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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Absolutely True Story of How Barack Obama Liberated Auschwitz and Saved the Universe

By On May 31, 2008
by Barack Tojo Obama

It was the spring of '43, 1843 and in every American home there was talk of only one thing, the war. Everyone knew that the war was a mistake. FDR had lied to the American people, word on the street was that he had known about Pearl Harbor before it had even happened. Some said that there had been no Japanese planes, only explosives planted on the ships and wired to explode. The rest was faked in a Jewish Hollywood movie studio.

But none of that mattered, we were in the war and every day tens of thousands of young men from Kansas were coming home burned to death. As the son of a housewife from Kansas and a serial philanderer from Kenya, I naturally tried to do what I could to bring my audacity of hope to them.

Every day I would go out and meet and talk with many of the fallen heroes who were returning home to an America that was poorer and had fewer jobs to offer them. An America that was racially divided and in which the OSS had been given greater powers than ever to spy on the lives of ordinary law abiding Bund members.

As a quarter black, half-swede, two thirds Japanese young man still wrestling with questions of identity and doing my best to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather who had singlehandedly won the Civil War for three straight years running-- I knew it was only a matter of time before I was called on to enlist and serve in this unjust and immoral war.

The telegram came and immediately I discarded the last of my cocaine by flushing it down the toilet, donned my dress uniform and reported for duty at Hawaii's Edwards Air Force base just adjacent to Cape Canaveral where the President and his staff were hiding inside Iron Mountain hoping for a miracle. I was to be their miracle.

I met FDR inside a deserted airplane hangar. He was smoking a pipe and sitting in his trademark wheelchair. Besides him was Winston Churchill, old, fat and racist. On his left was Joseph Stalin who had been my godfather.

"Barack," FDR said, "I'll get straight to the point. We want to integrate the army and you're a one man integrated army already. That's why we're sending you to Auschwitz to blow up the oil wells and assassinate Hitler. Or maybe it's Buchenwald or Berlin. Hell who can remember these things."

"Sir," I replied, "despite the fact that I hate and despise this racist country for the crimes of the past, I will volunteer to selflessly and patriotically serve this bigoted white nation. But in the meantime what's in it for me?"

"There's word there might be Jews there and they're a crucial demographic," Churchill said.

"Can I win Florida without them?" I asked.

"Probably not," FDR admitted. "And you can forget about Alaska."

"Alright but for my sixth grade Jewish camp counselor who inspired a love in me for not killing Jews, I'll do it," I told him. "I've got my Leon Uris volumes packed already. But I want two things. I don't want to wear a flag pin and I demand the right to choose my own squadron."

They gave it to me plus all the cocaine that would fit up my deviated septum.

* * *

Choosing the men who would accompany me to Oslo to assassinate Mussolini was going to be tough. We called ourselves the B-Team.

First up was Navy Commander John Kerry who had once conquered all of Cambodia before giving it back to the Cambodians when he realized his mistake. He had a suit of armor made entirely of band aids and Purple Hearts and he frightened small children whenever he walked down the street.

Second I chose Jeremiah Wright, a Marine who was more feared by his fellow troops than by the enemy, because he always pointed his rifle backward while pulling the trigger and was constantly tossing live grenades into our tents as a joke.

Thirdly I brought Obama Girl, even though she didn't know how to shoot and someone else had to do her shooting for her.

Finally I chose Sergeant Rock, a man of unimpeachable credentials, all the more because like me he was an entirely fictional character who didn't actually exist.

* * *

We parachuted into Rome that evening and tried to blend in and look Italian. Using my wide knowledge of languages from my extensive travel experiences, I approached one of their Gendarmes and inquired, "Salaam Aleikum? Inshallah, Wohin is le kontracienon kampen?"

After several glasses of wine, he gave us directions along the coast of Norway. Norway in those days of course was populated solely by Reindeer and atomic mutants. I brought my knife. Jeremiah Wright brought his sermons. Obama Girl said she was busy and couldn't make it. Sergeant Rock was a fictional character and the Reverend John Kerry opened a War Crimes tribunal to judge us all for our crimes against humanity.

We traveled for days and nights through the whiteness of the Alps, which caused me to ponder long and hard on the nature of racial identity. On the way there we met Hitler and negotiated with him without preconditions and I agreed to surrender America.

After that I came home shellshocked and spent 300 days sitting in an attic, snorting FDR's cocaine and writing my biography. I still haven't seen a concentration camp yet.

Please send Superdelegates.

The End

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama, Ireland and Olmert

By On May 30, 2008

Well this week has been heavy on Obama blogging. I realize this is of less interest to readers from Europe and Israel, so aside from a Sunday post or unless any shocking exposes turn up, I think that will be it for a while.

In Europe the fate of the EU is hanging in the balance and so is that of Eurabia. It's an odd twist of fate that has the Irish shouldering the burden to preserve civilization once more. The Telegraph has a good article tying together the troubles in the American economy and the fate of free trade in Europe. If you tend to believe that Soros may have had a hand in creating that weakness, then the picture begins to grow really dark.

We are witnessing Europe's Prague Spring - as my colleague Daniel Hannan puts it - the moment the EU loses its legitimacy. Yes, the system endures. The tribes acquiesce. But the idealism is draining away.

Can anyone really claim that the Lisbon Treaty is rooted in the democratic assent of the French, Dutch, British, Danes, Swedes, Finns, Poles, and Czechs?

We have the spectacle of Gordon Brown refusing to sign the treaty in public because of the potent danger it poses to his Government.

A British prime minister slinks away to a private room to commit Britain to an arrangement that alienates the powers of Parliament - in perpetuity and perhaps illegally - knowing that his people would vote 'no' by crushing margins if given a chance.

How on earth did we arrive at such a sorry state of affairs?

Over in Israel many of the same power brokers are nudging Olmert out and nudging Livni in, to insure that Israel would have the weakest leader possible even as Iran rushes to develop and deploy nuclear weapons while their golden boy, Obama, is being aimed at the Presidency. The pieces are lined up in place and the game continues.

In the Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick has a column on Morris Talansky, a crook that all too many have embraced, because he promises to get rid of another crook. The matter may not be so simple though considering that Talansky is only two degrees of separation from Iran via Chavez.

Talansky cuts a slightly less flattering figure, shows a slightly less idealistic side of his personality, in a New York courtroom. It was to the US District Court in Manhattan that Talansky and fellow high rollers turned when they decided to sue Israel Aerospace Industries for its refusal to sell satellite images from Israeli spy satellites to Hugo Chavez's government in Venezuela.

Talansky and his fellow businessmen own a minority share in the Israeli firm ImageSat. IAI is the majority shareholder. ImageSat sells satellite images from Israeli spy satellites to foreign governments. And Talansky - who cares so much about Israel that he stuffed Olmert's pockets with cash for 15 years - and his associates think it is unfair for IAI to refuse to sell those images to Venezuela. The fact that Chavez is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Latin American amigo, they claim, shouldn't affect their ability to make a buck.

But of course, Talansky never wanted anything but the best for Israel - that is for Olmert. And he never expected to receive anything in return for his concern from Israel - that is from Olmert.

Last week Ma'ariv reported that Olmert had contacted an Israeli diplomat in Venezuela and asked him to expedite a proposed $18 million deal between Chavez's government and ImageSat but the Defense Ministry nixed the deal for some inscrutable reason. Olmert, of course, had only the purest of motives.

And what follows is a useful warning about the real impact of campaign finance laws on the political system. An impact that we're beginning to see in America with Obama and Soros.

FROM A legal perspective, Israel's electoral system was made for men like Olmert. Over the years, the Knesset has passed draconian laws that limit to nearly nothing the legal contributions that donors can make to political campaigns. At the same time, the Knesset has left in place enormous loopholes that permit politicians to raise almost unlimited funds in unofficial contributions, or "soft money."

As it stands, then, the system favors those who are constitutionally disposed to operate at the edge of the law - that is, people such as Olmert.

Since Israel's campaign finance laws were written for angels, and since politicians are mere mortals, most elected officials are vulnerable to scrutiny of their finances. This places the state prosecutors and judges in a position of enormous power over politicians. They know that they can fully expect to find something on everyone if they just look hard enough. And since an indictment suffices to force an elected official from office, the state prosecution has the power to fire elected officials at will.

This wouldn't be too bad if the state prosecution and the judiciary weren't so politicized. But they are. Since justices and prosecutors make no secret of their radical leftist ideological platform, legally challenged politicians like Olmert and former prime minister Ariel Sharon understand that the best way to avoid legal scrutiny is to advance the political agenda of the legal fraternity.

