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America Doesn't Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Democrat Problem

America's mass shooting capital isn't somewhere out west where you can get a gun at the corner store. It's in Obama's own hometown.

Chicago is America's mass shooting capital. There were over 400 shootings with more than one victim. In 95 of those shootings, 3 or more people were shot. 

2,995 people were shot in Chicago last year. Shootings were up, way up, in Baltimore. With an assist from Al Sharpton and #BlackLivesMatter, Baltimore beat out Detroit. But Detroit is still in the running. Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit all have something in common, they're all run by the party of gun control which somehow can't seem to manage to control the criminals who have the guns.

The murder rate in Washington, D.C., home of the progressive boys and girls who can solve it all, is up 54%. The capital of the national bureaucracy has also been the country's murder capital.

These cities are the heartland of America’s real gun culture. It isn’t the bitter gun-and-bible clingers in McCain and Romney territory who are racking up a more horrifying annual kill rate than Al Qaeda; it’s Obama’s own voting base.

Gun violence is at its worst in the cities that Obama won in 2012. Places like New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis, Kansas City and Philly. The Democrats are blaming Republicans for the crimes of their own voters. 

Chicago, where Obama delivered his victory speech, has homicide numbers that match all of Japan and are higher than Spain, Poland and pre-war Syria. If Chicago gets any worse, it will find itself passing the number of murders for the entire country of Canada.

Chicago’s murder rate of 15.09 per 100,000 people looks nothing like the American 4.2 rate, but it does look like the murder rates in failed countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. To achieve Chicago’s murder rate, African countries usually have to experience a bloody genocidal civil war.

But Chicago isn’t even all that unique. Or the worst case scenario. That would be St. Louis with 50 murders for 100,000 people. If St Louis were a country, it would have the 4th highest murder rate in the world, beating out Jamaica, El Salvador and Rwanda.

Obama won St. Louis 82 to 16 percent.

New Orleans lags behind with a 39.6 murder rate. Louisiana went red for Romney 58 to 40, but Orleans Parish went blue for Obama 80 to 17. Obama won both St. Louis and Baltimore by comfortable margins. He won Detroit’s Wayne County 73 to 26.

Homicide rates like these show that something is broken, but it isn’t broken among Republican voters rushing to stock up on rifles every time Obama begins threatening their right to buy them; it’s broken among Obama’s base.

Any serious conversation about gun violence and gun culture has to begin at home; in Chicago, in Baltimore, in New York City, in Los Angeles and in Washington, D.C.

Voting for Obama does not make people innately homicidal. Just look at Seattle. So what is happening in Chicago to drive it to the gates of hell?

A breakdown of the Chicago killing fields shows that 83% of those murdered in Chicago in one year had criminal records. In Philly, it’s 75%. In Milwaukee it’s 77% percent. In New Orleans, it’s 64%. In Baltimore, it’s 91%. Many were felons who had served time. And as many as 80% of the homicides were gang related.

Chicago’s problem isn’t guns; it’s gangs. Gun control efforts in Chicago or any other major city are doomed because gangs represent organized crime networks which stretch down to Mexico. And Democrats pander to those gangs because it helps them get elected. That's why Federal gun prosecutions in Chicago dropped sharply under Obama. It's why he has set free drug dealers and gang members to deal and kill while convening town halls on gun violence.

America’s murder rate isn’t the work of the suburban and rural homeowners who shop for guns at sporting goods stores and at gun shows, and whom the media profiles after every shooting, but by the gangs embedded in urban areas controlled by Democrats. The gangs who drive up America’s murder rate look nothing like the occasional mentally ill suburban white kid who goes off his medication and decides to shoot up a school. Lanza, like most serial killers, is a media aberration, not the norm.

National murder statistics show that blacks are far more likely to be killers than whites and they are also far more likely to be killed. The single largest cause of homicides is the argument. 4th on the list is juvenile gang activity with 676 murders, which combined with various flavors of gangland killings takes us nearly to the 1,000 mark. America has more gangland murders than Sierra Leone, Eritrea and Puerto Rico have murders.

Our national murder rate is not some incomprehensible mystery that can only be attributed to the inanimate tools, the steel, brass and wood that do the work. It is largely the work of adult males from age 18 to 39 with criminal records killing other males of that same age and criminal past.

If this were going on in Rwanda, El Salvador or Sierra Leone, we would have no trouble knowing what to make of it, and silly pearl-clutching nonsense about gun control would never even come up. But this is Chicago, it’s Baltimore, it’s Philly and NOLA; and so we refuse to see that our major cities are in the same boat as some of the worst trouble spots in the world.

