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And Two Cases Were Heard in Israel

While major portions of the Olmert government have been entangled in large scale corruption cases, they continue to enjoy immunity from prosecution. Meanwhile it is the true Zionists, the people who have opposed the destruction the corrupt Kadima Mafia have wrought in Israel who are facing the legal fury of the courts and regularly experience numerous abuses by a judicial and law enforcement system dominated by a left wing judiciary and a police apparatus beholden to the government. Here are only two cases. August 10th 2005, -- Before the expulsion of the Jews of Gush Katif, -- Miriam and Yaron Adler arrived at the house of Miriam's father, Rabbi Ze'ev Mishkoff. Between 2 and 3 in the morning, Yasam police dressed in civilian clothing burst into rabbi mishkoff's house and presented them with an order to leave sa'nur, their home. The order was a fax copy and not the original document and thus had no legal validity. Miriam and Yaron had been one of the first families in S

On Memorial Day - Remembering a Forgotten War

It is the soldiers who fight the wars on the battlefields and the politicians who squander their victories in conference rooms and at lavish banquets. The military and political history of the United States for over two centuries is a history of wars that had to be refought and victories that turned into truces and retreats when politicians had the chance to work their magic on them. The failure by politicians to finish the War in Iraq during the Gulf War led to it being refought now. The failure to settle the basic questions in Europe after WW1 led to WW2. The failure to make the Allied Intervention in Russia count and force back the Bolsheviks led to the Cold War. On Memorial Day it is appropriate to remember that forgotten war, for the soldiers who died there and the cause that was lost and the lessons it holds for us. In 1918, two expeditions of US troops, the American Expeditionary Force Siberia and the Polar Bear Expedition entered Russia and left within a year or two-- leaving s

Toward a Truthful Christian-Jewish Alliance

The controversy surrounding the "Woman to Woman" Conference in Jerusalem has once again raised the reality that the alliance between Evangelical Christian and Orthodox Jews is a troubled one in many ways. Part of the problem is that while there is plenty of enthusiasm and emotion on both sides, there is little understanding of one another. Some segments of Orthodox Jewish and Conservative Christian theology have provided for elements of dispensationalism toward one another. Yet that dispensationalism recognizes the partial legitimacy of each other but not fully-- which is as it should be. Authentic monotheistic religions cannot grant equal legitimacy to other religions. The problem rests in what we do about it. Judaism is a non-competitive religion that seeks to perfect one people and achieve salvation within that community. Christianity aggressively evangelizes and seeks converts, often by any means necessary. Many Christians dismiss Jewish concerns about missionizing and m

The Transformation of Yisrael into Yehuda and the Redemption

Mordechai who was from tribe of Binyamin is called a Yehudi. A member of Yehuda. so this seems a contradiction but the Gemara tells us that anyone who rejects idolatry merits being called a Yehudi. So too it was with Chanaya, Mishael and Azaryah (who in one view in the Gemara were not from Yehuda). Why specifically Yehuda? Malchut Yehuda did not sink into idolatry when Malchut Yisrael did. The same Gemara that discusses this in Sotah also discusses Yehuda and Tamar. It tells us that Yehuda merited to have two letters of Hashem's name added to his own (from birth as a prophecy) because he repented in public by declaring that Tamar spoke the truth and thus sanctifying Hashem's name. While Yosef received only one letter because he only restrained himself in private. Mordechai and Chanaya, Mishael and Azaryah all rejected idolatry in public and risked their lives for it-- while in exile. In doing so they helped pave the way for the first exile. For Yisrael or Yosef to become Yehudi

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Gaza Arabs Want Israel Back, Paid Muslims,

