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Muslim Hysteria over Fitna around the World

Half the Jordanian Parliament demands an end to diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. Iran, Pakistan have summoned their Dutch ambassadors demanding an explanation. Malaysia's crazy Muslim uncle Mahatir is calling for a boycott. Sudan's genocidal Al-Bashir is talking about human values. Cairo's center of Islamic theology Al-Azhar University is warning of "serious consequences". Damascus - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir called on Muslims at an Arab summit in Damascus to "challenge those who insult" the prophet and proposed "a binding international charter" calling for the respect of religious beliefs. ( a binding charter, I believe they call that Sharia ) "The offenses against our Arab and Islamic nations under the banner of freedom of expression are derogatory and defamatory and go against all human values," al-Bashir said. (as opposed to raping and murdering hundreds of thousands of people as al-Bashir's government has d

WW2 and the Iraq War - History Repeats Itself

In many ways history is a cycle of repeating events and it can be instructive to look at WW2 and the Iraq War to see how they overlap and what lessons we should learn from it. While liberals commonly scoff at the comparison between WW2 and the Iraq War and prefer to dredge up their inevitable Vietnam references with even some conservatives joining in, the reality is that there is far more overlap between WW2 and the Iraq war than many realize. Part of the problem is that most people have bought into the Spielbergized image of WW2 as a clean war with a clear enemy and for which victory brought a clean end. But the reality was quite different. During the US occupation of Germany, American forces faced threats on two fronts. First the various elements of the Nazi party and particularly the SS, analogous to the Baathists in Iraq, also formed underground organizations with the aim of carrying on an active insurgency against America. The most famous of these was Operation Werewolf which fun

Parshas Shemini - The Hour and the Generation

Parshas Shemini begins with the words Vayehi Beyom HaShemini. We learn that the opening Vayehi, And It Was, portends a mixture of tragedy and joy. As in Vayehi Yaakov, that saw Yaakov reunited and living with his son Yosef but in exile and as a prelude to slavery. Shemini begins with the final dedication of the Mishkan, on the eight day after seven days of Moshe Rabbeinu performing the Avodah, bringing the Korbanot, Aaron steps into his role as Kohen Gadol, brings the Korbanot and as both brothers leave the Ohel Moed at the conclusions, they are privileged to see the Shekihna appear. A heavenly fire consumes the Korbanot. But Vayhei, though there is celebration there is also tragedy. Two of Aaron's sons bring an alien fire and are killed by fire from heaven. Moshe tells Aaron that with this event the word of G-d, Bekrovai Ekodesh, has been fulfilled. Moshe warns his brother and the remaining sons not to leave, not to mourn and to eat of the Mincha. Aaron and his sons do all this an

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Fitna

Since Fitna keeps being taken down, here are Google Video and YouTube links . As a practical solution, here is also the download flash file saved on Mediafire , which can be reuploaded to a number of services. Fitna is finally out and Network Solutions' boneheaded attempt at panicked censorship has given the movie millions in free promotion, building anticipation for a movie that few Americans had heard of. It just goes to show that liberal attempts at censorship can quite effectively be exploited and used to turn the tables on them and get the word out on what they were trying to censor. It's a lesson worth learning. LiveLeak finally pulled the movie , but not before benefiting from the traffic, it's up at Google Video above. And if it should get taken down, there are plenty of other places it can and will go up. The truth cannot and will not be silenced. Meanwhile the fallout from Saddam agent Muthanna Al-Hanooti is continuing to shake up many of those politicians who

All the Obama News That's Unfit to Print

Pope Considers Obama for Sainthood In the latest news from the Vatican, Pope Benedict is said to be seriously considering Barack Obama's petition for sainthood, filed on his behalf by what are said to be 500 very guilty white people from Idaho. As proofs of Obama's sainthood, they cited his ability to make the tone deaf lip sync, cause Republicans to feel bad for Hillary, bring hope and change just by talking about it and heal the sick using only billions in taxpayer money. The Vatican which has been experiencing problems in its interfaith relations with Muslims is said to be seriously considering shipping Obama his official golden halo via UPS. Jeremiah Wright Proclaims Hatred for "Snow White Eskimo Bastards" In yet another outburst certain to embarrass sainthood candidate Barack Saddam Obama, Trinity Church pastor Jeremiah Wright delivered an angry sermon denouncing Eskimos as "Snow White Eskimo Bastards". "And don't get me started on the white ma

Network Solutions, Wilders and Fitna - Defend the Internet against the PC Jihad

For most of the world freedom of speech is only an ideal that does not exist in reality. In Canada, England, Australia, Israel, Sweden and most of the first world countries that people think of as "democratic", many forms of religious and political speech are subject to the law. And those who find themselves on the wrong side of speaking out against Islam have been questioned, put on trial and in some cases even sentenced. One of the few places in the world where you can still say anything you want without fear of government reprisal is the United States. But free speech remains unheard without a forum. And the media's grip over information makes that hard to come by offline. No law or protests were needed to censor the Mohammed cartoons in the United States. The media willingly did it themselves, just as they've eagerly parroted the propaganda of every terrorist from Gitmo to Baghdad to Jersey City to Gaza to Kabul. They've done it willingly just as they continue

