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Home Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph by Rembrandt

Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph by Rembrandt


  1. Anonymous14/1/06

    What in the world does Rembrandt know or understand about Jewish life and the Jewish People!

    This is so far removed from even an aroma of the Kedusha of Am Yisrael.


  2. Anonymous14/1/06

    You wrote this at 3:36 pm on Shabbos!?
    Please explain -

  3. Anonymous15/1/06

    the time above that this was posted at reads as 6:36

    you may actually want to check it before engaging in weak attempts at slander

    do you have a specific objection to the painting and on what grounds?

  4. Anonymous15/1/06

    The woman has a tzniut problem, the Joseph has a mustache and no beard (unlikely), the children are way too young.

  5. A few things wrong:

    Yaakov's hands were crossed, this is not shown.

    Yosef definitely had a beard according to Rashi; highly doubtful that he look like the way Rembrandt has him.

    Is that Yosef's wife? We have no idea how she looked, but she seems European rather than Semitic from this pic.

    Efraim & Menashe don't look too Jewish; I'd venture to say that they had a more Jewish look than Rembrandt portrays.

  6. Anonymous15/1/06

    Sultan, that was not intended as slander. At the time I viewed your site, the time read 3:36 - which was strange. I surely cannot explain it; this was posted as a question, not an accusation. Please don't blow out of proportion - it was not meant that way. Maybe there was a lag in actual posting. What could cause a 3 hour differential?

    Anyway, no harm meant. But, could you please explain why you posted the Rembrandt picture?

    I just saw the differential! When I hit the 'preview' button the time on the preview was exactly 3 hours less than my actual time. So, there it is.
    Kol Tuv

  7. Anonymous15/1/06

    the picture was posted at 6:36

    as to why it was posted, it may not be perfectly accurate but it is a beautifull picture which captures some of the tenderness of the moment

    the people and clothing are obviously inaccurate and there really is very little way to make them particularly accurate since too much information is missing

    I would however point out that plenty of Jews look this way and always did, Jews overall look more like europeans than they do like arabs who are not actual semites but a mixed breed of hamites and shemites via ishmael. as for tznius, that's really very much up in the air. Her clothing isn't untznius except by some frum standards and certainly they weren't reading oz ve'hadar levusha. Considering that Yaakov avinu married two sisters, dina may have married her brother, etc; it's presumptuous to be certain they lived just the way we do

    they didn't even during the times of the gemara whose ideas of appropriate would be frowned on by rabbi falk as well

  8. Anonymous15/1/06

    Its amazing that people have nothing to say on some issues which might require personal commitment or self change but when it comes to attacking someone they are ever at the ready.
    Self Righteousness anyone?
    This crowd of commenters has cornered the market on Self righteous behavior.

  9. Anonymous15/1/06

    Why didnt Rembrandt make them more Arabic looking or Chinese?
    And why is that women NAKED?
    For shame on her to have a bit of her neck exposed in public.
    Why men will SIN wildly now!!!!
    Who cares You self righteous bunch of hypocrits.
    Clean up your own homes first.

  10. Anonymous15/1/06

    By the way for you who said the people in the painting look too EUROPEAN, a bit of FYI:
    Sorry to disappoint you guys who want Arab looking Jews, but the people who posed for the Joseph Painting are JEWISH.
    hahahaha, you guys are such putz's


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