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Home Hijacking the Salute to Israel Parade

Hijacking the Salute to Israel Parade

Word is that the Salute to Israel parade in New York formerly run by American Jews will now be subject to the control of the Israeli consulate. The consenquences of this is the barring of strong Zionist groups such as AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) and ZOA (Zionist Organizations of America), two groups who have always had a strong presence at the parade and have held the barricades opposing Oslo and further surrender to the Palestinians. The consulate will have approval over all signs at the parade and any group bringing unauthorized signs to the parade will be ejected and have its money pulled.

It appears that the Kadima regime has succeeded in accomplishing what Collete Avital under Peres could not, bring New York Jews into compliance with the policies of yet another appeasement government. The Columbus Day Parade is not under the aegis of the Italian government or the St. Patrick Day parade under the Irish government or the Puerto Rican Parade under Puerto Rico. The Salute to Israel parade is the local Jewish community's affair and should remain that way.


  1. I am not familiar with the Israel Day Parade.

    Has it always been a privately run event? Why is the consulate even involved if it is organized by local Jews in the United States? Why in the world should any arm of the Israeli (Olmert) government have any say in what American Jews are doing in America?

    I can't believe Olmert is reaching over thousands of miles to squelch controll any perceived opposition. How paranoid is he? Or rather, just how controlling is he?

    As long as they've got the proper parade permit from NYC and abide by the rules the consulate should have no say whatsover.

    Wonder if the ACLU would consider this a violation of "church" and state?

    It's the most ridiculous thing I've heard since a gay rights group decided to protest the St. Patrick's Day Parade because they weren't permitted to march in it. Nobody is entitled to march or have a say in a privately organized event, even if it is held in the public domain.

  2. Anonymous15/5/06

    is this definate?

  3. ruth - it's always been an event run by american jewish organizations but Kadima now has a USA branch as I wrote previously and they're doing what the Rabin\Peres government was doing when it tried to use the local consulate to bring american jews into line

    kahane - I heard it firsthand from someone whose organization was barred from the parade. I don't have any other confirmation though.

  4. Bring American Jews into line. That sounds omenous.

    Even if Kadima has an American branch they still shouldn't be entitled to control the event, if it is sponsored by other organizations.

  5. Anonymous15/5/06

    How did they get control in the first place

  6. Anonymous17/5/06

    I think it is disgraceful and New York Jews should be ashamed of themselves for giving in. Why don't the strong Organizations such as ZOA and AFASI get togethere and approach schools such as Ramaz, Flatbush Yeshiva etc. and convince them to inform the mayor that as long as the Israeli consulate puts its 2 cents in they won't march. MAW

  7. Sk, do you have any follow up information?

  8. not yet but I will post if I do, I should follow up with sources

  9. Anonymous19/5/06

    This is the first that I have heard of this, too. It's difficult to believe that our Mayor [Bloomberg] would allow another country dictate what goes on in our City... though, I don't know if he's a "toughie" like Rudy. Rudy wouldn't stand for it. The only way I could see this really happening is if the Israelis brainwash Bloomberg, et al, that this is a "security" matter! Maybe, then, Bloomberg would go along with it, huh?

  10. Anonymous19/5/06

    I just sent a message to Barry Freedman, Director of AFSI, to ask if any of this is true. Waiting for a reply. BTW, AFSI is leaving this Sunday on a "chizuk mission" to Israel and will be there for Yom Yerushalayim AND are planning on marching in the Jerusalem Day parade WEARING ORANGE T-SHIRTS! A friend of mine is going to be on this "chizuk mission" trip.


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