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The Future is in Our Hands

For those of us in America an election is coming up today. For those of us in Israel, another election is coming up soon. These are both vital elections and it is urgent that everyone go out and vote and encourage, drive, pester and badger others into voting too. Democracy is still a functioning if damaged engine and we can try our best to steer it our way.

But it is also important to remember that regardless of how these elections turn out, the future is still in our hands. If the worst case scenarios occur, it is a failure of government and while governments have great power, they derive that power from the people. And when governments go bad, it is up to the people to stand up for what is right.

Government is a servant, not a master. When government ceases to serve the people and becomes a power base in and of itself, when elections are blatantly tampered with and the press becomes a propaganda machine serving that power base, it is time for the people to hold fast to their ideals by detaching their lives from the power of government.

We've invested a great deal of power in governments, we've turned over our country, our ideals and our future to them... and it may be past time to begin taking all those back.

Government is not the guardian of our countries, our flags, or our futures, only its manager and they have proven poor managers. The state is an institution we vested our trust in, but once an institution becomes irreversibly corrupt that trust must be withdrawn.

The strategy of our enemies has been to aim for our governments as "the heart of the beast", to seize and suborn them. For this they have expended a great deal of energy, planning and resources. But they have failed to understand that the heart of our nations are not in the halls of government, but in the home of the ordinary family, their everyday ordinary patriotism untarnished by the cynicism of cultural elites, their ideals still not far from what they once were. That family is under attack, but it can survive and it is at the heart of our survival. It is those ideals that make a country worthwhile. It is those ideals that must survive regardless of all else for they are our true identity.

No matter how these elections go, the future is in our hands so long as we remember that we can divest ourselves of government but government can never divest itself of us. We don't need governments. Governments need us in a way that can never be filled by all the illegal aliens they import, the phony polls they massage and the ranks sitting on the dole and waiting to riot at at the least provocation. We are what matters and it is time we remembered that and it is time that the politicians who have such contempt for the nations and peoples they serve remember it too.


  1. Wonderful article and accompaning image. Government is the servent, not the master. I love that!

    This is still a country where Rocky Balboa can defeat Appollo Creed. And with that empowering thought I will head into the election booth--media early outlooks and declarations be damned.

    BTW: I heard on TV a couple of nights ago that Americans living in Israel cast their absentee ballots for McCain.

    Hopefully they will vote for the Israeli candidate who is most like McCain :)

  2. There is no Israeli candidate like McCain. Just stupid and stupider, evil and totally evil.


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