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The Olmert Regime - A Government of Rabble

Sharon like Rabin in the decaying years of his life, decided to embrace a single undemocratic policy and to see it through the end. Like Rabin, he never did see it through to the end but the damage he did would continue to wreak havoc across the nation.

When Ariel Sharon passed out of the world of the living he left behind to his unintended successor, Ehud Olmert, a party and a government that had been built around him. Ariel Sharon had been known as the bulldozer and when he was thwarted by his own party in his plans, he decided to set up a new party built around himself. Sharon jotted down over a hundred proposed names for the party and the one that he picked, Kadima, had no political ideology attached to it.

In imitation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia (Go Italy), Kadima (Go Forward) was created, except unlike Forza Italia, Kadima tellingly stripped away any mention of country. Like Berlusconi, Sharon founded Kadima as a coalition of complete opposites, a rag tag coalition of parliamentarians motivated by political adventurism and ambition.

Before each member was approved for the coalition and the list, Sharon personally conducted a private interview with each one of them. The goal of the interviews was to gauge independence as the critical notes on one potential candidate who displayed too much independence testify. The final Kadima coalition that emerged consisted of morally bankrupt MK's willing to betray their parties and allegiances to be in the ruling party. Kadima stood for nothing. Devoid of ideology and purpose it was meant as a rubber stamp coalition to allow Sharon to maintain power. The final undemocratic stamp came when Sharon was illegally allowed to hold office after resigning from the Likud, the party which had in fact won the election.

The damage that Sharon did to the IDF was far worse than even the damage that he did to the Knesset. Sharon dismissed some generals and promoted others purely based on their perceived loyalty to him. He purged able generals and replaced them with men completely inadequate for the job, such as Dan Halutz. He conducted surveillance on generals to determine which were loyal to him and which were not. The IDF in the Second Lebanon War was a broken machine because its hierarchy had been undermined in a Stalinist fashion and the crucial piece that had been intended to operate it, the presence of Sharon himself who expected to the one in complete control of all military operations, was missing.

Ehud Olmert had been chosen for his role not because of his capability, but because of his craven obeisance to anyone in power. Like the rest of Kadima, Olmert was devoid of any real ideology or morals and ethics. But he had set himself apart early on as a hatchet man willing to do anything for the party boss. Consider this chilling anecdote from Shmuel Tamir, the man who had briefly attempted to set up a political party together with Sharon premised on a Palestinian state, before Sharon stabbed him in the back.

"Olmert’s father was the secretary-general of the Free Center party. He was hard to deal with but was honest, diligent and very experienced. People were hesitant to appoint him as secretary-general because they knew he was hard to work with. Indeed it turned out that it was impossible to work with him. There was always friction with him and I had to be the one to straighten matters out. Although I respected him I realized that he is not capable of working with others. One morning after I met with him in the Knesset, Ehud walked into my room. I sighed deeply and said: “Your father, may he be well, is not an easy person to deal with.” His response stunned me. “Shmuel [Olmert said], if you want to get rid of him I’ll arrange it within 24 hours.” I said, “I am not suggesting to get rid of him. I just think that it’s hard to deal with him, maybe you can persuade him to become more flexible.” “OK,” said Ehud Olmert, “as you wish, but if you want that he leave his job I’ll arrange it within 24 hours.” I was appalled. This aspect of his personality gave me the chills and a hard feeling."
It is easy to see why Sharon would have wanted Olmert as his number two, a man so devoid of any human feeling beyond greed and ambition, that he was casually prepared to dispose of his father simply to curry favor with the party leader. When contemplated in this light, the rest of Olmert's crimes and actions become easily comprehensible.

With Sharon's virtual death, Olmert, who like the rest of Sharon's stooges had never been meant to rule found himself in power and in charge of a coalition of traitors and liars who had nothing in common except having burned their bridges with their old parties and having nowhere left to go.

Sharon had built Kadima out of men and women from every part of the political spectrum, a government of rabble. Now the rabble had lost their whip and Olmert was forced to improvise in order to stay in power. Every disastrous course of action Olmert has taken, from Amona (a bloody deed to clinch the deal) to Lebanon (an attempt at a war) to Annapolis (an attempt at a peace) has not been the product of a well thought out policy or plan, but the frantic attempts of a low level political criminal made king to try and hang on to the throne.

Olmert's Kadima is a true Erev Rav government, a government of rabble bound together by treason, ambition and desperation. It came to power illegally, it is manifestly undemocratic and in opposition to the principles and values of the nation and opposed by the majority of the nation. It has no more legitimacy or right to rule than the Herodian dynasty did. Now it has barricaded itself in the machinery of government flitting from one failed policy to another and tossing money at the religious sector in the hopes of keeping the people of Israel from throwing them out.