Welcome to Gaza. In this short video you can see a small part of the chaos fracturing Gaza. Highlights include a Palestinian Arab man stating: "We Pray That Israel Will Come Back and Rule Us Again." More videos on this topic can be seen in the Cannibalism in Gaza series. Part 1 Part 2 * France Leads the Way by Encouraging Muslims to Leave . Who would have thought France would be setting an example that America and Israel need to follow. New French President Nicolas Sarkozy made immigration a central issue of his campaign. Now, his new minister for immigration and national identity says its time to start paying immigrants to leave the country. France’s new Immigration, Integration and National Identity Minister, Brice Hortefeux toured Charles de Gaulle airport on his first day on the job. He has said he intends to pay more immigrants to return home. France is home to over 5 million immigrants — and the new conservative-led government doesn’t plan on making things any mor

Surrender to Islam Now and Beat the Rush

Tory Leader David Cameron spent two days living with a Muslim family. He reemerged back into the fresh air to write an article about what he learned which ended with the following insight. Here the picture is bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime and incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain. Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear - values which we should all hold dear. Asian families and communities are incredibly strong and cohesive, and have a sense of civic responsibility which puts the rest of us to shame. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around. Read that again. Then read it one more time. Cameron is not a Labor leader but a Tory leader, the leader of what passes in Britain for the right and he proclaims that

The Fradulent Ron Paul Phenomenon

They stand near the state of a mounted George Washington raising his sword high for Evacuation Day. Union Square and the statue of America's General have often been targets for Anti-American protests since 9/11. For a time it was perpetually defaced with posters, graffiti and Anti-War slogans. The handful standing now by the statue hold a hand-lettered sign reading "The Ron Paul REvolution". They're young and in their twenties. Most likely college students. One approaches me to ask me if I know who Ron Paul is. "Yeah I do," I answer. "Are you Republicans?" He shakes his head violently at the idea. "No we're just here to support Ron Paul." "But he's running in the Republican primary." "We want to see this country get out of Iraq," a girl next to him chimes in. "But if you aren't Republicans then why are you campaigning for one candidate in a Republican primary?" I ask them. "The voice of the p

The Real Face of Mikey Weinstein

During his fight against the Air Force, Weinstein has received widespread support and has been vilified. Here, he holds a letter of encouragement he received in January from the Jimmy Carter Foundation, with a handwritten note from the former president. Mikey Weinstein has been in the news a lot lately, claiming to fight for the rights of Jewish Veterans and Air Force academy students. Now there's no doubt that there have been cases of Jewish and non-Jewish students and veterans discriminated against and harassed and even victimized by proselytizing, but anyone relying on Mikey Weinstein needs to take him with a grain of salt. Mikey Weinstein is all too willing to utilize extreme rhetoric-- including shamelessly invoking the Holocaust with pronouncements like this, " As a Jew I confronted a situation through ears that still hear the cries of my people walking silently into the brick buildings that would reduce them to ash. I cannot stand still and let that happen to my country

Friday Humor Roundup - Prozac for Muslims, Ron Paul's Constitutional Urination

Do you feel angry all the time? Do toy pigs, patterns in ice cream, women and anyone who believes differently than you fill you with uncontrollable rage? In this uniquely produced video from, the solution is clear. Extra strength Prozac for Muslims. But Seriously Folks On a more serious note my Op-Ed Withdrawal: The Root Of Defeat is running in the Jewish Press this week and was mentioned in the Jewish Press blog. IsraPundit reports on the Democratic Party beginning to lose the Jewish vote. Via Daled Amos , a post from Gates of Vienna that discusses what it would be like if Sderot were in Brooklyn. Lemon Lime Moon writes on the connection between Illegal immigrants in America and Palestinian terrorists. Space Ramblings gives us the Ron Paul Guide to Making Yourself Hated in 30 Days. And finally check out Yo's comic book, Evil Ehud and the Roborida Jew

KKL-JNF is not on trial here, Zionism is on Trial

KKL-JNF (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund) has been a great part of the reclamation and rebuilding of Israel. The left wing groups gaining power in Israel have managed to aggressively chip away at KKL-JNF's preservation of major parts of Israel's territory. Now a major attack is being launched. In the words of KKL-JNF's chairman : "Over a period of 2000 years, Jews were dispersed and devoid of rights to land and a secure home as well as exposed to anti-Semitism, pogroms, deprivation and discrimination. The establishment of the Jewish State came to remedy this historical injustice that was brought upon the Jewish People. Every nation deserves a state of its own. So does the Jewish People. 57 years following Israel’s establishment, the process of evolving into a state has not yet been completed. That secure reality is still clouded by the potential end to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state and being relegated to a fading historical episode. The recent cou