Now imagine Obama given eight years to put his own legal infrastructure into place across the board and the real nightmare will truly begin.

Meanwhile back on the Obama front, No Quarter has been really hammering Obama with the release of yet another Pfleger video and an article describing Obama's close personal spiritual advisor and friend Pfleger as a vicious anti-semite.

Let’s remind everyone that Pfleger backed up Farrakhan in a 2006 controversy over some remarkable Farrakhan bile. Pfleger criticized a mass resignation of Jewish members on a state of Illinois hate crimes commission: NBC 5, Chicago

Pfleger said “good riddance” to the people who had left the commission. “Leave, go ahead and go on out, we don’t need that kind of a spirit or mentality and a narrowness on that kind of commission. I’m glad they’re gone,” Pfleger said.

What was the issue? A member of the commission, Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, was the Nation of Islam’s minister of protocol.

[She] “was under the radar until she invited other commissioners to attend a Farrakhan speech last month. Criticism of Muhammad mounted after the speech, which included references to “Hollywood Jews” promoting homosexuality and “other filth.”

The three Jewish commission members who resigned wanted Muhammad to repudiate Farrakhan’s criticism of Jews, gays and other groups. The Jewish Community Relations Council, representing 46 Chicago-area groups, passed a resolution supporting the three commission members.

Here’s the quote from Farrakhan that Pfleger implicitly supported.

Farrakhan said, “These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood. It’s the wicked Jews, the false Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality,” and “Zionists have manipulated Bush and the American government” over the war in Iraq.

But of course that's only the start of it because fellow Obama faith endorsee and close friend, the Rev Willie Barrow and James Meeks, also both supported the Farrakhan line on this.

It becomes obvious then that Obama is surrounded by not only racists and bigoted preachers, but Farrakhan supporters, making his claims that he has nothing to do with Farrakhan that much weaker. He certainly seems to have no trouble spending two decades in a church that all but venerates Farrakhan.

Lemon Lime Moon has her own take on the Obama campaign, writing,

Rev. Wright influence much? No, frankly I don't think Rev Wright is the problem here. I think the Rev Wright is just the mirror showing us the mind of Barry and Michelle. I do not think Obama learned this at Rev Wright's knee, I think that the church was chosen by Obama as his spirtual home because it reflected his own thoughts and feelings.

At the Keli Ata blog, A Calculated Lie, Obama Trifles with the Holocaust

The prisoners of Auschwitz were liberated not only from the camp but from a certain death (murder.) It all plays into Obama's Messiah complex. He (by way of a great uncle) liberated people from death. It is disturbing that he would abuse the Holocaust in this matter to fuel his enormous ego.

But Obama obviously has no problem trifling with the gravity and magnitude of the Holocaust. So why are some Jews and non-Jews not only supporting him but making excuses for him? Obama is putting his hands up in a defensive stance saying don't touch me, my father liberated Jews from a concentration camp. He's a war hero. He was at Auschwitz. Don't touch me! He wants the same gentleness and compassion one would give a war veteran or Holocaust survivor (or relative of a survivor).

He's saying in one breath--don't touch me my uncle liberated a death camp, while in another breath he's saying love me because my uncle liberated a death camp. If at all true, it was his UNCLE not him. Talk about crying uncle.

Obama's Racist Spiritual Advisors Video Roundup

By On May 30, 2008
This of it as TRL for the crazy racist preachers surround Messiah in Waiting, Barack Hussein Obama.

1. First up of course is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. After all no listing of Obama's crazy racist preachers could be complete without the man who joyously shrieked God Damn America after 9/11, claimed the government created AIDS and blamed Italians like Giuliani for killing Jesus.

Like Obama, Wright was born into the upper middle class and today is well in the upper class. Also like Obama, Wright had a Muslim background which he made the most of by creating a Church that incorporated Black Muslim ideas via Black libertationist theology that was heavy on the race baiting.

For 20 years Jeremiah Wright has been Obama's close personal friend and spiritual advisor. Obama's family goes to Wright's church, Trinity, and Obama lifted "The Audacity of Hope" from Wright's sermons.

When videos like this first went national, Obama tried to dance around them with a convoluted speech about how all of America was racist anyway so Wright's crazy hate didn't matter. Then when Wright put his own interests above Obama's by going on a speaking tour when he was supposed to stay out of the spotlight, Obama coldly cut him loose.

2. I began covering the Michael Pfleger and Obama connection back in March before most. Pfleger slowly hit the big blogger radar with stories on him at Michelle Malkin's and a few others but the furor quickly died down. Now with the release of new videos, the Pfleger story hit ABC news and hit the big time.

Here via No Quarter is the new Pfleger video over at Obama's Trinity Church introduced by Obama's new pastor Moss that got Obama to disclaim Pfleger.

So another of Obama's crazy hatefilled pastors goes under the bus, which is a shame because Pfleger offered hours of easy entertainment. Also Pfleger's love for Louis Farrakhan, along with Wright, made him truly repulsive.

3. Then there was James Meeks, another one of Chicago's racist preacher clowns and Obama personal advisor as well as political backer. And of course another Farrakhan supporter.

We don't have slave masters, we got mayors, but they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able to be educated.

You have got some preachers that are house niggers. You have some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they are going to fight you to protect that white man.

Preach it. James Meeks was briefly featured on the news but never hit the big time the way Wright and now Pfleger have.

4. At number four Obama's current Trinity pastor, Otis Moss, who's going to be the next to hit the big time.

5. At Number five is the Rev. Willie Barrow who's likely to follow Otis Moss. I've reported on Willie Barrow before and while she doesn't seem to spend time hopping up and down like a lunatic, she's a close friend of Farrakhan and another Obama spiritual advisor with radical left wing politics.

She backed Farrakhan's Hate Crimes board member and when other members of the hate crimes commission resigned, she stood by her support of Farrakhan. Willie's Barrow support of Farrakhan is something she has in common with Wright and Pfleger among others.

6. Shara Adderley at number six has no video, but like Willie Barrow, Wright and Pfleger, Adderley is one of Obama's People of Faith endorsees and her rants suggest that she's entirely capable of matching at least Pfleger.

In addition to re-inventing her past, the most obvious new Hillary
Clinton strategy is to use 'Token Negroes' like BET Founder Bob Johnson,
Tavis Smiley, and Magic Johnson to name a few, to attack and discredit
Barack Obama, a tactic which many blacks find additionally offensive,
calling these black Clinton cronies 'sell-outs'. Spread the
word....share the facts. The Clinton's have been conning the black
community for a long time and are NOT what they claim to be. I bet they
go home at night, pour some expensive wine, kick their feet up and just
laugh like crazy about what big black suckers we are. But now, it's time
to prove them wrong !

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mohammed the Mad Bomber and the Cult of Death

By On May 29, 2008
Ever since the West has committed itself to fighting a war on terrorism, it's worth asking, what exactly is terrorism. Critics snidely remark that it isn't possible to fight a war on an emotion and in doing so they miss the point. Inflicting terror on the enemy has always been a significant part of war. From war paint to trumpets to banners and colors to mutilation to atrocities and massacres, terrorizing the enemy has always been a means to break his spirit and force a retreat, defeat or surrender.

What is unique today is that the enemy we are fighting is so utterly incompetent on the battlefield that they must resort to terror as their chief and primary weapon.

Until terrorists get their hands on weapons of mass destruction (a time that may not be too far away), terrorism is simply a weapon of terror. A loosely focused means of intimidating, destroying morale and forcing concessions and retreats without actually doing much good on the battlefield.

Suicide bombing is at the heart of the strategy of terror because it exemplifies everything that Mohammedan terrorists would like us to believe about them. In the cult of the fanatic, the atrocity, the inhuman act lifts the individual above humanity and makes him into a transcendent figure, the martyr or the monster. Both are two sides of the same coin.

By killing himself and taking others with him, the suicide bomber embodies the homicidal and self-destructive impulses of an entire culture. By carrying out an act of human sacrifice, the suicide bomber becomes the avatar for the death wish and death impulse of the entire Muslim world. That the suicide bombers are often disturbed, depressed or otherwise damaged is all to the better, as the pagan priests who served as cult avatars were often mad, their visions emerging from schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.

For the leaders of the terrorist groups though, madness is a cynical pose, much like Khrushchev's shoe thumping at the UN. They are not mad themselves, only hungry for power, and willing to send off those who are willing to die on one way suicide missions in order to intimidate their civilized enemies with the illusion of madness. By cultivating the cult of martyrdom, Muslim terrorists cultivate the illusion of a society willing to die en masse in order to bring down the infidels. But that illusion remains a middle eastern mirage, as can be easily discerned from the mass retreats and desertions after American and Israel victories over Middle Eastern armies.

