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Top Democrats Collaborate with the Enemy

" I am trying to build relationships with other governments in preparation for a Democratic takeover ," Dean said. "I want to make clear that there is an opposition in America and that we are ready to take power and that when we do, we are going to have much better relationships with them." Those are the words of Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic Party. If you didn't know any better, it would sound like the rhetoric of a Latin American General preparing for a coup. The days when the Democratic party was pretending to engage in bipartisanship are long over. The Democratic leadership has gone Carter style openly cutting deals with America's enemies. Nancy Pelosi, who has kept a resolution in support of the captured British soldiers from coming to the floor, will be going for a meet and greet tour of Syria, a totalitarian regime which is supplying many of the terrorists murdering American troops. No doubt while meeting with Assad, Saddam's former ally

Friday Afternoon Roundup

- IsraPundit describes them as "Congressmen for Another 9/11" and that may not be far off. "As reported by American Congress for Truth, H.R. 1401, the Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007, passed the U.S. House of Representatives. This legislation immunizes citizens from being sued for reporting, in good faith, suspicious activities like six imams chanting to Allah in an airport, arranging themselves on a passenger airplane the way the 9/11 hijackers did, and then asking for seat belt extenders for possible use of weapons against the flight crew or other passengers. See below for the list of House members who, by voting against this legislation, were effectively voting in favor of another 9/11." The congressmen listed here including plenty of New York congressmen, including some who have been reasonable about the War on Terror in the past. Their votes against this piece of legislation is simply madness. The majority of Democrats even those like Murth

We Receive Some UN-friendly Email from the United Nations

From: Andrew Whitley To: Sultan Knish Subject: Correction Sorry to disappoint you. Fox News - once again - got it wrong. There has been no pull-out of UN staff from Gaza following the attack last Friday on the Director of our Gaza Field Office - and there is no intention to pull out. UNRWA operations in the Gaza Strip, supporting over a million poor Palestinians, continue as normal. Suggest you get a more reliable source next time. Andrew Whitley Director UNRWA Representative Office (212) 963-2255 (office) (917) 470-5256 (mobile) e-mail: From: Sultan Knish To: Andrew Whitley The report comes via Fox News with the AP which itself specifically cited Ging as saying that a pullout was being considered. So clearly there was indeed such an intent. Considering that the UN has pulled its foreign personnel (the handful still left) several times before after violent incidents, it's a quite credible story and neither Fox nor the AP has issued a correction. And it's rather

Homesh: Return and Rebuild

While Israel continues shipping large amounts of food and water to Palestinian areas, the Olmert regime has cut off supplies of food and water to the returnees to Homesh. When supplies to Palestinian areas are at all delayed, there is a great international outcry that Israel is starving the Palestinian Arabs, even though Israel has no further reasonable responsibility to continue providing food, water and electricity for people dedicated openly to killing them. There is of course no outcry when Israel denies basic necessities to the returnees to Homesh. Because they are after all the victims of Islamic terrorists, not terrorists. Food and water are considered a human right for terrorists. But not a human right for Jews. The returnees to Homesh have celebrated the first Brit (circumcision) since the Expulsion by a family which had been expelled from Homesh and lost their father, as well as a Sheva Brachos (seven days after a wedding) under the shadow of preparations by Olmert's poli

The Anti-War Movement Supports America and the Troops

Every time there's an anti-war rally, the media is quick to rush in with coverage of ordinary folks next door, typically interviewing a soccer mom's who usually a librarian or in some branch of the civil service who will then give the usual canned answers about not wanting her kids to die in a senseless war. (Though the odds of her kids winding up in the military are far smaller than them winding up smoking pot at the Burning Man festival.) What the media doesn't tell you is the truth about the extremist groups behind these rallies, like ANSWER. What they don't show is the sheer hatred of America, of Israel, of the troops at those rallies. The 9/11 Truthers, the Keffiyahs and the hateful slogans and chants. Instead they will claim that those rallying love America and care about the troops. Here is how much they care. Above you will see a US soldier being burned in effigy while the crowd chants, "Bye, Bye G.I. In Iraq You're Gonna Die." And below you'll

Flag of Israel is Raised Over Homesh Again

Its residents had been expelled, their homes demolished, now thousands have returned and the Israeli flag flies over Homesh again. Their shirts bear the message, "Homesh - The Beginning." Military and police forces have surrounded the area and Olmert has stated that no one will be allowed to remain.

