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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Tyranny of Meaninglessness

By On April 20, 2021
Joe Biden is always redefining things by Bidenizing them into random strings of gibberish like “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” or turning them into Bidenisms.

But these days his administration is ambitiously trying to redefine the entire English language.

“I want to change the paradigm,” Biden told reporters. “I would like elected Republican support, but what I know I have now is I have electoral support from Republican voters. Republican voters agree with what I’m doing.”

Like every other word that comes out of Biden’s mouth, that’s a lie. A Gallup poll in March found that Biden’s approval rating among Republicans is at 8%. That’s down from 12% in February.

“What’s become crystal clear is that Biden has redefined bipartisan," Obama crony Rahm Emanuel argued. "And Washington is slow to catch up to the Biden definition.”

The Biden definition of bipartisan is having the support of 8% of Republicans.

Not only is Washington D.C. slow to catch up to the Biden definition of bipartisan, but so is the dictionary. Biden’s advisers however argue that the dictionary’s arc bends toward Biden.

“If you looked up ‘bipartisan’ in the dictionary, I think it would say support from Republicans and Democrats,” Anita Dunn, who has advised Biden and Harvey Weinstein, argued. “It doesn’t say the Republicans have to be in Congress.”

It doesn’t say that the Democrats have to be in congress either if it’s a book club. But if it’s bipartisan governing, then it has to be Republican and Democrat elected officials.

“The Biden definition of bipartisanship is an agenda that unifies the country and appeals across the political spectrum,” Mike Donilon, a senior Biden adviser, argued. “Presumably, if you have an agenda that is broadly popular with Democrats and Republicans across the country, then you should have elected representatives reflecting that.”

The Framers also thought so which is why they put into place a system of elected officials chosen by the people to represent them. Biden would like to replace that with claiming that Republicans support him in a poll so he can eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, add Puerto Rico, D.C., and his family home as states, and rule a one-party state.

Fresh off redefining ‘bipartisan’, the Biden administration also redefined ‘infrastructure’ to mean funding the Democrat welfare state.

“I mean, what is infrastructure? Historically, it's been: What makes the economy move,” Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, contended.

Since everything makes the economy move, in one direction or another, then everything is infrastructure. But if everything is infrastructure, then nothing is infrastructure.

In the hands of lefty linguists, infrastructure, like the Constitution or bipartisanship, ceases to be tethered to the dictionary or the meanings imbued by a bunch of old white male racists, and becomes a universal concept. Or as Granholm argued, “as the president said this week, that infrastructure evolves to meet the American people's aspirations.”

Infrastructure, like the living constitution, is constantly evolving to meet lefty aspirations. One day it’s a bridge, another day it’s abortion, and the end of free speech.

“We don't want to use past definitions of infrastructure, when we are moving into the future,” Granholm whined. Definitions are static. They exist in the past. But the party of progress, as embodied by a 78-year-old man who keeps stumbling over words and falling down, is using definitions from the future for Newspeak dictionaries that haven’t even been invented yet.

If ‘infrastructure’ or ‘bipartisanship’ mean whatever Biden says it does, then he’s an absolute dictator, and reality means whatever lying, dog-faced pony soldier decides it does this week.

But Biden is always redefining things.

The serial Democrat lecher started out, like Bill Clinton, by redefining sex. Except that Biden, in one of his first executive orders, redefined sex to mean some intangible psychologically subjective concept of sex not based on science or biology, rather than men and women.

Once you’ve redefined women out of existence, redefining bipartisan to mean a one-party state, and infrastructure to mean social services is easy. All it takes is the refusal to be bound by the narrow categories of the past and then bridges, gender, and tyranny can be surprisingly fluid.

Last year, Biden had already redefined being a Catholic.

“Biden Could Redefine What It Means to be ‘a Catholic in Good Standing,” the Washington Post argued. Predictably, the argument was all about a more fluid definition of Catholicism and “what kinds of Catholicism they think most urgently needs to be advanced”. The Biden brand involves “poverty, refugees and the environment” which has as much to do with Catholicism as Tikkun Olam’s emphasis on “poverty, refugees, and the environment” has to do with Judaism.

But when you’re already redefining the Constitution, gender, and the meaning of simple words, why not also redefine religion away from narrow categories of belief, and into an evolving religion of the future in which things mean whatever we want them to mean at any moment.

When words mean nothing, then ideas mean nothing, and it’s easy to redefine Catholicism and Judaism to mean Muslim immigration, Obamaphones, and subsidies for luxury ‘green’ SUVs.

As George Orwell rightly noted, the refusal to allow words to mean anything is tyranny.

Without objective meanings, there are no laws and therefore no rights. There are no restraints on the power of the state when it refuses to be bound by the mere definitions of words.

Democrats spent generations trying to nullify the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights by arguing about the meaning of “arms”. Now they’re trying to do the same thing to the First Amendment by putting forward exciting new definitions of “speech” and the “press”.

Recent mainstream media editorials attacking free speech include "Why Is Big Tech Policing Free Speech? Because the Government Isn’t", "Free Speech is Killing Us" and “Why America Needs a Hate Speech Law.”

That last one was written by a Biden transition official, who sneered that, “the intellectual underpinning of the First Amendment was engineered for a simpler era” and that, “the framers believed that this marketplace was necessary” from which “magically, truth would emerge.” An important prerequisite for the emergence of truth is the magic of allowing people to speak and for words to mean something. When there’s no free speech or meaningful speech, truth dies.

In our exciting leftist future, we know that speech, like gender, infrastructure, and bipartisanship, have to be redefined to mean whatever the government has decided that it should mean.

The truth can only emerge from the government and its political media partners.

And if you doubt that, you probably believe that infrastructure means roads, that women exist, that free speech means the freedom to speak, rather than being told what you can say.

Bad speech “undermines the values that the First Amendment was designed to protect: fairness, due process, equality before the law,” the Biden transition official argued.

The only way to save the true values of the First Amendment is to destroy its literal meaning.

This is the same argument that you will find behind every Biden redefinition which insists on a definition so inclusive that it includes everything except what it actually means.

Catholicism and Judaism mean everything except their own traditional teachings. Sex means everything except men and women. Infrastructure means everything except roads and bridges.

And bipartisanship means everything except elected officials from two parties working together.

America also needs to be redefined from a country and a people to an idea that includes the entire world and everything in it, except its own citizens and a country with borders.

When America, like religion and words, means everything then it means nothing.

And who better than Joe Biden, who redefines sentences into incomprehensible word salads randomly assembled from a Scrabble session, to usher in the end of the English language.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Boehner Stands to Make Millions in Drug Money From Biden Win

By On April 19, 2021
Nine years ago, the New York Times was accusing John Boehner of racism. Now it’s eager to lap up every drop of vomitous bile from the former Republican House Speaker.

When Boehner asked Obama to move his speech by one day to avoid clashing with a Republican debate, NBC political analyst Richard Wolffe suggested that Boehner only did it because of "the color of his skin". Wolffe meant Obama's skin, not Boehner's, which always looks like spoiled meat served in some blackmarket back alley cafe in Havana.

Since then Boehner has followed the usual career track of former RINOs from “worse than Hitler” to “sleazy lobbyist” to “author of unnecessary memoir bashing Trump”.

Boehner’s memoir On The House, like his political career, has no reason to exist. Even when he occupied one of the most powerful elected positions in the country, Boehner was mostly notable for looking like he was on the edge of tears. That and the time his bartender was arrested for wanting to poison him. That seemed unnecessary as Boehner was doing the job for him.

“If you’ve got a long night ahead of you, you usually find that drinking liquor for several hours is pretty much unsustainable. Plus, nothing that sweet can be good for you in the long run. And so I settled on wine. Drinking wine is a marathon, not a sprint, and makes sense for the more mature drinker,” Boehner writes in On The House.

This sort of thing might be more interesting if Hunter Biden hadn’t set the bar pretty high and it’s not what the American subsidiary of an English subsidiary of a German publishing giant is paying the weepy politician for. And so Boehner’s interviews are littered with “exclusives” about how much he hates Republicans. Even there, On The House is a failure. Boehner left office before President Trump’s shocking victory and his Trump-bashing comes from cable news.