The myth of mass martyrdom is cynically cultivated by the wealthiest populations in the Middle East and abroad who have no intention of dying themselves. They have two weapons in their arsenal, oil and demographics, one economic and one political, what they lack is a military checkmate, and that is where terrorism comes in.

In cultivating a cult of death, the cult of Mohammed the Mad Bomber, they also cultivate an intimidating weapon of terror that they can always blame on a handful of extremists. A weapon that conceals their own military ineptitude behind a frenzy of fanaticism. Madness is a disguise for their own weakness and inability to win an honest fight, which they compensate for through atrocity and massacres, by transforming a handful of themselves into avatars of death that atone for their weakness with murder.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama's Real Plan for Iran

By On May 28, 2008
On the same day that close foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski accused Jews who criticize Obama of McCarthyism, an op-ed penned by Brzezinski along with his former number two, former NSA Director William Odom, appeared in the Washington Post laying out what is likely to be Obama's real plan for Iran.

As a preview of what the "Nephew/Grandson" of the Liberator of Auschwitz's policy would be, it's both disturbing and ominous. Negotiate with Iran without pre-conditions. Play along with the charade of a civilian Iranian nuclear industry. Turn a blind eye to violations. Remove sanctions. Prevent any Israeli pre-emptive strike against the reactor. Deride anyone who disagrees as paranoid.

It's Munich all over again.

Between the two of them Brzezinski and Odom represent a fair measure of the things have gone wrong in American foreign policy and are the two most vocal advocates for not merely appeasing Iran, but allying with the Mullahs.

As Brzezinski's former number two, Odom is an advocate for immediate troop pullout and for turning Iraq over to Iran. In an op ed titled, What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?, Odom stated that US credibility doesn't matter and we need to just get out. In a more recent article titled, Exit From Iraq Should Be Through Iran, William Odom overtly argues for an alliance with an Iran, writing;

"As a planner on the National Security Council (NSC) staff at the time, I soon realized that restoring ties with Iran, whether in a year or two, or a decade, or much longer, had to be the US goal...

Can it be reached? Yes, if the US is willing to pay the price of dropping its "all sticks" policy for stopping Iran’s nuclear-weapons program. Put plainly, the US has two choices: It can have an Iran with nuclear weapons that refuses to cooperate on many shared interests. Or it can have an Iran with nuclear weapons that is willing to cooperate."

The roadmap that Odom lays out is one in which Iran will make the US exit from Iraq "smooth" in exchange for the US turning a blind eye to Iran's nuclear weapons program. Odom concludes this train of thought on an even more ominous note.

Iran might settle for a security guarantee against an Israeli nuclear strike

It's unclear what such a guarantee would involve precisely, as it is unclear with North Korea, but it is likely to involve disarming Israel. It might involve US forces actively defending Iran in the event of a 1967 style scenario in which Israel had intel about an Iranian impending first strike and had a limited time frame for preventing a covert Iranian launch.

While General Odom is not officially an Obama advisor because of his radical views on immediate withdrawal, which would discredit Obama, but Odom would be part of a package deal with Brzezinski and Brzezinski is one of the chief architects of Obama's foreign policy. The same role he served for Jimmy Carter. And in early April, during his questioning of Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus, Obama attempted to lead them toward the same conclusion as Odom, that withdrawal had to be accelerated by making a deal with Iran.

Brzezinski as National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, helped insure the fall of the Shah and the rise to power of Ayatollah Khomeni. As I wrote back in August of last year;

Zbigniew Brzezinski's plan was to counter the rise of pro-Soviet left wing regimes with a string of Islamic regimes, countering Marxism with Islamism finally culminating in an Islamic overthrow of the USSR (replacing one monstrous regime with another monstrous regime)... In Iran, Zbigniew Brzezinski backed a policy that would support the Ayatollah Khomeni as America's new ally. And when the hostages were taken the United States waited instead of acting because Zbigniew Brzezinski's Green Belt strategy required an Islamic victory in Iran.

To show its affinity for the Mullahs, the Carter Administration lifted a 1978 ban on arms sales to Tehran. The exiled Shah was barred from entering the United States to seek medical treatment. The United States even promised to defend Iran against the Soviet Union. Zbigniew Brzezinski met with the Ayatollah Khomeni's Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan and offered the new regime a strategic relationship with the United States. It took five months before a rescue attempt was made and when Zbigniew Brzezinski planned out the disastrous Operation Eagle Claw it was sabotaged from the start by the chains placed on the operation from the Carter White House.

Today Zbigniew Brzezinski is singing the same song again and delivering the same worn out old Carter Administration policies for a new Obama Administration. Brzezinski and Odom's op ed in the Washington Times reflects the same tired again, a pipe dream that completely ignores Ahmadinejad's radicalism and pretends that any problems we have with Iran are purely the product of our own actions.

The Op Ed implicitly calls for negotiating without preconditions with Iran, a policy Obama has also laid out, before trying to retract it. A North Korea style approach to providing incentives and legitimizing a civilian nuclear power program, a boondoggle that has repeatedly led to North Korea maintaining its nuclear weapons program while benefiting from US aid.

It also calls for preventing even an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear reactor.

Neither a U.S. air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities nor a less effective Israeli one could do more than merely set back Iran's nuclear program. In either case, the United States would be held accountable and would have to pay the price resulting from likely Iranian reactions.

It's safe to say then that the window for an Israeli air strike to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities will close hard should Obama take office and put the Tehran loving Brzezinski into place. Meanwhile, completely ignoring the Iranian Revolution and the ideology of revolutionary Islamic Iran, Brzezinski and Odom insist that US cooperation with Iran will lead it to become a moderate and friendly nation while arguing that the idea that Iran would use its nuclear weapons against Israel is, "the product of paranoia or demagogy".

What we have then is Obama's real plan for Iran. US diplomats will negotiate with Iran for a cessation of Shiite violence in exchange for a quiet withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, likely to be replaced by Iranian ones.

Israel will be prevented from any strike against Iran's nuclear weapons. Part of the negotiations will be to lift US sanctions on Iran and aid Iran's nuclear program in exchange for useless promises that Iran will not pursue a nuclear weapons program. The US may even provide Iran with a Security Guarantee against any Israeli attack.

What will actually happen is that Iran will use its Shiite proxies to seize power in Iraq, leading to an intensified bloody civil war between Shia and Sunni. An American blank check for Iran's nuclear weapons program will lead force an acceleration of nuclear programs by Sunni states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia which are already seeking one in order to counter Iran.

Iran will be emboldened to seize control in Lebanon and generate Shiite terrorist proxies across the Middle East. The result will be a quantum increase in terrorism, regional war, nuclear armed states rising all across the Middle East and the possible nuclear annihilation of Israel and Iran or both.

In other words the endgame of Brzezinski's plan for the Obama Administration would be a disaster, much as his plan for the Carter Administration proved to be, enabling the rise of Al Queda and Iran in the first place and putting into place the first stage of the terrorist problem we face today.

Now Obama is set to recycle the worst foreign policy disasters of the Carter Administration in the 21st century and in doing so destabilize the Middle East, drive nuclear proliferation and a possible nuclear exchange in the region.

All this makes it clear that the Obama Administration is a mistake the US cannot afford.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama and the Jews

By On May 26, 2008
The part time occupation of the part time Jews in the major media outlets for the last week or so has been to tackle Obama's Jewish problem head on, in the same way that major corporations tackle the public revelation their product is fatally toxic to babies-- by shaking their heads, smiling weakly and assuring us that it's all in our heads.

If we're to believe the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the good people at Media Central, the whole Jewish problem with Obama is the result of some provocative emails sent out by Karl Rove in his spare time that unfairly paint Obama as a Muslim to some gullible senior citizens.

"There, there," the media assures these elders, "Obama isn't a Muslim. He's the Messiah come to lead us to the promised land of big government, Cuban quality health care and environmental taxes on every ounce of bread we eat." And on the way there he may stop by the Middle East to lead Hamas to Jerusalem.

"Hasn't Obama said that he's Pro-Israel," the columnists bewails, "how many times does he need to say it." They don't stay to hear the reply that he doesn't need to say it, he needs to be it. For a skeptical profession they seem oddly offended that anyone is taking a politician's statements in an election year with a grain of salt. "Listen to the man," they say, "pay no attention to the Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, Tony Lake, Samantha Power and Robert O. Malley behind the curtain."

