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Why is Islam Afraid of Barbie?

TEHRAN: Iran's Prosecutor General Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi has issued a dire warning about the culturally "destructive" consequences of importing Barbies, Harry Potter toys and more from the West. "The displays of personalities such as Barbie, Batman, Spider-Man and Harry Potter ... as well as ... unsanctioned computer games and movies are all warning bells to the officials in the cultural arena," his letter added. Najafabadi's warning comes almost six years after Tehran launched an unsuccessful campaign to confiscate Barbies. There is of course the obvious reason , she's female. Barbie may only be a doll but she is female and the female is an Islamic taboo. In Islam the female form is an abomination, a neurosis and a source of powerful energy wrapped all in one. Two years ago the police raided toy shops and put black stickers on the packaging of Barbie dolls to hide their bodies. Barbie contravenes Iran's rule that women must cover all bodily c

Our Special Interview with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright

(Pardy) Jeremiah Wright, America's most misunderstood black nationalist pastor, was kind enough to sit down for an interview with us. A.C. Reverend Wright, I'm glad you could join us to explain how you've been misunderstood. Rev Wright: That's right, I've been gravely misunderstood. I've been accused of being unpatriotic. I'm not unpatriotic, I just hate this country! A.C. Glad you could clear that up for us. Rev Wright: I'm so glad to be here! God Damn America! A.C: What? Rev Wright: Didn't you hear, God Damn America is the new God Bless America. Everyone's saying it now. From Islamabad to Cairo to Gaza to Jersey City to the sacred mosque of my brother Louis Farrakhan, they're all shouting God Damn America. A.C: Can you just cut that out? Rev. Wright: It's in the Bible! A.C: Alright, where is in the Bible? Rev. Wright: In one of them big chapters with all the goat sacrificin and the killings all that stuff in Aramaic. A.C: I can see why

Arafat and Mugabe: Diplomacy's Monsters

In Zimbabwe international observers and diplomats sadly shake their heads as the 84 year old Mugabe unleashes yet another reign of terror in order to stay in power. Mugabe has presided over a long list of massacres and atrocities, over the murders of hundreds of thousands, over wars and ethnic cleansing. His latest bid for power is almost mild by comparison to the numerous atrocities of the Rhodesian Bush War, the Gukurahundi massacres, the Second Congo War and the land seizures and while the diplomats shake their heads-- the fact of the matter is that Mugabe is their monster. Mugabe and the long list of crimes perpetrated by him lies not only on the doorstep of his former Soviet allies who backed his campaign of terrorism against the Rhodesian government, but the British and American diplomats who embraced this Marxist thug and insured that he would take power. If the story sounds like a familiar one, that is because it is quite familiar across many of Europe's former colonies in

Friday Afternoon Roundup -

With the final days of Passover now coming up, Sultan Knish enters a second brief blog hiatus for two days. Regular blogging will again resume Sunday evening. As hiatuses go, I would say that one is pretty short. Around the world evil meanwhile runs the same old rat race. Jimmy Carter's Hug Evil tour has fizzled out with criticism from both America and the Arab Palestinian authorities. Carter hoped to show up everyone with an accomplishment, but without access to Federal billions and military pressure, he had to rely to making the rounds of a dictatorship, paying tribute to its murderers, moonbat style, and finally going on his way. This Jerusalem Post editorial suggests that Carter's campaig n against Israel is more about attacking Christian conservatives. Levine speaks of liberals - the Hebrew Bible's calls for justice are too often twisted into anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rants. "Jesus becomes the Palestinian martyr crucified once again by the Jews; he is the one ki

Israel and the Four Sons

The Torah speaks of four sons: One wise, one wicked, one simple and one who does not know how to ask a question. What does the wise son say? "What is this country that God has given us and what are the laws and practices we must maintain to keep it safe?" And you shall tell him that after the land is liberated through Divine aid and the blood of heroes one may not maintain the enemy there for he will surely rise up against you and give you neither. (Numbers 33:55) What does the wicked son say? "What is this labor of oppression to you? Let us retreat from the land, let us abandon it border by border and city by city and relocate somewhere where we may do whatever our heart desires." To you and not to him. Since he excludes himself from the Jewish people, he betrays the heart of his identity and you shall say to him, "It is for the sake of this, that we should enter the land and keep it and serve Him that God liberated us from our exiles and from under the hand o

70 Year Old IDF Ex-Paratrooper Defeats 3 Arab Burglars

70 year old Jerusalem resident Nathan Weil, a former soldier of the IDF Paratrooper brigade with the help of his 68 year old wife drove off three Arabs who broke into his home. Nathan was alone in his own home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Bayit VeGan on Pesach when he heard a knock on his door at 5 PM yesterday and someone called him by name, "Nathan, Nathan." After opening the door he was confronted with an Arab robber who entered his home and ordered him to stand aside. Without losing any time, the former paratrooper stunned him with a fist to the face. He reached for the phone to call the police but before he could complete the call, two other Arabs entered wearing in ski masks. The two assailants attempted to strike Nathan with steel bars they had in their hands but he succeeded in avoiding the blows which did smash a utility cabinet along with the telephone. While one of the Arab burglars attempted to seize him and tie him to a chair, Nathan Weil broke one of his fin

