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Beware of Barry Chamish 's Bye Bye Gaza

Barry Chamish's latest venture is peddling a book called "Bye Bye Gaza" about the Disengagement. He's selling it for $12.50 for an E-Book and an outrageous $60.83 for a paperback edition.

The description for the book reads: "Chamish worked hard to help save Gaza, but to no avail. His futile efforts led to uncovering plans for the further destruction of the heart and soul of Israel, its people, and its borders - and the demise of those who stand in the way."

Barry Chamish did not work to "save Gaza." Instead he showed off photos of a supposed secret army base and warned people not to sign petitions against the Disengagement, because the government would "use them against them."

Some people might be misled into thinking that buying this book in any way helps those evicted from their homes. Be aware, IT DOES NOT. This is another Barry Chamish scam and the only thing Barry Chamish cares about is profiting from selling his books to anyone.

Barry Chamish peddles the idea that Jews were behind the Holocaust and has attended at least one Holocaust denial conference to sell his books. He's peddled the idea that Israel was behind 9/11 and has attended a 9/11 Deniers Conference to sell his books. He's also peddling books that claim that UFO's are kidnapping and raping Israeli women. Barry Chamish is utterly shameless and will try to fill every niche, selling to both Anti-semites and Zionists.

Here is what Barry Chamish actually said about the Jews of Gush Katif.

"So stop looking for handouts. Stop the sob stories of being forced out of hotels you thought the government was going to actually pay for. Quit the tales of misery and alienation."

"This is one of the better appeals for money for the Gush Katif refugees. Don't give them a nickel!"

"But more to the point: Screw You, Gush Katif."

"Nobody admires a beggar for long."

"I further warned, that anyone who propped up their misery through charity would be dooming the refugees to permanent poverty. I wish it wasn't true, but all media reports illustrate that in just three months, the once thriving residents of Gush Katif have sunk into violence, despair, divorce, drug abuse, crime and hopelessness."

"After the deluge, a friend of mine told me she had spent the day helping the Gush Katif refugees, bringing them food and setting up their computers. I asked her, "Are you nuts? You're not helping them, you're helping the "government" of Israel. They got them into this mess, now they can get them out of it. Learn from the Arabs already. Do not rehabilitate the refugees."

Had enough? We aren't done yet.

In a shameless display of greed, Barry Chamish followed his call against donating to the refugees of Gush Katif with a call for donations... to himself.

That's what anyone who buys Bye Bye Gaza will be doing, donating to Chamish's alcohol and lawyer fund. At 63.50 dollars a pop.

While Arutz 7's Tamar Yonah continues giving her old college buddy airtime, the reality is Barry Chamish is a fraud who panders to Anti-semites and in the end is only out for himself. Beware of him and beware of buying anything from him.


  1. Anonymous13/3/07

    I like Barry, leave him alone. Go back to attacking people you can handle and know something about.

  2. His heartlessness and greed are utterly repulsive. He's made his contempt for the people of Gush Katif very clear and he doesn't care about them in the least. He wouldn't send one cent to help those families out. Donate to legitimate organizations that will help them.

    Maybe police should force HIM out of HIS house and force him to live in a small trailer in another community where he doesn't have acccess to his family and friends; loses his job because the commute is too long. Then suffers depression because he can't support his family and turns to alcohol or drugs to relieve his misery. Could HE live all of that? Would HE want to be treated with compassion?

    Gee, wonder if HIS kids would be depressed and suicidal or become violent if they experienced the trauma of being forcibly evicted (which to a child must have seen very much like being the victim of a home invasion) with all those police rushing into the house.

    I hope no one buys anything from this heartless opportunistic scumbag. And $63.50 for a paperback book? Not in this lifetime!

  3. anonymous, if you care to dispute anything I've said go ahead. But you haven't and you can't.

    K.A. Chamish has a history of doing anything and going anywhere to peddle his books in an utterly shameless way , he'll cash in on the neo-nazis and the next week on the settlers.

  4. Anonymous13/3/07

    Pack up all my care and woe
    Here I go, singing low
    Bye bye Gaza
    Where somebody waits for me
    Sugar's sweet, so is she
    Bye bye gaza
    No one here can love or understand me
    Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me
    Make my bed and light the light
    I'll arrive late tonight
    Gaza, bye bye

  5. Anonymous13/3/07

    That is repulsive. There is too much of that mentality going around. "It's their fault", "They should have done what the government said", "Why didn't they just listen", utterly sickening. They flaunt their power and it seems they get a kick out of agreeing with those who are really doing the evil. "Dont fight back, just take the poison". I am really sick of all of this. The more that these monsters push and get away with emboldens them to push some more.