Hasn't Obama already fired Samantha Power who wanted an invasion of Israel and Robert O' Malley who was already privately meeting with Hamas, they protest. That just leaves George Soros without whom Obama would be just another junior Senator angling for an entry level spot on a committee, Brzezinski who helped bring Iran and Al Queda into existence and the rest of Obama's radicals, both from his Chicago Wright days and his Harvard period, who are all too full of thoughts on what should be done with America and Israel.

The media which until recently was doing its best to pretend that the only people who could possibly oppose Obama were Satanists or worse yet Christians, has decided to believe that the only Democrats who oppose Obama are the senile elderly, hysterical feminists or rednecks. And the media is sure that once Obama is officially anointed at the convention, they along with the Jews will learn to fall into line behind the Kossacks, just like their ancestors did in Eastern Europe. If not, there's always a cavalry charge.

While the leaders of major Jewish organizations are being called on the carpet by the Democratic leadership and told that they will lose influence and face a major backlash and the destruction of the "Black-Jewish alliance" if they don't get behind Obama right now and leap into action to reassure their communities that Obama is A-OK; the Jewish public's concerns are being poo-poohed by the press which is certain those ignorant folks in Brooklyn and Miami Beach will follow marching orders at the polls as soon as their own leadership does. For now some of the Jewish organizations are holding out for assurances that will no doubt fall away once Obama stops by for a meet and greet over bagels and lox and assures them how much he enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof.

As the ultimate outsider who belongs nowhere Obama has shown a great talent for repackaging himself into a dozen ethnic and racial identities. Obama can be white or black. He can be Christian or Muslim. He can be a wealthy Harvard educated professional or a street level community activist. Like an MC Escher picture, he's a collection of impossibly intersecting levels that seem oddly out of perspective for reasons that aren't apparent until you try to follow his contradictions. With all that in mind, there's no reason that Obama can't also repackage himself as a Jew.

To that end, Obama is already reimagining himself as a Zionist thanks to a Jewish sixth grade camp counselor and speaking of his love for the writings of Leon Uris and Philip Roth. While it's safe to assume that Obama won't be giving any readings of Leon Uris' The Haj, a book that captured with unnerving accuracy the psychological fault lines of Arab culture, he is displaying a talent more worthy of the literary works of other writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald or Theodore Dreiser. The talent of recreating himself into what people most want to see, the gift of the true con artist.

Obama hasn't begun name dropping Uris and Roth out of a sudden love for old Jewish writers. Instead he's discovered a sudden love of the same things that elderly and middle aged Jewish voters who have jilted him are interested in. Like the cynical suitor who studies a girl's habits to discover her tastes and mirrors them to seduce her, Obama has made it his practice to jump in and out of identities and personas. Today Obama is reading Leon Uris. Tomorrow there's a rally in San Francisco and he's reading Amy Tan. The day after that he will be connecting to Feminists by namedropping some Erica Jong. Which selection in the infinitely expandable Obama Book Club best reflects who he is? The answer is none of them. The only thing that reflects on Obama is that he is determined to be President and willing to say anything to make it happen.

Jewish voters are nothing more to him than another breed of cattle to be coaxed through the gates of the polling centers to vote for him. The Democratic party relies on a varied and diverse herd led by Judas Goat community leaders to win office and they're good at managing the herd. Stop by for a pizza in Little Italy, a bagel on the Lower East Side, some won ton in Chinatown and a burger in Harlem. Shake everyone's hand, smile, relate and then slip some assurances and earmarks under the table to the community leaders. The herd sighs. The herd is happy as they led back to the barn until the next milking or slaughter.

In making the choice to break with Obama. Jewish voters are being given the chance to allow a larger moral reckoning to win out over this cheap type of ethnic pandering that the Obama campaign is engaging in. It is not guilt that should motivate Jewish voters to reject Obama. There will be plenty time for guilt after 8 years of Obama have done their damage just as there was after 1946. Guilt is the luxury of those who made an unforgivable mistake. This is the year when we can prevent the mistake from being made. Guilt is the refuge of those who know that what they are doing is wrong but refuse to change. This is the year when we can change.

Obama is not our savior. Obama is no one's savior but his own. As his cult of personality spreads, millions of Americans are throwing reason and rationality out the window to embrace the promise of a one man solution to all their problems. But Obama's background has left him with two poisoned outsider's gifts, a legacy of hatred for America and the ability to camouflage his real feelings to blend in anywhere.

When a nation brings a cult of personality leader to power, it is typically at a low point in its national self-confidence and finds an outsider to rule over them in the hope he will save them from themselves. Just as Hitler was an Austrian ruling over Germany, Stalin was an Ossetian ruling over Russia, Obama is an African Arab with a Muslim background positioning himself for the White House. With a slim record and a campaign built primarily around his outgoing personality, Obama is America's biggest mistake waiting to be made. Let's not play any part in making it.

We don't need to be saved from ourselves. We need to be saved from leaders who think that we rather than they are the problem. We need to be saved from leaders who imagine that disarming America and destroying Israel will make our enemies love us. We need to be saved from leaders who have more empathy for the enemy than they do for the citizens they rule over.

We don't need to be saved by a lifelong con artist with a manufactured biography who repackages himself to appeal to everyone while concealing his real sympathies behind a facade of multilevel marketing outreach. We need to be saved from him and only we can save ourselves from him.

Update: Obama close foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski accuses Jews of McCarthyism and penned an op ed warning against any military action against Iran and even calls for democracy in Iran. The op ed calls for negotiating with no preconditions to provide Iran with nuclear power, the same disastrous approach taken with North Korea, and claims that the idea that Iran would use nuclear weapons against Israel, is the product of paranoia.

I think we have a preview here of what Obama's policy would be. Negotiate with Iran without pre-conditions. Give Iran nuclear materials. Turn a blind eye to violations. Remove sanctions. Prevent any Israeli pre-emptive strike against the reactor. Deride anyone who disagrees as paranoid.

It's Munich all over again.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Tears for Ted

By On May 25, 2008
I'm sure this comes at an unwelcome time when even conservative bloggers are doing their best to make their expressions of sympathy for Ted Kennedy. As gauche as it might be I'm afraid that I have no such expressions of sympathy for offer.

I don't wish him ill, but neither am I going to shed any tears for a man guilty of at least one murder and who freely offered his services to the KGB for own political interests. There are bad men in the Senate and then there are very bad men and Ted Kennedy easily slides into the latter category. That after a lifetime of morbid alcoholism he developed a brain tumor at the age of 76 is not something that should be a cause for mourning. He lived a long full and well off life and he isn't dead yet. Instead he will have access to the best in medical treatments that a politically connected millionaire can afford. And even if he dies he will have lived more than twice as long as Mary Jo Kopechne who died at the age of 29.

It's a safe bet that Ted Kennedy's illness will be a prominent draw on the Obama campaign trail as the dying statesman and Conservatives are playing into his hands by pretending that he is some sort of statesman instead of a morally bankrupt criminal and traitor who is a statesman only by virtue of the fact that none of his crimes, malfeasances or displays of public drunkenness bordering on the downright criminal were sufficient to convince Massachusetts voters to remove him from the Senate.

Democrats may be determined to have Ted Kennedy play the king who dies for his people, one last tragic Kennedy perishing at the ripe young age of nearly 80 before passing on the torch to Barack Obama, the newest honorary Kennedy, but there is no remote reason to go along with it.

Conservatives should not caper around at the news of Kennedy's illness, the way that Democrats do when Cheney is taken to the hospital, but neither should they give inappropriate solemnity or respect to a man who deserves none.

Ted Kennedy's time in office merits no respect. A fatal condition in anyone is sad but there is no particularly obligation on us to feel sad for a man who had a hand in destroying so many lives. If Ted Kennedy wishes to retire from political life, both from public office and political appearances, that would be a dignified closing act, but I expect we won't face that possibility. What we will face is emotional manipulation and exploitation.

I won't shed any tears for Ted. He betrayed his own country and destroyed and even took the lives of those who trusted him. His closing act will likely be one final betrayal as he promotes the rise to power of the most dangerous and destructive candidate for the Presidency in nearly two centuries.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reclaiming Lag Ba'omer as Yom Yerushalayim

By On May 24, 2008

With the coming of another Lag Ba'omer that sees Yerushalayim in greater peril than ever, it is time to look back and reclaim it as the original Yom Yerushalayim, the day of Jerusalem's liberation from Roman rule that failed.

