you funnel money to the terrorists without letting their victims get hold of it? The answer is that you pay secret ransoms or send “humanitarian aid”. Withholding money from terror victims to pay terror bosses looks tacky, so just turn the money into ransom for American hostages or medicine for crying local children.

And so despite the fact that the Taliban negotiate with all faiths other than their own in bad faith, the Biden administration is still negotiating with the terrorists who broke every previous deal.

A week after Thanksgiving, some of Biden's boys from the State Department, USAID, the Treasury Department, and assorted spooks, flew off to talk turkey with the Taliban in Qatar.

The assortment of departments and agencies in the delegation to the terrorists was an interesting one. The State Department's diplomats love to appease terrorists, USAID is there to dole out "humanitarian aid", the spooks are there to ask the terrorists for info on the other terrorists, and the Treasury Department is there to discuss economic sanctions.

And how to bypass them.

All it takes is certifying that the Taliban are nice folks now and it’s time to work with them on feeding and clothing the Afghan people, not to mention educating the girls of Afghanistan.

A week after the Taliban banned women from television, Biden's State Department spokesman Ned Price released a statement praising the Taliban's "openness to engaging with the international community on full access to education".

Price further claimed that the Islamic terrorist group which closed most schools to girls had actually "welcomed efforts to verify and monitor progress to enroll women and girls in school at all levels."

The Taliban, apparently, also "asked for support in the education sector."

Preferably in the form of cash, heroin, or Black Hawk helicopter parts.

According to the Taliban, 75% of girls are back in school. And if you believe that, you probably work for the State Department.

The Taliban’s newfound feminism is as suspect as that of Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Joe Biden, but they want money and Joe Biden wants to give it to them.

The levers for extracting that cash are a combination of blackmail and victimhood.

The Taliban will cash in on opium while the people starve. And then ask for money in exchange for shutting down the drug trade and then getting the people something to eat. The remaining Americans and Afghan visa recipients are also hostages who can be traded for more dollars.

That’s another reason why so very few of the visa recipients ever made it to the airport. And why the majority of those who did had no visas and no vetting, but probably did pay off the Taliban.

The Taliban can only make so much money from charging tourists to see the missing Buddhas.

The last year should have been a comprehensive education in why the Taliban can’t be trusted. After agreeing not to conquer Afghanistan, they went ahead and did it anyway. While they were doing that, the Biden administration, which is almost as trustworthy as the Taliban, assured the media, which is almost as trustworthy as the Biden administration, that everything was fine.

Now everything is fine again.

When the Taliban aren’t beheading members of female sports teams, they’re showing a great deal of “openness” to “engaging with the international community” on their feminism.

They’ll even field a fully progressive approved all-female sports team of men in burkas.

The Biden administration promised to leave Afghanistan, but the United States never leaves anywhere. Aside from taking in tens of thousands of Afghans into our country, we’re still on the hook for feeding, clothing, and educating the Afghans in Talibanland, not to mention Pakistan.

Even once the Taliban get their billions and their UN seat, we’ll still be sending them aid.

In December 2000, the State Department boasted that it had sent $113 million in "humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people". It further bragged that the "United States is the largest single donor of assistance to Afghans, and has a long record of providing such assistance."

All the while it acknowledged that the Taliban were mischievously harboring Osama bin Laden.

That money stolen from American taxpayers covered "food, housing, health and education programs" for the Afghans. And the State Department shamefully bragged that "of every ten dollars" in aid, "nine dollars is a United States contribution."

Next year the Taliban contributed four airplanes directed at killing thousands of Americans.

Having learned nothing in twenty years, the Biden administration and its career diplomats expect Americans to continue funding a Taliban welfare state.

This time the Taliban really believe in feminism, they insist. This time they’re really committed to fighting terrorism. And this time they surely won’t host another terrorist attack on America.

As long as we pay them enough.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer

By On December 07, 2021
Two years ago, Senator Kamala Harris, along with Senator Cory Booker and six other Democrat Senate members, attacked the Justice Department for monitoring black supremacists. The politicians signed a letter falsely claiming that black identity extremists was “a fabricated term based on a faulty assessment of a small number of isolated incidents”.

And they argued that monitoring black racists was racist.

When Kamala Harris was running for president, the privileged daughter of wealthy foreign students falsely claimed that she faced segregation in Berkeley, California.

“That little girl was me,” she famously declared.

In Waukesha, Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy, was killed by the black supremacist terrorist whom Kamala Harris had protected.

That little boy’s blood is on her hands.

Kamala had joined a crusade by Senator Cory Booker to pressure the FBI to eliminate the black identity extremists category and stop tracking terror attacks by black supremacists.

Later that same year, two devotees of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate group, a racist and antisemitic cult, opened fire at a Kosher market in Jersey City. The black supremacist terror attack killed the store owner, an employee, and a customer.

An unexploded bomb in their van could have killed people a distance of five football fields away.

Even though the terrorist attack happened in Senator Booker’s state, he refused to acknowledge that the black supremacist hate he had protected was responsible.

Booker had previously berated FBI Director Christopher Wray for monitoring black racists.

“That language you said, both ends of the spectrum, the murders at synagogues, the murders we've seen motivated,” he ranted. “You said both ends of the spectrum, as if there actually is a movement of black identity extremism: it's almost creating this reality.”

Another Black Hebrew Israelite terrorist attacker went on to attack a Monsey synagogue during Chanukah, slashing worshipers with a machete, wounding 4 and killing one.

A 72-year-old Chassidic Jew who had been born in Hungary after the Holocaust tried to fight him off with his cane. The black supremacist killer smashed in his skull with a machete.

A Green Party candidate and "respected civil rights attorney" fought for the racist killer who got off, despite having googled "Why did Hitler hate the Jews" and "New York City Increases Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods After Possible Anti-Semitic Attacks. Here's What To Know."

The Black Hebrew Israelite cult’s "Why did Hitler hate the Jews" meme reappeared again in the internet history of another black supremacist killer.

Darrell Brooks, who drove his car into the Waukesha Christmas Parade, killing 6 people, including an 8-year-old boy, had previously posted a variation of the same Black Hebrew Israelite meme claiming that Hitler was killing Jews to support the black supremacists.

While Kamala and Booker intimidated the Justice Department and law enforcement officials, the media had celebrated the vile racists. The New York Times described the Black Hebrew Israelites as “sidewalk ministers” who practice “tough love” while dismissing their racist rants as “blunt and sometimes offensive language.”

Typical of this “tough love” and “blunt” language was declaring, "The Holocaust is a damn joke! Heil Hitler!" and “The messiah, who is a black man, is going to kill you”.

The media’s laborious whitewashing of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate cult began when it falsely accused Covington Catholic students in D.C. for a pro-life rally of racism when they were assailed by racial slurs from members of the BHI hate group. The Washington Post, which would end up settling a lawsuit over its false reporting, claimed that, "Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life."

According to the Bezos paper, “Heil Hitler” adds a ”familiar if odd accent to city life”.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who could never resist antisemites and racists, falsely claimed that the slandered students were “taunting 5 Black men”.

There is a direct line from the New York Times and the Washington Post’s lies about the Black Hebrew Israelites, the suppression of FBI efforts to track black supremacist terrorists, to the rising tide of BHI violence including a machete attack on a random white family last year.

