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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I will put down my daughter's memorial only when I reach home

Many men carry heavy burdens through life. When Arik Hapraz was evicted from his home, he took with him his daughter's stone rolled behind him. Liron Harpaz, 19 had been murdered at this stone. Her blood had touched it and that night thirteen others were wounded including two toddlers. The stone became her memorial and he took it with him to the temporary tent camps that the residents of Alei Sinai were evicted to.

The stone that is the memorial to his daughter he has determined he will only put down when he has reached home again.

A memorial website to Liron can be found here

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  1. A beautiful and heart wrenching story. I pray that Mr. Hapraz and his family are able to return home and find some semblance of peace in their lives. The memorial sitr is very touching. For those who haven't visited it yet, the site is in Hebrew and English. Please view it, and light a candle in Liron's memory.

    You can also read the 100 or so poems that she wrote.



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