As Protests Mount, Kadima and Olmert Continue Their Corrupt Reign

With Prime Minister Ehud Olmert now holding at a miserly 7 percent approval rating, with polls showing the vast majority of the country demanding his and Peretz's resignation and with the phony Kadima party he and Sharon created now likely to get about as many votes as the Marijuana Party, this corrupt government continues to dig its claws into the state of Israel and refuses to leave. Throughout Israel marches and protests continue demanding Olmert's resignation. On Friday hundreds or reserve soldiers and families of soldiers wounded and killed marched to Golda Meir's grave to demand that Olmert follow in her footsteps (after the Yom Kippur War) and resign. "Eliphaz Balua, the father of Nadav who was killed in Lebanon, read a letter he wrote to his son: "It hurts me not just because I lost you, but because of an entire nation who lost its direction and because her leaders who cannot take responsibility and say 'we were wrong, we need to go home'," h

Obama's Big YouTube Deception

The media trajectory of computer technology has gone something like this. One brand name is embraced as a trend and all the media's collective hype machine focused on it. The internet has seen an acceleration of these brands and the media's lazy reporting gives us months of stories created entirely through the following formula. Brand Name + Anything = News Story There have been plenty of brands that have held this dubious honor. Microsoft. Apple. Yahoo. Google. The IPod. MySpace. And now the latest and nearly the most irritating of them all, YouTube. And so we get an endless barrage of news story about Youtube, the way we did about Myspace not so long ago and the IPod before that. Reporters can now browse Youtube, dig up a video and treat it as news. Any story involving politics or business that has a video placed on Youtube about it, also whirlpools it in as news. The latest and phoniest of the bunch is a campaign commercial produced by an employee for a company working for O

Friday Afternoon Roundup

- Iran has seized 15 British sailors who were patrolling and boarding ships entering Iraqi waters. Iran has done this before and this is yet inevitably another ploy to humiliate the already weakened British presence while weakening the patrols that might help prevent weapons from reaching Iran's Shiite terrorist allies in Iran. Hostage taking is something the Iranians are quite experienced at and rather than becoming a cassis belli as it should be, it will give the iranians leverage to undermine the patrols further. - Meanwhile a German court took yet another step toward Sharia when a judge quoted the Koran to argue that wife beating was legitimate in a Muslim marriage. "The woman had filed for immediate divorce on the grounds that the husband, also of Moroccan origin, regularly beat her and threatened to kill her. The claims were backed up by a police report. But the female judge, who has not been named, made clear in a letter that the wife’s bid had little chance of approva

The Great Terrorist Hunger Strike of 2007

The head of Islamic Jihad in the United States, Sami Al-Arian is on a hunger strike. Following in the footsteps of such great men as Al-Sharpton and Marwan Barghouti, last seen covertly stuffing his face when he thought no one was looking, Al-Arian is serving an 18 month sentence for refusing to testify before a grand jury. CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations is "calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to write letters in support of Dr. Sami Al-Arian." Muslims are apparently by default people of conscience. Witness Al-Arian who raised money for terrorist attacks and the murder of men, women and children and is now putting on a show over an 18 month prison sentence, which he earned himself by refusing to testify in the first place. His victims would certainly be happy to take his place, if they were still alive. Of course his situation is so tragic that his wife informs us that he "sounds fine and doesn't intend to give up his nearly mon

The Raging Iranians: Iran Sends Forth its Hordes against 300

First 24. Then 300. It must be something about TV shows and movies with numbers in them that upsets Muslims. (They seem okay with 23 though) Iran, proud member of the Religious of the Perpetually Enraged, is currently enraged over 300, a movie based on a graphic novel based on a famous historical event that portrays the Persian empire badly. Now keep in mind that Iran is as much a Persian nationalist venture as it is a Muslim theocracy. Persians are a minority in Iran, oppressing the majority Azeris, but Persian language, culture and history dominates the Iranian population with the force of law and Persians have clear advantages when it comes to their careers, positions and social standing. Iran's ruling class therefore have as big a stake in Persian nationalism as they do in Islamic theocracy. Considering the general lack of accomplishment by your average Middle-Eastern state, which would look more like Sub-Saharan Africa, if it wasn't for the oil and the dueling superpowers

