Home Horrifying Pictures of the Palestinian Victims of Israel Starvation
Home Horrifying Pictures of the Palestinian Victims of Israel Starvation

Horrifying Pictures of the Palestinian Victims of Israel Starvation

Recently everyone from the Liberal media to notorious racist Pat Buchanan have been picking up the "Starving Palestinian" meme claiming that the Palestinians are being starved to death by the Israelis. Never mind that the Palestinians recieve the most per capita UN aid of any people in the world (including Africa where people actually are starving), that Israel has shipped tons of free food to Palestinians, that the claims of Palestinian starvation in reality come down to a run on a single bakery after rumors of shortages that was then blown up out of proportion by the media... the shortages themselves caused by an attempt by Palestinian leaders to shut down an entry point where the food was supposed to be coming from, because they weren't recieving duties on it. Never mind all that.

The Palestinians are starving. And there is no better proof of that than this gallery full of horrifying pictures of the toll that the starvation has taken on Palestinians, particularly on the always svelte Palestinian leadership who obviously aren't eating enough. Gaze in horror, shudder and weep at these latest Israeli atrocities.

To help save these noble creatures from starving to death please make out your charitable donation of 100 million dollars or more to "Save The Palestinians C/O Bullets for Hamas, Royal Bank of Zurich, Account Number #NS000368145751."

Hurry and write your check now and remember only you can put croutons in their mouths and Dollars in their Swiss Bank Accounts. Every moment you delay their blood sugar continues to drop endangering their sugar rush and potentially depriving the terrorists of tommorow of their positive homicidal role models. Don't delay. Hurry now.


  1. Oh the humanity! Won't somebody think of the children

  2. "a single bakery...was then blown up by the media"!!!

    The media blew up a bakery? Suicide cameramen are now roaming the Middle East? We know they've been actually setting up situations to film in the past, now they're actively causing them?


  3. Anonymous29/5/06

    Akiva, its a new hobby for them.
    We all know that boys need a hobby to keep them out of trouble.

  4. Anonymous29/5/06

    Short and sweet, this was great!
    Even the comments were so full of compassion!

    Kol Tuv


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