On The House tries to settle grudges against Freedom Caucus members and Senator Ted Cruz from a decade ago that, like everything Boehner has to say, no one cares about.

All that's left is for Boehner to join the roster of ‘ex-racists’ touting Biden. When the slimy ex-speaker calls Biden a "good guy", that's not an endorsement anyone would want.

And when Biden quipped that he "loved" Boehner, that's almost as bad.

What’s there to love? Let’s forget the booze and go right to the pot.

While Boehner can be found addressing the Bank of Montreal, the Edison Electric Institute (an electric company lobby), and a Portland life insurance company offering services to the "ultra-affluent" for pay, he's better known for going to pot.

Boehner, who had opposed drugs as an elected official, received the high honor of heading up the National Cannabis Roundtable to lobby for drug legalization. The former House Speaker came by the position naturally since he was already on the board of Acreage Holdings.

Acreage Holdings has one of the biggest marijuana operations in America. As Democrats began to legalize drugs in select states, companies were formed to get in on the action. But despite all the hype, the marijuana business was a disaster.

Legalizing and taxing pot just meant users buying cheap ‘illegal’ pot from drug dealers.

Acreage tried opening operations everywhere only to pull back. The marijuana company suffered $286 million in net losses in 2020. But there was some good news.

Canopy Growth, a Canadian company, controlled by Constellation Brands, a liquor company which owns everything from Svedka Vodka to Robert Mondavi, has a deal to buy Acreage on the condition that marijuana is federally legalized in the United States.

And the only way that could happen is with a Democrat in the White House.

As one headline bluntly put it, “Canopy Growth Is Headed to $0 Without a Biden Victory”.

"Canopy Growth, will need U.S. federal legalization to survive. Without it, the marijuana company’s negative cash flow will eventually bankrupt it," the Investor Place article pointed out. "Four more years of a Trump presidency, however, would push CGC over the edge... CGC will likely close its doors before the 2024 election comes around."

Fortunately, Biden had promised to legalize pot, and "Senator Kamala Harris... introduced the Democrat-championed bill that would essentially legalize marijuana on the federal level."

But, "the MORE Act will need a Democratic-controlled White House and Senate to pass."

Acreage and its investors needed President Trump and Republicans to lose across the board. And they need to retain control of the House and Senate long enough to legalize marijuana.

What’s at stake for Boehner? A lot.

As Bloomberg News reported, he can “collect $1.59 million in cash once shareholders approve Canopy Growth Corp.’s acquisition of Acreage Holdings Inc..”

Boehner had 625,000 shares of Acreage at the time the article was written and it noted that, "if his former colleagues in Congress help make marijuana federally legal, he’d be eligible to receive Canopy shares worth about $16 million."

A New York Times article wrote that, “Boehner’s pro-weed epiphany coincides with the prospect of a payday as high as $20 million.”

That’s a lot of money. And to collect all that drug money, Boehner needs Republicans to lose.

Who was Boehner going to back in the election? Not the Trump administration which had tossed Obama’s pro-marijuana Cole memo which had been used to build a new drug industry.

And not Republicans who aren’t friendly enough to his new drug industry friends.

Boehner is a founding board member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, where he could be seen on video assuring investors that the ban on pot is almost over and the money is about to come pouring in.

“Speaker Boehner has the inside track on the future of this green gold rush” a 2018 promo titled for an event titled, "American Cannabis Summit: Countdown to Legalization".

In 2020, Acreage had borrowed $15 million at a 60% interest rate. The gold was rushing out.

Federal legalization of pot would be Acreage’s salvation and for that to happen, the Democrats need to maintain control of the government.

If Boehner’s financial situation hasn’t changed significantly, there are millions at stake.

Defeating Republicans in 2020 and 2022 would be in his financial interest.

All of this is at odds with Boehner’s feeble attempt to build a reputation as a principled legislator decrying the fanatical excesses of House conservatives. Boehner has no principles.

You can see why Biden loves Boehner. And why Boehner loves him back.

The media doesn’t want to puncture the spectacle of the sleazy sad sack doing a tour for a book no one wants and taking the same old cheap shots at President Trump and Republicans by asking him how much money was at stake for him in Biden’s win. And how much money is at stake if Republicans lose again in 2022 and Democrats hold on to control of the government?

That would be awkward. After falsely calling Boehner a racist for years, media outlets are happy to nod along as he launches into the same talking points we’ve heard from Kasich, Schwartzenegger, and the rest of the RINO gang who can’t wait to talk about the golden days.

A decade ago the media was smearing Boehner as a radical bigot who was obstructing Obama. Now, Boehner is happy to smear Republicans as radical bigots who are obstructing Biden.

It’s cynical, dishonest, and sleazy. But compared to selling drugs, it’s actually not that bad.

Ask John Boehner about his principles. And then ask him how much his principles cost.

Is it $15 million or $20 million?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Incredible Adventures of Hunter Biden

By On April 18, 2021
What do you do after serving on the board of a corrupt Ukranian gas company and facing an FBI investigation over your dealings with Chinese Communist firms? You open an art studio.

Last February, the New York Times published an extensive profile claiming that Hunter Biden had opened an art studio in his Hollywood home and was working on "decorative abstractions".

Decorative abstractions would also be a good description of the media’s coverage of Hunter.

Art was “literally keeping me sane,” Hunter declared. “For years I wouldn’t call myself an artist. Now I feel comfortable saying it.”

No one however felt comfortable laughing at it. And that’s the real tragedy of the Bidens.

No less an authority on comedy than the Washington Post recently claimed that there’s nothing to laugh at about Biden who, unlike Hunter’s stripper ex, is “impregnable” to comedy. But if the leftist cultural establishment really wanted to help the Bidens, it would stop taking their tragic narcissism seriously, and start laughing at them until they get clean, sober, and find real jobs.

The Times described the most infamous political son in the country as an “undiscovered artist” who was looking around for gallery representation courtesy of a Biden family friend and fundraiser. But the incredibly prolific Hunter has also become a writer with a memoir, Beautiful Things, that was acquired in the fall of 2019. If you don’t succeed at art, go into literature.

Hunter as a writer is every bit as implausible as an artist, but his memoir is at least more in demand than his art because of his degrading confessions. Stories of trying to smoke parmesan cheese because it looked like crack are a lot more entertaining than random dots of colored ink on paper. Great art conceals as much as it reveals. Sometimes cheese looks like crack and sometimes a distraction from a money laundering investigation looks like crack.

There’s no question that Hunter Biden is a great artist. His medium though isn’t colored ink or literature. Like his father, Hunter is a storyteller. It may be hard to imagine now, but Joe Biden used to tell some great stories. The stories, like his scholarship, his academic achievements, or having his helicopter “forced down” on the “superhighway of terror” in Afghanistan, weren’t true.

And when the story of Neil Kinnock, the British Labour leader, was more compelling than anything Biden had, he borrowed it, just as he plagiarized his way through school. Getting caught just meant coming up with yet another bunch of malarkey to explain it. Another story.

That’s what Beautiful Things is. It’s not a memoir: it’s a distraction that reduces Hunter’s problems to drug addiction. And while Hunter was very obviously on drugs (and considering that he decided to launch an art career based on ink splotches still might be) that wasn’t the issue.

The FBI isn’t investigating Hunter Biden because of his amusing anecdotes about smoking parmesan cheese or, horrors, hanging out in $59 a night motels, stories from his lows that, unlike the illegitimate child he abandoned, he seems happy to discuss on network television.

Nor was Hunter at the center of several election scandals, including a mass censorship effort by Big Tech and Big Media to suppress a pre-election story, just because he was doing drugs.

We’re a long way from Bill Clinton pretending that he didn’t inhale. Obama launched his national political career by informing everyone that he prodigiously inhaled, tried cocaine, and had considered heroin. Democrat memoirs now lay out personal drug histories the way that their political candidates used to talk about their time in Vietnam or the Peace Corps.

Hunter could have called his memoir, Dreams From My Father, but that might have been too on the nose, no pun intended, considering the common cocaine denominator, but where Obama could market race and identity, Hunter has nothing going for him except being a poor rich junkie.

And there’s a plethora of those already out there.