Israeli Arabs Post-Lebanon - UJC Aided the Enemy

After the latest Lebanon fighting, Helen Freedman of AFSI wrote a piece warning that much of the Federation raised funding for Israel would actually be going to Arabs. "So you thought your money was going to the Jewish children and their parents who spent the past summer in bomb shelters. Or you believed that your donation was going to rebuild homes in the north of Israel that had been destroyed by Hezbollah rockets. Did you think that a huge part of your donation would be given to the very Arabs who supported Hezbollah and danced on their rooftops in celebration whenever word came of Jewish soldiers or civilians killed? Probably not," Freedman wrote. The UJC mainly met the whole thing with a shrug. The UJC is a money making machine which pays out 6 figure salaries to hundreds of executives nationwide. It's a massive bureaucracy that funnels huge chunks of money into their own programs and grants. Some Zionist bloggers wrote up a letter condemning Freedman for actually s

UN Begins Gaza Withdrawal Ending Decades of Occupation

" UN Pulls Staffers From Gaza After Gunmen Try to Kidnap Mission Chief GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The United Nations yanked its refugees mission from Gaza after three masked Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a vehicle carrying the chief of the mission and tried to kidnap him, sources tell FOX News. Gunmen blocked the car of mission chief John Ging, head of U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, and fired 11 bullets at his car as he tried to drive off. The United Nations told all foreign staff members to leave Gaza immediately, a U.N. source told FOX News." We here at Sultan Knish who have waited for a long time to see the end of the UN Occupation of Gaza are pleased to see the withdrawal of UN personnel. This attack was clearly a way for the Palestinian people to demand an end to their decades long oppression under the shiny blue boot of the UN and in protest against such violations of international law as providing them with free food, housing and other aid. It&

Religious Tolerance and Intolerance, Muslims, Liquor and Religious Coercion

After the controversy over Muslim cabbies at the Minnesota airport refusing to transport passengers who are carrying alcohol and similar issues arising with Muslim cabbies refusing to transport blind people with seeing eye dogs, we now have the case of a Muslim cashier at Target who refuses to scan pork products. Incidents like this serve as a back door for the imposition of Muslim law on Americans. If the majority of cabbies at an airport are Muslim, then carrying alcohol on your way home becomes a difficult proposition that you might as well give up on. And those who choose not to buy the alcohol, are now abiding by Muslim law. Those who are hiding it, are recognizing Muslim law while trying to avoid it. If a store hires enough Muslim cashiers, the store may effectively not sell pork, since it won't be scanned and will create a hassle that will slow down lines. If the store stops selling pork products, it has defacto complied with Muslim law. The argument used in defense of such

Friday Afternoon Roundup

- The Jewish Press Media Monitor has named Sultan Knish in its list of web choices for 2007, along titans like Little Green Footballs , Seraphic Secret , Mediacrity and IsraPundit and it's a real honor to be included in such company. - Senator Obama apparently described Senator Edwards as "kind of cute," making you wonder if Ann Coulter wasn't so far off the mark. It's unknown if this Senatorial Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name will play a role in the campaign, with Obama perhaps offering to give Edwards a back rub during the debates or asking if he'd like to have coffee with him during the Iowa primaries. What this really means is that between Hillary, Obama and Edwards, there isn't a single heterosexual front runner for the Democratic nomination. This can open up the field for Senator Biden to run under the slogan, "Joe Still Likes Women." (Via Lemon Lime Moon ) - The situation with Israel's Arabs is growing worse. As David Bedein writ

Prepearing the Way for Another 9/11

How do Muslim terrorists work to avoid scrutiny on flights from crews and passengers? The answer is a multi-pronged approach. First Muslim passengers repeatedly engage in suspicious behavior and test crew procedures and weaknesses, including coming within inches of actually breaking into the cockpit. These serve two purposes. First they actually test possible approaches for another hijacking and identify weak spots in the security. And since these are dry runs that don't culminate in an attack, they also dull crew alertness by crying wolf so many times that when the real attack comes, no is paying attention anymore. Secondly, when the detentions and interrogations come to nothing (since any real pressure of a Muslim during interrogation has been identified by our liberal moral voices as the worst atrocity in human history) and the Muslims involved promptly run to the newspapers crying discrimination. Sometimes they file lawsuits. This has the effect of intimidating airlines into ma

