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Islamic Law in America - It Can't Happen Here - Right?

After all we're a democratic country, right? We're not about to let our system of laws be dismantled in favor of Islamic religious laws. Right? "About three-quarters of the 900 taxi drivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are Somalis, many of them Muslim. And about three times each day, would-be customers are refused taxi service when a driver sees they're carrying alcohol. "It's become a significant customer-service issue," said Patrick Hogan, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, on Thursday. Now the airports commission has a solution: color-coding the lights on the taxi roofs to indicate whether a driver will accept a booze-toting fare. The actual colors haven't been decided on yet, but commission officials met Thursday with representatives of the taxi drivers and the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society to continue working on the plan. Hogan said taxi starters at curbside will look for duty-free bags with

Can You Spot The Enemy Publication?

Another Woman and Girl Rescued from Arab Village (Arutz Sheva) The story began several years ago when an Arab man from Tul Karem met a Jewish girl from Ashdod, and it was "love at first sight," according to the Arab. The Jewess has a different version, however; she says he first fooled her into believing he was Jewish - and neglected to mention that he was already married with children. In fact, when the two later married and moved to Tul Karem, the first wife and five children lived nearby, without her knowledge. The Jewish woman said her husband forbade her to go outside and beat her, and also later beat her daughter, born five years ago. After a while, the woman went to visit her mother in Ashdod, taking her daughter with her. A few days later, she informed her Moslem husband that she was not returning. The man was willing to accept his second wife's departure, but not that of his daughter - and he traveled to Ashdod and snatched her back to Tul Karem. The

First Amona Police Brutality Case Goes to Trial

The first indictment resulting from the police riot at Amona has finally gone to trial. Today on the 28th police officer David Edri will be tried for his assault on Yehuda Etzion. Edri rode down Yehuda Etzion (seen above) on horseback, struck him with the horse knocking him down and trampled him under the horse's legs. The indictment states, Etzion "hit his head on the ground, and was caused many bruises on his entire body, including internal bleeding in his right foot and a cut in his skull... Edry attacked Etzion illegally and caused him genuine injury." This is the first case from the Amona police riot to go to trial despite numerous photos and videos showing horrendous brutality, thus far it took this long to get one to trial. Meanwhile policemen in uniform have been attending the trial during work hours (some with nametags removed) to support Edri. This sends an ominious message to the victims and to the judge. Edri's lawyer has stayed that his client's behav

Crossing the Lines on the Road to Freedom

Melanie Philips reported at August's end; "The bridge over the railway on Mill Road in Cambridge has just had its mural redone. The theme is the wonderful multicultural neighbourhood we live in. On one side of the bridge this is represented by many national flags and there was an Israeli flag among them. This has now been painted out." The JTA reports that the mural was redone after repeated graffiti attacks. The Israeli flag wasn't just painted out. It was painted out and replaced by the Lebanese flag. Did the police investigate the graffiti? It wouldn't have been very hard to do or require much policework, just Google since the vandal openly took credit for it in a September 11th post on a Cambridge forum to generalized approval. " what do you think of the new work of art .i painted over the isralei flag as i found it to be offensive.a couple of days later it was painted back.ahh i thought this is war,armed with my trusty pot of paint and my dodgy brush i

Exclusive from the Jerusalem Post: President Katzav Eats Babies

Exclusive from the Jerusalem Post: President Katzav Eats Babies by Dan Izenberg and Kadima Staffer No. 3 Just as the latest round of accusations against Katzav were being investigated and judged in the press, now comes a new round of accusations that President Katzav has been eating babies. Three unnamed people who reportedly worked with Katzav have come forward to say that they frequently saw the President walking around chewing sandwiches filled with parts of babies. "It was awful," Woman No. 7 said. "He would go around every day at lunch chewing on babies and no one said absolutely nothing." Immediately reporters were generously driven in government limousines to promptly file new stories on Katzav's baby eating habits. "Don't pay any attention to that war I lost or all the dead soldiers or the fact that I left behind soldiers in enemy hands," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said. "Forget the disaster that was Disengagement, the criminal investi