Tragedy was averted in North Carolina when the Black Hebrew Israelite attacker, who had been lying in wait behind the house, grappled with the husband while the wife returned to the house, got a gun, and opened fire, forcing the would-be killer to run for his life.

What began with the media’s lies about Covington escalated to growing acts of terrorism until it reached its pinnacle with the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre by a racist killer who had cited the hateful teachings of the black supremacist Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

Where was the FBI?

Senate Democrats had forbidden the FBI from monitoring black supremacist terror groups. And the FBI had put political correctness over public safety by bowing to their racial dictates.

Booker had grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray over efforts to prevent black supremacist terror. “So, you no longer use the term Black Identity Extremism,” he had gloated. “That's great news.”

Great news for Booker’s black nationalism meant mass death for Jews and Christians.

“So nobody is being investigated or surveilled under black identity extremism?” Booker had demanded.

No one was. And that’s why the Jersey City Kosher supermarket massacre and the Waukesha Christmas massacre happened with no interference from the FBI. After the hearing, Booker issued a press release urging, “Director Wray to issue updated guidance notifying law enforcement agencies about the elimination of this misleading designation.”

Black supremacism, this “misleading designation” which Democrats claim doesn’t exist, keeps killing people, police officers in Dallas, Jews in New Jersey, and Christians in Waukesha.

When Kamala Harris joined Booker’s crusade to protect black supremacists from the FBI, she helped pave the way for the brutal killings carried out by these racist killers and terrorists.

Democrats frequently accused President Trump of protecting white supremacists. Despite these false claims, the DOJ and FBI never stopped tracking or investigating white racist terrorists.

That was not true of black supremacist terrorists.

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and other Democrats are on record as suppressing FBI investigations of the kinds of black supremacist hate that led to the Waukesha massacre.

Even now the same media that began by lying about Black Hebrew Israelite hate when smearing the Covington Catholic students is back to lying about the killer in Waukesha.

The lies must end.

Republicans must have the guts to name the hateful black supremacist ideology behind the racist terrorist killings across the country and to denounce Kamala Harris and Democrats for protecting their racist allies. Like Islamic terrorism, black nationalist terrorism happens because law enforcement is prevented from doing its job by the Democrat political allies of the terrorists.

Waukesha was not an “incident”. It was a massacre. It was not committed by an “SUV”, but by a racist black supremacist terrorist. Its accomplices are sitting in the White House right now.

Biden and Kamala issued statements on the Arbery verdict. Biden had previously issued a statement condemning the Rittenhouse verdict. Neither of them have issued statements about the massacre of six Americans by a racist terrorist. Democrats have adopted the critical race theory ideology which, like the racist killer, causes them to believe white people aren’t human.

That’s what Black Lives Matter means. Black lives matter. No one else’s lives do.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, December 05, 2021

The Light of Chanukah

By On December 05, 2021

 A candle is a brief flare of light. A wick dipped in oil burns and then goes out again. The light of Chanukah appears no different. Briefly there is light and warmth and then darkness again.

Out of the exile of Babylon, the handful that returned to resettle and rebuild the land faced the might of new empires. The Jews who returned from the exile of one evil empire some twenty-six hundred years ago were forced to decide whether they would be a people with their own faith and history, or the colony of another empire, with its history and beliefs.

Jerusalem's wealthy elites threw in their lot with the empire and its ways. But out in the rural heartland where the old ways where still kept, a spark flared to life. Modi'in. Maccabee.

And so war came between the handfuls of Jewish resistance fighters from a small town in the hinterlands and the Hellenized elites of the big city, between those who wished to be Jews and those who wanted to be pawns in an empire, between the tradition of the priests and the progress of a new order, between the Maccabees and the armies of Antiochus IV’s Selecuid empire. A war that had its echoes in the past and would have it again in the future as lightly armed and untrained armies of Jewish soldiers would go on to fight in those same hills and valleys against the Romans and eventually the armies of six Arab nations.

The Syrian Greek armies were among the best of their day. The Maccabees were living in the backwaters of Israel, a nation that had not been independently ruled since the armies of Babylon had flooded across the land, destroying everything in their path. 

In the wilderness of Judea a band of brothers vowed that they would bow to no man and let no foreigners rule over their land. Apollonius brought his Samaritan forces against the brothers, and Judah, first among the Maccabees, killed him, took his sword and wore it for his own.

General Seron of the army of Coele-Syria, brought together his soldiers, along with renegade Jewish mercenaries, and was broken at Beit Haran. The Governor of Syria dispatched two generals, Nicanor, and Gorgias, with forty thousand soldiers and seven thousand horsemen to conquer Judea, destroy Jerusalem and abolish the whole Jewish nation forever. So certain were they of victory that they brought with them merchant caravans to fill with the Hebrew slaves of a destroyed nation.

Judah walked among his brothers and fellow rebels and spoke to them of the thing for which they fought; “My fellow soldiers, no other time remains more opportune than the present for courage and contempt of dangers; for if you now fight manfully, you may recover your liberty, which, as it is a thing of itself agreeable to all men, so it proves to be to us much more desirable, by its affording us the liberty of worshiping God.

"Since therefore you are in such circumstances at present, you must either recover that liberty, and so regain a happy and blessed way of living, which is that according to our laws, and the customs of our country, or to submit to the most opprobrious sufferings; nor will any seed of your nation remain if you be beat in this battle. Fight therefore manfully; and suppose that you must die, though you do not fight; but believe, that besides such glorious rewards as those of the liberty of your country, of your laws, of your religion, you shall then obtain everlasting glory.

"Prepare yourselves, therefore, and put yourselves into such an agreeable posture, that you may be ready to fight with the enemy as soon as it is day tomorrow morning." 

Though the Maccabees were but three thousand, starving and dressed in bare rags, the God for whom they fought and their native wits and courage, gave them victory over thousands and tens of thousands.

Though, worn from battle, the Maccabees did not flee back into their Judean wilderness, instead they went on to Jerusalem and its Temple, to reclaim their land and their God, only to find the Temple and the capital in ruins.

The Maccabees had fought courageously for the freedom to worship God once again as their fathers had, but courage alone could not make the Menorah burn and thus renew the Temple service again. Yet it had not been mere berserker’s courage that had brought them this far. Like their ancestors before them who had leaped into furnaces and the raging sea, they had dared the impossible on faith. Faith in a God who watched over his nation and intervened in the affairs of men. And so on faith they poured the oil of that single flask in the Menorah, oil that could only last for a single day. And then having done all they could, the priests and sons of priests who had fought through entire armies to reach this place, accepted that they had done all they could and left the remainder in the hands of the Almighty.

If they had won by the strength of their hands alone, then the lamps would burn for a day and then flicker out. But if it had been more than mere force of arms that had brought them here, if it had been more than mere happenstance that a small band of ragged and starving rebels had shattered the armies of an empire, then the flames of the Menorah would burn on. 

The sun rose and set again. The day came to its end and the men watched the lights of the Menorah to see if they would burn or die out. And if the flame in their hearts could have kindled the lamps, they would have burst into bright flame then and there. Darkness fell that night and still the lamps burned on.

