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Kings and Traitors, Crowns and Caliphs

The newspapers are full of reports on how Prince Charles, best known to Americans as a slack jawed yokel, coming to America to defend Islam against America's intolerance. It's not clear what intolerance Charles is set to defend Islam against as every US official from President Bush down has repeated over and over again ad nauseam that Islam is a religion of peace, that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and that only a tiny minority of extremists who are probably Buddhists anyway, engage in terrorism. Prince Charles will be here to rebuke us for our 'confrontational approach to Muslim countries' and 'our failure to appreciate the strengths of Islam', presumably those not involving suicide bombing, truck bombing, subway bombing or any bombing whatsoever. It wasn't long ago that a report came to light about another potential King of England who harbored Nazi sympathies, the Duke of Windsor, whom Hitler planned to appoint to the throne when he had defea

Compacted News Roundup - We Read It So You Don't Have To

(APREUTERSUPI) Harriet Miers, Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, withdrew her nomination due to becoming infected with Avian bird flu. Avian bird flu is expected to claim 600 Billion lives worldwide this year alone as it spreads from dogs to pigeons to cats to Google which some watchfull users claim will shortly be coming out with Floogle, a search engine dedicated to tracking and spreading the Avian Bird Flu virus. It is not clear what possible commercial application spreading the Avian Bird Flu virus could have, however Google is well known as an innovative company. Hurricane Beta continues to menace the Gulf Coast flooding areas as part of a plan by top Bush administration official Karl Rove to strand the crew of Lost on a distant desert island. Rove's indictment seems likely on charges that he brought down the Lost jet, exposed the name of the castmember set to die in an upcoming episode and was responsible for a fit of sneezing by Howard Dean. Iran and North Korea have

Random Bereishis Thoughts

The previous Parsha Zot Habracha ended with the mystery of the location of Moshe's tomb which no man knows. This parsha Bereishis begins with the mystery of creation which no man understands. This tells us how the mystery of death is linked to the mystery of creation and that the same G-d is responsible for both. Also as the death of Moshe moves to the creation of the world, we see that life follows death and rebirth follows a passing. G-d looks upon what he created nearly every one of the six days and calls it good or Tov. To understand what is good or Tov, we need to think what it is in contrast to, namely Ra or bad. The tree of good and evil or the Etz Ha'daat Tov ve'Ra shows us that contrast. What precedes every declaration of Tov is a division. The division of the heavens of the waters, the division of species Min to Min, type to type and the creation of man finally, male and female. Such divisions emphasize that goodness comes from maintaining an order, rather than

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we weren't paying attention then and we're not paying attention now

"We are sure of our victory against the Americans and the Jews as promised by the Prophet: Judgment day shall not come until the Muslim fights the Jew, where the Jew will hide behind trees and stones, and the tree and the stone will speak and say, 'Muslim, behind me is a Jew. Come and kill him...The continuation of tyranny will bring the fight to America, as Ramzi Yousef (the first World Trade Center bomber) and others did.'" - Osama Bin Laden, 1998 "The establishment of the Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world," he said. "As the Imam [the late Ayatollah Khomeini] said, 'Israel must be wiped off the map'… The Islamic world will not let its historic enemy live in its heartland." President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2005 we weren't paying attention then and we're not paying attention now

The Timelessness of the Jews

In his sympathetic 1854 poem, 'The Jewish Cemetery at Newport' the poet Longfellow wrote thus; For in the background figures vague and vast Of patriarchs and of prophets rose sublime, And all the great traditions of the Past They saw reflected in the coming time. And thus forever with reverted look The mystic volume of the world they read, Spelling it backward, like a Hebrew book, Till life became a Legend of the Dead. But ah! what once has been shall be no more! The groaning earth in travail and in pain Brings forth its races, but does not restore, And the dead nations never rise again. Of course as we know the final paragraph has been proven wrong and the nation that was thought long dead rose again with armies and cities and a flag to become one of the most talked about and renowed nations on the earth. This view of the Jews as a tattered odd remnant of history was and is to some extent the conventional one. The historian Tonybee called the Jews, "a fossil people,"

