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  1. My heart bleeds for these people. I don't understand why people are not outraged. This is an injustice. Based on the photographs, the people evicted on Sunday do not appear to be well-to-do people, but rather, those of modest means.

    Surely the liberals of the world can demonstrate some level of compassion and concern.

    G-d bless you for posting these pictures. Anyone viewing your blog cannot later say they never knew what really happened.

    I don't know what else to say.

  2. The Israeli army running down children and girls again.

    How come they NEVER went after the arab killers like this?
    why didnt they ever go after the destroyers of Yosef's tomb like this?

  3. Anonymous8/5/06

    Hashfanatic you anti semite.
    Crawl back under a rock.
    who is this guy anyway?

  4. people aren't outrage because the media and the various social figures in charge of directing outrage have decided that it is outrageous for jews to live on their land, outrageous for terrorists to be shot and outrageous that it took this long to evict jews from their land

    liberals do not feel sympathy for the downtrodden, only those downtrodden they can use to advance their cause, much like the right. Neither of them care about people, only those people whom caring about helps their political agenda.

  5. hash is a gay mentally ill ex-scientologist who hates jews and everything jewish but haunts jewish sites until he's invriably sent packing

    I usually don't allow his posts up but sometimes they slip by

  6. Anonymous8/5/06

    At least the Israeli government did not send in goons to beat them this time. Evidently the stink we raised over Amona made a difference.

  7. Hash can roll his eyes at my comments all he wants.

    But that doesn't change the fact that I have a heart. While I have expressed sympathy for the innocent arab victims of Islamic terrorism (especially the children), he cannot and has not expressed comparable sympathy for Jews who are suffering.

    Years ago, the world was horrified when a picture of a terrified Elian Gonzalez was published on the front pages of just about ever newspaper in the country as armed police officers in SWAT gear stormed into a Florida home and took him away. That picture is ingrained in the memories of hundreds of people around the world.

    It didn't matter whether you thought he should remain in the US or be returned to his family in Cuba. The image and terror on the little boy's face was gut-wrenching.

    And yet so many people are totally indifferent to the trauma Israeli Jewish children suffer when dozens of armed soldiers and police officers forced them from their homes.

    It makes no sense.

  8. Anonymous9/5/06

    Oh good grief, this wasn't even newsworthy over here :(

    Thank you for posting these.


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