For eight days and nights the Menorah burned on that single lonely pure flask of oil, until more could be found, and the men who for a time had been soldiers and had once again become priests, saw that while it may be men who kindle lamps and hearts, it is the Almighty who provides them with the fuel of the spirit through which they burn.

120 years after the Maccabees drove out the foreign invaders and their collaborators, another foreign invader, Herod, the son of Rome's Arab governor, was placed on the throne by the Roman Empire, disposing of the last of the Maccabean kings and ending the brief revival of the Jewish kingdom.

The revived kingdom had been a plaything in the game of empires. Exiled by Babylon, restored by Persia, conquered by the Greeks, ground under the heel of the remnants of Alexander's empire, briefly liberated by the Parthians, tricked into servitude and destroyed by Rome. The victory of the Maccabean brothers in reclaiming Jerusalem was a brief flare of light in the dark centuries and even that light was shadowed by the growing darkness.

The fall of the Roman Republic and the civil wars of the new empire, its uncontrollable spending and greed made it hopelessly corrupt. Caesar repaid Jewish loyalty by rewarding the Arab-Edomite murderers of Jewish kings, and his successors saw the Jewish state as a way to bring in some quick money. Out went the Jewish kings, in came the son of Rome's tax collector, Herod.

The promises made by Senate to the Maccabees ceased to matter. Imperial greed collided with Jewish nationalism in a war that for a brief shining moment seemed as if it might end in another Chanukah, but ended instead in massacre and atrocity. The exiles went forth once again, some on foot and some in slave ships. Israel became Palestine. Jerusalem was renamed and resettled. The long night had begun.

But no darkness lasts forever.

Two thousand years after the Jews had come to believe that wars were for other people and miracles meant escaping alive, Jewish armies stood and held the line against an empire and the would be empires of the region.

And now the flame still burns, though it is flickering. Seventy-one years is a long time for oil to burn, especially when the black oil next door seems so much more useful to the empires and republics across the sea. And the children of many of those who first lit the flame no longer see the point in that hoary old light. 

But that old light is still the light of possibilities. It burns to remind us of the extraordinary things that our ancestors did and of the extraordinary assistance that they received. We cannot always expect oil to burn for eight days, just as we cannot always expect the bullet to miss or the rocket to fall short. And yet even in those moments of darkness the reminder of the flame is with us for no darkness lasts forever and no exile, whether of the body of the spirit, endures. Sooner or later the spark flares to life again and the oil burns again. Sooner or later the light returns.

It is the miracle that we commemorate because it is a reminder of possibilities. Each time we light a candle or dip a wick in oil, we release a flare of light from the darkness comes to remind us of what was, is and can still be.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Criminal Justice Reform Bans Stealing From the Rich, Legalizes Stealing From the Poor

By On December 04, 2021
After Proposition 47 effectively legalized stealing anything under $950 in California, shoplifting, porch piracy, and all sorts of thefts took off. San Francisco became the epicenter of what the Wall Street Journal described as a “shoplifter’s paradise” with pharmacy chains and numberless small businesses disappearing from the city at a pace unmatched in the country.

But then the social justice looters went too far.

"Last night what we saw was horrible," Mayor London Breed declared. What she saw was gangs of thugs systematically looting Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale's, and Burberry to protest the Rittenhouse verdict.

"This is unacceptable," Chief Scott declared.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, who had yet to find a criminal he wouldn't release, claimed to be outraged by the looting.

"We are exploring every single possible criminal charge related to the conduct. We will use every tool in our tool belt," he blustered.

Those are harsh words from a progressive prosecutor who has been blamed for singlehandedly enabling the robbery craze in the city.

"We're gonna be making some changes to Union Square and how cars are able to access. There will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area," Mayor Breed vowed.

Why was looting luxury retail stores “horrible” and “unacceptable” while looting local pharmacies wasn’t? The cops showed up at Union Square guns drawn, smashing car windows, and taking down the thieves even while shoplifters routinely haul garbage bags of stolen goods out of CVS.

Without a police officer in sight.

Louis Vuitton handbags go for upwards of $1,000 to over $15,000. That’s well above the $950 limit. Rob a corner bodega of its stock and you get a slap on the wrist, but steal a pricey purse and laws actually get enforced. That’s the two tier system of social justice in San Francisco that protects Breed’s handbags while leaving small businesses exposed with no protection.

The legalization of looting means that San Francisco’s progressive elites will have their luxury boutiques protected even as seniors can’t get medications because the pharmacies are closing.

It’s not just San Francisco. In Chicago, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx raised the bar for felony retail theft to $1,000. The city's big bout of Black Lives Matter looting led to 392 arrests and only 7 prison sentences.

An elderly Korean store owner had stood in the doorway, pleading, "Please, don't loot this store. I don't want to look -- my heart is broken."

There were no arrests and no consequences.

But when Magnificent Mile was looted, Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned, "Let's be clear. We are coming for you. We are already at work finding you."

With progressive prosecutors like Foxx, such threats were rather hollow, but they came in sharp contrast to the daily toll of ordinary burglaries which occasioned no such political grandstanding.

Pro-crime supporters and criminal justice reformers claim that they’re putting people ahead of property, but as the response to the looting of Louis Vuitton shows, the French Laundry Democrat elite put their own property ahead of the property of ordinary taxpayers.

It’s not that they’re incapable of being tough on crime or at least talking tough. Nor do they suffer from principles that leave them unable to be outraged at retail theft. They just differentiate between Korean grocery stores being robbed, and “horrible” and “unacceptable” robberies at luxury boutiques that turn even a pro-crime prosecutor like Chesa Boudin into Dirty Harry.

Stealing isn’t a problem. As long as you’re stealing from someone else.

“We will do what we need to do to put an end to this madness,” Police Chief Bill Scott warned.

The madness here was allowing California lefties to legalize shoplifting and then create a two-tier justice system in which crimes against ordinary people go unpunished.

The amount of a theft should factor into investigating and prosecuting a crime, but California’s criminal justice reform legalized stealing from poor people and criminalized stealing from the rich. That has been the overall effect of all criminal justice reform, from police defunding, which strips public safety from poor neighborhoods while its wealthy backers retreat behind gated communities, high walls, and private security, to setting loose criminals to return to their old minority neighborhoods where they shoot each other, and any women and children in between.

Minorities and the poor, the very people whom lefties claim to want to help, are more likely to be victims of crime and suffer disproportionately from the decriminalization of crime.

Under the pretext of creating a fair justice system, the radicals have turned the formerly democratic public safety systems of major cities into a medieval class system in which only the wealthy reformers who legalize crime deserve to be protected against those same criminals.

The noblesse oblige that impels political elites to set criminals loose doesn’t extend so far as tolerating the rabble when they look beyond the Korean markets to their own establishments.

In the name of progress, the Left has turned back the clock to the dark ages.

While Big Tech bosses, like Facebook’s executives, call for criminal justice reform, they’re protected by 1,000 security officers in the Bay Area alone. The San Francisco Police Department has less than 2,000 police officers. Facebook’s force is half the size of the SFPD.

And the social media monopoly even funded its own private police station.

Facebook's private army, whose Chief Security Officer is a former CIA agent, which uses one of Biden's former Secret Service agents to protect CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and which maintains a watchlist tracking anyone who criticises him, is why elites can promote police defunding.

