Home Where the Palestinian Money is Really Going A.K.A. "What A Job"
Home Where the Palestinian Money is Really Going A.K.A. "What A Job"

Where the Palestinian Money is Really Going A.K.A. "What A Job"

A good deal of noise is being made now about how badly the Hamas run Palestinian Authority needs money. Jimmy Carter wrote an editorial accusing anyone who favors not funding terrorists, of treating the Palestinians like 'animals.' The 'Send Money to Hamas' crowd points to the money as providing aid to the needy and sustaining the Palestinian people, whom we are told are in danger of starving and dying within minutes.

But where is the money really going. An AP story cites the following data.

"The cutoff has left the Palestinian government virtually broke and increasingly unable to provide basic services. Some 165,000 government workers, whose incomes had supported one-third of Palestinian families, have not been paid for the past two months."

Since the Palestinian government was never providing much in the way of services to begin with, actual services like electricity and water all coming from the Israeli side, the real issue is the 165,000 government workers. But why does the PA which has little in the way of an infrastructure need 165,000 government workers?

Even the largest estimates of the Palestinian population clock in at around 3 million. That's one government worker per 18 Palestinians.

42.9 percent or 1.06 million of the overall population is under 14 and so wouldn't hold down government jobs either. An additional 73,000 is over 65. Of the remainder in the 15-64 year category 676,427 are male and 644,347 female. The female half can be eliminated as women generally don't hold down jobs in the PA.

That means the actual ratio of Palestinian adult men is 676,427 to government workers at 165,000. In other words every 1 in 4 or 25 percent of Palestinian men would be government employees. On wages subsidized by America and Europe.

Of course there's nothing for the 165,000 to do. When we eliminate the terrorists on the Palestinian payroll masquerading as police, that still leaves a hundred thousand or so, some of whom recieve patronage payments and many of whom are likely fictious names whose 'salaries' are forwarded to overseas bank accounts by the Palestinian leadership. In its time that was Yasir Arafat and his cronies. Today it's Hamas.

This is the crisis that we are told needs to be met by immediately providing money to the Palestinian Authority. If these figures are accurate then the US has essentially been paying to provide do-nothing jobs to 1 in every 4 Palestinians. At best. At worst much of this money has been going to fund terrorism and private fortunes.

And this of course is the emergency we are told we must immediately cough up the cash for. Or else.


  1. Anonymous11/5/06

    It's pretty sad that there is actually a debate on whether or not to give them the funds. Considering that we are in a Milchemet Mitzvah in which it is not only a great Mitzvah to wipe out ALL of the enemy nation but a terrible avera to spare ANYONE. That we are seriously considering giving them money.

  2. Anonymous12/5/06

    Sure what a sweet deal. Be a criminal "nation" and get your enemies to pay your salary.
    Only in today's world would people feel sorry for terrorists and criminals.

  3. Anonymous12/5/06

    Indeed, it is very strange and appalling that people in the western world, much less the US would question funding a foreign terrorist organization.

    It infuriates me to think that Nick Berg and so many other beheading victims suffered such ghastly murders while the world and US claim, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."


    SHABBAT SHALOM SULTAN K:) It's me, hashems forever. I'm not on my home comp and can't log in under my screen name

  4. Shabbat Shalom :) glad you're feeling better too

    ...unfortunately the 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' bit is a myth. Beginning with the Carter administration the US has shamelessly pandered to terrorists, then Reagan's arms for hostages, Bush pushing for the recognition of the PLO and the return of the 400 expelled terrorists, Clinton with Oslo and the celebration of Arafat and now Bush Jr

    sadly I doubt the pattern will end soon

  5. It is sad.

    And again, these liberals and anyone else defending HAMAS and the PA....all I can do is shake my head in disgust. They claim they are concerned for the average Palestinian people, not stopping for a second to realize that the Palestinian people fared much, much better when Israel was providing assistance.

    It seems so hypocritical, too. In Iraq the US is helping the average Iraqis to form a democratic government. In "Palestine" many governments want to support a terrorist regime. I can't help but wonder why there is such a double standard. If democracy is a good thing for the Iraqi people, why isn't it viewed as equally beneficial to the Palestinian people?

  6. they were never concerned for the people, when they say people, they really mean the leadership

    same way it was with the soviet union when they supported stalin who had killed millions in the USSR,

    same way they supported the will of the Iranian people, the will of the Cuban people and before WW2 opposed a conflict with the German people


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