Muslims Announce Completely Peaceful Plan to Kill Everyone

8:29 AM (BBC) In preparation for the holy time of Ramadan, the holiest time in the Muslim calendar apart from International Eat-A-Goat Day, leading Muslim clerics have announced a new plan to bring peace to the world by killing everyone who isn't a Muslim. "In observing these world events," said Sheikh Jihad Al-Mujahid, "we can clearly see that conflict emanates from all regions where Muslims are in contact with non-Muslims. From this one can only draw one conclusion, that all problems are caused by the continued existence of infidels or those who have not accepted Islam. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful to bring world peace, we have decided to kill everyone." As part of a joint proclamation with top Shiite and Sunni clerics, the decision has been made to peacefully begin killing everyone on September 28th. This announcement has been met with some concern. France has sent a diplomatic letter asking for clarification as to what is meant by this plan

Proving Once Again that Muslim Hatred of Jews is Completely Deranged

Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a protest against Pope Benedict's remarks on Islam after Friday prayers in Tehran September 22, 2006. Some 300 people chanted 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel' as they burned U.S., British and Israeli flags, witnesses said. REUTERS/Caren Firouz (IRAN) Proving Once Again that Muslim Hatred of Jews is Completely Deranged Muslims burn an Israeli flag to protest against the Pope. What did the Pope move to Israel or convert to Judaism when I wasn't looking? Are we now responsible for what the Pope says too? Or do they have no Vatican flags or New Testaments to burn and a surplus of American and Israeli flags? I think when they were protesting the Danish cartoons they burned Israeli and American flags too presumabely since the world is after all controlled by America which is controlled by the vast Zionist conspiracy which is controlled by Mr. Herschel Dingheim who lives at 85 W35th street and every day from his black

No Nukes for You!

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VIDEO: IDF Reservists and Parents of Dead Soldiers Disrupt Olmert Speech at Kadima Gathering

Like a general in search of troops, Olmert gathered 2000 of what were supposed to be his Kadima loyalists for a New Year's Ball and began delivering a string of self-congratulatory platitudes that distinctly suggested he was living on another planet from the rest of us. With a poll showing that only 7 percent of Israelis still want him to be Prime Minister (and most of that 7 percent probably live in Tel Aviv and rarely venture out of cafes), Olmert delivered a delusional speech full of quotes such as; "Kadima is today the most important political force in the country...Kadima has had no major failure in the last Knesset...the public's feelings towards the war do not reflect its real achievements...the nations of the world understand the great achievements of this war." As Olmert was addressing the crowd claiming that Israel is stronger than ever under him and Sharon's Disengagement plan made it that way, a number of IDF Reservists and parents of dead soldiers b

Senator Allen: A Disgracefull Question and a Disgracefull Response

The reporter's question in tone hinges on the downright anti-Semitic demanding to know which of his ancestors was Jewish and where that ancestry ended. Allen responds with a rambling diatribe about freedom of religion and refuses to answer the question dodging the issue by talking about religion, avoiding the issue of ethnicity. That response alone screams to most people that she was indeed Jewish and that Allen is playing dodgeball. The reporter's question was offensive but Allen's response is downright pathetic. If there was no basis to it he could have directly answered, "No that's not the case and the question is inappropriate because etc... etc..." or he could have answered in the affirmative and still delivered his 'freedom of religion' speech. Instead he chose to wrap himself in the constitution and give a rambling incoherent response to the specific question. In the past a number of politicians from John Kerry to Madeline Albright and Wesley Cl

Israeli Liberals unveil Plan B for Middle East Peace - But....but.... maybe this time it will work

(Sometimes there are moments when the pathological stupidity of the liberal whose only solution to everything is to appease their enemies and throw themselves on their mercy reveals itself with shining clarity and can only be gaped at... I present now for your inspection....) 'Talking to the neighbors: It's time Israel embraced the Mideast' - Avi Azrieli - International Herald Tribune Israelis now speak of the Arabs' hate as a chronic disease that Israel is destined to live - or die - with. To revive its hopes, Israel must dare to consider a change of paradigm: transform itself into a Middle Eastern country... A change of paradigm for the intensely besieged Israeli society would not be easy, and embracing the culture of the enemy could be confusing, if not outright repulsive. Yet it is necessary and possible. The immediate effort should center on language. Few Israelis speak Arabic, even though it is one of Israel's two official languages, alongside Hebrew. The go