G-d's Timeless Circle

With Simchat Torah a cycle of the Torah ends and begins again and so does the year. From Zot HaBracha 'This is the Blessing', the final Parsha of the Torah, we go to the beginning again of Bereishis. From Moshe Rabbeinu the greatest leader of Israel dying in the desert to the creation of the world out of chaos and emptiness. The contrasts seem staggering but there are connections and linkages that show that the transition is indeed no transition at all. The Midrash tells us that instead of beginning with Alef, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we begin the Torah and the creation of the world with the Beit in Bereishis (In the Beginning), the second letter; in order to represent Bracha 'blessed.' The final Parsha is of course Zot HaBracha so that the Torah begins and ends with a blessing making the entire Torah itself one long blessing that never ceases as we come to end and return to the beginning we are participating in one long Bracha, blessing. We begin with G

New Rachel Corrie opera to be unveiled in London

The famed London theatre , 'Spits-at-Jews,' home of such productions as 'The Jew of Malta', 'Shylock', 'Oliver Twist' and 'The Jew Who Stole My Parking Spot: a Tragedy in Sixteen Parts' has announced plans to put on an opera. The zombie corpse of Wagner will write and direct an opera based on the life of martyr and heroine Rachel Corrie, known by her Indian name as 'Wrestles with Bulldozers.' Here is a brief excerpt from it. Rachel Corrie, was a Washington lass Who traveled to Israel to help Hamas She did her best to help them kill The Jews of whom she had her fill She risked herself just to protect The secret tunnels which must bisect To bring the bombs and guns inside The houses above in which they hide Rachel! Rachel! Auxillary of Hamas Rachel! Rachel! Beloved of Abbas Virgins in Paradise feel no shame Becoming lesbians in your name Rachel for a pancake flattening was bound And yet fearlessly she stood her ground The Zionist bulldozer

Bush proclaims "Next Year in Palestine'

Isn't it romantic when Bush holds hands with middle-eastern dictators among fields of flowers? This week George W. Bush met with Mahmoud Abbas (Holocaust Denial, Moscow KGB Employee, Mastermind Behind an Attack on an Israeli School) and the flowers were in bloom as Bush gave Abbas a gift of 30 million dollars and proclaimed his undying love for him. "President Abbas is a man devoted to peace and to his people's aspirations," Bush rhapsodized. "Mr. President, you ran on a platform of peace. That's why the people voted for you." Bush had no criticism of Abbas whatsoever despite the fact that terrorists groups answering to Abbas' Fatah killed Israeli teenagers just this week. Instead Abbas demanded an end to 'settlements' and Bush was happy enough to agree also calling on Israel to reopen the Rafiah crossing, improving travel in the West Bank to facilitate terrorist activists and even building a Gaza seaport so they can bring in weapons by sea,

Hate Rally Cheered on by Mass Media

...gathering a handful of people instead of the millions promised, though the media are of course spinning it as a successful march, not mentioning Farrakhan's violent racist and anti-semitic views or his ties to terrorist regimes such as Libya which gave him 5 million dollars. Or reporting on his claims that 9/11 and the flooding of New Orleans was a government conspiracy. Or advocating against donating money to the Red Cross because it was "too white." "A crowd of thousands cheered as dozens of prominent speakers academics, activists, artists and media pundits spoke, recited poetry and sang songs in the 12-hour program on the National Mall." This puts the ratio of crowd to speakers at something like 1 to 60. When you can't do better than 60 people attending for every speaker, that's a rather disastrous march. Of course at a 12 hour program you can assume for some very long and rambling speeches too. What the media pr spin doesn't mean are s