Lanza and Newtown are comforting aberrations. They allow us to take refuge in the fantasy that homicides in America are the work of the occasional serial killer practicing his dark art in one of those perfect small towns that always show up in murder mysteries or Stephen King novels. They fool us into thinking that there is something American about our murder rate that can be traced to hunting season, patriotism and bad mothers.

But go to Chicago or Baltimore. Go where the killings really happen and the illusion comes apart.

There is a war going on in America between gangs of young men who bear an uncanny resemblance to their counterparts in Sierra Leone or El Salvador. They live like them, they fight for control of the streets like them and they kill like them.

America’s horrific murder rate is a result of the transformation of major American cities into Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda and El Salvador. Gun violence largely consists of criminals killing criminals.

As David Kennedy, the head of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control, put it, "The majority of homicide victims have extensive criminal histories. This is simply the way that the world of criminal homicide works. It's a fact.”

America is, on a county by county basis, not a violent country, just as it, on a county by county basis, did not vote for Obama. It is being dragged down by broken cities full of broken families whose mayors would like to trash the Bill of Rights for the entire country in the vain hope that national gun control will save their cities, even though gun control is likely to be as much help to Chicago or New Orleans as the War on Drugs.

Obama’s pretense that there needs to be a national conversation about rural American gun owners is a dishonest and cynical ploy that distracts attention from the real problem that he and politicians like him have sat on for generations.

America does not have a gun problem. Its problem is in the broken culture of cities administered by Democrats. We do not need to have a conversation about gun violence. We need to have a conversation about Chicago. We need to have a conversation about what the Democrats have done to our cities.

(A version of this article originally appeared at Front Page Magazine.)


  1. AesopFan4/1/16

    We can never solve this problem so long as the Democrats and media, with Republican connivance, refuse to recognize and name the problem.
    Cliche? Sure.
    But still true.

  2. The Dude4/1/16

    Too judgmental. Black culture is a gun culture, an honor culture, a "no-snitching" culture. Some cultures chop heads off. Others chop cl!torises off.

    As long as they only do it to each other, I don't have a problem.

    I am not in favor of forcing colored folks to change their culture and "ack white". It is as foolish and fruitless (not to mention expensive!) as trying to teach a donkey to sing opera.

    I respect their culture. They could change it anytime they want to, yet choose not to. So be it.

    The answer is simple. Accept multiculturalism and let the donkey munch its hay in peace. Don't attack them, imprison them or (try to) change them. Just avoid them.

  3. I guess black lives don't matter as much as they say they do...

    they are killing each other

  4. Gary Sack4/1/16

    How very true. But I do have a couple of bones to pick with you. I'm a Chicagoan, born and raised. And though I've lived away from Chicago for 46 years, I go back whenever I can to "Sweet Home". Chicago is still the best big city in America. The violence is almost all blacks killing blacks, gang related. It gets headlines, but it's not what defines the city. AND , PLEASE, STOP REFERRING TO CHICAGO AS OBAMA'S HOMETOWN!

  5. As William S Burroughs said a long time ago (I may be paraphrasing), "Every time there is a shooting spree, they want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it."

    I believe Obama and virtually the entire Ruling Class (both parties) want, or at least don't mind, the criminal class committing mayhem and murder with guns, and aid and abet it by releasing these criminals back into society. It will, they hope, allow them to disarm the general populace of law-abiding gun owners to reduce their own (the Ruling Class) potential peril from said owners when we have finally had enough of their bullroar. The RC, as well as at least some corporate chieftains, wants chaos in average society, since they feel they have insulated and isolated themselves from the possibilites such chaos and breakdown will visit upon us. The permitted rampant illegal immigration, whether from Mexico and Latin America, or currently, muslims, none of whom desire to assimilate and be real Americans will only serve to dilute our populace of people who understand and embrace our notion of freedom and the Constitution's limits on the power of government and the Ruling Class. We must be headed for a civil war in America, the likes of which will make our 19th Century Civil War seem like a small skirmish.

    1. Well stated Bart, this article is well written & based on facts. Your comments are spot on & I also believe a civil war is coming. The first part will be over quickly as the conservatives will quickly overwhelm the no gun crowd. The next fight will be exactly as you stated....against the well armed gangs. There will be blood!

