Home Barry Chamish comes out in support of the Israel bashing crowd
Home Barry Chamish comes out in support of the Israel bashing crowd

Barry Chamish comes out in support of the Israel bashing crowd

Water finds its own level and so do other fluids.

Chamish reposted on his website a piece from Counterpunch magazine praising Neve Gordon as a "a young political philosopher and human rights campaigner," and Jonathan Cook as "an important free-lance journalist."

Counterpunch is an extreme far left magazine run by the Cockburns. Its contributors include Ward Churchill who called the victims of 9/11 "Little Eichmans," Edward Said who passed himself off as a Palestinian and boasted of stoning Israeli troops and Robert Fisk who gloated after 9/11 that American troops would find themselves butchered in Afghanistan.

It printed Amira Baraka's 'poem' 'Somebody Blew Up America' as a featured piece containing lines such as this.

"Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
To stay home that day
Why did Sharon stay away?"

The Cockburns themselves are rabid Anti-Semites in the Lord Haw Haw tradition. They advertise a book called, 'The Case Against Israel' and carry a leading headline, "Hamas' Victory; The Power of Democracy."

Neve Gordon is a supporter of Norman Finkelstein, author of the Holocaust Industry who advocates a worldwide boycott of Israel and ridicules the Holocaust. Gordon's own articles appear on the Zundelsite dedicated to deported Holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel (who is also a fan of Chamish's) and in Egypt's Al Ahram which routinely runs pieces claiming Jews drink human blood.

Jonathan Cook has also also appeared in Al-Ahram and Al Jazeera too. He has praised Hamas terrorists and wrote a famous op-ed piece in the IHT arguing that terrorism was the only solution for Palestinians.


  1. Anonymous28/1/06

    The Teletubbies stole my marbles! Shimon Peres stole my rubber ducky!

    -- Your ace detective, Barry Chamish

  2. where's the link to this?

  3. Anonymous28/1/06



  4. Anonymous31/1/06

    For an in depth analysis of all Chamish conspiracy theories, go to

  5. Anonymous31/1/06

    Q: When was the last time that Barry Chamish held a job?
    A: When space aliens roamed the hills of Israel (That is, NEVER!)

  6. Anonymous31/1/06

    We understand that Barry Chamish placed an ad in the personals pages of the "UFO News and Raygun Daily"!

    Here is what it reads:

    "Desparately seeking female space alien from one of the better residential planets of Alpha Centori, with no more than 17 appendages. Preferably with orifices no larger than her antenae, photon torpedo skills essential. Must love to watch the Teletubbies. Must not mind dating someone with extensive ties to Neo-Nazi web sites and Holocaust Denier organizations. Wanted to assist me in my remarkable detective adventures in the world of investigating CFR conspiracies.

    -- Barry Chamish, ace UFO detective

  7. Anonymous2/2/06

    So coming out against Plaut who is supposedly against the far-left means that Chamish is pro-far-left?

  8. Anonymous2/2/06

    no but posting a piece from an anti-semitic magazine praising israel bashers is

  9. Anonymous4/2/06

    Why don't I see it that way? I don't see Chamish defending Chomsky. I see Chamish exposing Plaut and Pipes who have repeatedly slandered Chamish.

    Anyway, Chamish, Plaut, you and I are all now waging war on the evil Israeli government and everyone has their own way to do it. We are don't have time to waste criticizing each other.

  10. Anonymous4/2/06

    scroll down halfway to the above link, chamish is quoting an admiring piece from an israel bashing magazine without comment

    as for chamish fighting the israeli government, chamish is fighting everyone who isn't supporting him and that includes the settlers


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