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Home Europe replaced the Jews with 20 Million Arabs

Europe replaced the Jews with 20 Million Arabs

The Europeans Replaced Their Jews with 20 Million Arabs

This article was written by Sebastian Villa Rodriguez in one of Spain's newspapers

"I walked along the streets of Barcelona when suddenly the horrible truth hit me. Europe died together with Auschwitz. We killed 6 million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned an entire culture of intelligence, talent and creativity. We annihilated these brilliant people, truly brilliant and grand people, who helped change the face of this earth. The contribution these people made in all phases of our life such as: science, art, international trading and especially providing this world with a conscience. These are the kind of people we burnt.

And, under the illusion of the need to be more tolerant, we had the desire to prove to ourselves that we are healed from our prejudices, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims who brought unto us stupidity and ignorance, religious zealotry and impatience, crime and poverty, all which stem from their lack of ambition to work and support their families, honorably.

They turned our beautiful cities of Spain into a third world country, drenched in filth and crime. Locked in their dwellings which were given to them by the European governments, they confer secretly and plan acts of murder and destruction against their naive hosts.

Thus... to our shame, we traded a culture for fanaticism and hatred, traded the ability to create for the ability to destroy, intelligence for primitive thinking and superstition. We traded the desire for peace of Europe's Jewry and their talents and their continued hope for a better future for their children and love for life with all their might since life is their sanctification. We traded it all for the pursuers of death, people who wish death upon themselves and others, who wish death upon our children and theirs. What a terrible mistake this miserable continent has made."

hat tip: Yitz


  1. Anonymous13/11/05

    Good propaganda buddy! Listen to this maybe you can sleep better:
    My father is Muslim, my mother is Jewish. I found your words inappropriate and false, you tend to use what happened in France to deliver a poor message! A false message! I imagine you leaving in your secured house with a lot of guard around! But hey, those people are not as lucky as you are! I am not leaving in France actually, and I am not an immigrant like them or you! I am leaving in my own country! And this make thinks easier for me! Think about it!

    Iai-la tov

  2. Anonymous13/11/05

    I feel very sorry for your mother then,

    what happened in france is beginning to happen all across Europe, in Belgium and Germany as well and that's just the beginning

    I don't live in a secured guarded house, I live in a country where terrorism is still fought rather than surrendered to

    and that's the key difference

  3. Anonymous14/11/05

    Your poor mother!!!
    What is happening in France is typical muslim behavior. Dont try to hide anonymous you know it is the truth.
    you cant even spell Laila tov correctly and you *leave* in your own country?
    get a life

  4. Anonymous14/11/05

    I have tried but was unable to track down the original article. I have also tried to google Sebastian Villa Rodriguez and came up with nothing.
    Can someone provide any info on him or the paper where this was written?

  5. Anonymous15/11/05

    Well, to me, this was an amazingly beautiful piece. I have just sent it to a bunch of Catholics with whom I am currently engaged in trying to communicate.
    Thank you Sultan Knish for bringing it to our attention.
    In regards to the first commentator, did he mean that he is telling us to "leave" our secure homes? And is he "leaving" his own country? - And over just this one little article? Seems rather impulsive to me! He needs to get to the Mikva, and get himself a good rabbi.
    And Sultan, it would be great if you could post the pictue of the Giant Echizen Jelly Fish, literally big as washing machines, currently a plague in Japan. Will that teach them not to finance terrorism against Israel, as the earthquakes [more yesterday] did not? Or will they continue until they are washed into the sea?
    I have not yet figured out how to cut and paste into Internet blogs.
    In Faith,Elisheva

  6. Anonymous29/11/05

    I couldn't agree with the article more,.. I am neither Jewish or Muslim, but the twisted Muslim faith sickens me. I live the the US and was In DC when it was hit on 911. I will not forget, and I will not forgive. All religious fanaticism is bad, but the Muslims are the worst this planet has ever produced.

  7. Anonymous29/1/06

    I am not a Jew, I am Roman Catholic, living in California. Yet, I agree with the article, Europe has become a breeding ground for Muslim extremists.
    This is not to say that all Muslims are bad, because they are not. But it is a shame that the Muslims are well on their way to taking over Europe. I recently read a report that in Holland, new rules dictate that school children are no longer allowed to wear patriotic clothing. Yes, they are not allowed to wear a shirt, jacket, or hat with their own nations flag on it. Why? They don't want to offend the immigrants (Arabs). Yes, It has become that bad in Europe! I will always support Israel and the Jewish faith in general. I have alot of respect for these people in all of their struggles. Regards, Martin

  8. Anonymous3/7/06

    An astounding piece of journalism. Rodriguez is a man with a rare and piercing insight for the truth. I'm going to print this off and keep it on my wall! On a seperate note - thanks for your support of the Jewish people Martin - Don't worry though - things will eventually be put right and good will triumph over evil. Keep the faith. Regards Sam.


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