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How the Hamas Attack Took Israel by Surprise

A week before its attack Hamas agreed to another truce with Israel. The agreement negotiated by Qatar, Egypt and the United Nations traded an end to border attacks for more imports, a bigger fishing zone and more work permits that allowed over  20,000 Gaza Muslims to enter Israel. The agreement reached between Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, and Sukkot, the conclusion of the High Holy Days season, offered an end to the explosives and rocks being hurled at Israeli soldiers on the border and the incendiary balloons starting fires on Israeli farms. And terrorist attacks on civilians like the murder of Batsheva Nigri: a kindergarten teacher shot and killed while driving in her car with her 12-year-old daughter. Qatar, a state sponsor of Hamas and an ally of the United States, claimed that it had “succeeded in de-escalating the situation in the Gaza Strip by mediating an understanding.” Hamas ended the border riots and Israelis went into the Sukkot holiday with an appar

1 in 10 American Jews Support Hamas

On October 18, Hamas supporters stormed the United States Capitol and rallied in the Canon rotunda against the Israeli campaign to stop the Islamic terrorist group. While many of the insurrectionists were Islamist and non-Jewish leftist activists, the event was linked to two veteran anti-Israel organizations: Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow. There has always been a pro-terrorist fringe among American Jews exemplified by organizations such as these two, along with others such as J Street, the Israel Policy Forum, the New Israel Fund, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, T’ruah and other anti-Israel groups. And while they have generally boasted more organizations than members, a new poll raises the question of what percentage of American Jews supports Hamas and the killing of Jews. The answer in one poll is deeply troubling. Cygnal polled Muslims and Jews in America. It found that 57% of Muslims believed that Hamas atrocities against Jews were justified. But a less widely report

CAIR Sues Prison for Asking Funder of Terrorists Who Killed 8-Year-Olds to Take Off Hijab

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in an Islamic terrorism funding trial, has gone to bat for a convicted Islamic terrorism funder who was asked to remove her hijab. Muna Osman Jama, a Somali immigrant, had been sentenced to 12 years in prison for providing material support to al-Shabaab: a Somali Islamic terrorist group allied with Al Qaeda. Jama had set up a chat room to coordinate funding for Islamic terrorist operations including in Nairobi where the Jihadist group had perpetrated the Westgate Mall Massacre. During the killing spree, al-Shabaab terrorists had singled out non-Muslims by asking them to name Mohammed’s mother or recite the shahada, the Islamic creed, and if they failed, killing them. Serving a sentence that will only end in 2027, Jama has retained her devotion to her cult. And now CAIR, which has a history of support for Islamic terrorists , is suing the Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca, Minnesota, alleging that

Pentagon CFO’s Chief of Staff Has Family Ties to Islamic Terrorism

In 2019, Yousra Fazili addressed a congressional hearing to complain about the arrest of her cousin by Indian authorities. The woman who now serves as Chief of Staff for the Pentagon Comptroller claimed that her cousin was the innocent victim of oppressive Indian authorities. According to the daughter of Kashmiri Muslim immigrants, her cousin Mubeen Shah had been arrested under India’s Public Safety Act even though he was “not a politician or a dissident, he isn’t a freedom fighter, or even a kid in the street throwing stones. He’s just a businessman. His life’s work has focused on bringing economic opportunity to Kashmir.” In reality, as the Hindu Post noted, Shah had “lionized Kashmiri jihadists, agreed with a description of convicted terrorists as ‘inspirations for the youth,’ and promised that ‘we all are ready to spill our blood’” to keep the region Muslim. On Facebook, Shah appeared to have posted a picture describing Mohammad Afzal Guru, an Islamic terrorist tied to the ‘The Ar