The storytelling art of both Joe and Hunter rests on their use of tragedy as a distraction from their degeneracy. Joe Biden lied about the car crash that killed his first wife and baby daughter. It was a great story for the campaign trail and diverted attention from his affair with a married college student whom he had stalked after spotting her modeling photo on a bus shelter.

“I first met Joe two years after a car accident that injured his sons and killed his wife and his baby daughter," Jill Biden told viewers in a campaign ad. But according to Bill, her husband, Jill had hooked up with Joe and had an affair with the married politician before the car crash.

The story of a man who found happiness again in the arms of a college student after the tragic death of his wife is a much nicer story than a man who cheated on his wife before she died, and then married the college student he was cheating on her with, screwing up his remaining sons.

That’s also the same story of marital redemption from tragedy that Hunter Biden is telling.

Beautiful Things is a redemption narrative about meeting his new wife, Melissa, quickly marrying her, and crediting her for saving him from his addiction demons, allowing him to pursue a career as an artist and a writer. It’s a story made for Hollywood and made in the Hollywood Hills.

There’s a familiar little problem with Hunter’s version of Tragedy Exploitation From My Father.

Hunter married Melissa in May 2019. That's the same month that Lunden Alexis Roberts, a Washington D.C. stripper, sued Hunter for paternity. The encounter allegedly happened while Hunter was dating his brother’s widow. Hunter really is his father’s son. Paternity test pending.

A DNA test found that the child was indeed Hunter’s baby, though the artist and memoirist claims that he has no memory of the whole thing. Or much of anything else about his life.

Memory failure is the underlying theme of Beautiful Things. That and an evasion of responsibility. The more Hunter shares his stories of smoking parmesan cheese, the less anyone expects him to remember about his bastards or the bastards he dealt with overseas.

You can’t expect a junkie to remember financing deals in China or laptops in Vermont.

It could certainly be my laptop, Hunter admitted, or, "It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me."

Building a new identity as an artist/writer/drug addict means perfect plausible deniability.

Hillary Clinton occasionally had to answer questions about her emails, but what if she’d insisted that she had been smoking crack cocaine or parmesan cheese all that time and had no idea.

Beautiful Things helps reinvent Hunter Biden as the man with no memory. Or at least no memories about anything useful, but lots of stories about being a junkie. Hunter’s new love affair with addiction literature isn’t surprising. There’s a class of junkie that loves telling stories about being a junkie and can’t be expected to talk about anything else. But Biden’s new art is still conveniently selective. It shifts the story from international corruption to narcissistic abuses.

The Bidens love to talk about tragedy. Joe Biden’s aborted 2016 campaign was going to be all about Beau’s death. If Beautiful Things sounds familiar, it should. Biden’s campaign memoir was titled, Promise Me, Dad. Both memoirs took their title from Beau Biden, mining his death for politics and profit. That’s a lot more shameless than Hunter’s stories about smoking crack.

Biden’s 2020 campaign was horrible enough, but the theme of the 2016 campaign that never happened was going to be that running for president had been his son’s dying wish.

Win one for Beau.

“It’s near insulting to Beau’s legacy to think that his last moments were politically driven,” an anonymous friend of Beau's had said. “His dying wish would not be driven by politics."

A Draft Biden ad for 2016 retold the story of Joe Biden's dead son, his dead daughter, and his first dead wife. The video was so revolting that even David Axelrod called it “tasteless”.

The thing about Joe is that he’s so shameless that he makes Hunter at his worst look good.

No one would deny that Hunter Biden has issues. And they’re the issues of the pater familias of the clan. Hunter, like his dad, is an impulsive egomaniac with no ethics or morals. Politics is full of people like that so Joe Biden, who was dreaming of a Kennedyesque dynasty with Beau Biden running for president, hasn’t given up on Hunter’s political career. And he shouldn’t.

If JFK could stand in for JPK, his dead older brother and his father’s intended future presidential candidate, despite poor judgement, so many drugs they could have stocked a pharmacy, and issues with women, why can’t Hunter be to Joe what John was to Joseph?

But Beautiful Things is a poor substitute for Profiles in Courage even if both men probably had as much to do with the creation of the books that bear their names. Before the Kennedy name had become associated with a mediocre musical, conspiracy theories, and corruption, the clan had more to talk about than their own association with tragedy as a metaphor for the era.

The tragedy of the Bidens is that they have nothing to talk about except themselves.

The Kennedy family had tragedy forced on it, while the Bidens seem to relish tragedy because it distracts from how little they stand for. When you talk about the Bidens, you either talk about their corruption or their tragedies. And the tragedies become convenient ways of changing the subject, the way that they did for Ted Kennedy after he left a woman to die in his car.

Say what you will about Hunter, but he’s never killed a woman. Yet. That we know of.

But even at their worst, the Kennedys were more interesting than Joe Biden at his best. The Bidens have never been anything other than a fourth-rate imitation of another New England Democrat crime family without their rhetoric, glamor, and the quality of their scandals.

The only thing the Bidens got from the Kennedys was their narcissism.

Beautiful Things is a redemption story and a distraction from the FBI investigation of Hunter. Normally a political author with a memoir would be asked about the FBI investigation first, but media accounts frequently don’t even mention it. And even asking a quick softball question that Hunter meets by claiming that he was too high to remember buries the real story.

The true problem with the Bidens isn’t that they have poor impulse control and are compulsive liars, but that their artistic facility for narcissism all too often changes the subject from their corruption. Hunter’s memoir is meant to wipe away the past like paint from a canvas, clearing space for a tabula rasa, and a future Senate run, and then perhaps a presidential campaign.

Those expectations may be unrealistic, but who would have imagined Joe in the White House?

While the media happily plumbs Hunter’s crack addiction, the Chinese Communists and other foreign enemies who happily funneled money to the sons and daughters of top Democrats are laughing at a system so corrupt that they can hardly believe what they’re getting away with.

Ask Hunter about his days of crack and roses, but not about Paradigm Global Advisors.

Crack is not a qualifier for the Senate or the White House, but financial dealings with the enemy is an actual national security threat. There’s evidence that those dealings didn’t end with Hunter, but extended to Joe Biden. Beautiful Things beautifully changes the subject from 10% for the big guy to smoking crack every 15 minutes. And as storytelling goes that’s a work of art.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

BLM Goes Hollywood

By On April 16, 2021
A few years ago, CAA announced that it had signed on to represent Patrisse Cullors. The powerful Hollywood talent agency is considered the biggest firm of its kind and doesn’t usually represent activists. But the Black Lives Matter co-founder isn’t a typical activist either.

By the time that Cullors was being represented by the talent agency, the self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” was going from award dinners to studio events. Most speaking fees aren't made public, but last year, Cullors, along with the other two co-founders of the racist BLM hate group, charged the University of Florida $10,000 each to address students online.

When she isn’t charging thousands to video chat, Cullors curated ComplexCon, a BLM global art show, and worked on an ad campaign for Adidas with Pharell Williams, claims to be a “dancer, choreographer, designer, stylist, producer, and director.”

Cullors got to consult for Good Trouble, a lefty Disney TV series, about two girls, one white and one Latino, who move to Los Angeles and fight racial injustice. Another way of saying that is, she gave a show run by a white lady who used to act on The Bold and the Beautiful street cred.

“You only have to spend about five minutes with Patrisse to be blown away by her as an activist, artist, intellectual and force of life energy, love, joy and humanity,” Good Trouble showrunner Joanna Johnson raved. “She has such a wealth of knowledge and life experience. I’m always looking for that in writers because truth is not only stranger but more nuanced and rich than fiction can ever be."

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Just ask the Black Lives Matter founder who went from a year in which the hate group's race rioters burned buildings and terrorized communities to buying a $1.4 million home in the mostly white Topanga Canyon through a corporate entity.

Like every proper trained Marxist should. As an amateur Marxist, Cullors had to settle for the San Fernando Valley, but as a fully trained Marxist she got “vaulted ceilings clad in knotty pine” and “whitewashed hearth fireplaces.”

Whiteness and whitewashing isn’t all bad. Especially when white studios are paying for it.

The Topanga Canyon home has "soaring ceilings", "skylights", and is ideal for "quietly contemplating cross-canyon vistas framed by mature trees" or the next town your hate group is going to burn. There's even an art studio and politically incorrect "maids quarters".

