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As Many as 1 in 3 Afghan Refugee Women at U.S. Base are Pregnant

When Biden's Afghanistan retreat first brought tens of thousands of Afghans to the United States without any visas or vetting, officials at Fort McCoy warned about numerous incidents of Afghan child brides. Democrats and senior military officials have denied these allegations, but shocking new statistics out of Fort McCoy raise new questions of just how pervasive this is. When thousands of Afghans first arrived at the military base in rural Wisconsin, local residents in Sparta, the “Bicycling Capital of America”, a small city of less than 10,000, began warning that the Afghans being housed at Fort McCoy were putting a significant strain on their infrastructure and their medical services. I was told that there were as many as 800 pregnant refugees at the base. The number seemed wildly implausible, but now the official number is out. According to military officials, there have been 500 pregnant Afghans at Fort McCoy and, according to a local news report, “the numbers keep growing”.

Wealthy Leftists Demand Poor White Kids in Appalachia be Taught About Their White Privilege

The son of a bank vice president decided to teach about “white privilege” to his students in Sullivan County, Tennessee where the per capita income is $28,429. After he was fired, the media decided to turn him into a victim. “He Taught About White Privilege and Got Fired. Now He’s Fighting to Get His Job Back,” the headlines blared. A GoFundMe for Matthew Hawn by his sister, a principal in the Tennessee public school system, has already raised over $55,000 of its projected $85,000 goal. That’s more money than a lot of the locals in Appalachia would be likely to earn in a year’s time. Sullivan County is 95% white and 2% black. The rate of hungry children in the region is double the national rate and a third of those children live in Sullivan County. At Sullivan Central High School, where Hawn decided to teach about white privilege, 96% of the students are white, 1% are Hispanic, another 1% are Asian, and the number of black students is too small to count. 41% of the students are eligibl

Can Feminism Destroy China?

China’s one-child policy suppressed the birth rate with forced abortions and political terror for a generation. Only allowed one child, many Chinese families chose to abort their baby girls. The deficit of 40 million female babies is now the specter stalking Communist China. China’s aggressive military moves against Taiwan and India are a desperate gambit by a corrupt Communist elite facing domestic social instability and millions of men who can never marry. But while the focus has been on too many Chinese men, it’s the too few women whom the regime is starting to fear. The Communist society is being forced to reckon with the social problem of supply and demand in the marriage market. Women, formerly despised, are now in the driver’s seat, with the bride’s family demanding tens of thousands from prospective grooms. That price is putting marriage out of reach for a whole other category of poorer men. But what really has the Communist elite worried is not the high price of marriage, but

Biden Bans Conservatives and Christians from the Military

In Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country , the David Horowitz Freedom Center had warned that the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group imposed by the Biden administration and headed by Bishop Garrison (pictured above), a racist who constantly accused Republicans of racism for the most frivolous reasons, was preparing to purge conservatives from the military. Now the purge has arrived. The first task of Garrison’s CEWG was to develop a new definition of extremism. The newly added definition, which takes effect immediately, doesn’t actually define extremism. Since extremism is inherently relative to someone else’s moderation, it can’t be legally defined. But the CEWG’s definition was cunningly written to target conservatives and protect leftists. The majority of the definitions are already covered by existing military codes and laws against terrorism and treason. The only real addition here is the final definition of "extremism activities" which inclu

Schumer, Who Accused Trump of Russian Collusion, is Getting Paid by Putin

“A single, ominous question now hangs over the White House: What could possibly cause President Trump to put the interests of Russia over those of the United States?” Senator Schumer insinuated in 2018. Why is Schumer putting Russia’s interests ahead of those of the United States by blocking Nord Stream 2 sanctions on Putin’s pet pipeline into Europe? Schumer, along with a number of other top Democrats, is a beneficiary of campaign contributions from top Democrat fundraiser Vincent Roberti whose lobbying firm was paid over $8.5 million by Nord Stream 2 which is owned by Putin's state-run Gazprom energy monopoly. Roberti, a former Dem politician, has maxed out his donations to Schumer and to Rep. Eric Swalwell, who may have been cheating on Fang Fang with Vladimir, and threw in a generous $171,000 to the DCCC, as part of the over $545,000 donated to the Democrat political machine. The top Dem bundler is reportedly lobbying on “issues related to the U.S. position toward the Nord

Whose Pain Matters - Babies or Child Murderers?

