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Home Palestinian Terrorist Billion Dollar Giveway Outrage!

Palestinian Terrorist Billion Dollar Giveway Outrage!

All it took was a peace conference and the nations of the world are ready to shower Abbas' government and the Palestinian Arabs with billions of dollars again. Neither a record of 15 years of lies, broken promises and terrorism nor a still ongoing campaign of terrorism has dampened their enthusiasm in the least.

As of now the United States has committed 555 million dollars, over half a billion dollars, the European Union has kicked in 650 million dollars and France alone will be giving 300 million dollars and so will Germany and England. This of course is not nearly enough for the PA which has its hand held out to the tune of 5.6 billion dollars.

Considering that the PA barely has any infrastructure, gets its power from Israel and has lost control and responsibility for the 1.5 million Arabs in Gaza leaving it with only half the population-- what exactly does Abbas need all that money for?

In 2007 the Palestinian Authority took home nearly 1.5 billion dollars from the EU. In 2007 the White House earmarked 150 million dollars in direct cash for Abbas as part of a 512 million dollar aid package. The PA's population has now shrunk by half yet its budgetary demand have only increased.

Where is all that money going? It's telling to look at the 2007 budget justification.

The budget justification said the $150 million cash transfer would help the Palestinian government avert "an immediate fiscal crisis," while $130 million more in project assistance would help create "immediate employment opportunities" An additional $40 million would be devoted to improving the administration of Palestinian ministries, $10 million would be used to provide security for experts overseeing the project assistance, $25 million is aimed at narcotics enforcement, and $25 million would be devoted to training Palestinian forces loyal to Abbas. Also, $20 million would be used to make "immediate improvements" in delivering health care at government clinics. The remaining $35 million would help refugees.
Weed out the rhetoric and the lion's share of the money is going into the same old money pit, the PA Ministries, a nepotistic network of family organizations and militias that do absolutely nothing but employ a staggering number of people.

150 million is just being given away as a blank check. Another 130 million is going into "job creation" and like all the billions advanced toward job creation is simply going to go toward Fatah's payments to the huge number of people it keeps on its payroll, including the militias attacking Israel and killing Israeli citizens. Another 40 million is being given away to the ministries directly to "improve their administration". 10 million will cover security for the American experts who will take a tour of the area because Abbas in reality controls nothing, including Fatah militias.

Back in 2006 I wrote in Where is the Palestinian Money Really Going

"Since the Palestinian government was never providing much in the way of services to begin with, actual services like electricity and water all coming from the Israeli side, the real issue is the 165,000 government workers. But why does the PA which has little in the way of an infrastructure need 165,000 government workers?

Even the largest estimates of the Palestinian population clock in at around 3 million. That's one government worker per 18 Palestinians.

42.9 percent or 1.06 million of the overall population is under 14 and so wouldn't hold down government jobs either. An additional 73,000 is over 65. Of the remainder in the 15-64 year category 676,427 are male and 644,347 female. The female half can be eliminated as women generally don't hold down jobs in the PA.

That means the actual ratio of Palestinian adult men is 676,427 to government workers at 165,000. In other words every 1 in 4 or 25 percent of Palestinian men would be government employees. On wages subsidized by America and Europe.
With the loss of Gaza, the PA's numbers have only gotten worse. Even after the Hamas takeover of Gaza, the PA's government employees figure was still set at 165,000 as of July 2nd 2007. The PA's own website however pegs the number at 200,000 back in 2006.

What that means now is that it's no longer 1 in 4 Palestinian men who are government employees. It's now as much as 1 in 2 or 50 percent of the adult Palestinian men who are government employees. If you can factor that in, it means that every other Palestinian male works for the PA. Obviously something is seriously wrong here. The 165,000 number is both inflated and so is the payroll for the PA. But in fact the The bulk of aid to the PA goes to fund government employees, many of whom likely don't even exist.

Where the money is really going is anyone's guess, but much of it does indeed go to salaries just not of civil service workers, but of the terrorist and thug militias that make up the real backbone of the PA. Much of that money goes into foreign bank accounts for leading PA figures and funds their lavish mansions and luxury automobiles.