  6. This is my first visit to your site. SO far I like it very much. I have a question: Of the available leaders that Israel could choose from, who do you deem the "best"?

  7. yes christopher, part of the world's sickness is that many are eager to agree with the people swinging the clubs or planting the bombs

  8. hi james, I like your blog too

    sadly there's a shortage of dream candidates, Netanyahu will probably get in but he lacked the spine to make the tough decisions before and he's likely to lack it again

    Aryeh Eldad looks good in many ways, he's a general in the reserves as the former commander of the medical corps and a heart surgeon and he's been praised as an honest man, even by his enemies... but he stands no real chance

    Benny Elon will run it appears, he's also a good man,


    and there's effi eitam


  9. Anonymous14/3/07

    Only HaSh-m to turn to all else
    will and has failed.
    Gog W lining us up for ezekiel 38 and
    We will all soon be screwed by NWO
    whether or not you bash B Chamish.
    Enjoy remaining time on net or do
    tshuva choice is still open.

  10. Anonymous14/3/07

    Barry Chamish was last seen squeegeeing car windows in British Columbia and asking passersby for some spare change so that he can get drunk enough to have another drunk-driving car crash like the last one he had in Israel last year.

  11. Anonymous15/3/07

    WHy can't I get a job or a date? It is all because the NWO and CFR are conspiring against me at the orders of those space aliens!

    --- Barry Chamish, March 12, 06

  12. Anonymous18/3/07

    As I said, I like Barry. You say, "if you care to dispute anything I've said go ahead."

    Well, last time I checked it is the slanderer who has to carry the burden of proof. You've basically called the man an alcoholic without any proof.

    It might be fun and games for you right now, but it won't seem that way if Barry sues you for slander and you end up paying him hard cash for your glib insults.

  13. There's no slander involved and if you'll look back at the links and my blog, his ties to Neo-Nazis, to 9/11 conspiracists and to promoting Anti-Semitism and his contempt for the Jews of Gush Katif and attempt to exploit them for his own benefit is well documented

    You've predictably ignored that and tried to jump on the alcohol thing, which is an acknowledgment that you can't rebut any of the above.

  14. Chamish (Chantarish) is either the biggest conman alive or a strange man who occasionally, as in the case of Rabin and (to a point) Yaldei Teiman, gets things right. However, when he goes off on a tangent and talks about the yaldei Teiman being shipped off for radiation experiments, and rants about UFO's, it's Thorazine time for Barry.

    And who would pay 60.83 for his ramblings?

  15. well chamish has no real original material, he usually picks up other people's material and skews it with his slant, e.g. the yeladei teiman or the ufo's or anything else

    he just reprocesses it and takes credit for it

  16. Thanks for your response. Last time I read Chamish was actually to get material for a Creedmoor spoof and I did not analyze his writings too well.

    All I remember is that he blamed the Shabak for the death of singer Ofra Haza, who according to him was somehow connected with the investigation of Yaldei Teiman (yeah, right - she was busy making movies and becoming a world music star outside of Israel). That, along with his radiation experiment nonsense (which in turn, now that I think of it, may have come from Uzi Meshulam who also belongs in Creedmoor) was enough for my parody so I read no further!

  17. oh well if you're after parody material, chamish is in rare form


  18. LOL - thanks - I could never write anything as good as this Chamish gem:

    Israeli Secrets I Shouldn't Know
    by Barry Chamish
    August 20, 2006

    No outsider was /supposed /to discover what I did about Israel. And I'm sorry I did. I could be raising my kids in suburban Modiin and working on raising my bowling average. My most outrageous political statement might be, "Now why would any teenager want to French-kiss Chaim Ramon?"

    But I did discover that Israel's founders and its establishment created a nation based on a form of Freemasonry called Sabbatainism. The first cities they founded were not given Jewish names but Masonic ones:

    Tel Aviv - The first Jewish city was named for a Babylonian internment camp for Jewish slaves. It was from Tel Abib that Ezekiel was lifted by a peculiar biblical-age UFO to watch a city being constructed. And it was from Babylon that the Jews changed their months and learned a skill that God hated, astrology.