It’s not their police that are being defunded, it’s yours.

And in the event that their security solutions don’t work, they know that the politicians, the police, and even the most cringingly pro-crime prosecutors will rush to their defense.

America’s public safety system used to be based around equality under the law. And that meant, among other things, that the same cops would answer your 911 call as anyone else’s. The destruction of the law also brought down equality and left a deeply unequal system.

While San Francisco elites have their private armies, Kenosha small businesses had Kyle Rittenhouse. When people can no longer rely on the systems of public safety and criminal justice to protect them, they buy guns and they turn to anyone who will protect them.

What does criminal justice reform look like? It’s the police rushing to stop luxury handbag thieves after doing nothing while the same thugs terrorized working class neighborhoods.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Thursday, December 02, 2021

A Swiss Human Experimenter, a Nazi Collaborator, and an Iranian Tech Tycoon Own the Democrats

By On December 02, 2021

(I discuss the three foreign billionaires and the dark money machine with Stephen K. Bannon on the War Room.)

A Swiss human experimenter, a Hungarian Nazi collaborator, and an Iranian tech tycoon walk into Washington D.C. What do you call them? The absentee owners of the Democrat Party.

It’s not a joke. Unfortunately it’s grimly serious.

Politico recently reported that the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the leading dark money machine of the Left, had pumped $410 million into Dem 2020 efforts to defeat Trump and Republicans.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund had raised a record $390 million that year and half the money came from just 4 donors. While the names of the donors are secret, the article did note the names of three major known STF backers: Pierre Omidyar, Hansjörg Wyss, and George Soros.

Aside from their support for leftist causes, the three billionaires have another thing in common.

Hansjörg Wyss, the richest man in Switzerland, may not even be a United States citizen. The article notes that his $135 million in STF dark money donations were "earmarked for non-electoral purposes".

George Soros illegally immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. Aside from his history of Nazi collaboration which should have barred his entry and made him deportable, an account states that his visa was based on a false affidavit filed on his behalf.

His Open Society Foundations have invested an estimated $17 million into STF in 2020.

Pierre Omidyar, an Iranian immigrant, currently the richest man in Hawaii, is a Big Tech billionaire born to wealthy foreign students in Paris, who brought him here as a child. His mother, a Berkeley academic, heads a pro-Iran group financed by her son’s fortune.

Omidyar injected an estimated $45 million into an STF fund.

There is something remarkably striking about three foreign billionaires, two of whom have been accused of immoral atrocities, funding the dark money machine behind leftist politics.

Together the three men account for nearly $200 million in outlay just to STF.

The three men, two of them European and one Middle Eastern, are a study in contrasts and similarities. Wyss was born Christian, Soros was born Jewish, and Omidyar was born Muslim, only for them to have shed their past histories and adopted the generic identities of globalist megalomaniacs convinced that the fate of the planet and of humanity is in their hands.

The three immigrant billionaires inhabit estates in the ultra-luxurious Kahala neighborhood of Honolulu, in Wilson, Wyoming, and Bedford, New York and employ former Secret Service agents to guard them.

The three leftist billionaires made their money in transnational industries, finance, the internet, and medical technology that welcomed talented immigrants. Their allegiance to the country whose territories host their wealth and mansions varies from non-existent to outright antipathy.

Their true allegiance is to overriding social and technological philosophies, partly of their own devising, and they use their massive wealth to impose them on Americans. While their open advocacy has a fairly poor track record (how many people actually read Soros’ books, Omidyar’s thoughts on capitalism, or Wyss’ thoughts on environmentalism), they have learned that they can covertly buy influence by building their own manipulative political networks.

Dark money machines are unsurprising investments for men who avoid basic transparency and treat the American political system like a game of shadows that they can rig with their money.

Omidyar finances both Black Lives Matter and Never Trumpers. The eBay billionaire is the hidden hand behind the fake “Facebook whistleblower” advocating censoring conservatives. He has a project to “reimagine capitalism” while funding The Intercept which openly touts Marxism.

Soros is equally devious, having secretly funded J Street so that the anti-Israel group could pretend to be moderate opponents without being associated with a noted enemy of the Jewish State. Publicly, he bashes Xi and China, while his Quincy Institute defends the People’s Republic of China and advocates alongside the “Squad” against any anti-China measures.

Wyss has plowed a fortune into American politics without ever even going on the record as to whether he holds American citizenship. Meanwhile Wyss' Hub Project, operating out of STF, set up fronts like Floridians for a Fair Shake, Keep Iowa Healthy, and North Carolinians for a Fair Economy that went after Republicans. This isn’t politics: it’s a hostile foreign takeover.

Soros and Omidyar both benefited from economic disruption, technological and financial, that enabled them to get rich while inflicting heavy costs on existing industries and businesses. Like much of the Big Tech sector, they’re convinced that they’re geniuses and that their Nietzschean superiority gives them the right to destroy what exists in favor of their egotistical ideologies.

The two old men of the group, Soros and Wyss, have been accused of paving their path to wealth through horrifying crimes, whether it was Soros’ participation in the seizure of Jewish properties in Hungary, or the illegal medical experimentation on patients that sent multiple executives of the company that serves as the source of Wyss’ wealth to prison.

Wyss was reportedly “deliriously happy” when he learned that he would not be indicted over the experiments that had been tested on pigs, before killing the pigs, only to then be injected into human beings. “They do not have enough on me. They don’t have enough emails on me,” he reportedly boasted.

Their vast wealth and megalomania cannot be separated from the images of elderly patients dying on operating tables while representatives of Wyss’ company looked on and watched them suffer, or Tivadar Soros, the billionaire's father, writing that he sent George off to participate in antisemitic war crimes with a Nazi collaborator "to cheer the unhappy lad up" where "surrounded by good company, he quickly regained his spirits.”

“It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out,” George Soros once quipped.

Omidyar and Wyss seem to know better than to announce their megalomania quite as nakedly, and even Soros scaled back his more outrageous boasts after increasing public scrutiny.

The three foreign billionaires named in the Politico article shared a common megalomania, filtered through the lenses of their own ideologies, and little attachment to the United States. American industries and companies made them fabulously rich, but their horizons have always been international, and they view America as little more than just another tool for their visions.

When Americans, the ordinary sort of people, don’t go all along, they manipulate them. Despite their official fealty to democracy, to open societies, and public discourse, their dark money investments reflect their determination to sideline the public and impose their will on America.

Democrats often complain about money in politics, but they are the worst offenders. Some of the richest men and the wealthiest zip codes buy up elections for them across the country. And they seem uninterested whether the billionaires buying them even have American citizenship.

Three foreign billionaires are engaged in a hostile foreign takeover of the Republic. The Democrats call this democracy. The rest of us call it ideological imperialism and colonial tyranny.


Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Biden's Chanukah Gift to Israel is Helping Islamic Terrorists Seize Jerusalem

By On November 30, 2021

 Some 2,200 years ago, Antiochus IV set up an idol in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and had pigs sacrificed on the altar. Joseph Biden II has his own plans for a pig and an altar in Jerusalem.

Bidentiochus’ Chanukah gift to the Jews is an Islamic terrorist consulate in Jerusalem.