When the Supreme Court took on its latest abortion case, Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied that babies in the womb feel pain. “There are spontaneous acts by dead-brained people. So I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves that there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness,” the 'Wise Latina' coldly contended. Sotomayor’s denial that a baby feels pain was in sharp contrast to her passionate conviction that murderers who kill children experience pain as they receive the death penalty. A few years ago, when Billy Ray Irick's case came before the Supreme Court, Sotomayor was his biggest fan. Irick had beaten, raped, and murdered a 7-year-old girl, but Sotomayor furiously fought for him. "If the law permits this execution to go forward in spite of the horrific final minutes that Irick may well experience, then we have stopped being a civilized nation and accepted barbarism," she ranted. What is barbarism anyway? Is it murdering a child in th

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Can Trigger a Winter of Lockdowns

As the economy melts down, Biden is promising that there will be no more lockdowns. Biden claims that his plan to beat the pandemic “doesn’t include shutdowns or lockdowns". That’s coming from the hack who lied about graduating in the top half of his class in law school, who lied that his house burned down with his wife in it, and lied that he had served as an envoy to Israel during the Six Day War when he was still a law school student plagiarizing papers. Last December, Biden promised that he wouldn’t mandate vaccines. “No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory,” he insisted. The lesson here is not to believe anything that Biden says in December or any other month of the year. Biden’s official plan may not include shutdowns and lockdowns, but that’s exactly what the vaccine mandate he promised not to illegally inflict on the country is set to do. The most common trigger for lockdowns is ICU capacity. When the amount of available beds in ICUs dro

Democrats are Destroying Public Schools. Republicans Should Help Them.

 During the pandemic, millions of upper middle class white parents experienced for the first time the high quality education that minority public students had been receiving for generations. The housing values of America’s communities are based on taxing homeowners to subsidize school systems that are radical, corrupt, and wasteful, but that suburban parents keep on funding because they believe it will prepare their children for college and success in life. The administrators and teachers expect high levels of parental involvement in local school systems and understand that the ungodly sums of money being poured into their systems depend on parents sacrificing to make sure their kids are going to be able to afford to live in the same kind of communities and repeat the cycle of sending their kids to the same schools. The Left smears this as systemic racism, but the only systemic thing is the sheer amount of money and effort that suburban parents put into maintaining schools that fail to

Iranian Terror Group Protected by Biden Aided Him in 2020 Election

In 2007, Joe Biden became one of only 22 senators to vote against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. The IRGC is Iran’s central terror hub, organizing, funding, and training terrorists around the region and the world. Including terrorists who murdered Americans. Biden was so proud of his IRGC vote that he used it to attack Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for being insufficiently pro-Iran, and then brought it up during the Democrat debate. After Senator Mike Gravel defended two of the IRGC’s terror groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, contending, “these people are fighting for their rights”, Biden joined in with colleague, claiming that the “moment that declaration was made, every one of our friends, from Iraq to Pakistan, felt they had to distance themselves from us because it appears to be a war on Islam.” The IRGC clearly appreciated Biden’s support and tried to pay it forward in the 2020 election. Unlike most election interference news, the DOJ’s

The Decline and Fall of Kamala Harris

The end of the Obama era renewed the civil war between the Democrat establishment and the Socialist insurgents. Hillary Clinton, the establishment woman whose loss to Obama had inaugurated 8 years of insurgent rule, faced down a new challenge from the Sanders insurgency. The next round of the fight in 2020 was a virtual draw with black voters choosing Biden and white lefties backing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The Biden administration was a compromise between both wings of the party. Its senior members are establishment while many of their juniors are Warren allies or linked to the Congressional Black Caucus. Biden was a useful compromise candidate because his age and mental condition made him a “one-and-done” politician whose administration would take the hit by implementing radical policies and coping with the political fallout from the pandemic and runaway inflation. Except that Biden, who keeps promising to run again, doesn’t seem to know it. The only member of his adminis