The Lessons of Tibet

Even as Chinese troops are shooting monks in Tibet, neither the Human Rights Council nor the UN Security Council have anything to say about it. That isn't surprising because China is after all on the UN Security Council and a 2009 member of the Human Rights Council. Instead the UN Human Rights Council for the last two years has dedicated itself to one thing to the virtual exclusion of everything else, promoting the Islamic war on Israel with its endless parade of lies and smears. This is the attitude that not only discredited the original commission, but it has resulted in harsh criticism from two successive UN Secretary Generals as it became increasingly clear that the Council was interested in only one country, Israel. It has even alienated and angered left leaning human rights groups and NGO's who are Anti-Israel but nevertheless disgusted by the way that the Muslim Anti-Israel agenda has hijacked the council's mission with endless tirades about the Palestinian Arabs whi

Civilization and the Noble Savage

What causes a culture, a people, a nation to hate itself? This is a viral question for those of us living in First World countries threatened by the rising tide of Islamic terrorism and migration because it is readily apparent that the growing threat we face would not exist were there not an active liberal and left wing agenda to encourage the destruction of entire nations and appease and apologize for their terrorist acts. Understand that mindset requires understanding the evolution of national and cultural self-hatred in the West. Where did it originate and what drives such a nakedly self-destructive mindset? Traditionally dissatisfaction with a country was a personal dissatisfaction due to a sense of being oppressed or deprived. This was a selfish yet practical approach, as the individual is best suited to determining the ways in which the system of government has failed to live up to his expectations. It was the reformers of the 19th century who turned the equation upside down. The

The Intifada Comes to Jerusalem

From the stoning of cars to the Mercaz HaRav terrorist attack to the stabbing of Rabbi Yehezkel Greenwald, the next wave of terrorist attacks is converging on Jerusalem. This is no coincidence or random collection of attacks, it's the next phase in the Palestinian Arab agenda. After Annapolis when the surrender of the West Bank and Gaza are all but done and Jerusalem is the point of controversy on the table, it was inevitable that Fatah, Hamas and the witch's brew of terrorist groups operating out of the PA territories would next turn their attention to Jerusalem and the Galilee. As had been predicted. The daily rocket attacks are the Palestinian Arabs making war on Israel. The rising attacks in Jerusalem are the next phase of the Intifada within Israeli territory. Israel had been warned both by its own security experts and Zionist politicians as well as by Hamas that if Israel withdraws from Gaza, the next phase will simply move deeper inside Israel. That is what has begu

Where is God? Where is man!

In the face of human evil people often demand, "Where is God?" But as Purim should teach us the real question is never where is God, but where is man. God is always where he needs to be. Our concern is not with where is God but where is man. On Purim a near genocide of the Jewish people took place that was averted and though we celebrate it while giving thanks to God, we never see His hand clearly at work in it. There are no great open miracles. The earth doesn't open up, the sea doesn't part, the sky doesn't rain fire and the mountains don't tremble. Instead a seeming minutia of events on the part of human add up to bring salvation. In the aftermath of the destruction of the temple and the fading of prophecy from the world, Mordechai and Esther confronted a world of men that had with its persistence of evil driven away God. For thousands of years God had sought man in grand and open ways. Now man would have to seek God by understanding that he is present even

Friday Afternoon Roundup -

Since it's Purim, I'll be attaching three of my more humorous videos to this post. Beginning with this one, Prozac for Muslims. Purim is a holiday where people dress up in costumes for one day a year. Most of the politicians and the terrorists are dressed up in costumes hiding their real nature. Over the last few weeks Obama's costume has been partly torn away and is looking more than a little tattered. Evil hides best in the darkness, behind a smiling mask, a sympathetic tone of voice and a promise to help. Meanwhile the war goes on. The rockets continue to fall in Israel and across America and Europe hidden terrorist cells continue burrowing under the surface of the nation. The war goes on in Afghanistan and in Iraq and in less clear and obvious places. Until victory comes the war always goes on and we must never forget, but sometimes we must unload the burden of the present for the memory of the past or the hope for the future or simply the joy of the moment in the knowl

The Cycle of Violence Continues in Sushan

The Sushan Times - All the Craven Treason That's Fit to Print ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jewish Leaders in Sushan Disavow Anti-Haman Smear Campaign by Boged Megadef Prominent Jewish leaders in Sushan have taken great pains to distance themselves from a smear campaign against popular Persian Vizier and possible future monarch, Haman HaAggagi after a whispering campaign raised rumors that Haman is an Agagite who hates Jews. "We the moderate Jews of Sushan condemn the spreading of any such rumors regarding Haman." said Rodef bar Zevel of the Jewish Sushanite Federation. "Haman has longstanding ties with the Jewish community and we strongly support his progressive tax and confiscate policies. There is no evidence whatsoever that Haman hates Jews aside from some completely irrelevant lottery thing he's running." Nevertheless a secret memo has been leaked to the Forewart in which a leading member of the JSF warn