The Face of Terrorism

25-year-old Julian Sofir, the prime suspect in the Tel Aviv murder of Arab taxi driver Taisir Karaki, was remanded for a further ten days in custody on Tuesday. The prime suspect, who claimed that he carried out the killing because the victim was an Arab, was also sent for psychological observation by the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. Meanwhile, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski urged for Karaki’s family to be recognized as victims of terror and called on the Jerusalem Municipality’s welfare department to give financial aid to the family. "The murder of a man just because he is an Arab is a terrorist act. I have asked the welfare department not just to keep in contact with the family but to give them all the necessary aid,” he said, adding that “the government must give them the same support as those who have been wounded in terrorist attacks." Mayor Lupolianski is clearly and transparently wrong. The murder of a man because he is an Arab alone is not a terrorist act. That is co

Arabs and Islam: The Self-Destructive Beauty of Irresponsibility

The mindset of an entire society can be seen in what it teaches its children. In one of the broadcasts of the Hamas mouse Farfur-- Farfur is caught cheating on a school exam. Farfur excuses his actions saying, "Against my own will Abu Gazi, because the Jews destroyed my home, and when they destroyed my home I couldn't find my books and my notebooks." The obvious thing the Arab world in general and Palestinian Arabs specifically have been teaching their children is to hate and kill Jews and Americans. The less obvious one is that they are not responsible for their failures-- America and the Jews are. To understand the Arab mindset is to understand a culture that has yet to admit it lost a single war to Israel and treats its victories as defeats. A culture that at once takes pride in September 11th and in the next breath denies that Muslims were responsible. A culture that blames every single one of its problems from poverty, to the abuse of women and terrorism on Israel. T

When Brothers Become Enemies - Factionalism in America and Israel in a Time of War

Then none was for a party; Then all were for the state; Then the great man helped the poor, And the poor man loved the great: Then lands were fairly portioned; Then spoils were fairly sold: The Romans were like brothers In the brave days of old. Now Roman is to Roman More hateful than a foe And the Tribunes beard the high, And the Fathers grind the low. As we wax hot in faction, In battle we wax cold: Wherefore men fight not as they fought In the brave days of old. Horatio - Macaulay The sentiments and the narrative here are of course universal ones-- the virtues, unity and military strength of a nation becoming corrupted by factionalism. The more the factions within a nation hate each other, the more eager they are to battle one another than the enemy. A nation busy fighting itself cannot defeat the enemy. The surest way to victory is to create fifth columns, to divide a nation against itself and set itself to internal bickering. Israel fell both times because it was divided, because

Lest We Forget

At Church Street, where there was once a cluster of makeshift memorials-- a tall sterile steel fence rings Ground Zero. At its front the sleek white entrance of the Path Stations sweeps outward. Underneath in the great pit of earth, earthmoving equipment passes back and forth. The tattered posters, flags, faded roses, hand-lettered messages and signs are gone now. A sign warns that anything left behind will be removed. The fence is empty and clean, but for a handful of photos hung high--well above even my eye level-- so no one can possibly jot down a personal message on them. The photos are appropriately newsworthy. I see no shots of rubble or the towers. They are composed of human reactions. Saluting police officers, a volunteer with a sign offering shelter to any displaced person and with proper political correctness, Buddhist monks praying at a ceremony. All the "diverse communities" are represented. But the burning towers, the rubble and all the terrible reality of the da

