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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - BhuttoHeads, Dead Israelis, the UN and Civil Rights

Friday Afternoon Roundup - BhuttoHeads, Dead Israelis, the UN and Civil Rights

Benazir Bhutto is dead and the world mourns. On the next day two teenage hikers were murdered in Israel by terrorists backed by Abbas. As expected no one mourns for them. Plenty of people have done a good job of documenting Bhutto's support for terrorism and her father's close ties to Arafat, ties so close that his son promptly went to Arafat to amass weapons for an attack to retake power.

Lemon Lime Moon writes about Huckabee apologizing for the assassination, shades of Jimmy Carter

Debbie Schlussel has collected a lot ofinformation on it here including Bhutto's ties to the Taliban and Arafat

"Disregard the fact that this faux "moderate" Bhutto supported the Taliban and helped it take over Afghanistan. Not only did her Paki government recognize the Taliban, she was only one of three governments to do so (a fact acknowledged by Bhutto's niece). Awesome. Our soldiers are dying there fighting the Taliban, and Bush tried to re-insert upon Pakistan the woman who enabled the Taliban in the first place.

The "moderate" Bhutto was actually a Saudi-backed, anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian-terrorism force of instability, anarchy, and protest in Pakistan. Her return to Paki politics would only divide and conquer pro-U.S. forces in the country, allowing the more popular Islamists to dominate. That she was assassinated was not a good thing, especially since the U.S. made the mistake of backing her and forcing her on Musharraf. But that she is now gone from Pakistani politics is a positive development in a myriad of ways.

The George W. Bush-orchestrated move of returning Bhutto to Pakistan from exile in the Gulf was a bad move on so many levels. It echoes the Jimmy Carter era of ushering out the pro-U.S. Shah of Iran and ushering in the never-ending Ayatollah Khomeini/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad era. This time around, Bhutto's opposition to Musharraf would have ushered out a pro-U.S. dictator, Pervez Musharraf, and ushered in Islamist chaos, HAMASastan-style."

"Mike Hucksterbee apologized to Pakistan for the death of Benazir Bhutto. Mike spoke of “our sincere concern and apologies for what has happened in Pakistan.” What DID you do Mike??"

Via LGF, it appears that Bhutto actually died of a skull fracture

Over at the Anti-Racist blog we have updates on developments in the Office for Civil Rights investigation of left wing and muslim anti-semitism at the UC Urvine campus

Daled Amos posts on Bush signing a bill to limit contributions to the UN

"The bill has been passed by both chambers of Congress and has been signed by the President. It will become law once administrative actions are complete.

This comes out to about $3 million, but it is a start in showing our disapproval of the UN oil-for-food scandal, various reports of abuse by UN peacekeepers--including prostitution, the failure of the UN to act against genocide in Darfur and Rwanda and allowing Iran to continue its nuclear program unimpeded."


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