    Petach Tikve - Meaning Gate Of Hope, the Sabbatain phrase for female genitilia.

    Rosh Pina - Situated precisely on the 33rd latitude, this town means keystone, for it was intended to be the keystone to illumination. What is not understood is that the last three steps in the Masonic rites, parallel ancient Israel's latitudes, from the 30th to 33rd. The British called Rosh Pina's airport, the 33rd runway.

    A true Creedmoorer and a real Shmoiger - Shoiteh, Menuval veGasRuach.

    Do you have any info on his nemesis Prof. Steven Plaut?

  19. chamish can be hours of deranged entertainment

    As for plaut, last I saw chamish was complaining that hezbollah didn't hit haifa university where plaut works

  20. Anonymous20/3/07

    Sultan says "You've predictably ignored that and tried to jump on the alcohol thing, which is an acknowledgment that you can't rebut any of the above."

    No, you've left the alcohol thing hanging with no proof - and that discredits all your accusations.

    You're basically slandering him, and he is a supporter of Israel. You twist his words and take them out of context to make it sound like he's the enemy of those that the Israeli government expelled. So you attack him only rather than see his point - why isn't the government helping these people??

    There is a very tiresome tactic that is wearing thin in some quarters already, which is "charactor assasination" when there is nothing substantive to say. Given a choice, sneering and baseless put-downs and slander against Barry from you - I'll believe in his UFO's first!

    Any reasonable person would give him a little bit of credit in what he says and take the whole substance of his position on the issue. You don't, are you jealous? Maybe you only have a very shallow reasoning ability and I'm being hard on you.

    That's why I suggested you go back to your funny little sarcastic jokes (which I do find amusing also), and leave alone Barry since you don't understand him enough to add something worthwhile to what he has presented (albeit in his own idiosyncratic way).

    A lot of us support Israel, but are not happy about the things it does, or its current godless leadership.

  21. Anonymous20/3/07

    Ever notice how in Chamish's little bubble world, no death ever takes place unless it is a murder by the UFO - Illuminati conspiracy led by the Pope and Shimon Peres?
    See http://www.thebarrychamishwebsite.com/newsletters/byebyeisrael31707.htm

  22. Anonymous20/3/07

    Here's an idea! Let Chamish post his medical records from his (drunk?) driving car crash in Israel so we can all see whether or not he was really stoned during the crash! After all, this is the dude who keeps demanding that all of Rabin's intimate medical records be posted on the web! Sauce for the moonbat!

  23. Chamish's working with neo-nazis, leftist anti-semites and other scum is my accusation. His attempt to capitalize on the expulsion of the people he made a point of despising and profiting from them is my accusation.

    I could care less if Chamish is a drunk and to what degree. I care about what he is doing.

    This is your third post and you still haven't rebutted any of what I've said about him.

    We all know the government should have helped the residents of Gush Katif. Chamish produced no chidush by saying this. What he did was DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM DONATING TO PEOPLE WHO LOST EVERYTHING and then asked for donations for himself. Then he slandered them.

    Do you see how disgusting that is? Do you see how depraved it is for him then to slap together some photos and text and try to cash in on them a second time?

    I despise the current leadership and I despise shameless opportunists and egotists like Chamish. That is why I felt it was my duty to issue a warning about him.

  24. Anonymous20/3/07

    Der Shygetz is wrong. Chamish has never been correct about anything, and there is doubt as to whether he has ever composed a factuallly correct sentence. There is absoultely nothing correct in his entire "theory" about the Rabin killing.

  25. Is Anonymous actually Chamish?

    Betsy, unless it's been so long that I no longer remember what Chamish (Chantarish) said about Rabin OLBM having been murdered by the ShaBaK (did he mention UFO's again?) the fact is that a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  26. Anonymous21/3/07

    Unlike a broken clock, Chamish is NOT right twice a day. Every piece of his Rabin "theory" is a lie and his been disproved. Chamish should take his meds twice a day!

  27. Anonymous21/3/07

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    Go to http://chamishcontest.50webs.com/

  28. Anonymous21/3/07

    Betsy needs more sleep

  29. Anonymous21/3/07

    Lou Depalma's clock seems to have stopped running,

  30. Anonymous21/3/07

    Betsy, I hear that oil of evening primrose is a balm for this sort of thing. If not try midol.


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