  6. Sums it all up perfectly. I think the media coverage of Hurricane Katrina gave everyone a glimpse into the 3rd world that is many of our inner cities, but no one read the signs for what it really was.

  7. Sometimes the best way to fight dangerously stupid insanity is to simply let be dangerously stupid insanity. Ignore it. Let DC, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. come apart at every nail on their own. Dial back the police presence so as not to offend BLM. Don't work against gun control laws there locally. Just let them evolve into the no-go zones the left tells us do not exist. Either eventually they cry for help in which case we laugh and ignore them, or, they don't in which case, who cares?

  8. Anonymous4/1/16

    Arts and Entertainment has a show titled "48 Hours" where a crime is committed, the police respond in an effort to solve the case in the first 48 hours and finally in some cases closure. From the episodes that I've watched it is 90% black on black crime......and in all democrat controlled cities......

  9. Anonymous4/1/16

    And we need to take guns away from the Secret Service that protects the President, his family and other government officials. I bet all those staunch advocates of gun control would be at the head of the line to purchase weapons for themselves.
    We could say the same for healthcare, immigration, the IRS and other government agencies. When politicians have to follow the same laws as their constituents, they might start to enact sensible and constitutional legislation. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening soon. Currently, most politicians worry more about themselves and what they can gain than having a bona fide concern for the people they represent.

  10. Anonymous4/1/16

    The US is 3rd in the world when it comes to murders. But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom. Those 4 cities also happen to have the strictest gun control laws throughout the country

  11. Great article. Thank you for writing it. For future articles, please consider including links to the reference material. Thank you.

  12. Anonymous5/1/16

    It’s gun lobby interests or ‘our’ children’s lives- the übermensch with issues at the WH dixit with fatherly love. In the meanwhile Alinsky smiles and nods from hell...

  13. Anonymous5/1/16

    I think it has an unrestrained government problem above all. This is advanced by people drawn to power over others, or how it enables the progressive social agenda to be advanced.

    But at its core, it is made possible because government has given itself the power to create near-infinite amounts of money out of thin air. Government uses this money to pay for bureaucrats, to buy support by paying "benefits" and it makes it too easy to go to war.

    It used to be that the sheer limit on the amount of taxes people were willing and able to pay was the first limit on government. There was just only so much money in the official till. But not any more. Need money? Just press a button.

    Limiting the amount of money that government can spend is the only way to limit government. This must the first order of business of the Article V convention the states must soon call.

    -- theBuckWheat

  14. The issue isn't guns, gangs or even drugs. It's race. According NYPD stats, when a gun is fired during the commission of a crime, over 80% of the time it's in the hands of a black person. But nobody wants to talk about that reality because, RACISM.

    Again, citing NYPD stats, if NYC was exclusively white, the murder rate would drop 96% and gun violence would decline by 92%.

  15. It's mainly black people, but it's not all black people. It's a criminal population within the black community.

    If we looked at the murder rate in 19th century New York, a whole lot of it would likely involve Irish gangs. There was a time when Jews would have shown up high on those numbers.

    There are two problems though

    1. The official black community remains supportive of criminals because of left-wing politics.

    Not all of it, but the people who move up, e.g. Obama and Holder, tend to be pro-criminal because they're leftists.

    2. The black community has yet to move on. Lots of groups went through a gang phase, e.g. Irish, Italians, Jews, Asians, but the phase tends to pass as people go on to live productive lives and the criminals lose cover in their community.

    Organized crime can't pick up any decent talent and becomes a joke and nostalgia, e.g. the mafia.

    This hasn't happened in the black community. Instead the opposite has happened. Criminals are more romanticized than ever thanks to culture. So it's not getting any better. And the respectable black upper middle class is increasingly behaving worse than the ghetto with Black Lives Matter.

    Black people in the ghetto are much less likely to support criminals than black people in college.

    So it's a problem. The black community needs to fix it. Instead it's making things worse.

  16. D.D.Mao5/1/16

    The left can cherry pick statistics all they want concerning the disproportionate number of blacks in our penal system. Liberal Hollywood in fact efficiently stays away from having any minorities shown as the perpetrators of violent crimes in their television dramas or movies. In fact the trend seems to be picturing the rich or corporations as the major evil doer in todays society. The television series "Law and Order" has made a 20+ year run of this tactic which led to the formation of groups like O.W.S. Just the opposite of what reality shows which begs the question.........How can we rely on statistics for a reasonable floor for discussion when the MSM masked over the facts?

