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Murder by Ceasefire: Legitmizing Hamas, Forgetting its Victims

On September 21st 2005, Sasson Nuriel, 55 went to meet with two of his old employees from his candy factory. He had manufactured candy and chocolates before he ran into money problems and had to close his factory and work instead as a consultant. The two former employees told him they had a buisness proposition for him and he went to meet them without fear. Sasson Nuriel spoke arabic fluently and had lived and maintained friendly relationships with them for years. Instead he was taken to Ramallah, tortured and forced to make a videotaped statement by the two men who in reality were Hamas terrorists. Then he was taken to a garbage dump, stabbed to death and his bleeding body left among the trash. "It's important that everyone knows who the victim was of this horror: A family man, a working man, who worked with Arabs for years, and accepted them as he accepted all human beings," his wife Ronit Sasson said. "-the people who this are beasts, not people. We dreamed of gro

Putin says Hamas not a Terrorist Organization

[and the international Hamas appeasement watch continues - who will be next?] " Our position regarding Hamas differs from that of the U.S. Russia's Foreign Ministry has never regarded Hamas as a terrorist organization, but this doesn't mean that we approve or support everything that Hamas does ." Russian President, Vladimir Putin

The Talking Points for Whitewashing Hamas

1. Insist that Hamas won the election because of its anti-corruption position rather than because voters supported terrorism and an Islamic state. Granted this is a little like arguing that the KKK enjoys the support it does because of its position on clean streets, rather than its hatred of blacks but this is the talking point being broadcast by everyone from the media to Rice and President Bush. 2. Redefine Hamas not as a terrorist organization but as an organization with "an armed wing," as Bush did during his own press conference. Terrorism is a very real wrong and evil, by contrast the Boy Scouts have an "an armed wing" too that goes target shooting. So Hamas is just like the Boy Scouts now and who can object to the Boy Scouts? 3. Talk about boosting the "moderate elements' of Hamas. Who these 'moderate elements' are and how moderate is anyone in a terrorist organization whose goal is to wipe out Israel and create an Islamic state remains

Selling the Snake Oil of Democracy: Victory for Hamas

In Israel or perhaps in the territory formerly known as Israel, Hamas achieved a major victory. It resoundingly won the Palestinian elections and can now form the next Palestinian government. The President responded with his usual moral clarity to the news. "So the Palestinians had an election yesterday, and the results of which remind me about the power of democracy...And yesterday the turnout was significant, as I understand it. And there was a peaceful process as people went to the polls, and that's positive...I like the competition of ideas. I like people who have to go out and say, vote for me, and here's what I'm going to do. There's something healthy about a system that does that. And so the elections yesterday were very interesting." When confronted with the reality that a violent terrorist organization with ties to Iran which wants to turn the area into an Islamic state won, all Bush could do was ramble on about the virtues of democracy all the

Three Days of Transformation

One of the obvious questions that emerges in this Parsha is why is Pharaoh asked to let the Jews go for 3 days instead of being set free altogether. G-d declares that he has come to keep his word, he sends multiple catastrophies on Egypt and the request is shockingly modest. Merely to have the Jewish people go to serve him for three days. Then the implication is, they will go back. The flip side of the question has to do with why Pharaoh continues to reject and fight against this modest request. It might be understandable that he would refuse to set the Jews free entirely, but to let them go for three days seems like a small thing especially compared to the devastation that Egypt endures. Part of the answer to this question can be found in the differences of the English vs the Religious Hebrew names for the second book of the Torah. Exodus vs Shemos, 'Names.' Exodus is what most people think of when they think of the Jews leaving the slavery of Egypt. Yet this is not the name o

Barry Chamish comes out in support of the Israel bashing crowd

Water finds its own level and so do other fluids. Chamish reposted on his website a piece from Counterpunch magazine praising Neve Gordon as a "a young political philosopher and human rights campaigner," and Jonathan Cook as "an important free-lance journalist." Counterpunch is an extreme far left magazine run by the Cockburns. Its contributors include Ward Churchill who called the victims of 9/11 "Little Eichmans," Edward Said who passed himself off as a Palestinian and boasted of stoning Israeli troops and Robert Fisk who gloated after 9/11 that American troops would find themselves butchered in Afghanistan. It printed Amira Baraka's 'poem' 'Somebody Blew Up America' as a featured piece containing lines such as this. "Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers To stay home that day Why did Sharon stay away?" The Cockburns themselves are rabid Anti-Semites in the Lord