Obama's Campaign of Hate Commercials "Remixed"

Everyone knows campaign commercials are really phony. And Obama's are phonier than most. The carefully selected shots of white voters, no black voters allowed in Obama campaign commercials, the scripted forced laughs, the sympathetic smiles, the feeling like he's about to begin selling you some machine for $19.95 that makes creamed, sterilizes your laundry and vacuums your home. But like the shiny new car with the bad engine and the funny smell in the backseat and the windows that won't close, Obama's image loses 50 percent of its value when it's actually driven off the lot. Like any advertising, Obama's is about selling you not a President but the "idea of a President." Obama's campaign commercials are vague Oprahesque infomercials for Obamalogy, the cult of Barack Obama. So here to bring a dose of reality to the phony Obamaworld, is the remix of Obama's commercials for a look at the real face of the Obama campaign. Finally some real honesty f

End the Cycle of Violence, Kill the Violent

The futility of violence in modern conflicts with terrorism does not spring from the impotence of force that can't help but create a self-sustaining cycle of violence, as liberal pundits and "head in the clouds" philosophers like to contend -- it comes about because of an insufficiency of force. What is impotent is 'compromised force', force with its hands tied behind its back by rules of engagement, by international diplomacy, by human rights protesters and liberal politicians who don't care a whit for the victims of terrorism but whose heart bleeds at weekly press conferences for the terrorists themselves. Time and time again America and Israel have had their hands tied behind their backs by those same forces while the terrorists have been given free range to kill, knowing that no matter what they do, they will still be entitled to a warm cell, a lawyer and three meals a day and that if one hair on their poor little heads is harmed, one fingernail is roughl

Showdown with Olmert over Mercaz HaRav Terrorist

The showdown with Olmert at Jabel Mukaber (in time may that name be blotted out) in Yersuahalyim is yet another road sign in the implosion of a government helpless to fight terror and yet determined to crush its own political opposition. Like every gang of left wingers who have scrabbled to power on lies and deceit and the backing of their media friends, they are anti-democratic and incompetent at everything but stealing the country blind and shrieking constantly about the dangers of right wing extremism. The reality of their crimes though is creeping up on them and not Shas or any of their other partners in crime will be able to keep them in power forever. It is a race between the survival of Israel and the eviction of Olmert, Barak, Ovadya Yosef and the rest of that gang of liars, thieves and appeasers from power. More on Jebl Mukaber and the support for terrorism. On Monday afternoon, four days after Ala Abu Dhaim waged mass slaughter at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva before being killed by a

Noah Feldman Loves Islamic Supremacism, Hates Judaism

Orthodox Jews likely remember Noah Feldman from his deceptive New York Times Magazine article written in a snit after he claimed that he and his girlfriend were edited out of his school's reunion photo. The assertion turned out to be false but this not stop Noah Feldman from writing a hatefilled tirade of an article which falsely claimed that Jewish doctors could not treat non-Jews and tried to link Yigal Amir to his old Yeshiva. While the piece read like something that might have been written by David Duke on a bad day, the New York Times not only printed it but ignored the OU's demand for a retraction after the Jewish Week demonstrated Noah Feldman 's blatant deceptiveness. But hating Jews is just a companion for Noah Feldman's love of Islam. Not only did Noah Feldman major in Islamic Thought but in his new career at the New York Times Noah Feldman has become a chief apologist for Islam and for promoting the rise of Muslim tyranny in the Middle East and Europe too.

Father Michael Pfleger, Obama Mentor, Farrakhan Supporter, Homicidal Left Wing Activist

You can think of Father Michael Pfleger as the white Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Not only does Father Michael Pfleger have a longstanding association with Wright and his Church, he has longstanding ties to Louis Farrakhan, so much so that Farrakhan has even spoken at Father Michael Pfleger's St. Sabina church. Like Wright, Father Michael Pfleger has close ties to Barack Hussein Obama and Father Michael Pfleger's endorsement appears on Obama's faith endorsements page , where Jeremiah Wright's used to be... before he became too much of an embarrassment. Father Michael Pfleger however has gained notoriety for more than his embrace of Farrakhan, he also became infamous when at a rally with Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, he threatened to "snuff" politicians who supported gun rights. Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina’s Church, went way over the top this week. During a protest against Chuck’s Gun Shop, Father Pfleger twice threatened to “snuff out” the

The Open Door to Violence

The media and the international community has one set of moral rules for terrorists and a second set for those who fight them. While civilized people understand the fundamental moral gap between terrorists and the police and military forces fighting them, the self-proclaimed guardians of our moral high ground repeatedly reverse that gap, damning even the most elementary military tactics and demanding that we respect the civil rights of terrorists -- while excusing the crimes and atrocities of the terrorists themselves as merely "reactions" to our oppression of them. In other words we can't have the moral high ground, so why bother trying for it? The liberal definition of moral high ground is dependent on the tactics we use and the originating causes of the violence. The conservative definition of moral high ground is rooted in our purpose and the nature of the enemy. While liberals concentrate on means and causes, conservatives concentrate on ends and the dualism of good