What Makes Johnny Dhimmi Run Away? - Profiling the Dhimmi

We talk a lot about Dhimmis and Dhimmification but aside from the generic yielding to Islam, what exactly does a Dhimmi look like? There's not much point in talking about the average man on the street, bullied into dhimmification by a political and cultural elite. We've talked before about the dhimmi impulse on the left and its cultural impact and we will again. But it's our leaders, the top rank of our nations and civilizations, who have willingly adopted the role of Dhimmi despite being in the power center of mighty nations. Or to put it another way, What Makes Johnny Dhimmi Run Away? A closer look at the Dhimmi leadership will yield some surprises. These leaders of the Dhimmi class and of our own nations and cultural centers are occasionally left wing, sometimes liberal leaning but generally moderate. While their views may seem liberal to us, that's only because in truth they lack any real views of their own. As the left's culture war has continued to push the c

Saviors and Politicians - Saint Barack and the Goracle

Lately it doesn't seem to be enough for liberal politicians to merely run on a political platform, it's not enough to do such mundane things as discuss policy proposals and programs, in place of politicians, liberalism now gives us saviors. From Saint Barack to the Goracle , liberal politicians are no longer satisfied with just dispensing pork and collecting six figure salaries. Now they want to be your savior too. Al Gore has built his post-crazy reputation on promising to save us from a crisis that doesn't exist and that we couldn't actually do anything about it, if it did. Strange bearded men who stand in Times Square wearing sandwich boards claiming that the world is doomed are laughed at... unless they happen to be a former Vice President that is. Saint Barack, with the Illinois State Legislature still wet behind his ears, disdains to run on experience, instead of running for President in 2008, he's running as the Savior of Camelot Reborn or maybe it's Bes

Pesach - The Culture of Life and the Kingdom of Death

With Passover we celebrate the redemption of the Jews from Egypt. What is the significance of this redemption? Was it merely slavery that we were redeemed from? In fact 4000 years before Hitler, Pharaoh had built his own system of genocide for the Jews. Like Hitler he began by accusing the Jews of disloyalty to his own countrymen, he followed this up by building the first work camps for the Jews and then implementing the first plan of genocide to wipe out the Jewish people. Millennia before Hitler, Pharaoh had a systematized plan of genocide in place. The Jews would report to work building his pyramids for him under Jewish foremen and work themselves to death and the Jewish newborn boys would be killed by Jewish midwives. Like the Kapos and the Yevesketsia, Jews would do the dirty work and Pharaoh would reap the benefits. And what did Pharaoh have the Jews build for him? Pyramids, tombs of the dead for a kingdom of death in which the Pharaohs would be buried, eternal rulers of the dead

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Exodus, Hiatus, Good and Evil, The Carter Preview and Prosperity

Beginning today Sultan Knish goes into a 3 day hiatus for Passover. Blogging will resume again Monday evening. But in honor of President Putin, I leave you with the new Russian National Anthem. Enjoy. Meanwhile in the roundup, Mr. Carter goes to Hamas continues to play out, but Carter has done this before. While he obsessively hates Israel and Jews, it's a subset of his larger hatred for America. This is the man who sabotaged even fellow Democratic Bill Clinton in order to keep North Korea on the path to developing nuclear weapons. Even obnoxious Presidents have traditionally stayed quiet after their term was up. Carter has instead become even more maniacal, a disgrace as President, he has become an even bigger disgrace as an ex-President. But Carter's escapades are a preview of what a President Obama would be like... and that's one reason Democrats are scrambling to try and get him out of the spotlight. After all Obama's politics give us every reason to believe that th

Dem Congressman tries to smear McCain on Israel

First we begin with a desperate smear of McCain on Israel. Now there may be valid reasons to criticize McCain on Israel, but Howie Berman's lame smear via Think Progress that attempts to claim that McCain's commitment to eliminating earmarks means he wants to eliminate foreign aid to Israel is so dishonest as to merit its own place of honor at the shill table. Now Earmarks are a major source of congressional pork, they are widely abused and largely responsible for ballooning government spending at a time when the economy is in a downturn. Congress has shown that it cannot exercise budgetary discipline, which makes McCain's call for killing Earmarks pretty sensible. So in response Congressman Howard Berman, member of a party about to put forward a racist with strong ties to radical anti-semites and terrorists and terrorist supporters, actually accused McCain of wanting to cut aid to Israel. Now aid to Israel does not need to come in the form of earmarks. It has bipartisan c