Yiddish for the Internet Age

Ich Blog - I Blog Ehr Blogt Narishkeit - He Blogs Nonesense Mein I-Pod Nano is Zurbrochen, a Zolchen Mazel Oif Steve Jobs - My I-Pod Nano is Broken, May Steve Jobs Have the Same Luck Noch a Bluescreen! A Chalaerye Zol Bill Gates Chapen! - Another Blue Screen! May a Chalereye Get Bill Gates! Mein Camera Hot Nisht Kein Memory. Lent mir an SD Memory Carte. - My Camera is Out of Memory. Lend Me an SD Memory Card. HD\DVD, Blu-Ray, Chakt Mir Nicht Kein Chaynik Un Zog Mir Ve'fill Gigabytes Es Vert Halten on die Disk, Nisht in die Lab - HD\DVD or Blue-Ray, Don't Waste My Time, Tell me How Many Gigabytes it Holds on the Disk and not in the Lab. Az Mir Vellen Geyen OpenSource, Vie Fur a Support Vellen Mir Kriggen? - If We Go OpenSource, What Kind of Support Will We Recieve? Vos Fur a Meshugene Hot Gemacht Diese Podcast? - What Kind of Nut Made this Podcast?

America at Succostime

Obtaining a Lulav has never been easy for Jews in galut. Lulavs had to make long trips on boats to Eastern Europe from the middle east, traveling for whole months sometimes before they reached Jewish communities. For Jews in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, obtaining a Lulav could often be next to impossible. Jewish communities in America were still sparse and the holiday might be celebrated in such impossible circumstances as the middle of the civil war in which two armies sparred against each other in the midst of shortages and carnage. Jewish soldiers on both the Union and Confederate side did their best to observe what they could but tents generally had to suffice for Succahs and in the midst of the shelling and combat, exotic species were impossible to come by. As we move to celebrate Sukkot now in 2006, there is a war on too and a lulav shortage. Egypt, which has been one of the primary suppliers of lulavs, had announced it would no longer be supplying Lulavs to

The Hunting of the Moon

After the prayers are done and even before during Seudas Slishi, the third and final meal of the Shabbat, we have already begun searching for it. Scouting parties go out hunting for the moon, passing from block to block and calling to each other. "No luck here" "I don't see it." "No moon." Past neon lit bodegas where faded malt liquor posters leer from crumbling walls we search like hunters pursuing a quarry in the heavens. "Not here." "Maybe the trees are blocking it out." "I think I saw it behind a cloud." The city is a crowded place, both in the heavens and the earth, and the buildings from tenements to skyscrapers crowd the heavens too. Trees send out their bare autumn branches, television and cell phone antennas cast their radials up and light beaming from windows and signs, from car headlights and cell phones, from the heels of sneakers to the streetlights cast a net of light pollution up at the sky

Of Heaven and Earth

Parshat Haazinu begins with the words, Haazinu Hashamayim Ve'Adabeira Ve'Tishma Haaretz Imrei Pi. Listen O Heavens and I Will Speak and the Earth Will Hear the Sayings of My Mouth. This sentence can be divided into two halves. The first of the heavens which is active. Moshe Rabbeinu is calling on the heavens to actively listen, 'Haazinu' as he speaks and to the earth however he speaks in a passive manner. The earth will hear, rather than actively listen, and rather than actively speaking, will hear the words of his mouth. Then the sayings fall like rains and dew to the earth. What are the heavens and the earth then? One might say that the heavens which actively listen are those who study the word of G-d and participate actively in studying the Torah. Their teaching and transmitting it to the earth, to those of the ordinary people, the 'amei haaretz', 'the people of the earth' who do not actively seek it out and participate in its study but passively rece

From the Far-flung Seas

The world was created in Tishrei, all of it from pole to pole and continent to continent, land and sea, mountain and sky formed in this month of Tishrei. On Rosh Hashana Adam and Chava were created and their descendants spread across the whole earth. This Rosh Hashana finds the men and women of the US army and navy and air force stationed across the world and those of whom are Jewish will be celebrating Rosh Hashana in all the scattered places across the world that they are, from the land to the sea and the wide oceans and even the air. From America to Europe and the Middle East and even the Pacific and asia where Jews traditionally have not gone. In the Pacific at the US bases in Japan and South Korea, from the US Navy's Yokosuka Naval Base to Okinawa, to Guam in the Philipines and Kobe in Japan, Rosh Hashana services will be taking places. Guam and Kobe have Jewish communities with their own services which personnel will be able to join. At the Yokosuka Naval Base and Marine Corp

