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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Meet the Muslims

First up Nasrallah has been apparently been demoted by Iran's supreme leader from command over Hizbollah. This nakedly shows that Hizbollah is nothing more than an Iranian puppet and that Hizbollah's attacks on Israel are actually Iranian attacks on Israel and are a legitimate justification for Israel declaring War on Iran as Iran has committed acts of War against Israel.

Report: Nasrallah demoted by Khamenei

Some of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's responsibilities have been taken away by the organization's backer Iran, the pan-Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat claimed Thursday.

Reportedly, Nasrallah is no longer in control of the organization's military wing, which is now headed by Nasrallah's deputy Sheikh Na'im Kassem.

The Iranian official Asharq Alawsat cites as the one who demoted Nasrallah is none other than Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The report follows a similar report by Israeli daily Ma'ariv Wednesday, but none of the reports have been officially confirmed by Iran.

Western intelligence sources cited by Asharq reported that Teheran was furious over Nasrallah's conduct during the Second Lebanon War and that was the reasoning behind the decision to diminish Nasrallah's authority.

Sources close to Iran's Revolutionary Guards quoted an officer in the Iranian elite force as saying Kassem was chosen after he and Nasrallah had disagreements regarding the organization of Hizbullah's military wing. Khamenei's representative in Lebanon.

"Kassem isn't only Hizbullah's second-in-command but also Khamenei's representative in Lebanon and Palestine."

Hizbullah's budget in the last 18 months has been $1 billion, to compensate the organization for the losses it suffered during the war. Hizbullah's yearly Iranian budget stands on $400 million, the officer added.

Reportedly, Khamenei appointed a committee of top Revolutionary Guards commanders and entrusted them with restructuring Hizbullah's military and intelligence wings. Among the commanders in the committee is the Kuds Brigade commander Kassem Suleimani and the former head of Hizbullah's intelligence wing Imad Mughnia, who is one of the top names on the US's most wanted terrorists list

Meanwhile John Trenchard has a fascinating piece on Guess who funds the Sudanese Junta. It turns out to come from the British government itself.

So what does wee Dougie do? Well apart from his State visit to Sudan , pledging a further £6 million to support “peace” in Darfur and helping out with the Muslim Live 8 it seems that the ‘Sudanese people’ have been recieving quite a bit of cash from Gordon and Co, not as though they have noticed:

Common Humanitarian Fund Contributions- £35.0m
Contribution to ICRC and NGOs- £30.0m
Support to the humanitarian response in Chad- £6.0m
Multi-Donor Trust Fund Contributions -£17.0m
Basic Services Fund (South Sudan) -£4.0m
Capacity Building in Southern Sudan -£2.3m
Governance Support through UNDP -£5.7m
Promoting Safety, Security and Access to Justice- £4.9m
DDR/SSR -£0.12m
Support to the Darfur Peace Agreement -£1.4m
Fighting Malaria -£1.5m
Support to UNICEF on Water and Child Rights -£0.8m
Support to local recovery processes- £1.0m

Total DFID £109.72m
Africa Conflict Prevention Pool £3.6m

Total £113.32m


Meanwhile Jihad Watch has a great piece on

Fitzgerald: Start with Shakespeare. Go from there.

Then there is the Muslim propaganda of the "aren't Muslims just like us" variety. These "Muslims-are-just-like-us" heartwarming articles are always about the same two or three things: the observance of Ramadan and then the Iftar dinner, and then Muslims "integrating" into American society, trying so hard, so very very hard if only we would let them (what utter nonsense), as in that story in The Times a week ago about "Muslim Girl Scouts" in America (all 1,500 of them, which given the Muslim population is very few). The Times journalist made certain we would be led to believe that these "scouts" are emblematic of the touching Muslim desire to be just like us, when in fact the story ignores entirely not the Girl Scout uniforms, or the Girl Scout cookies, but what those little girls are taught to believe, taught to believe as Muslims, the attitudes and tenets of Islam that arise naturally from the texts, Qur'an and Hadith and Sira.

Islam, like other ruthless totalitarian belief-systems, demands of its adherents that they be willing to sacrifice everything if need be, for the Good of Islam. And that includes the willingness to overcome what, we have been led to believe, are the natural ties that bind children and parents with ties of affection and loyalty and love. The ties may not always bind in the Infidel world, but no other faith teaches its adherents to think or behave toward relatives as Islam does
.Daled Amos rounds up a number of stories involving Terrorism and Facebook

Eric Dondero has a look at Ron Paul's hypocrisy, putting out pro-war mailers for his district while running on an anti-war platform nationally

As a constituent of Ron Paul's living in the heart of his District, I get every mailing from the Congressional office. Around election time, the mailings become more and more Pro-Military, Pro-Veterans and loaded with "Support the Troops" rhetoric. One taxpayer-funded mailing I received from Ron Paul's Congressional office last August, had headlines like "Ron Paul supports legislation to get tough on Terrorists," and "Ron Paul shows support for our Troops in Iraq." Not a single mention in the entire mailing of his opposition to the War.


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