Now a special bunker is being built for the government with a tunnel directly to the airport. The rabble are preparing to run away if things get too hot for them, along with their ill gotten gains. They cannot be protested or legislated out, only thrown out.


  1. Yet Jews basically do nothing about all this.
    'Never again' gets pretty hollow now I think.

  2. One of your BEST POSTS EVER, SK!

    It amazes me that he's still in power. I have gotten to a point where I have to be in the right frame of mind to read about Olmert, Israel or Jerusalem. Otherwise I get very depressed and my blood pressure goes up.

    How long are the lunatics going to run the asylum? Don't answer - I don't want my hopes to get smashed again.

  3. Anonymous23/12/07

    The disaster known as Kadema and its regime are to numerous to count. But, I really doubt that anyone can easily build a tunnel from Olmert’s home in Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport. Even to the closest military airport. I think you got that one wrong. More likely is the scene pictured from the departure of the last Americans from Vietnam. I can see an American Harrier VTOL plane hovering over his house and pulling him out as the Arabs break through the gate.

    However. it is important to recsll that Kadema won by the general apathy of the voters. This means that without a real choice the majority of the people will again not vote. This will put the Kadema/Left right back into power. Why throw these people out just to re-elect them? Until the Right can get their act together going to elections will not help. In fact it will extend the duration of the problem.

    The Right needs a solid opposition, one that the majority will vote for.

  4. Anonymous24/12/07

    When did Ariel Sharon die? You say he passed out of the world of the living. Therefore your whole "blog" has no credibility.

  5. Anonymous, passing from the world of the living is a metaphor to describe his vegetative state. Any moron would know that.
    So much for your crass attack on the credibility of this blog.

  6. sharon hasn't had an official funeral but he's been in a coma for nearly a year and no one actually expects that to change

    if you seriously believe he's about to walk out of his hospital room, good for you

    as far as i'm concerned he's passed out of the world of the living

  7. Anonymous24/12/07

    "But, I really doubt that anyone can easily build a tunnel from Olmert’s home in Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport."

    Why is this so hard to believe? The Palestinians have made an art out of digging tunnels with fairly archaic machinery. Imagine how easy it would be when done with modern machinery and in the light of day.

  8. the bunker and the tunnel to the bunker near ben gurion airport have both been extensively reported on by jpost, maariv, yediot, etc

  9. If you read the exit polls following Olmert's win it's not surprising that he won the general election. Many of the voters were foreigners who seemed not to have a grasp of what was going on. Others had a child like faith that land for peace was possible. I have no doubt many Israelis believe or at least HOPE the Palestinians will become reasonable.

    Kadima is another matter entirely. Olmert is motivated by greed. And a man who would turn on his father is a low as you can get. Not even the Italian Mafia would do something that low.

    But what I noticed most about the majority of the people that were polled was that 1. they had recently made aliyah 2. they seemed terribly confused.

    For all intents and purposes Sharon has passed from the world of the living. He's in a coma, he can't perform any mitzvot. I hope and pray he asked G-d's forgiveness before he went comatose.

  10. Anonymous24/12/07

    Please sultan knish, could you provide some links (JPost preferably for I have made alya one year ago and am still not that fluent in Hebrew yet ;) ) about this bunker thing ?

    To tell you the truth, I knew what to expect when I came here (the bravest and most compassionate people on earth, AND the most rotten leadership Satan himself could EVER dream of) but I must say that everyday brings new surprises.

    I just pray G-od that we all may live long enough to see the end of all THIS and the beginning of EVERYTHING ELSE.

    Bessorot Tovot,
    Avigail, Haifa

  11. here are some links



    the government is rotten but as long as there is spirit in the people, there is hope

    chazak ve'ematz

  12. "a rag tag coalition of parliamentarians motivated by political adventurism and ambition."

    Bravo. Never heard a more precise definition of Kadima.

  13. Anonymous25/12/07

    Thx for the links, SK ;)

    A people with spirit, indeed, but pretty much asleep (or in a Sharonesque coma?).

    Each time I'm talking to aware Israelis these days, the conversation unmistakenly ends up with a "we need a revolution here".

    Well, keep up the good work in the meantime...

    Avigail, Haifa

  14. Anonymous25/12/07

    Bunkers; sure, why not. Bunkers situated near the airport; again, why not. Connected by tunnels? Very likely. But, a tunnel from the middle of Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Possible, but not so easy.

    In a country with so many undeclared graves and ancient structures it is difficult to see how it can be done. Look what happens ever time the build a road or building.

    Plus, did you see the latest thing that the airforce wants to buy? They want a squadron of VTOL jets. Probably to fish the rascals out of harms way.


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