Home Flag of Israel is Raised Over Homesh Again
Home Flag of Israel is Raised Over Homesh Again

Flag of Israel is Raised Over Homesh Again

Its residents had been expelled, their homes demolished, now thousands have returned and the Israeli flag flies over Homesh again. Their shirts bear the message, "Homesh - The Beginning." Military and police forces have surrounded the area and Olmert has stated that no one will be allowed to remain.


  1. Paro Olmert Speaks!
    No one shall return.
    How like this man who is paid off by Israel's enemies to render decisions favorable to them.
    Olmert would have been a spy in Pharoah's employ undermining Israel each step of the way out of Mitzraim.
    At every turn aiding Amalek and causing harm to Jews as much as he could.

    Here we are entering the season of pesach and Olmerts hissing forked tongue comes jutting out of his snakey face to test the wind again.
    His handlers do not want Israel stretching out into the lands given them by God.
    No, they want them coralled together in a small enclosure where they will be easier to pick off. So take them from Gaza and from the Golan and put them in a controlled central area.
    Olmerts evil claw reaching out with intent to harm Israel and save the enemy who threatens them.

    Now Olmert can honor pesach by attacking Jews yet again.

  2. If they've returned with the idea that they won't fight back (I'm talking armed), then the return is a total joke and an act that's in vain. Hopefully, they've smartened up. It's not wrong to fight back against a fellow Jew who despises Torah. If it was, Hashem wouldn't have blessed Pinchas. It would be nice if they remembered that.

  3. It's heartbreaking that it's come to a point where Jew must fight Jew. There can really be no joy in it. But...the righteous must fight for the land Hashem promised. It's called the Holy Land for a reason.

    Tzion...the perfection of beauty.

    Pray for the peace of all Israel. May she have safety, peace, and prosperity.

  4. Anonymous26/3/07

    Yeah!!!! Good to see Israel returning and gathering strength, even if for a moment.

  5. Bouncing off Keli ata. I was trying to think of a time in history where we didn't have to fight against one another. I can't think of any. It seems to be a tradition...a very sad one.


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