A Governor's Coming Out Party

Had any normal Governor appointed a completely unqualified man as the state's Homeland Security Advisor who was a foreign national and couldn't even get FBI clearance thus preventing him from having access to classified material. He would surely have been criticised for endangering the lives of millions. Had he additionally then given him a meaningless title and the same salary and no job responsibilities, this would be a clear example of corruption. Had on top of this, this individual turned out to be the Governor's lover, this would have been a thundering case of malfeasance and abuse of office that should have ended in a trial and convinction. There's only one reason it didn't. The Governor in question preempted the issue by announcing that he's gay and doing the usual routine about how tormented he was by his supposed 'homosexuality.' Poor Governor McGreevy. Apparently he'd been taught to feel bad about his sexual desire for other men and he'

Mr. Chamish Goes To Another Holocaust Denial Conference

Just after insisting that he was being misrepresented as associating with Neo-Nazis and that Neo-Nazi sites were printing his materials without permission, Chamish has been announced as a speaker at the AFP's 2006 conference alongside the wife of prominent Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel who runs his website, Holocaust denier Jurgen Graf who was convicted of Holocaust denial in a Swiss court and sentenced to 15 months in prison and fled sentencing to become a fugitive. Also there will be Chamish's longtime friend and head of Australia's Adelaide Center Fredrick Toben, whom Chamish begged to write a letter disawoing their ties, which unfortunately for Chamish was posted on the web. Toben's center is a clearinghouse for Holocaust deniers in Australia. The conference is sponsored by The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial publication run by Willis Carto, founder of the Institute for Historical Review, before he was booted out of even there. It isn't just Holocaust deniers

How Jews were Protected Under Muslim Rule

(Since lately Muslims and their Jewish apologists have been repeatedly claiming how Muslims 'protected' Jews under their rule... an example of that protection) c. 1853: E.L. MITFORD from "Appeal in Behalf of the Jewish Nation" "I will narrate a case which took place at Tangier, and with which I was, therefore, well acquainted. The individual sufferer was an interesting Jewess, of respectable family, residing at Tangier; and much is it to be regretted that our Consul-General had not influence--or, if he did possess any, that he did not exert it--to avert the horrid catastrophe. This young creature was summoned before the Cadi, by two Moors, who deposed to her having pronounced their confession of faith. This, however, she utterly denied, but in vain; and the Cadi had no alternative, even had he possessed the inclination, but to decree her conformity to Islamism, on pain of death. I was never able to obtain correct information as to whether the witnesses were a

Jihad is Hump of Islam! - When Illiterate Muslim Protesters Attack!

(please note none of these photos have been photoshopped. Sadly.)

9/11 Remember and Do

Another anniversary comes and goes. Life has many anniversaries. Modern life has many more. We remember deaths, we remember births. We remember life. We remember death. The anniversary of 9/11 splits down those remembering into two camps. I do not include those who rejoiced when the planes struck or who claimed it never really happened. Like the wicked son at the Passover Seder, they are entirely outside the community. Instead the split is between action and commemoration. It is a split between those who see 9/11 as a tragedy and those who see it as an atrocity. There are many tragedies that happen in life. People suffer. People get sick. People die. We call those tragedies the cycle of life. Everyone who lives will experience them and the only thing to do is cope with them. Indeed coping is really the modern theology. In a culture whose goal is self-esteem, coping with tragedy is one of the bumps on the road to maintaining your self-esteem. What salt was to the ancients and blood to t

Ending Citizenship in the Country of Victimhood

Comparisons have been made for the last 5 years complaining of all the attention lavished on 9/11, on the dead, on the survivors, on the catastrophe itself. They roll out tabulated charts comparing annual deaths by cancer, collisions, heart attacks to make their points. In the late 20th century increasing numbers of Americans hold dual citizenship, in the country of the United States of America and citizenship in the country of victimization. Everyone strives to present a passport certifying that they are a victim, a survivor. Even 9/11 represents an inability for many people to call a halt to this jockeying. 9/11 is a break from the shifting maze of victimhood identities, black, latino, white, asian, gay, cancer survivor, abuse survivor, drug survivor; for a chance to unite as Americans and understand that we had a chance to stop being survivors and to become fighters. To stop being the hyphenated victims of pet causes and to rise to the occasions as citizens of a great nation, a

Bush Takes Lauer Apart

For all the time liberals spend going on about what a moron Bush is and yet Lauer comes off looking like nothing so much as a moron. A liberal moron.

