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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Battle is Over, the War Begins

Today I unpacked my winter clothes in preparation for a long winter, and a long winter is coming if not of the thermometer, then of the soul. A man that represents not simply an opposing view but the view of those who oppose America and all it stands for, will sit in the Oval Office. Worse still he did not get there through a democratic election but through fraud, voter intimidation and every dirty trick culminating in a campaign that had little in common with conventional American politics and a great deal in common with the cults of personality cultivated by totalitarian dictators.

Our disappointment has come tonight. The disappointment of those Democratic party voters who are still of the party of Jefferson rather than the party of Ayers will come later and it will be far darker because we were innocent of it, while they will be complicit in all that he does. But we are not simply "Don't Blame Me" voters. We did our best to fight against this and while that may be small comfort against what comes, it is important to remember that, just as it is remembered in every age the people who stood against the rise of evil and took no part in the mass madness that brings tyrants to power and overturns nations.

But we are a long way from surrender. The battle is over, the war begins. The United States government now falls into the hands of the enemies of this country and civilization for a time or forever. And that is part of what the war is about. The country has been in the hands of people we disagreed with, but never in the hands of people whose views are as diametrically opposed to ours as anything in the Third Reich or the Kremlin. In their hands Federal power becomes enemy power. The more ineffective and tied up they are, the less damage they can do.

The battle against them must be twofold, first to limit the damage they can do while in power, and secondly to plan and prepare to retake Congress and then the White House in a coherent and orderly manner without the chaos and backbiting that has characterized the last year of this campaign. It will be all too easy to fall into the blame game and to let it devour us, too much of the conservative movement and the anti-jihad blogsphere is already fractured. The goal now must be to heal those fractures, to create unity around a single purpose, to liberate America again.

It will not be an easy struggle. The Obama years will make the worst of the Clinton years look mild by comparison. We have seen the thuggish abuses of power that brought Obama into office, but that is only a taste of what an Obama administration in control of the Federal government will be able to do. We have seen only a shadow of the ruthless methods that were used to bring him to power, and even that shadow is mostly dismissed as conspiracy theories. But that is also our best hope. Obama's only real calling card has been an empty promise. Now he will have power and responsibility and we know he will abuse them. Arrogance was and remains his Achilles heel and the Achilles heel of his backers. And when their revolution runs into the reality of voter expectations, there will be the opening to begin the political downfall of this government.

For my own part I do not recognize Obama as my President, nor will I refer to him as such. He has no legal right to serve in office nor has he won a legal election. Nor do his cronies have any right to serve in any position they are appointed to.

We have a long journey through dark lands ahead of us. Let us hope to soon once again emerge into the light.


  1. Anonymous5/11/08

    The US has no president at all now thats what most of us think.
    This man can never be president of the late Great USA.

  2. Anonymous5/11/08

    I think Obama wants to kill all the Jews. Name one presedent you would prepare not to have instead of him, I can't. You are a great writer and are smart get out while you still can. I am. Read this http://avideditor.wordpress.com/2008/11/02/obama-will-kill-all-the-jews-he-will-be-worse-then-hitler-or-stalin/

  3. Anonymous5/11/08

    Thank you! Last night I mourned the results of the election; now I am inspired to do something to oppose what it will bring. My new motto: DISSENT FROM DAY ONE. You are right that we must put aside petty differences and unite to minimize the damage they will do.

    1. I will watch Washington more closely
    2. I will write my Congressman frequently
    3. I will not hesitate to tell friends and family who voted for Obama why I didn't join them in their misguided enthusiasm
    4. I will speak out for Israel

  4. I wonder if this is how those who were given eyes to see and ears to hear felt when Hitler, Stalin, etc. took their places of dictatorship.

    Anyway, I'm with you. He isn't president, nor does he deserve the title.

  5. Anonymous5/11/08

    The man whose name should not be mentioned is Czar of the USSA, not President of the USA. May God have mercy on us.

  6. Anonymous5/11/08

    We have lost a gigantic battle. America as it once was will cease to be. Our republican views are all but gone.
    People made this election into the Superbowl. It was not about American governace and standards. This was all about our favorite "team" winning the game.
    I second you Sultan, Obama is NOT my president nor will I ever concede to that thought.
    I am worried where my country will go. We know the Socialist pig will try and install every damaging program he can, appoint as many Socialist judges as possible, and team up with every Socialist-dictator out there.
    Today, I am ashamed of being an American.

  7. Please read:




  9. Anonymous5/11/08

    Radical rightwinger?

    It's got a nice ring to it.


  10. Every rebellion needs a motto/battle cry. :]

    "Dissent from Day 1" beats "May the force be with you." (re-read that s Yoda) lol

  11. Anonymous5/11/08

    Sad, pathetic, ignorant and racist.

    That describes all of you. Ignorant beyond words. Sorry, but that's the best I can do to what is obviously deep seated misguided hatred.

    Most of you ignoramouses probably preferred Bush, with his torture, rendition, prison camps, illegal wars, bombing campaigns, white phosphorous, genocide. Oh wait, those people weren't white, so I guess it doesn't matter.

    Did the Patriot Act matter? Or the Military Commissions Act? Does ANYTHING matter to you fools?

    McInsane represented all of these things (as does Obama), but you all can't see that. He was worse, with that MILF for a Veep, who wanted to bring this country back to the 12th century.

    Your all idiots, fools to believe you superstitions and lies. Do some real research, prove your case in history and facts, not biased suspicions and superstition.

    But I bet less then 1 in 10,000 of you is willing to do that.

    I was one of you once (forgive me), but did exactly what I am advocating you do and discovered the incredible lies you have all believed to be true to be dangerous folly of the worst kind (ignorance). Wake up, smarten up and come of of the darkness.

  12. sad, pathetic and ignorant characterizes your comment nicely

    not racist though, that goes under the categories of sad, pathetic and ignorant

    "Most of you ignoramouses probably preferred Bush, with his torture, rendition, prison camps, illegal wars, bombing campaigns, white phosphorous, genocide."

    There was no genocide and there were no prison camps. And yes we preferred a leader who would fight America's enemies instead of allying with them.

    Crazy notion I know. Putin's missiles are now moving on up on Obama's victory. But don't worry, he's white.

  13. We're hardly ignorant. For two very long years we've followed the issues--not the man--to come to the conclusion that President Elect Obama just doesn't have the right stuff.

    In fact I have a modified logo: "Barack Obama: Not my president, not my king."

    The hope in all of this? That the Almighty has an eye that sees, an ear that hears and a hand that rights.

    That is true whether Obama and Obamanites believe it or not.

    "Let us hope to soon once again emerge into the light."


  14. Anonymous6/11/08

    I'm with you, my friend. I will not drink the Kool-Aid, I will not bend the knee, I will not stand idly by. We fight with everything we've got or there will be nothing left to fight for. No mercy. No prisoners. No execptions.

  15. Please read this article with an open mind.
    http://israelinsider.ning.com/profiles/blogs/is-obama-the-secret-son-of Malcom X?

  16. Count me in. Obama will never be my president. I know all about his unethical behavior. The payments to ACORN for cheating through CSI....that $832,000 was based on my theory. With help from a crack team of researchers (all friends from a blog) we were able to catch him at the game. It is just too bad that the FEC is such a lame organization. If they weren't maybe things would be different!



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