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Monday, March 19, 2007

UN Begins Gaza Withdrawal Ending Decades of Occupation

"UN Pulls Staffers From Gaza After Gunmen Try to Kidnap Mission Chief

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The United Nations yanked its refugees mission from Gaza after three masked Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a vehicle carrying the chief of the mission and tried to kidnap him, sources tell FOX News.

Gunmen blocked the car of mission chief John Ging, head of U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, and fired 11 bullets at his car as he tried to drive off. The United Nations told all foreign staff members to leave Gaza immediately, a U.N. source told FOX News."

We here at Sultan Knish who have waited for a long time to see the end of the UN Occupation of Gaza are pleased to see the withdrawal of UN personnel. This attack was clearly a way for the Palestinian people to demand an end to their decades long oppression under the shiny blue boot of the UN and in protest against such violations of international law as providing them with free food, housing and other aid.

It's now time for the UN to ask itself the very serious question, "Why Do They Hate Us?"

Could it be the dorky blue helmets? The constant enabling of terrorism? The occasional child sex abuse scandal that plagues UN personnel, much the way ticks plague dogs?

Clearly there must be a reason. After all we know that the noble and glorious Palestinian people whose ancient history dates back in the mists of time to 1969 do not simply attack people with provocation. No they must be driven to it by deprivation and great suffering. Also possibly indigestion.

However a partial UN withdrawal is clearly inadequate. The UN must remove all of its personnel from all Palestinian territories. This includes the historical Palestinian territories of Norway, Sweden and France, where millions of Muslims are continuing to struggle for the liberation of these ancient territories.

As the UN no doubt wishes for a quick end to the violence, a partial unilateral withdrawal cannot hope to end this fighting. Instead the UN must open negotiations and learn what further concessions will properly appease the historical grievances of this made up nation.


  1. Obviously it is a quagmire and the UN should withdraw and admit all ties to Haliburton.

  2. and its unilateral aid was clearly a violation of palestinian sovereignty

    no doubt blue is a very offensive color to muslims too

  3. The UN like virtually everyone else labors under the delusion that they can somehow turn the Palestinians around and make them civilized; if only someone will demonstrate kindness, compassion. Just like a woman who feels she can change her alcoholic husband.

    Or perhaps they think they'll encounter a scenario as in "Androcles and the Lion"--they'll pull the thorn from the ferocious lion's paw. Later, when Androcles encounters the lion in the forest the lion remembers Androcles and his kindness and doesn't attack him.

    That isn't happening with the Palestinians.

  4. boggles the mind, doesn't it???



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