Today that history is barely remembered at all as the days of abstention leading up to Lag Ba'omer and Lag Ba'omer itself were encoded to survive through the persecutions of the Roman era and then were all but lost. The days of abstention around it and the rituals of the day that survive, the bonfires and the bows and arrows have also lost their meaning and become identified with various spiritual ideas.

Remembered today for the deaths of tens of thousands of Rabbi Akiva's students in a plague, this was a means of encoding the truth of what happened, that the plague was a plague of Roman swords. Rabbi Akiva who served as the prime Rabbinic leader of the rebellion against Rome and continued to resist Roman tyranny until his execution, lost tens of thousands of disciples fighting to liberate Israel.

Lag Ba'omer was the original Yom Yerushalayim, the day when Jerusalem was liberated from Roman hands. Arrows were shot into the air by the liberating army in celebration of the day and bonfires were lit in celebration and signal fires went up across outposts and mountains to pass the word. The real Lag Ba'omer in a word was V-E day, a second Chanukah, that was forgotten because it failed that ended with the loss of Yerushalayim and the fall of Betar. In retrospect the Bar Kochba rebellion became the Warsaw Ghetto on a national scale. Jerusalem was cleansed of Jews and turned into a pagan city that changed hands as time went on.

Yet the popular history is in many ways wrong. The Bar Kochba rebellion was not the last Jewish attempt to reclaim Israel until modern times, nor was it even the last uprising against the Romans. Only the last major one. Jewish history was not a story merely of quiet endurance between the fall of Betar and 1948. The heart that beat to reclaim the land was an abiding presence that sometimes took up arms.

The celebrations of the liberation of Jerusalem, the bonfires and bows remained detached from their origins. Among Jews the story of the great revolt against Roman power was encoded as the story of Rabbi Akiva and his disciples who died because of their lack of respect for one another, a not too subtle point on the lack of unity and the betrayals that doomed the uprising. While the Bar Kochba revolt was not assailed by the same level of betrayal and treason that doomed the independent Jewish state in its first confrontation with Roman power, the fall of Betar and the end of the rebellion was an act of treason.

The real lesson of Sefira is not about music, it was about the lack of unity, the willing of some to serve the Romans, to betray their own people, to agitate and undermine, to inform on and spy against their own. It is a lesson we desperately need to learn today. The way forward is in Meron but not because of what is buried there but because of what lives there, the unity of hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Jews from all walks of life, congregating and celebrating the first liberation of Jerusalem, even if they don't know that this is what they are celebrating.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Chavez, Communism, Obama and the Slug Fest

By On May 23, 2008

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (L) welcomes OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla Salem el-Badri at Miraflores Palace in Caracas May 20, 2008.

It's been another long week as the slugging match between Obama and Hillary continues. In Israel it's pretty clear that the door has been opened to kick Olmert out, but that's no reason for celebration, it's been opened by his former political allies to kick him out and replace him with Livni and continue the process of surrendering to the terrorists.

Wake Up America goes into the case for bombing Iran

I would suggest that it's pretty difficult to prosecute any war without getting 'bogged down'. I would suggest that it's the nature of warfare to get bogged down. We were bogged down in Vietnam and Korea, and we were bogged down for four long years in both the Pacific and in Europe during WWII.

Consider this: Had we not invaded Iraq and taken down Saddam we would now be facing two formidable ME powers both feverishly building nuclear weapons capabilities.

If Saddam were still around does anyone honestly think that he would just sit idly by while Ahmadinejad built up a formidable nuclear arsenal next door? Of course not. He was already preparing for this eventuality before we took him out.

Rather than being in a better position strategically, we would be in a much more precarious one. A position filled with even more serious threats than we presently face.In short, taking Saddam Hussein out of the equation has given us a stronger hand, not a weaker one.

Over at a new blog dealing with the human toll of the aftermath of Gush Katif, Let My People Know, comes the story of one girl murdered by a Kassam, the same rockets Israel is being told to ignore.

Ella was a group leader at her local Bnei Akiva branch. On the Shabbat when she was cruelly felled by a kassam rocket in 2005 at the young age of 17, she had just spoken to her ‘chanichot’ (pupils) about the importance of modesty among young women. Walking home with her brother and another of our pupils, Michal, she heard an incoming missile approaching. Without thought to herself, she slammed her younger brother onto the ground and threw her body over his in order to shield him. A piece of shrapnel entered her brain stem and a few days later, she returned her pure soul to heaven.

This year on Israel’s 60th Day of Independence,Yom Ha’atzmaute, Ella’s brother Tamir, whom she so bravely sacrificed herself to save, proudly lit one of the 13 ‘masuote’ (torches) that represent the 13 tribes of Am Yisrael.

At the No Quarter blog, the question is raised of whether Obama supports reparations that makes the case for stealth Obama support for reparations.

At IsraPundit, Bill Levinson who has done a great job of covering Obama, discusses the NDJC's smear of McCain.

At the New Centrist blog, Eric calls for solidarity with the Cuban people, not Cuba.

ORGANIZE a peaceful march or vigil in a public place! Use white t-shirts, candles, and posters and pass out information on Cuban political prisoners and on human rights violations in Cuba to members of your local community!

Lemon Lime Moon writes on the Selling Off of America

It is interesting that the Pennsylvania Turnpike is one of the most historic of super roads in the USA. Its length runs through some of the most nostalgic old places and scenes in America. It is packed with history and memories. That being so, it's lease to a foreign nation is telling and fraught with serious implication.

Debbie Schlussel has an excellently researched post on RINO's and JINO's at RJC which makes for informative albeit depressing reading.

Over at Atlas Shrugs and IsraPundit is more information on Obama's Communist ties

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Madness of Civilized Nations

By On May 22, 2008
"Prison authorities at the Ayalon Prison in Ramle discriminated against Jewish security prisoners on Holocaust Day. Authorities forbade the prisoners to leave their high security cells to attend the ceremony but allowed Arabs prisoners to attend instead. Prison authorities said they refused the request from the Jewish prisoners to attend the ceremony for their own safety."

There is one root moral imperative that must coded into the political DNA of any nation and that is to protect its own survival. Nations whose political classes transgress against this first and foremost imperative are perverted into legitimizing their own national self-destruction. Their rituals, their most sacred memories become symbols without substance and words without meaning. Their greatest national impulses are transformed into a crazed babble, a self-wounding madness. Their altars are shattered, their flags torn down and in their sacred documents defiled by their own doing.

Patriotism, nationalism, the flag, the anthem, the great speeches and banners are all means of promoting identification and sacrifice for that core value, survival. With that allegiance the individual understands that national survival is also individual survival and that individual survival is also national survival. A nation without individuals willing to work for it and fight for it is a hollow house. An individual without a nation of his own, be he Israeli or English, American or Dutch is prey in a world ruled by entities based not on rights but on power with no defense left but money and some fragmentary humanitarian appeals.

The modern State of Israel was founded at a time when even the Western superpowers were approaching the precipice of no longer believing in their own national survival and it suffers from the same infection. An infection characterized by guilt, apathy, fear of action, the political radicalisms of the petty and an elite class that despises the idea of nationhood and cares for nothing more than their own ambitions and their own pockets.

To look at the political, cultural, academic and business elites of first world nations is to see the face of a dog, holding no allegiance to anyone but to their own greeds and destructive impulses. To listen to them is to hear the senseless howls and barks of a courtyard of hounds loosened from the reins and gone mad. The language and beliefs of the left are mad and they have infected the ruling classes of first world nations and compromised them into insanity so that over them madness reigns.

Beneath them the ranks of mid-level employees, the officials and bureaucrats, the managers and teachers, the officers and others who work beneath them and are answerable to them, fall into line. And though they may not understand the ideas and rules they now promote and defend, they promote and defend them with the unthinking reflex of obedience, that vestigial animal organ so often mistaken for patriotism, that has brought them to the station they occupy.

And so a nation goes mad. Madness is a departure from reality that it is both compartmentalized and self-destructive. Like a boat drifting away in the mist, the mad are cut off and drifting away from land. Yet to them it seems as if the land is drifting away while they remain in place.

This is the State of the West today, the political and cultural elites drift away from the land listening to the siren song of the left, but like many madmen they compensate for their detachment from reality with their gifts of language. The greatest weapon of the mad is their ability to draw you into their distorted world through their speech discharged from minds that no longer hold to the moorings of sanity. And so millions of people remain bewitched while still more millions burn with frustration and bafflement that the reign of madness should have fallen over formerly civilized nations.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fiddling about Global Warming while Terrorism Burns

By On May 21, 2008
After years of trying to insist that terrorism was a) our fault b) an exaggerated myth c) kills less people a year than cancer d) would go away if we just apologized to everyone, liberals have realized that the best way to distract from a real crisis isn't to pretend that it isn't there, but to promote a larger phony crisis to distract attention from it while serving their own ideological aims.

