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Environmentalists Killed Logging to Protect Owls. Now They Want to Kill the Owls.

Thirty-five years after “save a logger, eat an owl” could be seen across the Pacific Northwest, the government environmentalists at US Fish and Wildlife want to kill half a million owls…to save the owls. In a world of transgender surgeries, terrorist cryptocurrencies, and senile presidents, the Owl Wars that entered the 1990 presidential election seem implausible. But they cost tens of thousands of jobs, wiped out sizable amounts of the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest, and helped solidify Oregon and Washington as hipster strongholds no Republican could win. It all started with listing the spotted owls as an endangered species. The northern spotted owls (which to non-owl fanciers look like most other owls except smaller) were listed as endangered by that noted scientist, Judge William L. Dwyer, who apart from destroying logging also helped create the Seattle Mariners which placed two crimes against humanity on his checkered soul. But Dwyer was doing the bidding of the anti-in

All the President’s Liars

“The Biden White House clearly succeeded in a massive cover-up of the degree of the President’s feebleness and his serious physical decline,” former New York Times editor Jill Abramson claimed. “Shame on the White House press corps for not to have pierced the veil of secrecy surrounding the President.” How could the media have possibly penetrated that “veil of secrecy” when Biden confused Iran and Ukraine during the State of the Union address in front of the entire nation, when he falsely claimed that his son died in Iraq, couldn’t remember in an interview when he had served as vice president, and finished a speech with “God save the Queen.” There’s no way the estimated 85,000 reporters in the country could have cracked this case. The 60% of Americans who said they weren’t confident about Biden’s mental capacity had somehow penetrated the “massive cover-up” that no one in the media seemed able to do. Where are Watergate’s Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? Bob Woodward popped

Hunter Biden, a Close Biden Adviser, Was Courted by Top China Influence Operation Boss

Hunter Biden is sitting on White House meetings and serving as a close adviser to his father. That raises even more troubling questions considering one of his recently revealed emails. “Do you know former Governor of Hong Kong- C.H. Troung (sp?),” Hunter Biden allegedly wrote. “He wants me to come to HK to visit to discuss business opportunities. He sat next to Dad at lunch w/ Premiere and implied we knew each other- but I don’t remember him.” The email was dispatched to Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, a business partner of Hunter’s who would later provide Hunter with significant payments. But even more interesting was the man who had previously sat next to Joe Biden and who now wanted to take a meeting with Hunter. Next year, James Bulger, the nephew of mobster Whitey Bulger, sent an email in which Li urged Hunter to reach out and make the connection for him, and Hunter authorized drafting an email. Five years later, Jonathan Li wired $250,000 to Joe Biden’s address. While there is no fo

Only Killing Democracy Can Save Democrats

“Democracy begins with each of us,” Joe Biden, shadowed by two teleprompters and multiple off-stage handlers declared on the beaches of Normandy. Biden wasn’t celebrating winning WWII so much as the end of the Democrat primaries a day earlier which had handed him Guam and the Virgin Islands. The artfully rigged primaries which had boosted South Carolina while banishing New Hampshire had made Biden the nominee. All he had to do was get through a debate and a convention. How hard could that be? Biden and his people loved the idea of democracy much more than the actuality of it. The party had suppressed Rep. Dean Philips, Biden’s one opponent, and No Labels, a group that had fought for ballot access to launch a bipartisan alternative ticket, while running on democracy. “This MAGA threat is a threat to the brick and mortar of our democratic institutions,” Biden had warned at a tribute to the late Sen. John McCain. At an earlier tribute to the late Sen. Harry Reid, he had preached that “pro

The Open Borders University

When Biden announced that he would limit border invaders to 2,500 a day or nearly 900,000 a year, the first lawsuit filed against the move came from a University of California law school. Formerly known as the Hastings College of the Law, Kamala’s old alma mater dumped the name of its founder, a much more qualified former Attorney General of California who funded it, in the serial woke purge and is now known as UC Law SF. But it has still kept the Hastings name on the UC Hastings Foundation whose millions are supposed to fund the school. But instead the UC Hastings Foundation is being used to wage lawfare for open borders. It is unknown how much of the over $11 million brought in during 2022 and the $7 million in 2023 is really used to fund border litigation. Officially, $5.8 million was marked as providing “grants to UC College”, to “enrich the academic program and provide opportunities in legal education”. But like a lot of woke law schools, UC Law SF operates or supports lawfare en

A Nation of Free People or Free Things

A few centuries ago, some young men refused to have their property and their political autonomy redistributed to an elite thousands of miles away. The very idea of having a revolution over such a thing seems entirely absurd to today’s wokes. Or as another Englishman once again, “Imagine there’s no countries”. It’s easy if you live in the EU. All that the Crown really wanted was for the colonists to pay their “fair share” of taxes, the same demand constantly put forward by Democrat millionaires like Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Bernie Sanders, a share that was determined thousands of miles away. All that the colonists wanted was the rights of Englishmen that they believed they were entitled to. After a great deal of bloodshed, the colonists won the right to be Americans instead—an odd series of consonants and vowels having to do with an Italian explorer but meaning personal freedom and limited government. Now we have free things, unlimited government, and our freedom shrinks in proport

Who’s Running the Country?

The 2016 presidential election was going to come down to two candidates, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, whose ‘turns’ had come. And then Donald J Trump rode down an escalator, took their ‘turn’ and the establishment has never been the same since. Because it was their ‘turn’. In 2020, it was the ‘turn’ of Joe Biden, a man whose only political credential was that he had stuck around long enough to stick to things, like the Senate and the Vice Presidency. Now in 2024, it’s Joe Biden’s ‘turn’ again. No one in his party was under the impression that he was the best candidate, the best campaigner or the best president, but damn it, it was his ‘turn’. And now the Democrats are panicking because the candidate taking his ‘turn’ is imploding. Biden’s debate meltdown has frightened Democrats, but they still have no answer for how to stop the car accident that everyone else could see coming from miles away. And no good strategy beyond getting the party leaders to confront their candidate and ask hi

‘God Bless the Blackest City in the World’

Chicago celebrated ‘Juneteenth’ with 40 shootings. The Windy City kept up a Father’s Day weekend in which 71 people were shot by fatherless young men in a city where 8 out of 10 black children are born to single mothers. And in which it’s all the fault of “systemic racism”. Over in Daley Plaza, Mayor Brandon Johnson (pictured above) raised the ‘Juneteenth flag’ created by an activist who wanted the black parts of Boston to secede and form a new city named ‘Mandela’. But who needs Mandela, when you’ve got Chicago? “God bless the blackest city in the world,” Johnson, a radical who has presided over massive crime and enjoys an approval rating of 28% , declared. With a 28% black population, Chicago isn’t even the blackest city in Illinois, let alone the U.S. or the world. And the black population has fallen by 400,000 since the 80s. Hispanics are actually the second largest group in Chicago, but since 60% of them disapprove of him, it’s understandable why he didn’t want to mention them. O