Rembrandt Van Rijn and His Jews

Rembrandt's The Jewish Bride (1662) remains one of his more famous paintings though it was a commissioned wedding painting by the couple themselves in Amderstdam. The painter Vincent van Gogh was so overcome by this painting that he said he would give up ten years of his life just to be allowed to sit in front of it for a fortnight. The sense of intimacy and love that radiates from it is a lasting memorial to their love for each other caught on that moment when they were beginning their lives together. Rembrandt lived in Amsterdam's Jewish quarter and had many Jewish friends in the Sefardi community there at the time, the couple in the painting may very well have been friends or acquaintances. ( Jewish Rabbi by Rembrandt ) "Vlooienburg was, then, not only the center of Amsterdam’s art market and lumber trade. It was also the heart of Amsterdam’s Jewish world. And Rembrandt settled right at its center. Every house immediately contiguous with or facing his own was o

The Eradication of Memory

First they destroyed the towns, dragging out their residents and bulldozing their buildings and leaving what remained for the Arabs to torch and loot. And then even the memory of Gush Katif is being erased. Israel's new maps will stop at Ashkelon and will not depict Gush Katif. The tombstones on the graves of the dead soldiers dug up, have been forbidden to state Gush Katif as being too political. It is a typical feature of dictatorships that they are not satisfied with destroying physical opposition but rewriting history to eliminate them. In the Soviet Union those who defected to the West were never mentioned again. They had ceased to exist. So too under the Sharon\Olmert regime Gush Katif has ceased to exist as its refugees have ceased to exist being ignored by the authorities except when it comes time to jail them or their children. "This is the first time I've had to remove the name of a town from the map of Israel," Chaim Sarbaro, director general of the Cen

Pharaoh, Egypt and the Love and Fear of G-d

At the beginning of Shemos we are told that a new king arises over Egypt who does not know Yosef. Yet shouldn't the more important point be that he doesn't know G-d? The previous Pharaoh understands and refers to G-d. The succeeding Pharaoh whom Moshe later encounters stated that he does not know G-d. So why is it mentioned that the new king did not know a man rather than that he did not know G-d? Further what is the importance of telling us that the new Pharaoh did not know Yosef? Had he known Yosef do we really believe that he would have acted differently and not worked to enslave and exterminate the Jews? Furthermore could anyone in Egypt really not know the story of a slave who predicted a famine, became viceroy, placed the entire nation under Pharaoh's control and reorganized it from top to bottom? When then does telling us that the new king did not know Yosef, tell us? That he had no gratitude towards Yosef. The words used are, Asher Lo Yada Et Yosef. It was not a

Hamas Terrorists get an Image Makeover

"Hamas is paying a spin doctor $180,000 to persuade Europeans and Americans that it is not a group of religious fanatics who relish suicide bombings and hate Jews. The organisation has hired a media consultant, Nashat Aqtash, to improve its image at home and abroad because it expects to emerge from next week's Palestinian general election as a major political force, and wants recognition and acceptance by the US and EU. "Hamas has an image problem. The Israelis were able to create a very bad image of the Palestinians in general and particularly Muslims and Hamas. My contract is to project the right image," said Mr Aqtash, who also teaches media at Birzeit University in Ramallah. Mr Aqtash, who describes himself as opposed to violence and "believing in the Gandhi route", has advised Hamas leaders to change their image by explaining that they do not hate Israelis because they are Jews. "Hamas does not believe in terrorism or killing civilians. But Ariel

Bombs in Tel Aviv, Lies in Jerusalem, War in the West Bank

Over the last two weeks Olmert's government and the Israeli media had been doing their best to convince the public that the gravest threat they faced came from a few Jewish families living in Hevron. A top officer was even quoted as saying that they were much more dangerous than Arab terrorists. Today an Arab terrorist once again blew himself up in a crowd. While Hevron was filled with police officers rounding up teenage girls, there was only one police officer available at the mall to intercept the bomber. The bomber managed to escape the police officer and detonated himself causing horrific devastation. While the police officers were available in Hevron to carry out such important work as arresting a mother with a sick baby for not having proper identification, they were not available to stop an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber. While the government and the media was busy trumpeting the fradulent slander that Jews had cut down Palestinian olive trees, they were ignoring Hamas' el

Spielberg's Munich Has Officially Bombed

With a total of only 34 million, Munich has dropped to 11th place falling out of the top 10 entirely. It has lost over a 1000 theaters and it was beaten out by Cheaper by the Dozen 2, a truly pathetic testament to how low Munich. Falling out of the top 10 in its second week of wide release is nothing short of disastrous. Worse than the 3 hour plus running time or a confused story or objections from Jews; what really did in Munich was Brokeback Mountain. Spielberg had hoped that his movie would be the politically correct star of the end of the year, a time when 'serious' movies are released in the hope of awards and critical recognition. Instead the PC star became a movie about two gay cowboys in love and a meandering movie by a mainstream director with a confused point really couldn't compete. Even the Anti-Israel laurels went to Palestinian director,s movie Paradise Now that celebrated terrorists in a way not even self-hating Hollywood Jews like Spielberg can compete with.