The house is down the road from one of the homes involved in the Manson murders which seems only appropriate since Manson wanted to start a race war.

And Black Lives Matter is carrying on Manson’s work.

This was reportedly Cullors’ fourth home purchase after buying a ranch on three acres in Atlanta with a private airplane hangar and shopping around for a luxury home in the Bahamas.

Last year, Cullors signed a deal with Warner Brothers to “develop scripted dramas and comedies, docuseries and animated programming for children, young adults and families”.

Cullors also has her own anti-police organization, Dignity and Power Now, run by Lamia Al-Sadek, the former county director of Islamic Relief Worldwide, and two white people, near USC. And she also has her own consulting firm with her lover, Janaya And Patrisse Consulting.

It’s unclear if either of these were the entities that Cullors used to buy her $1.4 million home, or if she has other organizations in her portfolio that have yet to be exposed and revealed.

While Cullors went with CAA, Alicia Garza, the second BLM co-founder, went with ICM, and her book, Purpose Of Power, came out last year. Garza is also due to appear in the HBO adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ racist rant, Between the World and Me.

ICM’s previous coup was boasting about the role of "client Josh Hartnett" in the HBO "documentary" Exterminate All the Brutes which "shifts perspectives by highlighting America's founding as inherently genocidal". It’s no wonder that the entire roster of BLM’s founders have found a comfortable home in an entertainment industry that hates America as much as they do.

Opal Tometi, the third BLM co-founder, got on board with WME, the rival CAA Hollywood talent agency, which Hollywood Reporter noted had signed stars like,“Elton John, Eva Longoria, Shakira, Tessa Thompson, Sarah Cooper, and Opal Tometi.”

You can read about all this in Opal’s official press releases, in between telling a newspaper, “I do this because we deserve to live.”

And deserve to live very well too.

WME used Opal Tometi to launch its Social Justice Now Film Festival through Film Life Foundation, a non-profit founded by Opal and Marvel star, Michael B. Jordan. Sponsored by Sony, Amazon, Heineken, J.P. Morgan, and other great outposts of social justice, the festival’s message is “translate art into change” and features movies like, Who Will Survive America.

It’s hard surviving America while being sponsored by a Japanese electronics firm, a Dutch beer conglomerate, and a banking firm whose predecessors had used slaves as collateral.

Opal also has her own production company, Blue Opal Productions.

Unlike Cullors and Garza, both of whom came out of Los Angeles, Opal came from Arizona, but Hollywood is the common denominator of the founders of Black Lives Matter.

The founders of BLM have gone to work acting, writing, consulting, and promoting for Hollywood because their racist hate movement was always an entertainment industry production. BLM’s race riots destroyed communities and small businesses, but its brands and buzzwords were a corporate marketing campaign backed by industry talent. Like Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast, it was a production, even if the physical destruction of the riots was all too real.

Why shouldn’t Cullors get a house in the area where Quentin Tarantino filmed a scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and where movie stars house their pets at the Topanga Pet Resort?

It’s all made in Hollywood anyway.

Truth is stranger than fiction. But Hollywood also specializes in turning fiction into truth. Why not set the country on fire, elect some Democrats, and get some new content in the pipeline?

Hollywood had been stagnating. Every piece of IP or intellectual property had been locked down by giants like Disney, and the staggering cost of Silicon Valley streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime sinking billions into developing original content to keep subscription viewers on their plantation had made it impossible for much of the old industry to compete on its own turf.

Now there are books to adapt into movies, TV series to launch, and countless entertainment industry products to sell to guilty liberal suburban moms who joyfully grapple with the depths of their own racism by binge watching black pain. And there are the BLM co-founders to help Hollywood get all the political cred that it needs to make a killing out of racism on a budget.

Forget Hearst’s "You furnish the pictures. I'll furnish the war." The war is easy to furnish. It’s the pictures that are expensive.

The damage from the BLM race riots surpassed $2 billion. That sounds like a lot of money, and individually it wiped out countless businesses, crushed neighborhoods and communities, and took more lives and dreams than will ever be accounted for, but that’s nothing compared to the $17 billion that Netflix blew on programming in just one year. And the best part is that $2 billion was entirely paid for by ordinary Americans, insurance companies, and non-industry types.


Think of the Kenosha riots as the Atlanta burning scene in Gone With the Wind. But no Hollywood studio had to sacrifice its own sets to produce all that footage. Race rioters were happy to burn down American cities as publicity for Hollywood social justice projects.

Some consulting and acting gigs for the marketable founders of the racist hate group is a small price to pay for Warner Brothers to use HBO Max to compete with Netflix. It’s been a long time since Warner Brothers meant the conservative Warner brothers, Jewish immigrants and Republicans who appeared before HUAC, and declared, “We are willing to establish such a fund to ship to Russia the people who don’t like our American system of government.”

Warner Brothers and HBO Max, like CNN, are cultural death rays of the AT&T death star. Or, as a CNN reporter described the riots, “fiery, but mostly peaceful” death rays.

If only there were a fund to ship AT&T, Netflix, and Disney to Russia.

After BLM fades, there will be new productions, spectacles, and extravaganzas to excite, humiliate, and distract the attention of Americans from the havoc being wreaked on their country as a handful of entangled companies fight for supreme dominance in the oligarchy.

And BLM’s co-founders have found a good exit strategy with production companies, organizations, and homes in an industry that knows the value of a good show.

Somewhere, Captain David Dorn’s widow is mourning her husband. And the other victims of BLM are immersed in their own private griefs for lost children, spouses, and parents.

But in Hollywood, the mansions only get bigger and the party never ends.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Who Can Count the Dust of Jacob?

By On April 14, 2021

 "Who can count the dust of Jacob or number the seed of Israel." Numbers 23:10

The sun sets above the hills. The siren cries out and on the busy highways that wend among the hills, the traffic stopsthe people stop, and a moment of silence comes to a noisy country.

Flags fly at half mast, the torch of remembrance is lit, memorial candles are held in shaking hands and the country's own version of the Flanders Field poppy, the Red Everlasting daisy, dubbed Blood of the Maccabees, adorns lapels. And so begins the Yom Hazikaron, Heroes Remembrance Day, the day of remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terror-- Israel's Memorial Day.

What is a memorial day in a country that has always known war and where remembrance means adding the toll of one year's dead and wounded to the scales of history? A country where war never ends, where the sirens may pause but never stop, where each generation grows up knowing that they will have to fight or flee. To stand watch or run away. It is not so much the past that is remembered on this day, but the present and the future. The stillness, a breath in the warm air, before setting out to climb the slopes of tomorrow.

Who can count the dust of Jacob.

And yet each memorial day we count the dust. The dust that is a fraction of those who have fallen defending the land for thousands of years. Flesh wears out, blood falls to the earth where the red daisies grow, and bone turns to dust. The dust blows across the graves of soldiers and prophets, the tombs of priests hidden behind brush, the caverns where forefathers rest in sacred silence, laid to rest by their sons, who were laid to rest by their own sons, generations burying the past, standing guard over it, being driven away and returning each time.

On Memorial Day, the hands of memory are dipped in the dust raising it to the blue sky. A prayer, a whisper, a dream of peace. And the wind blows the candles out. War follows. And once again blood flows into the dust. A young lieutenant shading his eyes against the sun. An old man resting with his family on the beach. Children climbing into bed in a village on a hilltop. And more bodies are laid to rest in the dust. Until dust they become.

In this land, the Maker of Stars and Dust vowed to Abraham that his children would be as many as the dust of the earth and the stars of heaven. In their darkest days, they would be as the dust. But there is mercy in the numberless count of the dust. Mercy in not being able to make a full count of the fallen and remaining ignorant of that full measure of woe. Modern technologies permit us terrible estimates. Databanks store the names of millions; digital cemeteries of ghosts. But there is no counting the dust. And when we walk the length and breadth of the land, as the Maker told Abraham to do, it the dust that supports our feet, we walk in the dust of our ancestors.