Like Antiochus, the Biden administration has spent the past few months alternately terrorizing and bribing Israelis to accept its plans for a consulate to the terrorists killing Jews in Jerusalem.

“We want the American Consulate to constitute the seed of a U.S. embassy in the State of Palestine,” Mohammad Shtayyeh, the PLO’s current prime minister, had boasted.

Biden is clearly on the same page.

Russia and China operate diplomatic missions to the PLO in Ramallah. If the Biden administration really wanted to open a consulate to be closer to the terrorists, they would stick it in that terrorist capital: a former Christian city taken over by Islamic killers as their base in Israel.

Instead like the old dead Syrian-Greek tyrant, Biden wants to plant his idol in Jerusalem.

Antiochus had forbidden the Jews to keep the Sabbath, inaugurate the new monthly moon of Rosh Chodesh, and celebrate the holidays. Biden followed in his footsteps by forbidding the Jews to celebrate Jerusalem Day marking the liberation and reunification of the city.

The joyous celebration in which children sing and wave Israeli flags, and thousands of people from across the country and the world take part in a parade through the Old City, was denounced by Biden's State Department as a "provocation". What else is a provocation?


The Biden administration ordered Israel to “preserve the historic status quo on the Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount – in word and in practice.” This “historic status quo” was imposed by the Muslim occupiers and bans Jews from praying at their own holiest site.

The Trump peace plan had proposed that, “People of every faith should be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, in a manner that is fully respectful to their religion, taking into account the times of each religion's prayers and holidays, as well as other religious factors."

The PLO, Hamas, and the Biden administration rejected this call for basic religious freedom.

Instead the Biden administration, following in the footsteps of Antiochus, has ordered that only Islamic idolatry should be permitted on the site of the Holy Temple.

The only thing Biden hasn’t done is erect an altar to Zeus and sacrifice a pig on it.

Maybe he’s saving that for his next Chanukah party.

The Biden administration restarted the flow of cash to the PLO even though the Islamic terrorist group continues to incite and finance the murder of Jews. In the week before Chanukah, an Islamic terrorist opened fire in Jerusalem’s Old City killing Eliyahu David Kay, a 26-year-old guide at the remnant of the Temple known as the Western Wall, and wounding 4 others.

The PLO’s Palestinian Authority media declared that the terrorist had “died as a martyr.”

In response, Biden’s State Department warned its employees to stop visiting the Old City so that none of its personnel will be caught up in the terrorist attacks that the administration is funding.

When Biden isn’t sending hundreds of millions of dollars in “aid” to the Taliban in Afghanistan, he’s dispatching hundreds of millions to the Palestinian Industrial Terrorist Complex. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year is what the PLO spends on its “Pay-to-Slay” program for terrorists.

Meanwhile the Biden administration is applying diplomatic pressure on Israel by refusing to vote against a UN resolution calling for the destruction of the Jewish State and warning against allowing Jews to live in homes in parts of Israel claimed by its Islamic terrorist allies.

The creation of a terrorist consulate in Jerusalem is against both Israeli and American law.

When President Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, he followed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. The Act had been co-sponsored by Biden and stated in plain language that, “Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.”

Before that, Biden had co-sponsored 1992's SR-113 which had congratulated "the residents of Jerusalem and the people of Israel on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the reunification of that historic city" and called on "the President and the Secretary of State to issue an unequivocal statement in support of these principles." Maybe Biden ought to follow his own resolution.

In 1990, Biden co-sponsored SSR-0106 which had gone even further by denouncing "ambiguous statements by the Government of the United States concerning the right of Jews to live in all parts of Jerusalem" which "raise concerns in Israel that Jerusalem might one day be redivided and access to religious sites in Jerusalem denied to Israeli citizens."

From that Biden has gone on to denounce the right of Jews to live and pray in Jerusalem.

When an Israeli court ruled that Muslim occupiers who had been illegally resettled by the UN in Jewish homes in Jerusalem when Jordan invaded, occupied, and ethnically cleansed the holy city had to pay rent or leave, the Biden administration warned Israel not to evict the occupiers.

While Jews don’t have a right to live in their own homes in Jerusalem, Biden wants to impose his terrorist consulate on Jerusalem on behalf of the Islamic terror state he hopes to create.

Having turned over Afghanistan to Al Qaeda, ISIS-K, and the Taliban, he wants to turn over Jerusalem to the PLO and Hamas.

Biden had vowed during his campaign to open a terror consulate in Jerusalem without even consulting the Jewish State. Now as Chanukah approaches he is ramping up the pressure. The Islamists and appeasers in Biden’s State Department have reportedly taken to yelling and threatening Israeli officials over their refusal to place Biden’s PLO pig on the altar.

But the legacy of Chanukah tells us that the fortitude of faith can prevail over tyranny.

The Democrats and the media pretended that their problem wasn’t with Israel, but with Netanyahu. And yet now that Netanyahu is out of office, nothing has changed at all.

They didn’t hate Netanyahu: they hated the Jewish State. Just like they don’t hate any particular Republican president, when they burn American flags and cities: they hate America.

Like Antiochus, they hate the religious conviction and moral tradition that Israel represents. It’s what drives their obsession with denying Jews the right to pray at the Temple Mount, and with struggling to keep Jews out of every house in the city that exists as a living testament of G-d.

Why is the Biden administration following in the footsteps of Obama’s religious war to claim Jerusalem for Islam? How better to destroy the roots of the Jewish and Christian religions?

The Biden administration wants to turn Chanukah from a celebration of religious rebirth to its suppression in the very city where the faith and arms of a tiny people defeated the might of an evil empire and unleashed a heavenly fire from a neglected flask of oil in the Holy Temple.

As Jews light the menorah once again the way that their ancestors thousands of years lit that single menorah, flooding the courtyards and alleyways of Jerusalem with a golden glow, they send a message to Antiochus IV and Biden II that faith in G-d is stronger than any tyrant.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Real USC Scandal is How Democrat Pols, Not Celebs, Got In

By On November 28, 2021

The arrest of Los Angeles Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas over a bribery scheme was nothing special. Recent arrests and indictments have decimated the ranks of the Cincinnati and Detroit city councils. The corruption of urban Democrat machines is a dog bites man story and the responsibility of those machines for much of the misery they blame on the myth of “systemic racism” may well be the single most underreported story in the establishment media.

What makes the Ridley-Thomas arrest stand out is that the bribe was academic.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, Mark's son, had followed his father into Democrat politics, and was elected to the California State Assembly before being accused of sexual harassment. The second generation of the Democrat dynasty was falling apart and Sebastian stepped down while blaming health problems. The health problems didn’t prevent him from creating Millennial Advisors, and the Policy, Research and Practice Initiative to “research” black voters.

And he got a job at the University of Southern California.

USC named Sebastian a  "professor of practice of policy and social work" and also gave him a scholarship to study for a master’s in social work. Prosecutors allege that Marilyn Flynn, the dean of USC's School of Social Work, and a major donor to Mark Ridley-Thomas, told "multiple USC officials about Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, explaining who his father was and saying his admission should be given the highest priority."

An hour earlier, the dean had been told that a $9 million contract was ready to go.

Flynn urged USC figures to rush it through “in the interests of showing MRT that we can deliver.” The indictment emails show the USC dean greedily salivating that, “there are significant amounts of county funds available” and “should give us $1M each year for three years.”

