Home Saving Hamas In Order to Destroy It: An Excercise in the Tortured Logic of Appeasement
Home Saving Hamas In Order to Destroy It: An Excercise in the Tortured Logic of Appeasement

Saving Hamas In Order to Destroy It: An Excercise in the Tortured Logic of Appeasement

Those Jewish and Pro-Israel columnists who enjoyed a few moments of foolishly naive optimism arguing that the election of Hamas would finally convince the world that the Palestinians don't want peace today experienced yet another disappointment today as the Quartet has agreed to channel funds to the Hamas run Palestinian Authority.

The arguments for funding the Hamas government fall into two camps.

Those who openly endorse dealing with Hamas such as Jimmy Carter who authored an International Herald Tribune editorial accusing the US of treating the Palestinians like 'animals' for not wanting to fund a Hamas state, claiming that merely because the Palestinians voted in (another) terrorist organization doesn't mean they don't want peace, blaming everything on Israel and concluding by praising the integrity of Hamas and calling for negotiations with them.

This camp is the most open about its agenda. It unapologetically supports the legitimization and funding of Hamas, seethes with hatred for Israel and sees nothing wrong in anything the Palestinian side has ever done.

The second camp is more subtle and it includes most of the US government, the media and even many Jewish organizations. It argues that the best way to bring down Hamas is to fund Hamas. Earlier this year these same people claimed that funding Hamas would enable the Hamas moderates to rise to the top, but after failing to find anyone in Hamas who would even seriously pretend to recognize Israel and begin negotiating an actual peace accord, as opposed to temporary cease fires while Hamas secures its position; their new line of argument is that if we continue supporting the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinians will realize what a big mistake they made and the whole Hamas problem will go away.

Never mind that the US was funding the PA when Hamas was elected in the first place, this tortured logic is merely the latest stage of the deranged intellectual circus that has characterized the peace process. For nearly a decade and a half, the Palestinians continued carrying out terrorist attacks and the world warned Israel not to retaliate so as not to perpetuate the cycle of violence. Any demand the Palestinians put forwards no matter how lunatic was soon endorsed by the State Department.

The Oslo Accords were violated so many times by the Palestinians that citing a full list is like reading from the telephone book. The very training and weapons the US and Israel provided to the Palestinian police force was then turned against them when those police forces became the terrorists carrying out attacks and opening fire on Israeli soldiers. And yet the US, under both administrations, insisted that Israel not attack the Palestinian police forces so that the Palestinians would be able to combat terrorism; with a police force made of terrorists. The sheer lunacy of this is almost unbearable and yet all this is the basis of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

The US funded and trained Mujahadeen in Afghanistan only to find that when the Russians were gone, their targets became the US. The US has funded and trained the Iraqi police forces only to discover that many of them are actually loyal to various Sunni and Shiite factions and will kill Americans in the name of Sadr or Al Queda. The US funded and trained Palestinian terrorists in the Fatah Palestinian police forces. Given half a chance it would train the Hamas forces too.

The tortured logic of appeasement demands human sacrifices. The nearly 1500 Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists since the beginning of Oslo were labeled 'Sacrifices for Peace.' And the killing goes on and on and the same dignitaries, ministers, politicians and experts who dragged Israel to the table with that bloody murderer in khaki who ran the PLO are tirelessly struggling to repeat the maneuver again with Hamas. Sweden has already granted Hamas open access to Europe. The Quartet has arranged to continue the flow of money. The first phase is complete. The next phase will see Israel pressured into recognizing and negotiating with Hamas.

Stage by stage they will achieve a goal to continue a process that can only end in the annihilation of the State of Israel. The 'Peace' continues.


  1. it's the result of people decieving themselves and unwilling to stand up to those in power


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