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Who Mourns for Bhutto - Democracy's Dead End

Bhutto's return and her assassination has once again dredged up the question of democracy in the third world. Her assassination though should be a reminder yet again that politics is played by different rules outside the West. Bhutto was no martyr or saint, she was the daughter of a man who though "democratically" elected had authorized the execution of a political opponent. Bhutto herself has been accused of numerous murders and ethnic cleansing, including the murder of her own brother by her niece. If Musharraf did indeed order the death of Bhutto or at least turn a blind eye to it, he would have acted no differently than Bhutto herself had. With Bhutto, Americans embraced not a record but a message, the articulate Oxford educated tone of a woman whose rhetoric was Westernized but her approach was the usual Third World combination of kleptocracy, brutality and deceit. Beginning with her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorism in Kashmir and supp

Ron Paul Criticises God for Violently Ending Egyptian Slavery

Bellevue Hospital - Crazy racist Presidential candidate Ron Paul while appearing on Meet the Press criticized God for bringing a violent end to the Egyptian enslavement of the Israelites. "You know I'm a great believer in the ummm Constitution and private property and that was just wrong. The Egyptians paid in honest Gold backed currency for their Israelite slaves and I don't agree with slavery but it was manifestly unconstitutional for God to interfere with the system," Ron Paul mumbled. "Why couldn't he have just paid fair value for them?" When asked to elaborate on this, Ron Paul explained that had God simply paid the Egyptians fair value for every Jew, the whole Exodus thing could have been avoided. "I mean if he had just paid the Egyptians ummm fair value instead of rivers turning to blood and rains of frogs and those other things, just seemed completely unnecessary," Ron Paul continued, "this is not a race issue again, I would feel t

Parshas Shemot - Knowing God

A few centuries after a man living in Ur Kasdim rediscovered what mankind had forgotten, that the world had a Creator, his descendants had become mired in slavery, degraded and finally subjected to selective genocide within the bowels of the mightiest empire on earth. Egypt had enslaved the Jews so thoroughly that only one man escaped from it. Sentenced to death at birth, thrown in an act of desperation by his mother into a basket, left to float on the Nile to a seemingly hopeless fate, raised in the royal court, banished into exile, intermarried in a foreign land and distanced far from his people, Moshe was chosen by G-d to rediscover him and redeem his people. A great-grandson of Yaakov, the last of the patriarchs, it would seem that Moshe had little to recommend him. Raised by his people's slavemasters he was far removed from his people's heritage. He spoke like an Egyptian and dressed like one, so that Yitro's daughters identified him as one. When Moshe sees the burning

Friday Afternoon Roundup - BhuttoHeads, Dead Israelis, the UN and Civil Rights

Benazir Bhutto is dead and the world mourns. On the next day two teenage hikers were murdered in Israel by terrorists backed by Abbas. As expected no one mourns for them. Plenty of people have done a good job of documenting Bhutto's support for terrorism and her father's close ties to Arafat, ties so close that his son promptly went to Arafat to amass weapons for an attack to retake power. Lemon Lime Moon writes about Huckabee apologizing for the assassination , shades of Jimmy Carter Debbie Schlussel has collected a lot of information on it here including Bhutto's ties to the Taliban and Arafat "Disregard the fact that this faux "moderate" Bhutto supported the Taliban and helped it take over Afghanistan. Not only did her Paki government recognize the Taliban, she was only one of three governments to do so (a fact acknowledged by Bhutto's niece). Awesome. Our soldiers are dying there fighting the Taliban, and Bush tried to re-insert upon Pakistan the woma

The Hebron Shooting Attacks - What Is and What Isn't Being Reported

What is being reported Two Jewish hikers in their 20's were murdered in a terror attack at Telem Spring, near Adora, south of Jerusalem. Two Jewish boys and a girl departed on a hike from Kiryat Arba to the spring, a secluded nature spot. An all-terrain vehicle drove up next to them, and two terrorists inside opened fire. The two youths were armed and returned fire killing one terrorist and wounding the second. The youth died from their wounds. The girl managed to hide and phone Kiryat Arba's Magen David Adom emergency services at about 12:00 noon Friday. Despite her traumatized state, she guided the emergency crews and IDF forces to the location of the attack. Since she was unable to give the precise location on the trail, it took the forces a long while to locate her. The bodies of the two Jewish victims and one Arab terrorist were found. The Red Crescent emergency services reportedly evacuated the second terrorist to a hospital in Hevron. What isn't being reported -- T