Where was that money coming from? Contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and Department of Mental Health. Some of the most vulnerable members of society, the people whom the Democrats and the USC social workers claimed to be protecting were actually being used as counters in a corrupt scheme to enrich Democrats.

The whole thing came apart when the Mark Ridley-Thomas Committee for a Better L.A. funneled $100,000 through the USC School of Social Work to Sebastian's Policy, Research and Practice Initiative. Whistles were blown and both Mark and Marilyn Flynn were busted.

Despite the massive abuse of taxpayer money, the corruption of both government and academia by the largest social work program in the country and a Democrat dynasty, this USC scandal has received practically no coverage outside the local media. The difference between the national media’s gleeful coverage of allegations that B-list celebs had bent the rules to get their kids into USC and this much more serious case is strikingly revealing. And it’s not over.

While Mark Ridley-Thomas may be an obscure name to most people outside Los Angeles, that’s not the case with Rep. Karen Bass, a member of Congress, who had been touted as one of the top two Biden VP picks, and is considered a front-runner to become LA’s next mayor.

Bass, a Castro supporter with Communist ties (“‘I’m Not a Communist’: Potential Biden Running Mate Reassures” an NBC News headline had read last year) hasn’t been charged with anything, but her case is in some ways even more curious than that of Sebastian.

The lefty House Democrat had received an unsolicited $95,000 tuition award from the USC School of Social Work allowing her to “earn” an online master’s degree.

The Los Angeles Times noted that, “some of her coursework was supervised by a prominent campaign donor who was also a USC professor at the time”. Flynn, “offered the scholarship to Bass even though she had not directly applied to the social work program.”

Flynn approached Bass and offered her a "scholarship" that was not available to students. The USC School of Social Work dean claimed that Bass was chosen because she "demonstrated an exceptional potential for contribution to the field" and had “obvious leadership skills.”

What did Flynn actually expect from Bass’ “contribution to the field”? Good question. Just don’t expect the same national news media that was defending Bass over her support for Castro and other Communists to ask any such basic questions even while the Castroite runs for mayor.

The LA Times also noted that, “The full value of Bass’ scholarship was not listed on her congressional disclosure forms until 2019, when forms from several years were amended and a total of more than $80,000 in free tuition was added to her gift disclosures.”

Academia’s lefty bias is nothing new, but USC represents a more complicated financial entanglement with the Democrats. The university spends half a million a year on lobbying, it takes in millions in government contracts, and its faculty, administrators and other employees plowed over $2.6 million into political campaigns in 2020 alone. The vast majority of that money, 96.5% or nearly $1.8 million donated to federal election candidates, went to Democrats.

The USC School of Social Work had grown so big because of an online “deal with the devil” that the university had struck with 2U, a multi-billion dollar online education platform founded and run by Christopher “Chip” Paucek who had served as the deputy campaign manager for Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski. (Another Mikulski alum is Democrat political consultant Bob Shrum, who heads the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future, and was quoted by the LA Times.)

USC and 2U offered a $115,000 online social work master's degree, aggressively targeting minority and underperforming students with GPAs as low as 2.5 and leaving them with huge debts and low income careers. 2U allegedly got 60% of the revenue from the program which helped make it a huge player in the online education space while USC was left with the debt.

Mass education and the welfare state have proven to be quite profitable for Democrat elites while poisoning everything that they touch and leaving broken lives in their wake.

The real scandal at USC was the familiar one of Democrat elites exploiting black people in the name of empowering them and black leaders happily participating in the program. Some of the damage was passed along to taxpayers in the form of scholarships, and the varied players were able to move money around to each other until a few of the players became too brazen.

It’s a much bigger scandal than a Full House cast member trying to get her daughter into USC.

Marilyn Flynn, now the USC School of Social Work's former dean, has been indicted, and pled not guilty. Mark Ridley-Thomas also pled not guilty and was suspended from the Los Angeles City Council. In a bizarre arrangement, his chief of staff is serving as the district’s “caretaker”.

But it’s implausible that Flynn or Ridley-Thomas acted alone. In their alleged corrupt actions, they consulted and coordinated with multiple USC and local government officials. This isn’t the story of a few corrupt people, but a corrupt system which exploits those it claims to be helping.

How did Rep. Karen Bass, with her six-figure government salary, qualify for a $95,000 scholarship? Don’t ask USC whose spokesperson sneered that they had no idea, “what policies and procedures were in place at the School of Social Work 10 years ago.”

The cynicism is almost as breathtaking as the corruption.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Don’t Ask About Empty Shelves, Our Leaders are Too Busy Saving the World

By On November 25, 2021

While the supply chain crisis left American store shelves bare, Biden went to a UN climate conference to save the world. Saving the world is a whole lot easier than stocking shelves. Ask any teenager.

Saving the world used to be the preoccupation of dilettante intellectuals who could solve all of the problems of the world in their heads, but couldn’t handle the simplest life tasks. The rise of socialism has reduced much of the world to the same grandiose incompetence. The western world has been put into the hands of men and women who can’t get anything done, but promise to change the world.

Like the Soviet Union and other Communist countries, we have become a nation of moral crusaders and misery where goods shortages are papered over with wars against intangible social problems. Public officials no longer solve problems, like ivory tower academics they delve into root causes and produce theories explaining why the problems can’t be solved without changing society and humanity.

It’s as if you invited a plumber to fix your toilet only to lectured about the history of plumbing in ancient Egypt, gender roles, and social expectation while your toilet goes on flooding the floor.

While Democrats go down the rabbit hole of root causes, their cities are overrun with crime and human waste, prices for everything skyrocket, and some goods can no longer be had at any price. Confronted with this reality, they build walls of words, seizing on talking points to convince the public that the problems don’t exist or that they’re actually symptoms of deep social problems going back centuries even though they only date back to last week. Either approach frees them from having to solve them.

Do elites turn socialist as they become more incompetent or do they become more incompetent as they embrace socialism? The chicken and the egg problem that made even formerly prosperous Eastern European and Latin American countries into miserable failed states, that divided the two Koreas between booming industry and mass hunger, is arriving in America with much the same outcome.

American bureaucracy is bigger than ever. The growth of administrators in every field outpaces that of ordinary workers, clients, and products produced. No single decree from a scowling boss in Moscow turned a booming nation of individualists into a timid managerial state with endless rules that apply to every facet of work and everyday life. It was the slow accumulation of individual inertia, cultural safetyism, and crises, real and manufactured, that fossilized into a state of permanent administration.

The hunger of the administrative state for more power and the natural insecurities of its wards gave us everything from the welfare state to universal masking. The shutdowns and mandates of the pandemic are only the latest inevitable development from a system that reacts to every crisis with collective panics that transfer power from the public to unelected bureaucrats. Whatever the details of a crisis, its primary function is to generate more regulations and more overseers to see everyone follows them.

None of these regulations do anything except generate more insecurity and seize more power. Each succeeding generation views unrestricted freedom as an increasingly alien condition. A generation terrified of the Second Amendment birthed a generation terrified of the First Amendment. Each set of restrictions is deemed insufficient by the frightened generation that is raised under their rule.

If you think today’s college students are snowflakes, wait until the children who were raised to fear their own parents as sources of infection and to wear masks everywhere finally come of age.