Some new countries are built to escape from the past, but there is no escaping it in these ancient hills. IDF soldiers patrol over ground once contested by empires, tread over spearheads and the wheels of chariots buried deep in the earth. The Assyrians and the Babylonians came through here in all their glory. Greek and Roman soldiers and mercenaries pitted themselves against the handful of Judeans who came out of the Babylonian exile. The Ottoman and the Arab raged here, and Crusader battering rams and British Enfield rifles still echo in the quiet hills.

Here in the silence of remembrance the present is always the past and the sky hangs like a thin veil fluttering against the future. The believers cast their prayers out of their mouths against the veil. The soldiers cast their lives and their hearts. And still the future flutters above, like the sky near enough to touch, but out of reach. Beneath it, the sky-blue flag, the stripe of the believer's shawls adorned with the interlocked star of the House of David.

Can these bones live, the Lord asks Ezekiel. And generations, after each slaughter, they come again, the descendants of the dead to reclaim the hills of their ancestors. Rising like the red flowers out of the soil. Like the bones out of the earth. They come up as slaves out of Egypt and out of the captivity of empires, their tongues as numberless as the earth. Here they come again to set up kingdoms and nations. And there in shadows on the dust, a handful of men fight off a legion; swords, spears and rifles in hand they face down impossible odds. They fight and die, but they go on.

The calendar itself is a memorial. Israel's Memorial Day, Independence Day and Lag BaOmer; the  commemoration of the original Yom Yerushalayim, the brief liberation of Jerusalem from the Romans, still covertly remembered in bonfires and bows shot into the air, all in a season that begins with Passover, the exodus that set over a million people off on a forty-year journey to return to the homeland of their forefathers.

The battles today are new, but they are also very old. The weapons are new, but the struggle is the same. Who will remain and who will be swept away. Some 3,000 years ago, Judge Jephthah and the King of Ammon were exchanging messages not too different from those being passed around as diplomatic communiques today. The King of Ammon demanding land for peace and the Judge laying out the Israeli case for the land in a message that the enemy would hardly trouble to read before going to war.

Take a stray path in these hills and you may find a grinning terrorist with a knife, or the young David pitting his slingshot against a lion or bear. This way the Maccabees rush ahead against the armies of a slave empire and this way a helicopter passes low overhead on the way to Gaza. Time is a fluid thing here. And what you remember; you shall find.

The soldier is not so sacred as he once was. The journalist and the judge have taken his place. The actors sneer from their theaters. The politicians gobble their free food and babble of peace. Musicians sing shrilly of flowers in gun barrels and doves everywhere. But the soldier still stands where he must. The borders have shrunk. The old victories have been exchanged for diplomatic defeats. From the old strongholds come missiles and rockets. And children hide in bomb shelters waiting for the worst to pass. This is the doing of the journalist and the judge, the politician and the actor, the lions of literature who send autographed copies of their books to imprisoned terrorists and the grandchildren of great men who hire themselves on in service to the enemy.

The man who serves is still sacred, but the temple of duty is desecrated more and more each year. Leftist academics dismiss the heroes of the past as myths or murderers. Their wives dress in black and harass soldiers at checkpoints, their children wrap their faces in Keffiyas and throw stones at them. Draft dodging, once a black mark of shame, has become a mark of pride among the left. Some boast about how easy it is, others enlist only to then refuse to serve. They call themselves Refusniks , accepting the Soviet view of Israel as an illegitimate warmongering state, but laying claim to the name of the Zionists who fought to escape the Soviet Union.

Some are only afraid, but some are filled with hate. They have looked into a twisted mirror and drunk of the poisoned wine. They have found their Inner Cain and go now to slay their brothers with words.

How shall I curse whom G-d has not cursed, asks Balaam. But the King of Moab is determined to have his curses anyway. And today it is to the UN that they come for curses. The Arab lands boil with  blood, but resolution after resolution follows damning Israel. China squats on the mountains of Tibet, Russian government thugs throw dissidents out of windows and Iranian thugs assault girls for removing their hijabs. And still the resolutions come like curses.

In a land built on memory, it is possible not to remember, but it is impossible to entirely forget. A war of memories comes. A war for the dust. Is this a day of remembrance or a day of shame. Were those men who fought and died for Judea and Samaria, for the Golan and Jerusalem, for every square inch of land when the armies of Arab dictators came to push them into the sea, heroes or villains. Were Nasser, Hussein, Saddam, Arafat, Gaddafi, Assad and the House of Saud the real heroes all along. The tiny minority of 360 million pitted against the overwhelming majority of 6 million.

Yet though men may forget, the dust remembers. And the men return to it. For some four thousand years they have done it. And they shall do it again. For He who has made men of the dust and made worlds of the dust of stars does not forget. As the stars turn in whirling galaxies and the dust flies across the land, so the people return to the land. And though they forget, they remember again. For the dust is the memory of ages and the children shall always return to the dust of their ancestors.

In the cities, towns and villages-- the dead are remembered. Those who died with weapons in their hands and those who just died. Men, women and children. Drops of blood cast to the dust, reborn as flowers on lapels. Reborn as memory.

All go to one place, said King Solomon, all that lives is of the dust, and all returns to the dust. There is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his works. And so memorial day precedes the day of independence. That we rejoice in that which those who sleep in the dust have died to protect. The skyscrapers and the orchards, the sheep ranches and the highways, the schools and the synagogues. For they who drained the swamps and built the roads, who held guard over the air and built the cities, may not have lived to see their works. But we rejoice in their works for them. And a new generation rises to watch over their dust and tend the works that they have built. Until the day when He that counts the dust of Jacob shall count them all, and the land shall stir, and in the words of Daniel, they that sleep in dust shall arise, and then rejoice with us.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Click here to subscribe to my articles. And thank you for reading.

Cuomo’s Vaccine Passports and the IBM Connection

By On April 14, 2021
Are you a New Yorker who wants to live a normal life? Move to Florida.

And if you can’t do that, get an Excelsior Pass. ‘Excelsior’ means ‘higher’ in Latin and is New York’s motto. It’s probably not the best motto for a broken state tiptoeing toward bankruptcy. And it’s an even worse name for a vaccine passport that allows businesses to discriminate.

A day after April Fools’ Day, the Excelsior Pass launched in New York to enable businesses to determine whom they can refuse service to by employing IBM’s Digital Health Pass.

IBM describes its vaccine passport as “voluntary” and will allow New Yorkers “the ability to voluntarily share their health status on their own terms”, but there’s nothing voluntary about forcing people to use a passport carrying private health information in order to live their lives.

There’s nothing less voluntary than that.

Digital passports are big business and a few weeks ago IBM closed on a multimillion dollar contract for a German vaccine passport and is in the second phase of a contract with UK's NIH socialized medicine setup with potentially millions at stake. There’s no official contract in New York which is just “testing” IBM’s vaccine passport technology, but the existence of the trial alone would help the tech giant secure international and national vaccine passport contracts.

News stories have claimed that New York has “fully subsidized” the vaccine passport, but have no details of the financing. The lack of basic information about this arrangement is unsettling.

IBM’s Excelsior Pass has been aggressively pushed by New York’s Governor’s Cuomo. Major sports arenas were being allowed to reopen, even while Cuomo was falsely blaming Jewish weddings for the spread of the virus, and some of those arenas are “testing” the passport.

Cuomo has repeatedly described the vaccine passport as crucial for reopening New York.

“The innovative Excelsior Pass is another tool in our new toolbox to fight the virus while allowing more sectors of the economy to reopen safely,” the scandal-ridden governor insisted.

But before Governor Andrew Cuomo was known for sexually harassing his subordinates, the mass murder of the elderly in nursing homes, or for somehow scoring a book deal that rewarded him with $86 for every copy sold, he was known for shady deals and economic arrangements.

Long before the pandemic, there were bets being taken in Albany over which scandal would be the likeliest to take Cuomo down and send him off to make hand sanitizer for the state in prison.

IBM had a key role in one of the arrangements that at one time seemed likely to bring him down.

In 2018, Cuomo aide Alain Kaloyeros, a Lebanese immigrant dubbed by the New York Times as the "Architect of Cuomo's Buffalo Billion Project", was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for rigging $850 million worth of contracts to Cuomo's donors and political allies.

Kaloyeros had regularly appeared at Cuomo press conferences and the governor had referred to him as his economic guru. The judge who threw the book at him had described him as “the Apple in Cuomo’s eyes”.