CAIR Board Member Supports Ron Paul and Stormfront

Alliances between Neo-Nazis and Islamofascist Muslims are nothing new but there is one thing that both seem to have in common lately and that's Ron Paul. Case in point, Anisa Abd El Fattah aka Carolyn F. Keeble, a founding board member of CAIR and a Hamas supporter . Despite being black, Anisa Abd El Fattah appears to have both ties and sympathies with Neo-Nazi movements. Her petition and letter appears on the site of the Vanguard News Network while another congratulating Iran on the Holocaust cartoon contest appears on Stormfront, both Neo-Nazi sites. Anisa Abd El Fattah had previously included White Nationalists along with Muslims as groups "persecuted" by the Jewish lobby writing , " We also believe that the Jewish Lobby has acted to create an environment in the US that is hostile to Muslims, Arabs, and others, including White nationalists " Her complaints and statements have repeatedly included defenses of neo-nazis. e.g. "1. Jewish organizations and

The Democratic Party: A Party of Anti-Semites and Self-Hating Jews

Even as Al Sharpton was being served subpoenas by Federal investigators, the leading Democratic Party Presidential candidates spared no time in courting him. Sharpton has had lunch with Obama and a planned meeting with Bill Clinton and is still indicating that his endorsement is up for grabs. If Sharpton's presence on stage at the 2004 Democratic Party convention or the statement by the head of the New York State Democratic Party during the 2000 election that anyone who had a problem with Sharpton has no place in the Democratic party, his courtship by the two top Democratic party candidates for the Presidency is eloquent testimony of the relationship between the Democratic Party and Jews. Despite leading racist attacks against Jews that led to several murders, Al Sharpton has only become more powerful within the Democratic party. Despite being caught on video tape discussing a drug deal, despite a history of lies, blackmail and racial intimidation, the Democratic Party has chosen

Left Wing Pro-Muslim Democrats Responsible for Thailand Coup, Lose

Democracy was upheld in Thailand when the Democrats, a left wing party backing a coup by a Muslim General, were defeated at the polls. The Thailand Democrat party is a left wing royalist party which staged the overthrew of Prime Minister Thaskin by Muslim General Sonthi Boonyaratglin. Where Prime Minister Thaskin had followed a policy of stamping out the Muslim insurgency, however General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, a Muslim with two wives, was in retrospect a terrible choice for fighting a Muslim insurgency. General Sonthi Boonyaratglin engaged in all sorts of delaying tactics to obstruct the fight, claiming that the Muslim terrorists who were engaging in a bloody campaign of atrocities, including beheading Buddhist teachers, were actually Communists. As the Muslim terrorists stepped up their bombing campaign, General Sonthi Boonyaratglin called for negotiating with the terrorists over the protests of the elected government. The following sums up his collaboration with his co-religionists w

A World on the Dole

If there is one fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals, it's that conservatives believes in self-sufficiency while liberals prefer government control and social management. While many conservatives recognize this phenomenon on the individual and community level, fewer realize that this is the case on the national and global level. The conservative vision of the world is rooted in the democratic stability of a prosperous middle class. The political worldview of liberals is by contrast rooted in an impoverished world, the world of the deprived and the oppressed. The fundamental split in the second half of the 20th century between liberals and conservatives is rooted in the liberal rejection of a democratic society's ability to address social inequities. The fundamental liberal mantra that has inspired every form of government social control through legislation is the belief that Western societies are fundamentally unjust and incapable of reforming their racis