Our Democratic Friends and Allies

Whenever election day comes around American liberals in the form of the Democratic Party begin assuring Jews of their friendship for Israel. They drag out old hoary anecdotes describing of their long love and adoration for the State of Israel. Former President Bill Clinton claimed that his dying family priest had told him to protect Israel. Presidential candidate John Kerry spoke of Masada and along with fellow Presidential Candidate Wesley Clark rediscovered his Jewish roots. But true friends as always are discovered in need and in deed. On Wednesday the 6th, prominent Democrats led by Senator Patrick Leahy of the State of Vermont and Diane Feinstein of California, who despite her last name is Catholic rather than Jewish, attempted to introduce an ammendment that would prohibit the use of Cluster Bombs near civilian areas and apply those same conditions to any country they are sold to, particularly Israel. The cluster bomb scandal is the latest attempt by Israel's political enemie

Zachor Asher Asha Lecha Amalek

Deuteronomy 25:17 Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way as ye came forth out of Egypt. Deuteronomy 25:19 T hou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget. The foundation of all morality begins with a rejection of evil. There can be no morality without a rejection of evil, only vapid self-righteousness. Without rejecting evil there is no good, there is only lip service and rhetoric because without separating good from evil, good becomes contaminated by evil. Becomes contaminated by moral equivalence, by excusing evil, by tolerating evil and in the end defending it. To secularists, liberals and an entire generation raised in the shadow of the cultural values they have erected, this entire passage seems vicious, genocidal, nationalistic and otherwise repugnant. " So ," they will argue, " Amalek attacked the Jews and killed some people. The thing to do was to reach an understanding with them and find a way to live in

The Fragmented Shapes of an Uncertain Future

It is the end of summer at South Street Seaport Pier 17. August is ending, September is beginning and the cold wind is already here. The sky is overcast yet in places piercing glints of light still shine. By the water along the deserted pier a rock band is playing to an audience of a handful. A middle aged couple, man and wife, stand leaning on each other, swaying back and forth, their hands in each other's jeans pockets. The band begins another sets. They aren't good but they aren't bad either. Above Seaport and its mall gulls circle the American flag hanging on its roof like vultures. Grey clouds drift closer. A thin trail of smoke pours from the greasy kitchen of a luncheonette. 2001 is ending but it is also beginning and in the air there hangs the sense that all the good times are ending now. Ending. * * * I am heading to midtown. The planes have hit and the buildings have burned. There are elderly relatives with breat

Australian, Dutch and Belgian TV endorse 9/11 Denial

In a further sign of the extent to which left-wing radicalism and hatred of America is becoming mainstream, the Australian History Channel will be airing the 9/11 Conspiracy video 'Loose Change' as part of their 9/11 Marathon. Presumabely for their Holocaust commemoration they'll be airing films made by Holocaust Deniers as well. Dutch, Swiss and Belgium Public TV will be following suit. For anyone who wants a brief lesson in what the human garbage responsible for 911 Loose Change represent, these are audio recordings of Dylan Avery who made 911 Loose Change on the radio. Hear Avery crack jokes about passengers having their throats slashed and laugh at it, hear him suggest a father deliberately sent his son off on the plane to die as part of the conspiracy and if you can stomach it play it all the way to the end where a cop who was actually there confronts this loathsome filth. This is what 9/11 conspiracists are. This is the real face and it's a true testament to the k

Rights and Wrongs: The Rise of the Individual, The Fall of Nations

As the Jerusalem Post notes , this is the 60th anniversary of the production of the play, A Flag is Born. Behind the history and the praise is the interesting legacy of the playwright, Ben Hecht. Ben Hecht was a self-taught Chicago journalist, playwright, screenwriter behind such classics as Scarface, The Front Page, Gone With the Wind.; a member of the Algonquin Round Table, a reporter who mingled easily with the gangsters, ladies of the evening and killers and corrupt cops of Chicago's underworld before going abroad as a foreign correspondent in post WWI Germany exposing the seamy side of German reconstruction and serving as a personal eyewitness to the Moabit prison massacre, which would set the stage for Nazi atrocities. He was a professional writer who mixed hearty doses of cynicism towards authority with idealism for the human race, a Jewish Mark Twain who was an unsuccessful if critically praised novelist, a thoroughly assimilated Jew who spearheaded a campaign for Eur

First they came for the Jews...