Obama, Iran and the Road to Gaza

In 2014, Hamas kidnapped and killed three teens, including Naftali Frenkel, an American 16-year-old. “I’ve murdered three Jews,” the killer boasted. As Israel battled Hamas, Obama called for a ceasefire. “I have no sympathy for Hamas. I have great sympathy for ordinary people who are struggling within Gaza,” he argued, while describing the terrorists as having behaved “extraordinarily irresponsibly”. “The US goal right now would be to make sure that the ceasefire holds, that Gaza can begin the process of rebuilding,” Obama said and urged that there needs to be “some prospects for an opening of Gaza so that they do not feel walled off.” After the fighting died down, the Palestinian Authority asked for $4 billion to rebuild Gaza, the international community pledged $5.4 billion with $212 million of it coming from America. “The people of Gaza do need our help, desperately,” Secretary of State John Kerry claimed. The ceasefire which allowed Hamas to rearm and rebuild was one in a series th

American Blood on Iranian Hands

(On October 23, 1983, Iranian backed terrorists carried out the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut leading to the largest loss of life by Marines in one day since Iwo Jima. This is the 40th anniversary of that Islamic terrorist attack. What follows is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2014 ) “The worst part for me is that nobody remembers,” Mark Nevells said on the anniversary of the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. A Marine had thrown his body in front of the truck to try stop the vehicle and afterward for five days , Nevells and other Marines had dug through the rubble for the bodies of the men they had served with. One of the first Marines on the scene heard voices coming from underneath the rubble. “Get us out. Don’t leave us.” The Marines lost more people that day than at any time since Iwo Jima and the number of Americans murdered that day by a terrorist group was a record that would stand until September 11. In Washington, the murder of 220 Marines a

It’s Islam, Stupid

Beslan. Mumbai. Paris. Manchester. New York City. Nairobi. Luxor. Sulu. Kibbutz Be’eri. 186 children murdered in a school in Beslan. Dozens of children taken hostage from a Catholic school in the Philippines. Two teachers were beheaded, but not the girls. “We do not kill women. We will just enslave them,” the Jihadists promised. 8-year-olds gunned down in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. The terrorists asked their victims to name Mohammed’s mother to tell apart the non-Muslims from the Muslims. In Luxor, Egypt, the terrorists danced, sang and killed and mutilated the foreign tourists. They “took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them. I don’t know where they went with the women, but they hurt them. We could hear screams of pain.” Among the dead was Shaunnah Turner, a 5-year-old British girl. Pregnant women and children murdered in Israel baffle the world. They seem implausible because each time they happen, we forget. A few days of horror pass and we move on. When a Mus

The Myth That Israel/Netanyahu Created/Funded Hamas

Since these false claims that Israel created Hamas or that Netanyahu supported Hamas are circulating across social media, let’s address them. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization founded in Egypt in the 1920s, before the rebirth of the State of Israel, but which now has a presence in Israel and in much of the world. In its early days it coordinated with the Nazis and received support from Nazi Germany. The Gaza Strip used to be ruled by Egypt which helps explain the strength of Hamas in the area. The Muslim Brotherhood operates in the United States and Europe under different names and front groups, such as CAIR. It also has terrorist organizations including arguably Al Qaeda, whose leaders have mostly been MB members, and which after Bin Laden was run by members of an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood splinter group. The Muslim Brotherhood operates under various identities inside Israel. There are two branches of the Islamic Movement, one of which has seats in the Kness

Israel’s Work Permits for Gaza Enabled the Hamas Attack

Among the litter of guns, korans, and maps discarded by the Hamas terrorists whose bodies lie alongside bullet-riddled vehicles and dusty roads are green Gaza IDs with work permits. Normally residents of the Hamas territory can’t enter Israel, but work permits allowed over 20,000 Gazans to enter Israel. When some returned, it was as Hamas rapists and killers. The Hamas invasion succeeded so well because the terrorists had an intimate knowledge of the communities they were targeting because they had worked there or had intelligence from those who had worked there. The attackers had detailed maps and building layouts. One woman whose husband and son were murdered said that the Hamas terrorists knew the names of the people, how many children they had and even which of them owned dogs. Last year, Secretary of State Blinken addressed a J Street even and told the anti-Israel lobby that the Biden administration had pushed Israel to “improve the lives of Palestinians” by, among other things,