If the War on Terror was concerned with the petty deaths of thousands or millions or the welfare of the Free World, the War on Global Warming was to be concerned with nothing more and nothing less than the destruction of the world. Little else could be expected from a cause so heavily identified with Hollywood and most widely promoted through a movie. After all if there is one thing that Hollywood has it's a flair for the dramatic and a talent for distracting people with the absurd.

Forget about suitcase bombs in your cities, the Global Warming industry cries, pretty soon the whole world will be underwater and we'll all have to grow gills and wear sunscreen all day to survive.

Every millennium seems to have its millennial terrors and while Hollywood has stolidly ignored the real dangers of terrorism (except when making box office bombs depicting the evils of the government for fighting it) it has embraced the idea of global warming as the doom of the 21st century. If in the 20th century Hollywood expected us to be terrified of the West's nuclear defenses against the USSR's ICBM arsenals, in the 21st century we're expected to be terrified of non-recyclable consumer products.

"Help Ma, that detergent is contributing to global warming." "Every sandwich you eat kills Polar Bears." "If you leave that lamp on in the morning, the earth will melt in the sun."

Hollywood has been in the business of terrifying Americans for a long time and the crazed towering Al Gore is certainly tinseltown's scariest monster in a long time. But still a conceptual crisis based on the premise that the world will be destroyed under a wave of melting ice for its transgressions against And while Liberal dogma is scary, it has a long way to go before it can outdraw Frankenstein or Osama or even Obama.

But a distraction doesn't necessarily have to succeed to fulfill its purpose. The very focus on rebutting global warming alone diverts energy from the War on Terror and keeps the debate going. The political ideology of global warming doesn't have to win in order to be victorious, it just has to become the focus of our attention. If global warming advocates can keep us fiddling while terrorist groups and terrorist nations are given the time and space to develop and deploy nuclear weapons, they can go on fiddling while our cities burn.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Identity Politics: The Nuclear Weapon of Liberalism

By On May 20, 2008
Identity politics with its accompanying distortions of reality has come to rest at the center of our culture. And at the heart of identity politics is selfishness, the ego. Identity politics is the banner of the self-centered giving rise to a culture of perpetual victimization in which everyone can aspire to the identity of a victim, a martyr of their own narrative.

Identity politics is the nuclear weapon of liberalism, the final blow that transforms history and fact into narrative and perspective, that fragments nations, books and morals into broken kaleidoscopic images reflecting another identity construct.

When people who grew up in a time of certainties wonder what happened to their nation, to idea of right and wrong that had once seemed so clear but is now shattered into splinters-- the answer rests there. Identity politics is the force behind the transformation of objective standards into subjective prejudices. And so today we can no longer agree on what morals are, on what facts are, on whether terrorism or genocide is wrong or whether the planet is warming up or not and what the cause might be for it. And we have identity politics to thank for it.

Stripped of its chameleon disguises, identity politics is simply egotism fulfilled. And the current case in England of Tomato Lichy and Paula Garfield, two deaf parents who want to selectively insure their own child is deaf through artificial insemination reveals just how blatantly identity politics has warped our morals, our culture and our sense of right and wrong.

The argument for allowing Lichy and Garfield to deliberately produce a child who will never hear is that deafness is an equal identity to hearing. By reducing the distinction between hearing and deafness to two competing identities, no different than speakers of Portuguese speakers vs English speakers. This of course is an absurd form of relativism, but relativism is what creates the splintering effect of identity politics in the first place.

Is something right or wrong? No, identity politics, it's a matter of which narrative you choose, what your cultural perspective is. In other words, it's all relative.

But where does that relativism stop? The answer is nowhere. To deliberately cripple a child from before birth is one of the ugliest things imaginable. But is it any wonder that the same people who legitimize female genital mutilation as a cultural choice, can similarly legitimize IVF aural mutilation. Without a moral compass, all we have are competing identities and narratives and who's to say which one is right, the one that opposes crippling children or the one that supports it.

In defense of its prerogatives, identity politics is always quick to call on the language of genocide, eugenics and mass murder, the appropriated vocabulary of the Holocaust which has now become a broad umbrella covering every lunatic postmodern identity construct. So it used to be that preventing children from being born deaf was a miracle of science. Today it is a crime. It used to be that protecting your country from barbarians who want to kill and maim was a virtue. Today it is a crime. This is identity politics protecting its right to fragment any idea, to create unconscionable compromises between those who protect and those who destroy.

Is deafness a culture? When we transform a negative into a positive, in doing so we invert truth in a way that has deep and far reaching implications. When we define a disability as an ability, we do more than compensate for self-esteem, we invert the very definition of what ability is. And creating deaf babies via IVF is the law of unintended consequences kicking us in the teeth.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, the Prophet Isaiah said and he knew what he was talking about. The worst consequence of describing something as good that isn't, is that we lose the ability to define good. And in doing so we can no longer distinguish good from evil.

I might argue that murder is wrong, you might argue that it is right. We both have our narratives and our perspectives. That is where we are today and that is why we are stuck. That is why Obama is being pushed as America's President and the UN as its conscience. We live in an age of compromised narratives where anyone willing to offer to split the difference and moderate is declared wise and looked to for leadership.

Without an understanding of right and wrong, all we have is our instinctive egotistical selfishness on one pole and the sort of blind self-sacrifice for the good of the many that Ayn Rand warned about on the other. Neither is moral but under identity politics, both can easily appear to be.

Identity politics permits the sort of ruthless selfishness that can transform the creation of a child who will never hear a Beethoven symphony into an act of moral courage and social virtue on a par with implementing eugenics for the elderly and the disabled. Both seem like symptoms and signs of a world gone mad yet both emanate from the same source, for the supremacy of identity politics so fragments moral consensus that the only alternative is a nanny state.

And if we cannot decide what right or wrong is for ourselves, there are thousands of ethicists, academics and bureaucrats waiting in the wing to do it for us. To give us that amoral compromise, to decide who will live and die, to divide and conquer nations and societies splintered group by splintered group, to at once pander to the ego of each splintered identity construct while depriving and subsuming the rights of the individual-- leaving us all deaf to the truth.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama is too Old and Confused to be President

By On May 19, 2008
McCain is too Old and Confused to be President. That's the message that Obama supporters are trying to put out and they have a point. After all McCain is clearly old. McCain is an aged 71 while Obama is a spring chicken at the tender age of 46.

Unlike McCain, Obama is unconfused and on the ball all the time.

For example Obama knows that there are 57 states in the Union and he's visited every one of them. Particularly Mars.

Obama knows that 10,000 people died in a Kansas tornado that killed only 10 people. Clearly math was never his strong subject.

At Selma, Obama informed us that his parents met four years after he was born and that his Kenyan diplomat father had a flag draped coffin.

He knows that Canada's Prime Minister is actually a President

Obama knows they speak Arabic in Afghanistan and that there are poppy fields in Iraq

Obama knows that Matt Lauer is really Tim Russert

Obama had no idea whatsoever that his home church and the reverend with whom he had a 20 year relationship was a crazy america hating racist.

Hell Obama couldn't even figure out how to use the voting buttons in the Illinois State Senate

Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago's West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed.

"I was not aware that I had voted no," he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he "intended to vote yes."

On March 19, 1997, he announced he had fumbled an election-reform vote the day before, on a measure that passed 51 to 6: "I was trying to vote yes on this, and I was recorded as a no," he said. The next day, he acknowledged voting "present" on a key telecommunications vote.

He stood on March 11, 1999, to take back his vote against legislation to end good-behavior credits for certain felons in county jails. "I pressed the wrong button on that," he said.

Obama was the lone dissenter on Feb. 24, 2000, against 57 yeas for a ban on human cloning. "I pressed the wrong button by accident," he said.

On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside. Moments after its passage he rose to say, "I'd like to be recorded as a no vote," explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it.

Maybe Obama was just tired all these years and needed a nap. Let's just hope he manages to figure out how the nuclear button and the intercom button works before he blows up the planet while trying to order some Spanish ham.

But don't worry, when Obama's campaign makes a mistake, it's always his staffers who are at fault.

After the Politico raised questions about questionnaire Obama filled out in 1996, Obama supporter Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wa., took to Tucker Carlson's MSNBC Show to say, "He didn't fill it out and he did not support those positions then . . . That was a questionnaire filled out in his first state Senate campaign back in 1996 not by Senator Obama but by somebody on his staff that didn't get it cleared."