Which is the Real Threat?

While Olmert's corrupt unelected government fights the horrific 'settler' threat. JERUSALEM [MENL] -- For the first time, Israel's military has been given authorization to use live fire against Jewish protesters. Hamas which has murdered and continues killing Israelis holds its elections right there in Hevron and in Jerusalem. Which is the real threat? Olmert's illegal unelected government has surrendered to Hamas and tries to show how tough it is by beating up on girls. While terrorists celebrate, the army is sent off to attack other Jews. This government has not only failed to provide security and fight terrorism, it has tried to cover up for its incompetence and cowardice by provoking 'made for tv' clashes with its own citizens for the upcoming election. "We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous," Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The Targets of Our Own Army, The Aim of Our Own Men

" An Israeli settler is reflected in the scope of an Israeli soldier's weapon in the West Bank city of Hebron on January 15, 2006 ." REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

Pictures of a Community Under the Knife

These are the homes and people who will shortly be forced out and demolished by order of the politicised Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, of a corrupt government of an unelected party. Their crime is that they live near where Palestinian olive groves were supposedly destroyed. Never mind that the groves in question were not destroyed but pruned by the Palestinians themselves as videotape has shown. Never mind that thousands of olive groves were destroyed around Shaul Mofaz's own home in Kochav Yair for security reasons. Truth is no obstacle to the brutality of this regime which does not care about the truth, only about a pretext to wage a campaign of hatred and incitement against them. These are the photos of the people who in the coming days will be accused of wounding and assaulting soldiers, of throwing the usual non-existant 'mysterious substances' in their faces whose nature is never actually clarified. They will be accused of being terrible extremists, worse than the Ar

I will put down my daughter's memorial only when I reach home

Many men carry heavy burdens through life. When Arik Hapraz was evicted from his home, he took with him his daughter's stone rolled behind him. Liron Harpaz, 19 had been murdered at this stone. Her blood had touched it and that night thirteen others were wounded including two toddlers. The stone became her memorial and he took it with him to the temporary tent camps that the residents of Alei Sinai were evicted to. The stone that is the memorial to his daughter he has determined he will only put down when he has reached home again. A memorial website to Liron can be found here

Israel's Trail of Tears

In violation of the law and for demographic reasons driven by the personal obsession of the former general who had become the leader of the country, the government decided to forcibly evict communities of thousands of people from their homes and turn over their land to others. Most of those evicted refused to leave and put their faith in the courts. They signed petitions. They pointed to their industry and the lives they had lived here and the benefits they brought to the country. A minority agreed to an evacuation of their lands in exchange for a small payment and lands provided to them elsewhere. But finally the day came and the army arrived to drag thousands of people, men, women and children out of their homes and transport them away under miserable conditions ending a long series of broken promises. The time was the summer of 1838 and the place was Georgia. The President was former General Andrew Jackson who had once been the staunch ally of the Cherokee he would then obsessively

Spielberg's Munich Disqualified from British Oscars

In a piece of notable brilliance, Munich has been disqualified from the BAFTA's, the British version of the Oscar's, the UK's most prestigious film awards when Spielberg's company sent out DVD screeners coded to Region 1 which European DVD players weren't able to play. Since BAFTA rules ban members from voting on films they haven't seen, unlike American film critics, Spielberg's Munich has been effectively disqualified. This is a degree of competence not unsurprising from a film that adapted a book about a Mossad agent who was really a taxi driver and a compulsive liar, which butchered that one book, which attempted to promote peace and only succeeded in one point of unity of getting both Israelis and Palestinians to tag the movie as worthless; now can't even manage to send out DVD screeners that work with European DVD screeners. After the disintegration and fire sale of Spielberg's Dreamworks studio for a mere 1.6 billion dollars, it may be time for