When Birth Rates Collide - Coping with Immigrants and High Birth Rates

An agrarian economy will naturally have a higher birth rate in part because children have a greater economic value and utility in an agrarian economy vs a post-industrial economy, where children can quickly become an economic burden rather than an asset. Third World cultures are likely to be less self-oriented and individualistic while being more religious and traditional and therefore have a higher birth rate. First World countries center around the individual and his or her sense of satisfaction. Consumerism has made satisfying individual needs into a ritual and the individual into the totem idol in the center of his own worship circle. This leaves little room for children and abortion is as much the bastard child of consumerism, as fast food and 300 television channels. Child labor laws have drastically decreased the economic value of children, (except as child actors and celebrities), accordingly birth rates have dropped even in industrialized Second World nations with child labor

Memo to Europe, You're Israel

For every European who ever sat in snide judgment about Israel, who thought things would have been hunky dory if "that shitty country", in the words of a French ambassador, had never existed, I have bad news. You are Israel. In the early 20th century Britain took over and began attracting large numbers of Arab laborers. A few decades later those Arabs combined with some of the existing natives had a manufactured identity as Palestinians, a flag, an anthem written for them by a Greek Communist composer, guns, bombs and Western bleeding hearts on their side. They've spent the intervening period, rioting, looting, raping and killing any way they can. Sound familiar? It should. Israel's Muslim problem pales by comparison to France's 5 million Muslim problem. And Britain didn't simply attract Arabs to Israel, it attracted them to the home country as well. Europe is overrun with guest laborers, con artists, smugglers, students, second wives and the whole bubbling g

Obama's Coat of Many Colors

Like every good con artist, Obama knows that the trick to winning your mark's confidence is to convince them that you identify with them. Except in this case "The Mark" are the American people or enough of them to get him through the goalposts of the Democratic National Convention and the general election beyond, as BHO tries his own 'Test to Destruction' of Abraham Lincoln's truism, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." For now Barry Hussein has managed to successfully fool some of the people some of the time, namely Democratic Party voters. And he did it in true con artist fashion by trying to pass himself off as everything to everyone. To young liberals, he was supposed to be a radically progressive visionary. To old line Democrats, he was supposed to be the second coming of JFK. To rich party elites, he was one of them, a wealthy Harvard and Columbia grad from an academic family. To the working class of Pennsylvania, he tried to

The Virus of Tolerance

Tolerance is the credo of the age, the great rallying call of modern liberalism. Tolerate and be tolerated, they say. Tolerate to all alike. But what are the limits of tolerance? To tolerate is to accept things that are strange or unpleasant to you. You tolerate things that are different from you in nature and expectation. Without a reasonable amount of tolerance, no society would be able to function for long. But at the same time the flip side of tolerance is that to tolerate a behavior is to perpetuate it. If your neighbor plays loud music at 1 o'clock in the morning and you tolerate it for a while, you've given permission to him to continue doing so and getting him to stop will now prove much more difficult than if you had put your foot down from the beginning. And that is the crux of the matter, because there are behaviors that we accept, behaviors that we tolerate and behaviors that are unacceptable. The liberal credo of tolerance though has eliminated two of the categorie

A Pogrom from the Past, A Warning for the Future

The Dinkins administration, Jesse Jackson, Liberal Jews and the Crown Heights Pogrom. Stop me when this begins to sound familiar...and then begin swapping the liberal Jewish leaders of 1989 and 1991 for 2008. Ein Hadash Tahat Hashemesh. NYT 1989: Some of New York's Jewish Voters Reconsider Their Support of Dinkins While many said they wanted to vote for a black man and a Democrat, they said they had become unsure of whether Mr. Dinkins is up to the task of running the city. ''The ambivalence is really strong.'' Mr. Dinkins continues to have his supporters among Jews, many of whom cite his calm and dignified ways; his stands on social, environmental and development issues, and his experience in city government. But some Jewish voters said their early support for Mr. Dinkins and a tradition of voting for Democrats had been undermined by nagging fears about Mr. Dinkins's political associates and concern over the handling of his finances. ''Dinkins is a kind

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Iranian Weapons, Yankees in Space

(Yankees in Space) Well now we know where Saddam's program went but the truth is we knew it all along. There was extensive information after the fall of Saddam that the WMD's went to Saddam's fellow Baathist regime in Syria. It's no surprise now that there is growing confirmation of it, so many belated years later, and ties into the Israeli strike as well. An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday. The media was of course too busy crowing about the lack of WMD's to listen or to ask the question of where Saddam's air force went as well. And all this is way behind the curve when it comes to stopping Iran's nuclear program. The Times of London (at Hot Air ) reports that long range missiles have been spotted in Iran. Anyone wondering why President Bush has been so insistent on missile d