Victory Over Evil Takes Responsibility

Confronting evil takes responsibility. Not responsibility for the actions of others. Not responsibility for offending the perpetrators, for being insensitive to their poor childhoods and their government's World Bank debt. Responsibility means being responsible for protecting yourself and your neighbors and the greater families or your country and community. That does not necessarily mean physical force, it means being responsible by fighting for the policies that will protect them. Liberalism has distorted responsibility into a guilt complex for the hatred that others feel for us. The tenets of liberalism say that hatred against the privileged is by definition legitimate and justified. Once liberalism has defined being privileged as being a member of any society that functions sufficiently well to provide clean drinking water for its citizens and protection against being gunned down in the street by roving gangs, it turns out that we are all privileged and therefore deserve the ha

Beware of Barry Chamish 's Bye Bye Gaza

Barry Chamish's latest venture is peddling a book called "Bye Bye Gaza" about the Disengagement. He's selling it for $12.50 for an E-Book and an outrageous $60.83 for a paperback edition. The description for the book reads: "Chamish worked hard to help save Gaza, but to no avail. His futile efforts led to uncovering plans for the further destruction of the heart and soul of Israel, its people, and its borders - and the demise of those who stand in the way." Barry Chamish did not work to "save Gaza." Instead he showed off photos of a supposed secret army base and warned people not to sign petitions against the Disengagement, because the government would "use them against them." Some people might be misled into thinking that buying this book in any way helps those evicted from their homes. Be aware, IT DOES NOT. This is another Barry Chamish scam and the only thing Barry Chamish cares about is profiting from selling his books to anyone. Bar

Churchill's Jewish Papers

Whether or not "How The Jews Can Combat Persecution." was actually written by Churchill himself or ghostwritten by his ghostwriter who may have been an Oswald Mosley supporter, there is nothing extraordinary about it. It is unfortunately a normative view by a European of the time. Similar and harsher views can be found commonly expressed throughout American and British publications of the time. Part of the Jewish amnesia toward history is to retroactively transform major historical figures into friendly ones. This is a necessary amnesia for many because it is rather difficult going through a history book, the bulk of whose inhabitants despise you. It is however utterly disconnected from reality. The attitude of the allied leaders toward the Jews, FDR, Harry Truman, Churchill and DeGaulle ranged mostly from distaste to a general belief the Jews were up to no good. The broad open minded views of a Theodore Roosevelt or a Woodrow Wilson toward the Jews, were not present here. It

The Democracy Fallacy

It was the end of the 18th century and soon would come the beginning of the 19th. A new age that it was believed would usher in a world of transformation. The old tyrannical monarchies would fall and the success of the American revolution would be replicated across Europe. First in line was France. The French revolution was heralded by America's revolutionary Francophiles such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Support for the French revolution was identified with support for a broader revolution for mankind against tyranny and oppression. Much as the liberals of the 20th century would inflexibly commit themselves to supporting the great evil that was Communism, in the name of human progress- American liberals of the 18th would do for the French revolution. Democracy was the goal. Freedom for all men. A new age. At first the prospects seemed good. The American Revolution's chief propagandist, Thomas Paine, joined the National Assembly (even though he barely spoke a word of F

Why Israel's Best Allies, May Be Its Arab Sunni Enemies

While the Bush Administration has very clearly committed itself to salvaging Iraq at any cost, including negotiating with terrorists and possibly striking a deal with Iran, and the State Department under Condaleeza Rice has returned to the same default mode it was in Pre 9/11 emphasizing negotiations and diplomacy over everything else and sending the message that the United States is unable and unwilling to stop Iran- -the real hope for stopping Iran may lie elsewhere entirely. Iran's emerging nuclear capability poses a great threat to Israel, to the United States, to Russia and to its Sunni neighbor states, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf kingdoms. Russia has chosen to profit by building up Iran's nuclear capability, arrogantly assuming that Iran won't turn its attention to the Muslim republics under Russian influence, including portions of Iran. The Sunni Arab kingdoms who have seen the start of Iran's influence tear apart Iraq and begin to tear apart