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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jet Planes Flying Low Over Manhattan

We interrupt this blog for a brief confused public service query

This morning I saw what appeared to be a passenger jet flying dangerously low on a descending course. The roar of its engines was horrendously defeaning and left people in shock and covering their ears. This was repeated all morning with several roars loud enough to deafen passerby.

Around 15 minutes ago I saw what appeared to be a passenger jet plane on a steep descending course followed by two fighter jets, flying low but not nearly as low as before. There's a good deal of speculation on the streets as to what's going on, much of it centering on terrorism.

New York is having fleet week now, however the fleet week website only lists helicopter demonstrations as being scheduled for today. And these definetly weren't helicopters. The news only mentions the Washington to New York route shutdown.

If anyone has any further information on what's going on, please leave a comment at the beep. Fleet Week is the obvious assumption but no aerial activities besides helicopters are listed on the website and the larger planes did not look anything like military transports and I don't know of anything besides maybe AWACS that have white coloring and could be mistaken for passenger jets.

Updates: LGF is citing a reader who is a commercial pilot claiming the planes were at around 300 feet over the buildings and chasing an airliner

"This morning circa 11:00 am in NYC 4-5 jet planes, including a civilian plane large enough to be an airliner, roared over Manhattan east to west at about 300 ft over the buildings, crossing exactly at 75th St. The noise was stunning and I thought we were being attacked again. Several people I spoke with thought the first plane was an airliner. I saw three aircraft chasing it at about 400 knots right on the deck. They ALL made a left turn over the Hudson at a 90 degree bank.

We went up to the roof at 11 east 74th to look, every roof in sight had worried people on it.
This, whatever it was, is not being reported anywhere. I am a commercial pilot and the speed limit below 10,000 ft. AGL is 250 knots. No one is allowed to fly closer than 1000 feet above anything within 500 feet. All four or five planes broker numerous laws. It appeared to be an interception, but its not being reported anywhere."


  1. I saw this as well this morning, around 10am, with a passenger style plane being followed by 4 jets, south to north, actually thought it was going to hit but must have been down the East River or very low over the building tops.

    About 10 minutes later I saw 2 military style transport planes going north to south down the Hudson, also flying very low.

    No info, just assumed it was fleet week stuff.

  2. Definitely Fleet Week.

    I saw lots of the planes from my office window, even took a few pictures. I didn't see any passenger planes but some of the planes were large enough to be passenger planes. Typically they'd go down the Hudson, circle around the Statue of Liberty, go back up the East River.

    I'm not enough of a plane expert to identify them but people here were saying what they were.

  3. Anonymous25/5/06

    Sorry, its our personal fleet bringing in our luggage for our annual shopping trek in NYC at Bloomies.
    You commoners are so picky about things. Must one explain all things to you people?
    Remember to drive below 55mph and inflate your tires to save gas (I got that from Jimmy Carter)

  4. There's a picture of what I saw, here, and a news report on it, here.

    Seems it is an unannounced fleet week flyover.

  5. Anonymous25/5/06

    Military transports are as large as passenger planes.

  6. Anonymous29/5/06

    the low flyovers could also be part of memorial day



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