Percoco, a top Cuomo aide and close friend, whom the governor had compared to a brother, was sentenced to six years in prison for taking $300,000 in bribes.

All of this sleaze and slime was well known and settled by the time the pandemic arrived and the media decided to spin Cuomo’s disastrous mishandling of the virus as brilliant political leadership, while suggesting that he might have a future as a presidential candidate.

The media not only knew who Cuomo was, they had previously reported on all of this.

The Buffalo Billion Project didn’t make national headlines, but a key part of it had involved Cuomo claiming that IBM would bring 500 IT jobs to Buffalo, an economically depressed upstate city, backed by $55 million in state spending. All it would take is some construction work.

The 500 IT jobs that were supposed to pay over $70,000 a year were as imaginary as Cuomo's leadership. Instead IBM outsourced some dead end minimum-wage call center jobs to subcontractors. Worse still, IBM got a $57 million New York contract to outsource state IT work.

All of this came out to a $110,000 subsidy per job.

That same year, IBM was reported to have laid off or outsourced 4,000 jobs despite $1 billion in subsidies.

The original announcement came with some ass-kissing from Kaloyeros, boasting that "Governor Cuomo's blueprint for job creation and economic growth through targeted, high-tech investment has delivered another victory for all of New York... We look forward to yet another successful partnership with International Business Machines.”

Ginni Rometty, then the CEO of IBM, had declared that, "IBM is excited to partner with the State of New York and the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering."

The CEO of the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering was Kaloyeros.

Rometty stepped down last year, but sat on Cuomo’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Telehealth.

This sort of story has kept repeating itself in New York. In 2019, there was yet another announcement of a $300 million state subsidy for a supposed $2 billion expansion.

And it’s not just Cuomo.

At the end of March, Senator Schumer announced a "historic collaboration" involving IBM that "positions Upstate New York for even more semiconductor manufacturing jobs", backed by federal funding. That’s after a year in which IBM laid off workers in New York once again.

Over a decade ago, IBM employed 130,000 Americans. These days, it employs less than 100,000 Americans, but has 130,000 employees in India. In a 2016 op-ed, Rometty claimed that, "we have thousands of open positions at any given moment, and we intend to hire about 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the United States."

These claims are impossible to measure because IBM has refused to disclose its American job numbers since 2010, and refuses to often even identify the size of its layoffs, but there’s no apparent evidence of such growth by IBM in the United States. IBM’s latest layoffs last year have been reported by the Wall Street Journal using its sources as being in the thousands.

One estimate suggests IBM killed 20,000 American jobs in the last decade for employees over the age of 40, and moved those jobs over to India while violating age discrimination laws.

IBM’s new focus on hiring millennials and firing older workers was partly blamed on Rometty.

New York politicians have been mostly uninterested in these claims while writing more checks and promising another boom in IBM jobs that never actually materializes, but does end up helping out Cuomo’s donors.

IBM claims that its vaccine passport can be trusted, and that personal data is safe with its setup, yet the tech giant provides curiously little information about its arrangement with New York.

The Excelsior Pass is the first major vaccine passport field test in America. It is a system that will inescapably discriminate by personal health, disability, race, and other criteria. It’s an arrangement between a scandal-ridden governor and a company that has played a role in at least one of his major scandals for which no information, except press releases, is available.

Both Cuomo and IBM have inculcated a paranoid culture of secrecy about the most basic details of their operations, while barraging the media with endless press releases.

The public deserves to know the details of Cuomo’s vaccine passport deal. Cuomo and IBM want to control the movements of millions of New Yorkers, but they don’t seem to want New Yorkers to know anything about the arrangement for this vaccine passport pilot program.

The Excelsior Pass will shape the future of vaccine passports in America. That’s why it’s important to know everything about it. And yet the same media that refused to ask any of the tough questions about Cuomo’s mishandling of the pandemic, is now eager to report on his sexual harassment scandals, but still won’t ask any real questions about his vaccine passport.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Prince of the Wokes Joins the American One-Party State

By On April 13, 2021
The Aspen Institute claims that its Commission on Information Disorder represents a "diversity of expertise, backgrounds, and lived experience". To boost that diversity which includes the spectrum of the lefty ruling class of 5 former government officials, 4 academics, 3 left-wing activists, a Googler, one billionaire's wife, and a former morning show host, it added a prince.

Or Aspen’s bio democratically describes him, "Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex".

The commission is funded by Craig Newmark, the billionaire who got rich destroying the media by creating Craigslist, and also funds the Election Integrity Partnership, which accuses conservatives of disinformation, and the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership at Poynter’s fact-checking machine. It goes without saying that Newmark is a Biden donor.

“Disturbingly,” as Indira Lakshmanan, the Newmark chair in journalism ethics at Poynter who commissioned a study about media trust put it, some 44 percent of Americans “believe the press invents negative stories” about President Donald Trump.

Crazy, right? Almost as crazy as Craig Newmark Philanthropies funding a plot to embed 1,000 lefty activists into newsrooms through an organization called the GroundTruth Project.

Why would people not trust a media that functions suspiciously like a disinformation network for a ruling class, and declares that the existence of political dissent is a disinformation crisis that must be censored out of existence using social media monopolies and a royal prince?

There’s something almost too perfect in a billionaire who got rich from a company sued over sex trafficking recruiting a prince to tell the commoners to shut up and fall into line.

But that’s what the American One-Party State looks like.

Big Tech tyranny meets the British monarchy has a happy ending as Silicon Valley tyrants finally find their prince to act as a public face of their campaign to carry on King George III’s fight against the rule of the people, their right to bear arms, and to freely speak their minds.

The diversity of Harry's lived experience and expertise as part of the British monarchy will no doubt contribute to the Aspen commission's fight against "information disorder" and "disinformation" by shouting, “off with their heads” while sticking out his pinky finger.

Disinformation is a fancy way of saying that conservatives post things on the internet that the Aspen Institute and oligarch donors like Craig Newmark don't like and want to get rid of.

Or as the Commission states, the "lawful and ethical means by which the federal government can promote fact-based information to counter the most dangerous disinformation campaigns."

The Feds have plenty of means at their disposal for providing “fact-based information” or, more often, everything from strings of spin to uninhibited lies that would make Baron Munchausen blush like a schoolgirl. The government spends $1.5 billion a year on public relations. And that’s a fraction of the inconceivable total which no one is likely to even be able to calculate.

The Voice of America alone has a budget of over $200 million. Then there’s the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which is a taxpayer-funded effort to spread lefty propaganda. These are dubiously lawful or ethical projects, but they exist, and it’s not what Aspen means.

Or as Lord William Campbell wrote of the American Revolution, "I found the people of this province did not yield to any of their Northern Brethren in the violence of their measures and contempt of all Legal Authority". The embattled colonial ruler pleaded for military support in the "province of South Carolina" and "Authentick Information” from Britain.

The Aspen Institute is also interested in "Authentick Information” and is enlisting the scion of a monarchy against which Americans fought for their freedom of speech to get rid of it again.

Rashad Robinson, a fellow Aspen disinformation commish, heads Color of Change which has fought to censor conservatives, including the David Horowitz Freedom Center, by convincing MasterCard and other payment processors to stop allowing donations to conservatives.

Color of Change not only listed the David Horowitz Freedom Center as a white supremacist organization, it also smeared a black church in Harlem as a white supremacist group.

It’s tough out there when you’re fighting disinformation by lying about your victims.

The Aspen Institute's disinformation commissioners want to know how to "engage disaffected populations who have lost faith in evidence-based reality". They might want to ask themselves.

Aspen, like much of the lefty media and the non-profit complex, keeps shouting there’s an information crisis. But the problem isn’t information, it’s trust. Lefties radicalized institutions and turned them into echo chambers with less interest in the facts, and “evidence-based reality” than Hunter S. Thompson on mescaline, typing frantically while trapped at a Bunuel film festival.

In a few months, Governor Cuomo went from a hero to a villain, not because anything he did changed, but because the political agendas of the media required a new narrative. The external reality of an objective world has very little to do with any of the lies and hate campaigns. A mass murderer can go from a hero to a monster and, in a few months can become a hero again.