It’s no great challenge to convince a society of frightened people that the end of the world is near.

Call it the ice age, global warming, climate change, or whatever panic brand replaces them when the marketers and pollsters decide that the current term is insufficiently triggering: to people who have been taught to be afraid of everything the end of the world is an entirely plausible scenario.

Environmentalism, like every root cause crisis, tells us to be afraid of ourselves. The terror of our words, our faces, our thoughts, and our possessions has always haunted the Left. Where visionaries saw possibilities, socialism has only seen threats. Its promises to save the world don’t spring from a place of courage, but of fear of others and of the inability of its acolytes to come to grips with real life.

Those who can, do. And those who can’t, warn others that doing anything is the root of all evil.

What else could such a worldview bring forth other than the incompetence, corruption, and tyranny that we see all around us. Problems become power grabs and so there’s no incentive to solve them, only to make them worse. Leftist ideology rationalizes most problems as inherently unsolvable in the short term, only in some long term utopian eventuality that reboots all of human society around its ideals.

Problems like empty store shelves or crime in the streets are ultimately caused by capitalism, individualism, the nuclear family, and the existence of humanity. There’s no solving them without addressing root causes like human nature, civilization, and the survival instinct. Like the USSR, the goal posts for solving even the most mundane problems get moved all the way into infinity.

This arrangement is quite convenient for the bureaucracies, public and private, from which leftist systems and ideologies draw their power. It frees teachers not to teach, companies not to innovate, and officials not to solve problems even as they organize moral crusades against the end of the world.

The true purpose of bureaucracy is always to eliminate competition. The chaos of individualism is collectively managed by stultifying regulations whose goal isn’t fixing problems, but preventing surprises. The administrative state can accept the deaths of millions as long as it follows the rules. That’s why all the administrators who forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus infected patients were never held responsible for the mass deaths that resulted from their horrifying decisions.

Most were even rewarded.

The pandemic shutdowns weren’t motivated by fear of infections, but of unscheduled and uncontrolled infections. The administrative state doesn’t mind people dying, as long as they decide who dies.

And who lives.

World leaders fleeing problems at home to talk global warming at the UN’s COP26 are leaving behind real challenges that they’ve given up trying to solve and are saving the world. What makes leaders like Biden or Boris Johnson, Merkel or Trudeau, who have badly screwed up the prosaic problems they were tasked with believe that they can change the climate when they can’t do much smaller things?

Western leaders no longer tackle real problems that can be solved, only imaginary ones that can’t. Like their socialist forebears they define an overwhelming problem, economic classes, systemic racism, or climate change, and then spend all their time at seminars on how to best tackle its root causes. The solution invariably involves moving money around in ways that favor them and their power base.

This brand of messianic workshopped Communism is even worse than the original because actual Communist regimes at least cared about production while wealthy western leftists outsource production to third world countries so they can spend more time fighting systemic racism or the weather.

Our shortages may be currently less severe than those of a proper Communist dictatorship, but our leaders are even more detached from the basic responsibility of elected officials which is not to “safeguard democracy”, but to justify their work to the system and the people who elected them.

With Biden, America skipped past Lenin and Stalin to go right to the Brezhnev era with senescent apparatchiks overseeing the decline of a country and an economy they don’t actually understand.

America’s elites, bad or good, used to understand how things actually worked. And then they became the products of Ivy League institutions which traded practical skills for abstract theories. Our elites have learned how to lie to us and to rob us, and tell us it’s for our own good, and how to retreat into academic theories to avoid dealing with reality. They’ve learned how to manipulate the artificial systems of bureaucracy and its abstract rule sets, but know next to nothing about the real world.

They’re happy to save the world. Just don’t ask them where the beef is.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Build Back Better Act Offers Media Billions To Go After Republicans

By On November 24, 2021

Biden claims that the Build Back Better Act will help ordinary Americans, but the legislation, like so much in Washington D.C., is a collection of pork for corrupt special interests. One of those special interests is the media which suppressed negative stories about Biden and the Democrats, like the FBI investigation of Hunter Biden, while promoting disinformation, like the Steele Dossier, targeting President Trump: Biden’s opponent in the presidential election.

The media operates like a Democrat messaging operation and its partisanship has undermined its business model, especially for local news outlets which, unlike major national outlets, cannot simply ignore their existing readers and viewers to focus exclusively on radical urban leftists.

Congressional Democrats, with the complicity of some Republicans, had previously proposed media subsidy schemes that included tax credits for media companies, tax breaks for subscribing to papers, and even a $5,000 tax credit for taking out an ad in the local paper.

The media subsidy scheme in Biden’s Build Back Better Act offers $1.9 billion to the media with a payroll tax credit covering 50% of salaries, as much as $25,000, for the Democrat propagandists on media company payrolls, and another 30% over the next four years.

While the Democrats claim that this $1.9 billion special interest giveaway to the media is helping "local news", it's capped at 1,500 employees. The Washington Post has only a little over 1,000 “journalists” on its payroll. The legislation is written in a typically convoluted fashion, so it’s not altogether clear if the premier propaganda outlet of the Democrats, owned by the richest man in the country, would qualify for these subsidies at a time when Americans are struggling to get by.

Lest there be any doubt that the so-called "local journalism" provision is a State Media scheme to subsidize hit pieces on Republicans, Democrats explained that's exactly what it's there for.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer touted the ability of "local journalism" to stop Republican candidates like  Edward Durr, a truck driver who spent $153 to defeat New Jersey Senate boss Steve Sweeney: the biggest Democrat power broker in the state.

“There was no opportunity for local media to provide even basic information about the candidates,” Rep. Blumenauer whined. “The guy would never have been elected if he had gotten any scrutiny at all.” By scrutiny, the leftist Democrat means hit pieces, of the kind that the media belatedly began generating after the truck driver’s unexpected election night win.

Give the media $1.9 billion in subsidies and they can stop the next truck driver from beating their Senate boss through lies, smears, intimidation, and disinformation campaigns.

If this dirty deal were any more corrupt, it would be taking place in a brothel.

But Democrats are not just relying on the innate biases of the media. One of the biggest dark money investments of their political machines have been fake news local operations.

Democrat groups like Report for America and Courier Newsroom have embedded subsidized reporters and created fake local news outlets to push leftist agendas. Report for America is funded by the usual Democrats megadonors, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Knight Foundation, as well as by Big Tech monopolies like Google and Facebook.

Courier Newsroom, backed by the controversial Acronym/Pacronym network, had begun generating fake local news sites for the 2020 election with names like “UpNorth News” in Wisconsin. It's being rebooted with the backing of George Soros and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman who had previously been caught pushing fake news through the Alabama Project.

The Alabama Project had, in its own words, targeted the state's Senate election, by having "orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.”

The LinkedIn co-founder apologized, claimed that he knew nothing and that it would never happen again. And here he is, alongside Soros, backing Good Information Inc. which will fund non-profit propaganda media and invest in for-profit media that pushes its political agenda.

Good Information Inc., is just a rebooted version of Courier Newsroom’s fake news network.

The Build Back Better Act’s $1.9 billion media subsidy isn’t just funding an industry aligned with the Democrats, but one that has become a false flag operation for its messaging apparatus.