The Olmert Regime - A Government of Rabble

Sharon like Rabin in the decaying years of his life, decided to embrace a single undemocratic policy and to see it through the end. Like Rabin, he never did see it through to the end but the damage he did would continue to wreak havoc across the nation. When Ariel Sharon passed out of the world of the living he left behind to his unintended successor, Ehud Olmert, a party and a government that had been built around him. Ariel Sharon had been known as the bulldozer and when he was thwarted by his own party in his plans, he decided to set up a new party built around himself. Sharon jotted down over a hundred proposed names for the party and the one that he picked, Kadima, had no political ideology attached to it. In imitation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia (Go Italy), Kadima (Go Forward) was created, except unlike Forza Italia, Kadima tellingly stripped away any mention of country. Like Berlusconi, Sharon founded Kadima as a coalition of complete opposites

Parshas Vayechi - Generations and Identity

The story of the end of Yaakov's life takes place in Parshas Vayechi, the word "Vayechi" meaning "and he lived". It seems paradoxical that the story of Yaakov's death should be titled with the beginning "and he lived", yet that is the true approach to both life and death. Yaakov's life was truly worthwhile and meaningful because he lived it. His legacy was in the sons he left behind and the nation he built. While Yaakov dies in Vayechi, he lives on in the birth of the Jewish nation. Before Yaakov Avinu passes away he insists that his son Yosef swear an oath to bury him in Caanan, within Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel. He insists on an oath, Tahat Yirechi, something that only Avraham had insisted on, when it came to finding a wife for his son Yitzchak not from the people of Caanan. What is the connection between the two? The answer is that both are fundamental to the question of Jewish identity. Avraham's oath insisted on a rejection of i

In Which Islam Conquers the Scourge of Western Novels and Characters

Cairo, September 1st, 2006 Outside traffic noises blare mingling with the cries and shouts of merchants and drivers. A humid muggy stench rises from the street, the smell of factory pollution mingled with gasoline, oil, steaming piles of refuse, dung and broiling meat. On a rickety wooden table are a great pile of books. Abdul Hamid who in his days of living in Paris had called himself Pierre, sits leafing through them one by one. "Well," the other man prompts him. Unlike Abdul he is lean with the cold predatory eyes of a fanatic on a perpetual rampage. His name is Sheikh Salafah and he is a leading instructor at Al-Azhar University. "It can be done," Abdul says breaking his reverie. For a moment the books had taken him back to his student days in Paris, the cafes, the boat rides, the women. All gone now. "Yes," he repeats, "it can be done." "It must be done!" Sheikh Salafah says. "As the triumph of Islam approaches that victory mu

Islam's Demographic Weapon Against the West and Itself

The current phase of the struggle between the Muslim World and the West began as a clash of civilizations. That clash itself however is driven by a more subtle and yet overwhelmingly destructive problem, the demographics of Muslim nations. The demographic problem of Islam is the product of Western medicine, Western agriculture and Western charity propping up the Muslim birth rate. Under normal conditions a culture's ability to expand its population is controlled by factors such as infant mortality rates, food supply and resources. The Muslim world has benefited from Western revolutions in agriculture and medicine along with Western social welfare allowing for an uncontrolled birth rate. People often wonder why Palestinian Arabs live in such misery and the usual answer given involves Israeli oppression. The real answer is that Palestinian Arabs have access to Israeli medicine and agriculture without possessing a society or culture mature enough to deal with their benefits. The resul

Palestinian Terrorist Billion Dollar Giveway Outrage!

All it took was a peace conference and the nations of the world are ready to shower Abbas' government and the Palestinian Arabs with billions of dollars again. Neither a record of 15 years of lies, broken promises and terrorism nor a still ongoing campaign of terrorism has dampened their enthusiasm in the least . As of now the United States has committed 555 million dollars, over half a billion dollars, the European Union has kicked in 650 million dollars and France alone will be giving 300 million dollars and so will Germany and England. This of course is not nearly enough for the PA which has its hand held out to the tune of 5.6 billion dollars. Considering that the PA barely has any infrastructure, gets its power from Israel and has lost control and responsibility for the 1.5 million Arabs in Gaza leaving it with only half the population-- what exactly does Abbas need all that money for? In 2007 the Palestinian Authority took home nearly 1.5 billion dollars from the EU. In 2007

