Home Conspiracy Fairy on the Loose.
Home Conspiracy Fairy on the Loose.

Conspiracy Fairy on the Loose.

The conspiracy fairy, Fairy Foompha, has been spotted hovering around the Sultan Knish blog for the last few days. As a public service I have volunteered to capture said fairy and send her back to fairyland once and for all!!!!

This photo, which can be viewed in the original in any U.S. Post Office, is an accurate portrayal of her insidious countenance. Notice the large eyes and bottle thick spectacles through which she sees her distorted world view! Note the curled toes, which denote her glee at finding conspiracy everywhere and in accusing others of being part of it!!!

Take particular note of the ears nestled to the back of the head in the curly green hair. These ears are quick to pick up on gossip. Foompha majored in lashon hara and rechilus in Herb's College of Wizardry and Magic.

You will see in her hand the magic wand with which she transforms simple things into the convoluted and ridiculous. The jutting bottom lip which tell of determination to find something wrong with someone, somewhere, no matter how hard it may be. These Fairies are convinced that no one can have an opinion of their own but that it must be fed to them from some sinister origin. Although I am now officially on the case, I ask you, the public, to be aware of her existence and on the look out.

Please report your sightings to me so that we might send her away to Fairyville once and for all.
Thank you, LemonLime Moon


  1. Anonymous23/11/05

    thats one wierd looking fairy


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