Well that sort of thing can happen once or twice, right? Or over and over again. But what can you expect from a guy who doesn't even know what letters he's writing or for whom?

In a March 2008 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times to answer questions about Tony Rezko, Obama was asked about the fact that Obama had told the newspaper in November 2006 that he had never been asked to do anything to advance Rezko's business interests. But the Sun-Times had subsequently learned about a October 28, 1998 letter Obama wrote to city and state housing officials on behalf of a housing project for seniors that Rezko was working on.

Responded Obama: "I wasn't even aware that we wrote the letter. The answer that I gave at the time was accurate as far as I knew...This was one of many form letters, or letters of recommendation we would send out constantly for all sorts of projects. And my understanding is that our letter was just one of many. And I wasn’t a decision maker in any of this process.”

Who does the buck stop with? Not with Barack Obama who barely even knows when he's writing a letter in support of building a senior center on a toxic chemical spill waste site for the guy closely tied to his law firm who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for him. I mean whatdaya expect anyway? He's not a decision maker.

But with all of Obama's confusion and his ignorance of how many states there are and his constant inability to keep his staff from fooling him, maybe Obama is just too old and confused to be President.

At 46 isn't it time for Barack Obama who has had a dignified record of pressing the wrong buttons in the Illinois Senate and a hundred days or so in the US Senate voting Present on many major issues, to be put out to pasture and retire so he can finally enjoy the good life?

Far be it from me to mock Obama's premature senility but it would seem that his age and mental confusion makes the Presidency a too high pressure job for someone with his fragile memory and awareness.

Instead maybe it's time for the Democratic party to let in some fresh new blood such as 32 year old Rep. Patrick McHenry from North Carolina or 21 year old superdelegate Jason Rae. They clearly have the fresh ideas and the experience garnered from years of videogaming to figure out which buttons to press to vote on crucial issues.

If younger is better, than we can certainly do better than Obama. It's time for new ideas and less confusion. It's time for Obama to take his nap and make way for the younger generation. The fact is he's clearly too old and confused to be President anyway.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Consensual Muslim Reality and the Mind of Abdullah

By On May 18, 2008
"Twenty-one-year-old Ramallah resident Sultan Abdullah Sulieman was recently released from the Ofer Prison. He said that during one interrogation session, Israeli soldiers brought an "Iraqi girl" called "Nora" into the room. "Nora" danced "seductively" in front of Suleiman, moving close to him before moving away.

Abdullah (21 years) from Ramallah said that the Ofer prison warders a new style used in the investigation, where the girl who came and entered the prisoner during interrogation, sitting semi-naked in front of the captive and begin issuing the voices and gestures for tempting him and was approaching the degree of contact with her body and then his body."

via Elder of Ziyon

The two things Westerners need to remember about Muslims is that they lie compulsively and that they believe their own lies. Variations of this particular absurdity have circulated through Muslim narratives of "torture" not just in Israel but in Gitmo and around the world. The media tends to ignore it for the obvious reason that it exposes their own "exposes" of torture as absurd jokes. But to the Muslim mind myths of dancing girls sent in to torture Muslims are as real as Korans in toilets or pancake saints or the keys to homes in villages that never existed.

When Westerners process Muslim narratives, they do so by trying to relate to it as if it were coming from people like them. The problem is that it isn't.

America and Europe are far from perfect but some attempt has been made since the Renaissance at arriving at standards of objectivity and accuracy and while they may seem shoddy, they are worlds beyond what passes for reality in the Muslim world where reality is simply consensual myth constantly created and recreated and internally contradictory.

Sultan Abdullah Sulieman (no relation)'s little adventure is a good case study of how this can work. Abdullah indulges in fantasies about girls while in prison, culturally relevant fantasies involving a belly dancer. Since many Iraqi refugees have become displaced and in parts of Syria and Jordan, Iraqi prostitutes have become ubiquitous, Abdullah fantasizes about an Iraqi girl (never mind that the only Iraqi girls in Israel are small and being treated in hospitals free of charge).

Now here's where the twist happens. Since Abdullah has enough religion for these fantasies to create psychological tension and guilt, he forms the fantasy into one in which the Iraqi belly dancer tries to seduce him and he resists her wiles! This gives him the benefit of his fantasies while transforming them into an Islamically acceptable outlet. Finally to explain the whole thing he blames Israel for sending the evil belly dancing girl to seduce him as part of their torture.

This allows Abdullah to transform his sexual fantasies into a heroic resistance against Israeli torture.

Abdullah's case is outwardly silly but it's a crude demonstration of the psychological origin of so many of the lies directed against Israel, America and the West.

Wonder why Muslims constantly complain about the sexual immorality of the West? Go back to Abdullah and the dancing girl and you can understand why the Al Queda terrorists went to a strip club before 9/11.

The immorality of the West is really the perversions within the minds of Muslim men who project that perversion on the West. It's the belly dancer all over again. Muslim countries are some of the world's biggest consumers of pornography. Naturally they project that guilt and the psychological tension it creates back at the West by ranting about Western immorality. With one stroke suddenly they're the "victims" of their own perversions. Suddenly they're the victims of evil Western schemes to entrap them. It's Abdullah and the Iraqi belly dancer on a global scale.

Want to know why Muslims need to cover their women from head to toe and why honor killings happen? Because if Abdullah feels lust for a woman and he can't blame the Israelis or the immoral West for it, he has to blame the woman. And cover her up or kill her.

In the primitive mind such shifts happen easily and naturally and Islamic civilizations may boast borrowed technology and some borrowed culture, but they are backward and primitive.

When a Muslim feels an inappropriate emotion or has an inappropriate desire, it's easier to shift it to a reliable target than to deal with it. Such behavior is not unique to Muslims but primitive cultures are less able to recognize and filter such mental gymnastics.

But let's leave sex behind and take a look at geopolitics instead. Abdullah's country receives Western aid. In Abdullah's mind the elementary emotion of gratitude forms toward these benefactors. Abdullah rejects this attitude as inappropriate because it degrades his sense of self as a member of that nation. Instead Abdullah plays belly dancer again and instead proclaims, "Western aid is only a trap meant to seduce us and we don't want it!"

Once again Abdullah has what he wants, his aid, and he maintains his self-esteem by rejecting it at the same time.

Now let's suppose Abdullah moves to Detroit or London or Paris. He gets an education, he gets a job and he lives every day with the knowledge that the country he has moved to and the civilization he lives among is superior to his own. He can't help but feel respect, gratitude and even awe. Yet he cannot allow himself to feel such emotions for they degrade his own sense of self-respect.

Instead Abdullah proclaims, "Damn this racist country. It only exists to seduce us with false promises. I demand Muslim law. I demand separate seating. I demand apologies and appeasements!"

As the politicians crowd around Abdullah promising him everything will be alright, he gloats on the one hand for his every whim is being catered-- but on the other hand the original cause of his projection is growing even worse. In their generosity the politicians are only driving the knife in deeper and demonstrating the contrast between their generosity and his insolence.

And so Abdullah grows only more infuriated, he denounces each thing they offer him as another trap, each benefit generates another grievance-- for he must prove to himself that rather than being generous to him, they are actually torturing him.

And so Abdullah sits in his cell, in his mansion, in Gaza, in Riyadh, in London and Paris and turns every envy and dream into bitterness and gall. He cannot take what is given to him and he cannot have what he wants, his own self-respect, so he fantasizes about taking it by force, about burning the cities that tower above him, about looting and rape in the name of Allah. And he fantasies about a dancing girl being brought to him and then he fantasizes that he is being tortured with dancing girls, for in the mind of Abdullah, for in the Muslim mind, reality is reshaped to protect one's own honor and the only true torture is the torture of shame.

The West wonders what it can do to live in peace with Abdullah. The answer is nothing for Abdullah cannot even live in peace with himself.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Best of Ron Paul Art

By On May 17, 2008
Lately I've been getting emails and comment spam demanding that I revisit the failed candidacy of Ron Paul, which is somehow no longer a failed candidacy because of the attempted hijacking of the Nevada convention. And since it is late at night and no one is reading anyway, I'm happy to revisit it.


In the far future, seconds from now, when historians will gather around their campfires and herd their yaks together to gaze back across the vast oasis of time at the great religious movements of history, they will no doubt cast their glance back at the great epochal tide of religious movements, Edisonism, Glaucology and of course the Ron Paul Campaign.

Like any great religious movement the Ron Paul campaign has produced no shortage of great art and it is our manifest destiny here to present them in all their glory.