Friday Afternoon Roundup

- The Democrats rushed into Congress like a victorious horde and now they sit weighed down under the same poor approval ratings as Bush. The Democrats had hoped to waste 2 years picking fights with Bush and then cakewalk to the Presidency in 08, but instead they're realizing that a congress which does nothing more than pick fights with the President and then lose them isn't going to have the support of anybody but the fringe of their own party-- and that fringe sees them as sellouts for pushing for a withdrawal date-- instead of an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Accountability is no fun. For six years the Democrats played backseat driver and now their party is splintered between moderates and left wing radicals and have found themselves in power just in time to share the blame. While the radicals fight over who voted for the War in Iraq, the Democratic leadership tries to figure out how to do something remotely useful by next year-- before they're seen as part of the probl

The Kadima Mafia Isn't Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore

As Shimon Peres has 'officially' announced that he is running for President-- the smear campaign has accordingly begun targeting Rabbi Lau-- his likely opponent in the race. Labor MK Shelly Yachimovich, who had been heavily involved in framing President Moshe Katzav, warned Rabbi Lau not to run for the presidency stating , " He shouldn’t consider running ." If he does run, she said, “ incidents from the past ” would come to light. Yachimovich did not explain what she was referring to, saying only that “ things it’s better not to have revealed .” Unsurprisingly the "revelations" involved charges of sexual harassment-- the very same thing that had been leveled to bring down President Katsav. The corrupt ruling coalition of Kadima and Labor are now acting as little better than organized crime. Determined to plant Peres in the President's chair-- they are using every ruthless and dirty trick to get him there. Olmert and the rest of the Kadima Mafia attempted

In Sympathy for the Devil - Liberals, Democrats and the War on Terror

Ever since World War II, the left has shamelessly demonstrated its willingness to fight Conservative Democrats, Liberals and Republicans over the USSR or Islamic Terrorism. Liberals have in turn worked hard to demonstrate the same thing since the Nixon Administration. If liberals had directed a fraction of the vigor they have employed over the past 6 years fighting Bush against Islamic terrorism-- the war would have been won by now, at least on the cultural front. Instead they have spent whatever foreign affairs capital they have promoting and defending the terrorists from Syria to Gaza to Gitmo to Abu Ghaib. More tears have poured from their eyes over an Iraqi with women's underwear on his head than for all the victims of September 11th combined. Certainly more rage. You can reliably open the paper these days and expect to see columns and op-eds promoting any Islamic terrorist-- no matter how evil or monstrous. Last week I opened the paper to find a university professor proclaimin

Vote Socialist or the Muslims Will Kill You

“Choosing Nicolas Sarkozy would be a dangerous choice,” socialist Segolene Royal told RTL radio.“It is my responsibility today to alert people to the risk of (his) candidature with regards to the violence and brutality that would be unleashed in the country. Pressed on whether there would be actual violence, Royal said: “I think so, I think so,” referring specifically to France’s volatile suburbs hit by widespread rioting in 2005. Yet another illustration of how the left and liberals conveniently exploit terrorism and riots to their own advantage. Rather than having any real interest in stopping it, liberals run on a platform of security through appeasement-- warning that the alternative is even greater violence. The slogan becomes, "Vote Liberal-- Vote Socialist, or Face the Rioting." Elections by way of the mob has been an old tactic of the progressive side. Andrew Jackson was after all elected by the mob, that proceeded to trample and trash the White House. In the Fre

Shas and Shimon Peres

If Shas decides to support Shimon Peres for President, the Shas party will have finally reached the lowest point of its deeply despicable history. Shas, the party that is supposed to stand for Sefardi rights, will have gone along with the fraudulent railroading of Israel's first Sefardi President by the Olmert government and endorsed his replacement with Olmert ally, secular socialist Shimon Peres. While its leader Rabbi Ovadya Yosef, regularly fulminates against secular Jews and preaches hatred of secular Jews and Ashkenazim to the home crowd-- Shas has repeatedly made deals with them to keep the flow of Shekels coming to its institutions. It was Shas which backed the Rabin government and which bears 'Direct Responsibility' for the passage of Oslo and every death by terrorists operating from the Palestinian territories since then. The blood money that flowed into Shas' institutions and Aryeh Deri's pockets were more than enough to salve their consciences. The only