Home Top 10 Media Excuses for Muslim Riots
Home Top 10 Media Excuses for Muslim Riots

Top 10 Media Excuses for Muslim Riots

10. Riots, what riots? Hey did you hear Libby got indicted?

9. Rioting and looting are too judgemental. Can't we just call it 'disorderly shopping.'

8. I'm sure they were just protesting some story we made up about a Koran getting flushed.

7. We have no right to judge their culture, of which I'm sure looting and burning things is a key part.

6. They're just angry about being unemployed due to their chronic looting.

5. This would have never happened if Bush hadn't stolen the election in 2001.

4. This would have never happened if Israel hadn't existed.

3. I don't understand why they would riot in a socialist country instead of a pro-war red state.

2. Sometimes burning cars is the only way to convince the networks to bring back Bill Cosby.

1. Riots, what riots?


  1. Anonymous9/11/05

    Beautifully written. We know from the Torah, and from the Facts on The Ground; that Ishmael is unable to create or produce anything of use, and acquires by the sword. All that pathetic Ishmael can do is steal. They certainly view their savage theft as merely "disorderly shopping."!
    And they do it world wide- including the theft of our lands.

  2. Anonymous9/11/05

    Paris is called the city of lights for a good reason.


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