The Dems might just as well add $1.9 billion in subsidies for their own political consultants.

The connection between the media’s political fake news operations and the pork isn’t even being disguised.

CNN’s Brian Stelter quotes “Report for America co-founder Steven Waldman, who has helped lead the drive for the tax credit”, saying, "It's a huge breakthrough for local news if it becomes law.” Report for America is indeed vocally advocating for the Democrat media subsidy. And it would be a “huge breakthrough” if part of the cost of Democrat messaging operations were being subsidized by American taxpayers freeing Dem megadonors to wage war elsewhere.

But the core business model of the leftist machine has been to not simply establish political operations that can swing elections, but figuring out how to make them into permanent taxpayer-funded features of public life so they can move on to their next “startup”.

Waldman, like CNN and Report for America, not to mention many of RFA’s megadonors, operate out of New York City. Their interest isn’t in local news, it’s in winning elections. Local elections are now routinely swung by rivers of cash coming out of New York and California. Not satisfied with using billions to rig local elections in places they would never visit, they want American taxpayers to subsidize their political activists and their fake news operations.

The media has gone to work telling Americans that giving them billions is actually a wonderful idea in the ultimate example of a conflict of interest. What the media neglects to mention is that its outlets are facing hard financial times because they have alienated two thirds of their audience. Unable to convince Americans to watch, read, and pay for their lies, they’re now resorting to extracting the money through the politicians they’ve been working to elect.

The same radical shift in the media that alienated its readers and viewers also vested the industry with the political power to steal billions from Americans and put it in their pockets.

The media is no longer an independent industry, it’s an arm of the ruling party.

The $1.9 billion in media subsidies is a timely reminder that the only thing that the trillions in special interest pork are actually “building back better” is the Democrat Party.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Soldiers Forced To Bunk Outdoors While Afghan Refugees Slept in Their Barracks

By On November 22, 2021
In 2019, members of the 2nd Battalion, 127th Infantry returned home from Afghanistan. In early October, the 127th left Appleton, Wisconsin and traveled to Fort McCoy for training.

Unfortunately, Fort McCoy was already occupied by an estimated 13,000 Afghan “refugees”.

According to Rep. Tom Tiffany, who has paid several visits to Fort McCoy, the base only has the capacity to house 10,000 people, and is struggling to cope with the overflow in tents. When they first arrived some 600 Afghans had been quarantined with a variety of infectious conditions.

Fort McCoy, located in rural Wisconsin between the small cities of Sparta and Tomah, started out as an artillery range and its barracks were intended to house military personnel arriving for training exercises, not huge numbers of foreign migrants. The barracks, which were built during World War II, are in poor condition and a new construction project only recently got underway.

Even while hosting the largest population of Afghan migrants in the country, Fort McCoy struggled to maintain its training role. Over 100,000 troops had trained there during the fiscal year with personnel from all of the services participating in everything from cold weather operations (it gets pretty cold in that part of the country) and various exercises.

When the 127th arrived, the barracks they were meant to sleep in had already been taken. With Afghans sleeping in their barracks and their beds, they reportedly had to sleep outside instead.

“The summers are warm and wet; the winters are freezing, snowy, and windy,” is how the local weather has been described. In October the weather had begun its slow descent from warm and wet to freezing, but it was not the Afghans who were expected to deal with the weather.

According to a Department of Defense spokesperson, “The 2-127 Infantry Battalion was offered access to the hard structures in the field, as the barracks on post are currently occupied by our Afghan guests.” The spokesperson also insisted that, “There were no unexpected weather events during the training and no impact to the Fort McCoy mission or training for the service members.” And yet according to some the impact on morale has been quite serious.

The displacement of American soldiers to make way for Afghan migrants was symbolic of events in Washington D.C. and at Fort McCoy where refugee meals closely follow Islamic Sharia and liquor was removed from the shelves of the PX so as not to offend the Afghans.

The men of the “Red Arrow” are used to challenges. With a history that includes the Iron Brigade of the Civil War and the Les Terribles in WWI, and as members of the Wisconsin National Guard, they’re not afraid of weather. But the displacement drove home to them where the priorities of the military brass lie, not with the soldiers who served in Afghanistan, but the Afghans whom the Taliban waved past their terrorist checkpoints in Kabul and on to America.

Some no longer recognize Fort McCoy, divided into Afghan “neighborhoods” where the hated Shuras (an Islamic form of tribal governance) have been reconvened and are dictating to base personnel the way that they did during the failed “hearts and minds” efforts in Afghanistan.

The national media, which had little interest in Fort McCoy when it was filled with American heroes training to save lives and win wars, has swarmed over the place. The Today Show, among many others, has filmed canned propaganda segments touting carefully selected Afghan refugees, usually young, western, and female, who locals say are unrepresentative of the thousands of covered and frightened young women, many of them pregnant, in the barracks.

Sources say that reporters are asked to leave their cars behind in the visitor lot and then bused over to selected locations. Camera interviews are usually conducted at the main gate to avoid anything problematic in the background.

What are they worried about?

Since the Afghans swarmed into Fort McCoy, two Afghan refugees are federal facing charges, one for "attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor" and another for "assaulting his spouse by strangling and suffocating her". But that may only be the tip of a very large iceberg.

A leaked State Department document contained multiple reports of "child brides" and polygamous marriages at Fort McCoy. Wisconsin Democrats however tried to shut down reports by whistleblowers about the abuse of young girls happening right on our military bases.

"There are no cases in Fort McCoy right now with child, 15-or- under, who is married," Sen. Tammy Baldwin contended in a very precisely worded denial leaving open the question of whether such cases had existed in the past or whether the children weren’t technically married.

Locals in nearby Sparta whose medical resources have been drafted into the Afghan refugee crisis however describe large numbers of pregnant women, some looking very young and a threatening atmosphere where calls to emergency services in the small city are a constant.

The media plays up stories of impoverished refugees, but sources say that the Fort McCoy Post Exchange keeps running out of smaller bills because the Afghan refugees have plenty of hundred dollar bills to spend. Not to mention credit cards and cell phones.

While locals have generously donated their own clothing, the Islamic Society of Milwaukee has been conducting its own clothing drive focused on hijabs and "traditional" and "modest clothing" for the women. The infidel clothes apparently weren’t sufficiently compliant with Sharia law.

Despite media disinformation, few if any of the Afghans were “interpreters”, many did not even speak English, and the vast majority had not received visas to come to the United States, When the Biden administration surrendered Kabul to the Taliban, it allowed the terrorist group to man the checkpoints and pick which Afghans (and Americans) were allowed to make it to the airport.

The Afghans who had legitimate visas based on their time working for the United States were not allowed through. Some may have been abducted and killed after the Biden administration turned over lists of visa recipients to the Taliban. Only 1,800 SIV visa holders made it here. Another 50,000 were Afghans who had no legal right to be here and once in this country began committing crimes and disappearing from the bases that were hosting them.

Many in Sparta are worried about what this influx of Afghan migrants means for them.

When Cuban refugees were housed at Fort McCoy, some stayed on in the area. Locals are concerned that history may repeat itself with the large number of Afghans. Even if only a few hundred are left behind, they could significantly change the character of the area.

To some locals, the sight of Americans being displaced by Afghans may be their future.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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