Why would anyone in their right mind trust institutions that specialize in creating horrifyingly ugly hyphenated compound words like “evidence-based” to mean that their complete detachment from truth, facts, or reality in pursuit of a political agenda is somehow factual or scientific.

It’s bad enough that the ruling class lies and censors, but its crimes against language and meaning are especially offensive. Instead of coming out and saying that they would like to censor their political opponents, they create commissions to study “information disorders”. Instead of calling their opponents liars, they accuse them of “disinformation”. Instead of declaring that they’re right, they claim that their views are “evidence-based”.

This is the gibberish of an American radical ruling class that uses a specialized language as bad as anything out of Orwell’s Newspeak. A specialized language can be the mark of a professional class or a ruling class. A professional class, like doctors, lawyers, engineers, does something useful and needs a specialized language to describe the intricacies of its world. The American ruling class likes to pretend that it is a professional class. That’s why it loves donning the mantle of science and insisting that its beliefs are “evidence-based”.

But government is not a profession and the Aspen Institute is not a government of elected officials. Instead it’s a regime of former officials, of figures who belong to powerful Big Tech monopolies, like Google that can choke off free speech, and the Duke of Sussex.

The ruling class doesn’t adopt a specialized language because it’s trying to describe something very complex, like the inner depths of the human heart or the outer reaches of space. The language of the ruling class isn’t simplifying complex concepts, it’s complicating simple ones.

A specialized language that complicates simple ideas is the tool of either fraud or tyranny.

Is it easier to say “Disinformation” or “Lie”? Does calling a lie “disinformation” add anything except making it sound like an authoritative expert diagnosis, instead of an opinion?

The entire “disinformation” agenda is a lie about a lie, and is based around a specialized language that makes its crude ideas seem sophisticated and the work of experts. Calling “people we disagree with” a “disinformation network” makes speech sound threatening. And redefining “fundamental political differences” as an “information disorder” turns a societal conflict into a technological concept while accusing your political opponents of being a “disorder”.

And you know what happens to “disorders”.

Prince Harry made the right move by moving to California. The powers and privileges of the British Monarchy have been narrowly circumscribed, while the One-Party State, as it exists in California, has no known limitations on its power... except possibly the Supreme Court.

Harry is in demand to add that royal spice of noblesse oblige to the repression. America’s lefty oligarchs have borrowed the old motto of monarchy that controlling our politics is their public service. But the actual monarchy was much better at selling the myth of its moral grandeur by dressing it up in the trappings of a royal court. That’s why Craig needs Prince Harry.

Censorship sounds better with class, and tyranny with tea goes better than another commission.

The American One-Party State is an underwhelming collection of Big Tech billionaires, activists, and celebrities whom few Americans have any interest in worshiping or obeying. After the American Revolution had been fought and won, there was speculation that the new country would have to find a monarch from some royal dynasty to provide a government figurehead.

But Americans did not want a king. The wokies however have finally found their prince.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Biden’s Anti-Israel 'Point Man' Behind Plan to Fund Terrorists

By On April 12, 2021
“I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada,” Hady Amr wrote a year after September 11 while working with an anti-Israel group.

A few years later, the Beirut-born extremist had become an advisor on Muslim relations to the World Economic Forum before heading up Brookings' Doha Center for Qatar. The tiny Islamic tyranny is allied with Iran, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a backer of Hamas.

The Obama administration appointed Amr as the Deputy Head of USAID's Middle East Bureau which put him in a key position to direct taxpayer money from an organization already notorious for funding pro-terrorist and anti-Israel groups.

A decade after Amr had responded to the death of a Hamas leader by ranting that "there will be thousands who will seek to avenge these brutal murders of innocents", the Obama administration made him a Deputy to its Special Envoy for Israeli Palestinian negotiations.

Amr decamped back to Brookings during the Trump administration, becoming one of Biden’s big bundlers, joining his transition team and getting picked as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. Within two decades of praising the intifada against Israel and a decade of working for a think-tank deeply compromised by its pro-Hamas regime sponsor, the foreign radical had climbed to a pole position in setting the Biden administration’s policy on Israel.

Politico described Amr as “the key U.S. official dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issue.” The Times of Israel called him, “Biden’s point-man on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Biden’s point man didn’t waste much time.

On February 1st, it was reported that Amr had spoken with Minister Hussein al-Sheikh of the Palestinian Authority. Al-Sheikh, a member of the PLO Central Council and of the Central Committee of the Fatah Party, had praised the top terrorist Hmeid family as a "fighting family" whose members had murdered at least 10 Israelis, and promised aid to it.

In response to efforts to get the PLO to stop rewarding terrorists, Al-Sheikh had declared that, “If we have one dollar, we will spend it on the families of our martyrs and prisoners.”

Al-Sheikh described his conversation with Amr as "positive."

In late February, Al-Sheikh wrote a letter to Hady Amr claiming that all the terrorists, including Hamas, had committed to "peaceful popular resistance" against Israel. A Hamas official however boasted that, “the Palestinian voter will vote for those who trampled the Zionists' heads underfoot, and wrote the loftiest verses of victory with their blood and body parts.”

On March 1, Hady Amr and his team delivered their memo, The US Palestinian Reset and the Path Forward, which called for resuming aid to the terrorists, abandoning pro-Israel moves by the Trump administration, and doubling down on building a terrorist state inside Israel.

A militant anti-Israel activist from Beirut was not only defining an anti-Israel foreign policy, but, as foreign policy expert Elliot Abrams noted, the memo repeatedly used British spellings for words like "programmes", “normalise”, and “emphasise”, driving home the point that Americans were no no longer in charge of their own foreign policy even on a simple linguistic level.

The memo's reset "with the Palestinian people and leadership” was advanced by Amr's contacts with figures in the PLO and Fatah terrorist movements, and called for an immediate resumption of the foreign aid pipeline to the terrorist territories, including UNRWA, which has served as a front for Hamas operations, beginning in late March or early April”.

The timing held up perfectly with the State Department announcing approximately $250 million in aid to the terrorist territories in early April closely following the timetable of Amr’s memo.

“Israel strongly opposes renewing funding for UNRWA, an anti-Semitic agency that incites against Israel,” Ambassador Gilad Erdan, Israel’s representative to the UN, tweeted.

Ambassador Erdan was understating the case. UNRWA schools are routinely staffed by Hamas supporters who preach the murder of Jews and Americans, and has produced top terrorists. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group working for UNRWA have used its facilities and signage to transport weapons, and terrorists, and to store and fire rockets at Israel.

The funding is “consistent with who we are as a people. It also happens to be what's consistent with what's in our interest,” Ned Price, Biden’s State Department spokesman, falsely claimed.

The $150 million for UNRWA is crucial to the strategy of restoring funding to the terrorist areas without violating the Taylor Force Act. The law, named after an American veteran murdered in Israel by an Islamic terrorist funded and celebrated by the PLO, banned further foreign aid to the terrorist entity until it stopped funding terrorists. The PLO, including Abbas and his pal, Al-Sheikh, have vehemently refused to stop funding further terrorist attacks.

The Biden administration is claiming that its funding is indirect and therefore not in violation of the Taylor Force Act even though it blatantly violates its intent. But this is an administration packed full of Obama vets who oversaw shipments of foreign currency to Iran on unmarked cargo planes in order to dodge the law against providing money to Iran’s terrorists.

Aside from UNRWA, much of the remaining cash will be funneled through USAID.

“Given the absence of USAID activity in recent years, engaging civil society actors will be critical to regaining trust and goodwill with Palestinian society,” a congressional notification argued.

Why does the United States have to pay to regain the “trust and goodwill” of terrorists?

When Price was asked about a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that showed that USAID had not vetted the second level of grants for terrorist connections, he retorted that it “found no cases of U.S. funding going to parties, providers on the ground who failed vetting."

Of course that’s the point. There was no vetting and therefore there were no findings.

The Biden administration has made it clear that it intends to violate the Taylor Force Act up and down while claiming ignorance, and insisting that it’s not in violation because it claims it isn’t.

And the result will be more terrorism.

According to Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon, a non-public State Department report admitted that the PLO had spent $342 million on subsidies for terrorists and their families. In this non-public report, the State Department admitted that the PLO was funding terrorists, that it had not ended calls for violence, and was not committed to peace, but that the aid would come anyway.