First they came for the Jews and I said nothing because I was not a Jew. Instead I said they were warmongering Zionists who could have peace if they gave up half their country. Then they came for the Hindus and I said nothing because I was not a Hindu. Instead I said there would be peace if they gave up Kashmir. Then they came for the Serbs and I said nothing because I was not a Serb. Instead I called for NATO to fight a war to protect the Albanians. Then they came for the Thais and the Philiphines and African villagers in Darfur and for East Timor and Moscow and I said nothing because I didn't live in any of those places. Instead I called for a just resolution to the conflicts by giving the Muslim terrorists whatever they wanted. Then they came for America and I said nothing because I wasn't an American. Instead I called for the withdrawal of US troops from the Middle East. Then they came for the Danish and I said that they probably should stop offending Muslims with their

The Barry Chamish Follies Continue

" One of the tragedies of the recent war is that Haifa University was not razed to the ground by Hizbollah. We can only ask them to aim better in the next round. You see Haifa University is home to the mass libeler Steven Plaut. And he just disgraces the "good" name of the school on a daily basis. I am one victim of his favorite slander. " - Barry Chamish Yes it's another week and another edition of the Barry Chamish follies. There's probably some depth of egotism in hoping that terrorists destroy an entire university because someone he doesn't like works there. Luckily Barry himself was far away sitting out the war delivering lectures in Messianic Churches while Israel was under fire. While Haifa was actually being bombed, Chamish himself continued his old tradition of penning pieces defending the Arabs and claiming the whole war was a conspiracy of another critic of his, Daniel Pipes. In 2003 already Chamish's op-eds were appearing in Al Jazeera a

THE JERUSALEM DECLARATION ON CHRISTIAN ZIONISM - The Gospel of Arab Nationalism trumps Christianity

The four Arab heads of Christian Churches in Israel; Catholic, Lutheran, Syrian Orthodox and Episcopal have drafted and signed a statement titled ' Jerusalem Statement on Christian Zionism ' that is full of some of the most mind-boggling hypocrisy imaginable. The statement does little more than parrot the Arab position on every matter. They accuse Israel, the United States and Christian Zionists of " imposing their unilateral pre-emptive borders and domination over Palestine ," a statement full of redundant and senseless propagandist rhetoric. It's full of repetitive statements accusing Christian Zionists and by extension Israel of ' militarism, occupation, colonialism, racial exclusivity, perpetual war, apartheid, empire-building' and all such good stuff. It's not clear what empire is being built exactly. Israel withdrew from Gaza and its territory which is already smaller than Rhode Island is only dwindling. But reality has never stopped Arab

Torah True Jews or Quran True Muslims?

Another one of the Neturei Karta freakazoids goes on Arab TV to call for the release of Hamas terrorists and the dismantling of Israel, and slips calling Mohammed a prophet. A Torah True Jew or a Koran True Muslim? You decide.

Shortcuts to Victory, Shortcuts to Defeat

Shortcut to Victory 1: A coherent battle plan which is flexible enough to be modified in response to enemy actions with specific goals and objectives. Shortcut to Defeat 1: A purely reactive battlefield presence in which troops are sent rushing off on whatever whim strikes the general staff and are put out into the field with little more to do than try to defend against whatever the enemy does. If you're wondering which one of these Israel did in Lebanon and you guessed the second one, well you're right. An incoherent battle plan is the quickest way to waste your troops and waste your advantage and walk into a meat grinder. In Lebanon the objectives continually appeared to change, troops were deployed and then redeployed again. This gave the appearance of indecisiveness to the enemy and to our own troops. It's also a likely symptom of too many cooks in the soup with civilian politicians pushing their own plans, replacing generals and undermining any chain of command.