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Which is the Real Threat?

While Olmert's corrupt unelected government fights the horrific 'settler' threat.

JERUSALEM [MENL] -- For the first time, Israel's military has been given authorization to use live fire against Jewish protesters.

Hamas which has murdered and continues killing Israelis holds its elections right there in Hevron and in Jerusalem.

Which is the real threat?

Olmert's illegal unelected government has surrendered to Hamas and tries to show how tough it is by beating up on girls. While terrorists celebrate, the army is sent off to attack other Jews. This government has not only failed to provide security and fight terrorism, it has tried to cover up for its incompetence and cowardice by provoking 'made for tv' clashes with its own citizens for the upcoming election.

"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous," Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


  1. As we can see from the Photos, its important to keep those teenage girls in line!!!

    Israel is in for a shock .
    This is vile and evil a huge aveira or is it an avon???

  2. Damn straight - would you rather the army let those girls get hurt? its their job to protect them - any american jew who honestly thinks that the army hates those kids and does not love them shouldthink long and hard about the the spin they are putting on things. yes hamas is bad very bad, but that doesnt change the army's need to protect stupid kids from doing stupid things

  3. Anonymous18/1/06

    oh yes, it's for their "own protection"

    it's also for their own protection to be thrown out of their homes, to be threatened with snipers and live fire ammunition

    and of course to be jailed for months at a time in violation of the law without the benefit of a trial

    what's the next stage of protection exactly? a firing squad?

  4. Anonymous18/1/06

    you're demonizing the soldiers while completely neglecting that these kids covered their faces and hurled stones and eggs at them. if a teenage palestinian girl threw a stone at an israeli soldier, she'd probably have her face cracked open. these girls got off easy.

    there are 4,000 soldiers stationed in hebron to protect the 500 settlers. who's endangering whom?

  5. Anonymous18/1/06

    no I'm demonizing the corrupt government of ehud olmert, who in a functional country would have been behind bars instead of getting off scot free

    the soldiers are being used and abused by the government

    none of the girls here have their faces covered or are throwing anything and when palestinians throw rocks, tzahal soldiers have trouble getting any authority to defend themselves and if a soldier hurts a palestinian he'll find himself on trial in 5 minutes flat with the collaboration of b'tzelem and other pro-terrorist groups

  6. Anonymous18/1/06

    “It isn’t true that we see a crime and don’t deal with it,” says Commander Eli Zamir of the Hebron Police, who speaks of the settlers as “them.” “But we have a serious problem here. They have understood where our weak point lies - and that’s the use of children under the age of criminal responsibility, under the age of 12. They do that on purpose. The children throw stones, break walls. The children are the tactical arm, and even the strategic arm, of the adults.” Their strategic goal, according to Zamir, is “to expand the area in which they live.”

    But if the children are a problem, the use of babies makes Zamir’s blood boil. He says that he heard about this custom - of using babies - the moment he arrived in Hebron four years ago, but he understood its significance only when he was in charge of handling a conflict in which four mothers from the Jewish settlement placed their babies in front of them, as a shield from the policemen. “I watch television, and I have never seen any population on earth that uses babies,” he says. “I don’t understand by what right these mothers use 1-year-old babies, by what right they endanger them. I said here at the station: Find me the section in the law books that will enable me to prosecute them.”

    Haaretz, 17/11/2005

  7. Anonymous18/1/06

    firstly quoting Haaretz on the settlers is like quoting Pravda on the US or Al Jazeera on Israel

    to actually parse this nonesense, an israeli policeman who doesn't know any population that uses babies as shields particularly after the mohammed al dura case is a stone cold shameless liar with so much chutzpah it could sink a ship and has discredited himself

    thirdly there's no tactic involved. The commander talks about the settlers using children as a weak point but that is so much nonesense. the police have seized children as young as 9 and kept young girls imprisoned for months, they most certainly don't have a weak side

    mothers will place their babies close to them to protect them from the policemen, something that is very much a reality considering the brutal assaults the police have inflicted on non-violent protesters

    there are children and teenagers who become confrontational but not because they're anyone's strategic arm but because children and teenagers are less likely to accept hypocrisy and 'orders' or 'the law' as excuses. They see things in black and white and if someone comes to throw their families or friends out of their homes, they'll do what they can to fight back, especially if the adults don't

  8. Anonymous18/1/06

    Let's remember this is all under the orders of gog bush, to appease his saudi masters for oil. God is now judging america for it's persecution of israel, we are losing in iraq, terrorism is now increasing in afghanistan, south america is electing socialist governments, america's economy is disintigrating, our gulf coast has already been heavily damaged, and global warming promises much greater destruction for all of america's gulf and atlantic coast.

    Bush - keep persecuting israel, you will be known as the president who brought the downfall of the most powerful nation on earth, ever.


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