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Sunday, November 06, 2005

From Gaza to Paris, Muslims love to play with fire


  1. Anonymous6/11/05

    You have to understand, its important for Arabs to play with fire in order to become accustomed to it for all eternity in Gehinnom.. hell for the uninitiated.
    Satan is a muslim you know.

  2. Anonymous7/11/05

    I love watching anti-semites kill eachother, this is beautiful. I wonder how french jews are responding, french jewish aliya has been up in recent years, i hope it can increase more. And if it happens here, american jews will find that judea, samaria, and a liberated gaza are very pleasant places to live, housing is cheap, and the yeshivas in israel are very affordable, as is medical care.

  3. It's already spreading to Belgium -- see todays Jerus. Post...

    Maybe Europe will wake up, willy-nilly!



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