Special Alert: Sharon Replacement Olmert, Outdoes Sodom

Forget nonsense about Disengagement being for security, forget the lies that expelled settlers are being taken care of. This is a Kulturkampf by those determined to stamp out religious Jews, particularly Religious Zionist groups by any means necessary. Olmert Demands Taxes on Donated Items for Israel's Needy The following article is reproduced from Arutz 7 "Acting Prime Minister and Finance Minister Ehud Olmert demanded last month that taxes be paid on charity items recently donated by American Jews. Olmert's act raised a storm of angry criticism from Israeli and U.S. Jewish leaders, and has also created an unusually tense diplomatic climate sparking claims that trade treaties between Israel and America have been breached. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Olmert made the decision to enforce an old, outdated law demanding a 28.5% tax and an additional airfare tax on U.S. charitable donations to Israel's poor. The donations, which include medical

Save Your Tehilim - There are many who need it more

December 18th 2003 - The Disengagement Plan was first officially announced by Ariel Sharon in a speech at the Herzliya Conference. December 18th 2005 - Ariel Sharon suffered what was described as a mild stroke which doctors and his spokesmen assured the public he would quickly recover from. Save your Tehilim. There are many who need it more. See here and here Poverty is a critical situation in Israel and as was stated on Israel's Channel 10, any civilian in Sharon's condition would not have even been treated as his situation would have been considered hopeless. If we're to say Tehilim for someone perhaps it should be those children who don't have the best surgeons in the country laboring constantly to save their lives but come from low income families and are barely getting through this crisis and coping with the worst of socialized medicine and medical apathy, rather than a corrupt millionaire being eulogized even before death, all the more hypocritically so by those

Selling Munich, Selling Disengagement: Selling Out Israel

When brutal Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausescu was finally overthrown, he was convicted of mass murder, genocide and crimes against humanity and then executed. His close adviser and associate Corneliu Vadim Tudor however not only escaped justice but went on to found his own political party named 'Greater Roumania' based on anti-semitism and nostalgia for a return to the Ceausescu era. He openly denied the Holocaust Tudor was quoted as saying, "This country [Romania] could only be governed through the mouth of a machine gun." One of his former political associates claimed he had a hit list of politicians and reporters to imprison when he came to power and far from being a joke, Tudor pulled in over a quarter of Roumania's vote in the Presidential election. Realizing his image was holding him back, Tudor attempted to transform his public image to make himself more palatable to voters. To do this he hired a man named Eyal Arad. Eyal Arad is Sharon's top im

Police Brutality Against Hebron Jews

In 1929, the Jews of Hevron were murdered by Hebron Arabs and the survivors fled. The area known as the Jewish Quarter was destroyed, the Avraham Avinu synagogue was turned into a goat sty and the area taken over by arabs. The area was then evacuated because of terrorist attacks and stood empty for six years before in 2001 Jewish residents moved in and began rebuilding it. Today those same people were brutally and viciously thrown out of their homes. Women and children were beaten, a 9 year old boy was arrested at the same time as the media trots out the same lies about "mysterious substances being thrown at police officers" by the residents. This is the justification being given for it by the government. "The Civil Administration said that while the land undoubtedly belonged to Jews, the settlers had entered their houses without permission and were therefore being evicted." Jerusalem Post This is the reality of this regime whose leader is being treated for the ho

The Completion and Faith of the Jew

And so eight days have come, each day an added light until eight lights in cups brimming with olive oil shine amber and gold, burn. In the first Chanukah, the first renewing, they must have watched the single light burning wondering if it would continue to burn, hoping and not daring to hope that the miracle would continue and endure. They had won great battles at impossible odds and in the thunder of bow and spear, the crash of chariot and elephant, the triumph of the few over the many they could see the hand of G-d. But it was an intangible hand. A hand that works behind the curtain, that allows men to accomplish what should have been impossible and yet it remains unseen. But in the single flame burning when it must go out, they could finally see the visible hand of G-d. In that lonely impossible flame was the statement that G-d had been with them all along and the same power that made a light inextinguishable had triumphed for them through impossible odds and impossible battles

Winston Churchill Looks At Israel

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." Winston Churchill Under Egyptian control Gaza had been used to shell Israel. After its conquest a few thousand settlers, men, women and children held the buffer zone against over a million hostile arabs with only their bodies and their courage. Their own government threw them out screeching through its media organs that they were obstacles to security and peace and that with them gone, there would be security and peace. They lied. Today from those same settlements, from Ninsanit, from Dugit and Alei Sinai, rockets are being fired on the Negev and the very same places that Gaza was supposed to be sacrificed to develop. "One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!" Winston Churchi