Home Pictures of a Community Under the Knife
Home Pictures of a Community Under the Knife

Pictures of a Community Under the Knife

These are the homes and people who will shortly be forced out and demolished by order of the politicised Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, of a corrupt government of an unelected party. Their crime is that they live near where Palestinian olive groves were supposedly destroyed. Never mind that the groves in question were not destroyed but pruned by the Palestinians themselves as videotape has shown. Never mind that thousands of olive groves were destroyed around Shaul Mofaz's own home in Kochav Yair for security reasons.

Truth is no obstacle to the brutality of this regime which does not care about the truth, only about a pretext to wage a campaign of hatred and incitement against them. These are the photos of the people who in the coming days will be accused of wounding and assaulting soldiers, of throwing the usual non-existant 'mysterious substances' in their faces whose nature is never actually clarified. They will be accused of being terrible extremists, worse than the Arab terrorists themselves.

Meet, Boaz and Irit Albert, the evil extremists themselves. Look around their home near Yitzhar. It will be gone soon.


  1. Anonymous16/1/06

    the government has committed itself to a course of appeasement that leaves it unable to fight terrorism, so instead it turns on the victims of terrorism and tries to pretend they're a threat in order to distract the public's attention


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