While Jews are without homes, IDF sends food to Gaza Arabs

The IDF transferred over twenty trucks of milk, beef, fruits to Gaza Arabs who burned the Houses of Prayer of G-d and shoot rockets into Israel even as settlers have been kicked out of their hotels yet again for Rosh Hashana and as families have been deprived of their belongings being held hostage for payments. Is it any wonder the earth trembles?

Barry Chamish advocates against Tzedakah to expelled settlers

Barry Chamish, Holocaust Revisionist, UFO Researcher, Conspiracy Theorist who bafflingly continues to be printed and circulated among Religious and Zionist Jews has done it again. " Don't give them a nickel! It is money down the drain ," Chamish cries regarding the Gush Katif refugees in his latest screed, available at, a website affiliated with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, which contains articles claiming the Holocaust never happened and that Jews are trying to take over the world. After sneering at them and calling them "pathetic Jews", Chamish boasts how much he did for the struggle. " I worked for eighteen months to publicize the righteousness of your struggle and expose the crooks planning your demise. I received little reward ." Chamish's great work for the settlers thus far of claiming that Sharon killed his wife and little boy, that JFK Jr, Congressman Wayne Owens and a cast of characters possibly including the Dallas Cowb

Useless Bunch of Idiots Awarded Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Mohammed Al Baradei of the IAEA. The previous winner was UN chief Kofi Annan who had overseen the UN's Oil for Food scandal. Like Annan's award, Baradei's award is a reward from the far left that dominates Sweden for hindering the removal of Saddam Hussein and now doing his best to protect Iran's nuclear program. The citation praising the IAEA's work is particularly absurd since the IAEA is at best a useless bunch of idiots who like most international agencies have no usefull function whatsoever. But now that a war with Iran seems to be approaching, the left is desperate to reward any of the accomplices of terrorism since after all this year, unlike Arafat's Peace Prize, they can't reward a terrorist directly.

Historical revisionism and a Piyut for Islam

Liberal Jews who seek to rewrite Jewish history and Anti-Zionists of the Haredi, flavor have one key myth, that Jews were well treated in the Arab world and that it was only the creation of Israel that spoiled this harmonious time. In fact Jews living in Arab lands, like Jews living in Christian lands; were at times found usefull and other times mercilessly and brutally persecuted. So much so that Ibn Ezra saw Mohammed as the 'little horn' of Daniel. One of the piyutim in today's selichos (tomorrow for nusach sefard) Samach Daled is a flash of reality to particularly those Frum Jews who insist on the mythology of an Arab utopia in which Jews dwelled. And it is in some ways shockingly current though it dates back to the 13th century. A few selections follow... "How can I come to you when those who serve other things will not permit me to serve you They seek to divide me from you But I have not forsaken your trust How have I been exiled and go and wander through every r

Lies Liberals Tell about American-Jewish History

Part of the mythology of American Liberal Judaism is the contrast between the conservative and reactionary Puritans of Massachusetts against the liberal Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in their treatment of Jews. Prominent are mentions of the Newport Synagogue and cemetery as representations of the supposed equality for all that liberals were generously willing to bestow. The reality is rather different. While Rhode Island did permit Jews to practice their religion, Jews had no civic equality and could not become citizens of Rhode Island. In 1762 when Aaron Lopez who played a great role in building Newport's shipping industry to prosperity sought citizenship, he had to go to Puritan Massachusetts to get it. Jews in 'liberal' Rhode Island were not welcome as citizens and did not receive political equality until 1842. Much is made of the Newport Synagogue as representing a Jewish presence in liberal Rhode Island. In point of fact there never was a strong Jewish presence i