The Liberal Dehumanization of Women Within Islam

Sometimes there is an article that frames a topic in a crystal clear lens. Barbara Kay's piece in the National Post does that when it comes to the dehumanization inherent in the liberal silence on the abuse of women by non-western cultures referring to a caste in which an Australian judge freed the rapists of a 10 year old girl. How could any woman get it so wrong? It’s like this: Indoctrinated in multicultural feminism, Judge Bradley is a moral and cultural relativist. Any sexual aggression against her own daughter would be anathema, but the cultural values of the Other are sacrosanct, and must be respected. Thus, that judge didn’t see a 10-year old girl. She didn’t see an individual. She saw aboriginal Others engaged in behaviours particular to their culture, and she assumed it would be wrong to impose her standards on them. Liberalism's Fear of its Own Racism Liberalism's greatest problem in dealing with Islam is a fear of its own racism. That racism leads to the consta

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Meet the Muslims

First up Nasrallah has been apparently been demoted by Iran's supreme leader from command over Hizbollah. This nakedly shows that Hizbollah is nothing more than an Iranian puppet and that Hizbollah's attacks on Israel are actually Iranian attacks on Israel and are a legitimate justification for Israel declaring War on Iran as Iran has committed acts of War against Israel. Report: Nasrallah demoted by Khamenei Some of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's responsibilities have been taken away by the organization's backer Iran, the pan-Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat claimed Thursday. Reportedly, Nasrallah is no longer in control of the organization's military wing, which is now headed by Nasrallah's deputy Sheikh Na'im Kassem. The Iranian official Asharq Alawsat cites as the one who demoted Nasrallah is none other than Iran Supreme Leader Ayatol

Islam: The Angry Beggar at the Feast

Recently I was at a community function and seated next to a local beggar who usually hangs around the neighborhood with his hand out always asking for spare change. I can't say the food was particularly good but most people took it in stride, he however lashed out and began shouting that the soda was poison, the food was disgusting and the particular food that he wanted and had been promised wasn't available. Eventually after eating some more, he left angrily. On a scale of civilizations, Islam is the beggar at the feast. The modern world has birthed an incredible wealth of technologies and products, economic prosperity, human rights and freedoms. Knowledge and communication have been expanded as never before and mankind has gone from the depths of the ocean to set foot on the surface of the moon and within a decade Mars. Liberal dogma has it that this 'feast' is one that excludes the developing nations and takes place at their expense, but it is not. Israel and Singapo

Ask Imam Abdul Moderate

( Due to technical difficulties, the blogger known as Sultan Knish will not be able to post today. Instead for the benefit of our readers we present this week's column of Ask Imam Abdul Moderate, moderated by Imam Abdul Moderate ) Asalaam Aleikum Brothers and Sisters of the Ummah and Assorted Unclean Infidels While certain extremists continue their attempts to present Islam as a violent religion, I Imam Abdul Moderate am dedicated to presenting the true moderate face of Islam, the religion of peace. This week as every week we cover the grave issues presented to Muslims living in the unclean Dar Al Harb of the West where homosexuals and unclad women parade themselves on every corner and the heathen government stuffs ham sandwiches in the mouths of the devout. I will now reply to your questions. Dear Imam Abdul Moderate, My daughter has lately ceased to wear her Hijab and has been seen conversing with boys. Tell me what should I do? Manchester Kaleak Zoombuboz --

Is Mike Huckabee Running for the Republican or the Democratic Party Nomination?

Looking over his September speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, I have to wonder where his rhetoric really diverges from Hillary Clinton's or Obama's on foreign policy. Just some choice quotes to begin with. "Well, let me begin by saying that to say that American foreign policy needs a change in tone or attitude, or an opening up and reaching out, is obviously saying that O.J. Simpson might’ve had a bad month. This administration’s bunker mentality has been counterproductive, both at home and abroad. They’ve done a poor job of communicating and consulting with other countries, just as they have, frankly, with the American people." Which is more of the multilateralist rhetoric we've been hearing from Democrats since Day 1. It's less clear which countries we were supposed to be communicating with and how. It's also nice to see Huckabee start out by comparing US Foreign Policy to O.J. Simpson. It's just a throwaway line but it