The Washington Post lists the 5.6 billion giveaway as follows; "Seventy percent of the aid is to go for budget support, including $120 million a month to pay wages for the bloated public sector, and 30 percent is to be spent on development projects."

In other words the PA salaries are listed at 120 million dollars a month! Even if we assume that this only covers the 165,000 government employees, that's 727 dollars per employee. That is of course not the average monthly salary for a PA government employee which is somewhere in the range of 300 dollars. In fact the Guardian has claimed that 60 percent of the PA is living on a pound a day. That obviously does not include PA employees.

The PA "security forces" themselves range in the tens of thousands. The bulk of the PA's employees are really terrorists drawn from the Fatah and even the Hamas ranks. Local militias who enforce PA rule outside its base of power and Fatah loyalists in Gaza still being paid. The money being sent to the PA really consists of salary checks for an army of murderous thugs responsible for the ongoing reign of terror against both Israelis and Arabs.

The 5.6 billion covers the massive bribes and the graft that has enriched the PA leadership all throughout the years even as the PA's infrastructure has collapsed. The one true employer in the West Bank is the Palestinian Authority itself funded by foreign aid, followed closely by international relief organizations such as the UNRWA which alone employs thousands of Palestinian employees and has virtually no actual outside UNRWA employees there anymore. Whatever remains of the Palestinian economy is parasitic on these.

Like the Palestinian state, the Palestinian economy is a corrupt and bloody fiction. Its real economy is underground, it is rooted in drugs and weapons smuggling and theft, particularly car theft from Israel.

While the international community pledges billions to keep on paying the terrorists to stay loyal to Abbas, that same community is insisting that Israel dismantle the checkpoints that keep those same terrorists from murdering Israelis.

Having rearmed Fatah's terrorists with assault rifles and ammunition, poured billions into their war chest, the world is now eagerly demanding that Israel lower the gates so they can put their new toys to use.


  1. Excellent article on the world's foolishness it handing over millions to the PA.

    What it all amounts to is an obscene Christmas present of sorts for the corrupt Palestinian Authority.

    One of the very last Christmas Eve services I attended (either 2000-2001) was a children's Mass. The priest called all of the children up to the altar as he gave his homily--based entirely on a Christmas episode of The Simpsons.

    In that episode Bart kneels at his bed before going to sleep and asks Santa to give him everything he wants for Christmas.

    "If you give me everything I want I promise not to do anything bad between now and the time I wake up."

    That in essence is what the Palestinians promised the world at Annapolis. Not to do anything bad between the time the conference started and the time it ended--IF the world promised to give them everything they want.

  2. The West wants a palestine for political reasons. They do not want an Israel. It's that simple.
    England fought against it, America never helped. Yes, some money, but ,when Israel was invaded and attacked by 4 nations, not one of them lifted a finger.
    Yet, they were Johnny on the spot to get their big fat butts over to Kuwait.
    If Israel found oil, you can be sure that Georgie Bush would be there in an instant,, as would Britain.
    They hope to curry favor with these thugs in order to use them.
    Israel is a pushover and nice and friendly so they don't work at it.

  3. Anonymous17/12/07

    blog looks nice on giant screen. Just so you know.

  4. I don't think the world is fooled at all. They know exactly what the money is going for - the extermination of Jews so there will be none left in Israel. They're very happy to support it.

    Let's see...if that were possible, and it's not, their next step would be to slowly eliminate us all together.

    It's another quiet form of naziism at large again...said the paranoid Jew.

  5. Anonymous17/12/07

    Yes, this is their plan for a final, final solution!

    And to think that the US of A, the Goldene Medina, the place of all freedoms, the place of all opportunities, aiding and abetting in this solution.

    Jews, the handwriting is on the wall. Do we have to witness more antisemitic attacks, and the worst of all, restrictions on our personal lives?
    Wake from your deep sleep. Cry out to Hashem. Asara B'Teves is this Wednesday.

    At the Kotel will be the first "Sack and Ashes Teshuva Movement", (Wednesday, December 19, 2007) at the Kotel, 2:30 p.m, Israel time (NY: 7:30 am). If you cannot be there, go to:
    http://tvisrael.net/tvisrael/channel.asp?channel=754 http://www.writingtogod.com/westernwall1.htm


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