The cash began flowing even before Biden officially took office. The $2.3 trillion omnibus bill Congress passed in December which was sold as coronavirus relief for small businesses, also included $250 million in funding for "Palestinian dialogue and business" over 5 years.

The Alliance for Middle East Peace was the heaviest lobbyist for the pigout. ALLMEP is an alliance of many anti-Israel organizations, some strongly supportive of BDS.

The $250 million will be administered by USAID which already funds anti-Israel groups.

All those millions are a down payment on a bigger set of Biden administration anti-Israel goals.

The Amr memo had also called for, “rolling back certain steps by the prior administration that bring into question our commitment or pose real barriers to a two-state solution, such as country of origin labelling”. These are euphemisms for reversing the Trump administration’s pro-Israel measures such as ending the punitive restrictions on Israeli agriculture and villages.

The ban on labeling products imported to the United States as ‘Made in Israel’ that are grown by Jewish farmers in those parts of Israel claimed by the Islamic terrorists is likely next on the agenda. The Amr memo had also implicitly called for reopening the PLO office in Washington D.C. and a diplomatic mission to the PLO in Jerusalem. Those are also likely to come.

The Trump administration had created pro-Israel facts on the ground, while the Biden administration intends to restore the anti-Israel status quo in foreign policy one step at a time.

After first emphasizing coronavirus relief, the cash spigot has been turned on for UNRWA and USAID. The money and the political support that comes with it will bolster the PLO and advance anti-Israel narratives, including BDS, in Israel and around the world at taxpayer expense.

But the worst is yet to come.

And the Al-Sheikh letter falsely claiming that Hamas is ready to be peaceful is the next step.

In 2019, Amr had co-written an article arguing that the United States should lay "out the terms of a three-way Hamas-Israel-PA/PLO deal now" and "build an international consensus around it."

That would mean the Biden administration and its point man developing a plan to legitimize Hamas, gaining the support of the Europeans and the Russians, and then imposing it on Israel.

Hamas, according to Amr and his co-authors, would offer Israel nothing more than a cease-fire, while Israel would have to “incentivize” by “offering a significant move” on peace.

That means more territorial concessions, including Jerusalem, and freeing more terrorists.

A year after 9/11, Hady Amr, Biden’s future “point man”, wrote that he was “inspired by the Palestinian intifada.” And through him the Biden administration is also inspired by the intifada and its war to destroy Israel and turn it into another Islamic territory ruled by the terrorists.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Biden Spends 4 Times More to House Illegal Aliens Than on Troops

By On April 11, 2021
When the Democrats decided to launch their unconstitutional military occupation of Washington D.C., they summoned 26,000 National Guard troops from all over the country to serve as a captive audience for Biden’s inauguration in an empty city living in fear. Those troops were made to sleep on cold marble floors in the Capitol and later in a cold parking garage. They were fed tainted meat, food with metal shavings and worms, resulting in illnesses and hospitalization.

The bill for this disastrous mess came to $483 million. Nothing but the best for the troops.

As the massive flood of illegal alien migrants poured across the border, some wearing Biden t-shirts, coming to receive the illegal amnesty that he had promised them, they got a better deal.

No cold parking garage floors for future Democrat voters and no food with metal shavings.

Instead, Biden delivered a $86.9 million contract to house 1,200 illegal migrants in hotels.

That’s nearly four times as much money being spent per migrant compared to the total amount of spending per soldier. And since only a portion of that $483 million even went to providing for the troops, the actual discrepancy behind those numbers is much higher than it appears.

In the past, Best Western, Comfort Suites, and Hampton Inn hotels have been used to house illegal migrant invaders. But the Biden administration and its Democrat allies sent 5,000 troops to rest on the floor of a parking garage with only two bathrooms in cold weather.

The Democrats tried to do as little as they could for the troops. Only when photos of soldiers sleeping on the floor in Congress went viral were cots actually provided for them. Then they were banished as an embarrassment, and only when the photos of the parking garage went viral was the order rescinded. Then again, only when photos of rotten food went viral, were there some feeble promises of an investigation, but no one was actually held accountable.

Unlike drug dealers, vagrant junkies, and illegal aliens, the Dems don’t care about the troops.

"The Guard is 90 some-odd-percent male, and only about 20% of white males voted for Biden," one Democrat House member told CNN "They're probably not more than 25% of the people that are there protecting us who voted for Biden.

Statistically, amnestied illegal aliens are going to provide much better voting returns than 25%. Why bother providing for Republican voters, when you can provide for Democrats instead?

The $86.9 million illegal alien contract spends an estimated $12,000 per migrant every month.

Or almost $400 a day.

Even those troops that were staying in hotels were getting $149 hotel rooms. That doesn’t buy you much in Washington D.C. Meanwhile illegal aliens are costing a fantastic $398 a day.

When President Trump brought in the troops to protect the White House from the Black Lives Matter hateful mob, they stayed at the Marriott Marquis for $256 a night. And the illegal alien migrant mobs were staying in Mexico: instead of being dumped in small towns in Texas.

Under Biden, our soldiers get the worst, and the invaders from across the border get the best.

What are the illegal aliens getting for $398 a day? Aside from the digs and the food, there are the social services. It’s their first taste of the generous free welfare system that brought them here. And which they’ll be encouraged to keep voting for, legally or illegally, by the Democrats.

When Bill Clinton took office, there were bumper stickers reading, “There are homeless vets on the street and a draft dodger in the White House.” These days, Joe Biden, who got five draft deferments for asthma despite being a high school and college football player, is in the White House, while soldiers were sent to take breaks outside, and illegal aliens are housed in hotels.

Biden’s illegal amnesty push even included eliminating the term “illegal alien”. You can’t criticise Open Borders Biden for favoring illegal aliens when the term can’t even be used.

"Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?" ABC News' Martha Raddatz asked an illegal alien invader from Brazil.

"Definitely not," he replied. "We have a chance now."

“So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?" she inquired.

"Basically," he replied.

Illegal aliens are a key Democrat demographic. Even when they don’t vote, they prop up the ghost districts that wrongly provide Democrats with legislative seats. It’s why Democrats and their media fought so hard against reforming the census to inquire about citizenship.

The Democrat culture of corruption begins with fake districts, fake votes, and fake news.

Biden and the Democrats know who their supporters are. It’s why they’re fighting for amnesty and it’s why they treat their illegal alien invaders so much better than our soldiers.

The border crisis is not unexpected. It was inevitable.

The Democrats want to pretend that the arrival of the illegal alien mobs caught them by surprise. That’s a lie. And they want to pretend to be helpless in the face of their crisis even while they dump hordes of future Democrats in red states without even giving them a court date.

And when they’re not dumping them in red states in a bid to flip them down the road, they’re spending $12,000 a month to house them, feed them, and take the best possible care of them.

At taxpayer expense.

While millions of Americans are still suffering from the pandemic and its lockdowns, the Biden administration is conspiring to bring infected migrants into this country. While millions of Americans are out of work, Biden is giving away their jobs to newly arrived illegal aliens.

And while millions of Americans had their votes stolen, Biden is giving their votes to illegals.

That’s not just a crime: it’s a declaration of war on America.

Why is Biden spending far more on illegal aliens than on the troops? Because the illegal aliens marching to the border in Biden t-shirts are his real army. They’re the electoral army of a political invasion that is inflicting the will of D.C., Wall Street, and Big Tech on America.

The Democrats built walls in D.C. while shutting them down on the border. A Silicon Curtain has fallen over the free speech of America under the administration of contractors like Amazon and Google. Meanwhile the border between America and the world is as wide open as it gets.

The future of the Democrats isn’t in the small towns and farmlands of America they once claimed. Democrats revile the coal miners and factory workers they promised to defend. They loathe the ordinary working class people and the small business owners who built this country.

In their new Red Dawn, the socialists who imposed a military occupation on Washington D.C. now look to an invasion from south of the border to protect their tyrannical grip on power.

Biden’s army isn’t in Washington D.C. It’s not in any of the forts he’s determined to rename.

It’s coming across the border one vote and $398 a day at a time.

America’s soldiers sleep in the cold while the forces of the Democrat invasion sleep in hotels.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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