First up from Liberty Editions is the noble and glorious depiction of LibertyLand, the glorious amusement theme park to be created under Ron Paul, whose gates shall be guarded by a Transvestite wearing a torn American flag as a skirt, handling a variety of outdated weapons and accompanied by The Goat of Liberty.

Because nothing says liberty like a Transvestite with a goat.

Also there's a rainbow, because everything is happy in Ron Paul land. This poorly photoshopped masterpiece will only set you back 1,250 dollars. Get one today before none of them are gone.

Next from an unknown source comes this glorious vision of what Star Wars would have been like if Alec Guinness had been replaced by Ron Paul and Princess Leia had been replaced by the Statue of Liberty who had been calling on Ron Paul's services as an OB Gyn.

Some people might find this image symbolic. Others might find it poorly photoshopped. Still others will live with it haunting their nightmares for years to come. Don't thank me. Thank Ron Paul.

This is a gold coin with Ron Paul's head on it. This gold coin can be exchanged for one pound of lard, three pints of marijuana or four Nevada delegates. Like many people who imagined themselves to be Napoleon, it was inevitable that Ron Paul's head would wind up on money. Sadly it was not money that anyone could spend as the mint that turned this out was raided by the Federal government.

Nevertheless this mostly hypothetical gold coin represents the imaginary vestige of the great Empire, Emperor Ron Paul might have created. It is unknown whether the backside of this noble coin represents the Goat of Liberty from the first painting, but we can only hope that it does.

Via a Digg comment, this image of the Ron Paul Revolution symbolically devouring America makes it clear that Ron Paul's candidacy is a myth. A Greek myth.

It's time for the Ron Paul Baby-eating Revolution.

Ron Paul is shirtless and smiling creepily at you. I think that's all that needs to be said here. Clearly loving Ron Paul means something very different to some of his supporters.

Here the incredibly diverse Ron Paul fanbase imagines what Star Trek would be like if Ron Paul had been Captain of the Enterprise dedicated to promoting the gold standard, polygamy and racism.

This picture finally proves that Ron Paul is nothing more than an incredibly lifelike puppet. Which many of us who noticed his artificial smile and the odd texture of his skin knew all along. Here Ron Paul's Zionist puppet master prepares him for an appearance on Face the Nation.

This picture explains the influence under which some these pictures may have been produced.

This is Ron Paul under the influence of hemp. Please help him legalize freedom.

Any more questions? Very well then. May the Goat of Liberty be ever with you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama

By On May 16, 2008

"A Moron says what?"


“Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before... We have an obligation to call this what it is –- the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.” President Bush

“It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 6Oth anniversary of Israel’s independence to launch a false political attack... George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the President’s extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel.” Barack Hussein Obama

"An appeaser says what?"

Meanwhile in the blog roundup, Boker Tov Boulder has a petition to the Presidential candidates on Israel

McCain, Clinton, and Obama need to hear from us that meaningless platitudes and weak leadership won't cut it anymore to make you Israel's best friend. Let's demand strong American leadership that will stop meddling in the conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis. The only path to peace and security for the whole Middle East is to allow the parties to resolve their conflicts without outside interference.

Which is all that's really needed.

Over at the Midnight Sun blog Aurora has more on Obama's disastrous UN Giveaway

The American economy is just about to be hit with a series of staccato hits likely to decimate it even further if Obama has his way. He is sponsoring something called the Global Poverty Act (S.2433) which is going to cost the American taxpayers $845 billion in the form of a global tax on all Americans. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

According to some conservative sources, this disastrous legislation could eventually force U.S. taxpayers to fork over as much as 0.7 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product — or $845,000,000,000.00 — on welfare to third-world countries.

Over at IsraPundit, Ted Belman writes on the whole appeasement situation

This issue, namely the different approaches to national security, has been at the forefront of the debate between the GOP and the DEMS throughout Bush’s presidency. It is only natural that Bush defend his approach and record. Obama can’t bash Bush’s approach throughout his campaign and not expect a comeback.

with some citations from Debka.

The word “never” was inserted in the final version when Kurtz and Ross insisted on the statement being strengthened. What Obama left out tellingly was a reference to “radicals,” namely Iran. By leaving “the world’s leading sponsor of terror” out of his response, he allowed the president to underscore his lack of an organized policy position on Iran.

Obama’s lobbyists, DEBKAfile’s sources report, made a point of talking to most of the American Jewish leaders attending the international conference and asked them to support the Democratic senator’s bid for the presidency. DEBKAfile’s sources heard from some of them that their chief concern is that, if Obama wins the nomination, Clinton’s Jewish supporters will be lost to the Democrats and drift all the way over to the Republican candidate instead of voting for Obama.

Alexander Maistrovoy writes on Drang nach Osten. In the name of Allah! at the Canada Free Press.

Could anyone imagine that in only two centuries Prussia would become one of the main players in the European arena, initiate the two most terrible wars in history and claim world hegemony? However, skeptics would not consider three important circumstances: the belligerence and vigor of Prussians, their support by a boundless Russian empire and the favor of Fortune, whose whims can never be predicted.

If HAMAS gets the West Bank, Jordan can easily be swallowed by the blood-thirsty predator as enlightened German princedoms and liberal cities had been swallowed by Prussia. The result of this will be the creation of a huge Palestinian formation on both banks of the Jordan river which will get in contact with Sunni Arabs in the east of Iraq and the cradle of Wahhabism - Saudi Arabia.

In the south, HAMAS’s success will give impulse to the Muslim brothers in Egypt where Mubarak tries to keep them under control with the carrot and stick. But Mubarak is not eternal, and the Muslim brothers and HAMAS are a Two-headed Ogre.

Israel will come next. The state has been losing its deterrent effect due to “successes” of its own plutocracy and EU Israel-bashing. That’s why it won’t be ready to resist the strong enemy, obsessed by military triumph. Surrounded by foemen it could be torn apart as Poland had been, with the conniving indifference of “the civilized world"…

But it is not the end of story. It is only the beginning. Israel is not the primary target of militant Islamists. They endanger the whole of the world. When HAMAS creates a huge beachhead in the center of the Middle East, the rules of the game will change. It will be extremely difficult to do something. It was quite possible to suspend the rising of Prussia. But it required two world wars, the combined efforts of the international community and tens of million victims to stop Germany.

Over at Magic City Morning Star, Michael Devolin writes on Carter and Democratic Party Anti-Semitism

Jimmy Carter's disdain for the Jews and their Israel is altogether an old and ancient anti-Semitism now streamlined and sophisticated into what I define as "democratic anti-Jewish hatred"- a sort of populistic, politically correct anti-Jewish hatred. This politically correct version is become fashionable and subsequently adopted by Western clergy and academia. The Jimmy Carter version condemns Judaism as being responsible for Zionism, as though Zionism for religious reasons is contemptible; as though such condemnation is perfectly judicious. And subsequently, by force of the propellant inspiration that comes with publicly condemning Judaism and Zionism, these politically correct, democratic anti-Semites feel empowered enough to condemn Israel's Jews for also wanting to return to a land that was once theirs but was long ago ravaged from them by Islam's Arab Muslims. But of course, Islam's pilfering of Jewish property is not an issue with these avant-garde idealists.

Lemon Lime Moon writes on American aid to the world and the lack of reciprocity

The US has given over $328 BILLION dollars in money for food and aid to foreign nations this past year.Just that year alone! Add that up over generations.

Saudi Arabia, that bastian of kindliness and saintliness has earned over 164 Billion dollars this year in oil revenues. They have given NO AID to Myanmar, the nation whose thug government refuses to aid its people who are now devastated by cyclones.

That other bastian of wonderfulness, the Opec Nations, who raked in $674.7 billion this past year alone , have donated a whopping $50,000. to the beleagured people of Myanmar. How generous of them. I hope they can spare it.

Such is the human kindness and love of the nations of the earth.

Over at the Keli Ata blog a piece on Obama, Rebel Without a Cause

Obama isn't struggling internally with who he is. He may be attending a "Christian" church but the values he's expressed are Muslim. He demonstrated disloyalty to the United States. His pastor has stated "god damn America."

If the reluctance of white working class voters to embrace Obama were as simple as his not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance you could write it off as racism or an over-suspiciousness.

No. It's an entire constellation of factors that has people suspicious about Obama. In fact, they're not confused about WHO he is. They already know. Perhaps unable to clearly put a finger on it but this entire constellation of factors makes it clear that he is anti-American, Pro-Arab, racist, and more Muslim than Christian.


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