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Home France's Infitada: A Circus Without a Net

France's Infitada: A Circus Without a Net

Muslim rioting in Paris continues, spreading across France from cities to small suburbs and into other countries including Belgium and Germany with its own large Muslim populations. Curfews have now been declared across France and there is talk of bringing in the army to stem what is now being called The French Intifada

Aside from the billions in destroyed property, in torched homes and cars, people have been badly injured, especially the elderly whom in true cowardly fashion the followers of Islam prefer as their prey and whom in true cowardly fashion, the French people are happy to leave behind as they flee. A 61 year old man has died of a severe beating from Muslim rioters and an elderly disabled woman had gasoline poured on her and set on fire.

Meanwhile the same media that has shrieked endlessly about Abu Ghraib treating it as the worst crime in human history on par with the Holocaust manufactures excuses for the murderous mobs. To the media women's underwear on the head is inexcusable, but setting senior citizens on fire is perfectly understandable. They're protesting high unemployment rates, the media insist. I've been unemployed without going on a killing spree and if I were to respond to high unemployment rates with a spree of burning, looting and killing, somehow I suspect the media wouldn't be quite as understanding.

Yet at every turn the media whispers its poison into our ears promising us that this is a minor incident and this has nothing to do with Islam. Never mind the video of rioters shouting Allah Akbar, reporters have found a few non-Muslim vandals doing copycat car burnings too. Never mind the uncovered bomb factory, the evidence that the riots are being directed by a centralized organization French authorities have not been able to uncover and rioters expressing distinctly Islamic reasons for the attacks, such as the headscarf ban, cartoons criticizing Mohammed and tolerance for homosexuality. All this we are told will be resolved as soon as France abandons any commitment to equality and implements affirmative action for Muslims on the American model.

The American left blames Bush for the riots. Iran blames Israel. The media blame French racism. No one blames the rioters. No one blames those who poured gasoline over a woman on crutches and set her on fire. When they torch nursery schools and synagogues (though heaven help us when a gas canister accidentally hits a 'holy' mosque) they are only engaging in the class warfare that the left wing media so adore in their delusional self-image as revolutionaries against the established order. The failure to hold criminals, terrorists and murderers to account dissolves a society's moral fabric reducing it to anarchy and leaving it weak and defenseless.

There are lessons to be learned in the burning streets of France but they are not lessons of social justice. But of the eventual fate of appeasement and cowardice, of filling your country with the followers of fanatical religion that hate you and of refusing to hold them to account. And finally of the price of retreat.

Israel hoped to buy itself peace by retreating from Gaza, the French hoped to buy themselves peace by retreating from Algeria. Today the civil war that France had hoped to leave behind in Algeria has followed it back to its own cities. If it didn't work for the relentlessly appeasing French who left a sea between them and Algeria will it work for Israel?

The West hopes to buy peace with appeasement of the Arab street, but how much are they really willing to give up because the ultimate cost will be everything. You cannot negotiate from a position of weakness. Turning to appeasement only displays weakness to an aggressive enemy.

Why is France rather than New York burning, as the left wing pundits who hailed France's opposition to the war suggested. Because where we showed strength, the French showed weakness. Spain and London have been bombed but Al Queda has not executed a single successful terrorist attack on US soil post 9/11. Why is that?

For all the fury that the left and the libertarian right directs at the Patriot Act, at secret prisons, at torture and extra-legal detention of captured terrorists, at the war itself; they work. For all that many would lie to deny it and tidy over 9/11 as an aberration, we are at war and the war continues across the world. The French who doggedly refused to fight it proved incapable of understand that this refusal only showed them off as the weakest link in the chain. France kept its troops at home and the war has come home to France. While US troops fight Al Queda in the streets of Baghdad, French police huddle under shields in the streets of Paris.

While the civilizations of the 7th century rampage in Europe, the civilizations of the 20th century have become lost in the mazes of their own cleverness, confusing their rhetoric with reality and their philosophical constructions with truth and their Utopian socialist codes with morality. We have become so lost that even few conservatives can credibly contemplate the necessities of a war and what it will take to win it as their grandparents had no trouble doing. If the West does not find its way out of this maze of its own liberal philosophies and ideals to realism and nationalism; then the West is truly doomed.


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