  17. The left is always going to lie. That's a given.

  18. I've seen the thug culture become much worse where I live since Mobama was elected, not that it wasn't bad enough to begin with. Seems to me that so many blacks have simply chosen the low road and that the ones who've chosen the high road have moved on into normalcy, beyond the clutches of the faux victimhood espoused by the Jesse's and the Al's and the sanctimonious white guilters.

  19. All the gun laws in the world never stopped one criminal. They are above the law because they don't care about the laws. Yet, street gangs can be bought off to force people to vote Democrat, and the Democrats keep side-tracking the fact that the gangs cause 95% percent of the murders and crime and drug running and they should be wiped from the face off the earth. Not put into jail, but gotten rid of forever. Still, it's easier to blame the white man. The left is a real cancer.

  20. The problem isn't really black people, or at least not "all" black people. Let's say they comprise 12% of America's population. Black women, though violent, aren't really doing the killing, so now we're down to 6%. And as Daniel mentions, it's not all the men, just the 18-to-39 demographic So now we're down to 3% of our population, committing over 50% of America's murders.

    What to do with that 3%? Forced conscription? Chemical castration? Ankle bracelets? I wish I had an answer. Simpler times relied on the KKK and public lynchings as powerful deterrents to criminal rampage, but these draconian measures are long abandoned. Society no longer has any effective methods to deter violent anti-social behavior, and in fact such behavior is now encouraged by much of the black community as a logical response to years of abuse from endemic racism and oppression. The victimizers have been recast as the victims.

  21. Actually, its a well-defined subset of the black urban underclass: males between about 15 and 30 years old. They cannot number more than around 2 million "youths," and a rigorous program of incarceration and heavy-handed policing would completely surppress the violence.

  22. Another Ham sandwich voter I see.
    If all the large cities are Democratic then all the statistics would be Democratic; good, bad or indifferent. If the majority of large cities are Democratic then one has to factor in all the Democratic large cities like San Jose.
    There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Your one dimension of Democratic cities are home to all the gang violence is a ham sandwich of indictments.
    I can offer up all kinds of one dimensional political correlations. Like did you know that for decades Pew research has published a study showing that more Americans identify conservative than liberal and never once have liberals out numbered conservatives? And yet? Somehow liberals controlled the Congress for 50 years, took over the education system, the mass media, etc. etc. So what does that say about the majority of Americans who identify conservative?

    And how 'bout little fuzzy logic. Seems appropriate considering New York is called the big apple and Fuzzy logic is taught initially using an apple. How many bites does it take out of an apple before that apple becomes an apple core?

    New York Governor Pataki was running for President as a Republican. New York city mayor Rudy Guiliani also ran for President as a, wait for it, Republican. So is New York city Democratic or Republican. Do all the gun violence statistics that happened under Guiliani tally on the Republican side? Do all the gun violence statistics under Republican Bloomberg count as Republican? Do today's Republicans consider gun control Bloomberg a Republican?

    Your analysis has 0 nuance and no depth: all democratic cities have all the violence therefore there is a democratic problem. This one dimension is a ham sandwich indictment that violates a major tenet of statistics: correlation is not causation.

    For extra credit please read up on the Democratic Convention of 1968 where Mayor Daly called out the police to beat the liberal democratic hippies to within an inch of their lives. To whit, the Democratic party when it comes to large cities has always been about machine politics and not liberal politics. Machine just being a fancy word for corruption. Labor Unions where gangs running amok in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and all the cities you named. These Union gangs where in bed with the Democratic machine politics gangs of Chicago that still exist today.

    IN other words, the Democratic party is not a monolithic party of singular ideology. Machine politics is not liberal politics.

    So feel free to tell the world whether you consider New York City red or blue, Republican or Democratic, for all the gun violence over the same years you considered for Chicago. I'd like to hear your black-and-white ham sandwich analysis of New York.

  23. John McClaughry6/1/16

    My great grandfather was made Police Commissioner in Chicago, to clean up the town before the 1893 World's Fair. His first week on the job he sent the entire force into Garfield Park and arrested 600 criminals of various stripes, who were thereby put out of action for two years until the Fair was over. Then my ggf was dismissed, his crooked predecessor brought back in, and the corruption resumed. There must be a lesson in this somewhere.

  24. John McClaughry, the cycle still hasn't changed. It happens in city governments too. Arguably also nationally.

  25. Mybrid,

    the bottom line is that gun violence is driven by gang violence based largely out of urban areas controlled by Democrats.

    In this case statistics tell us the facts.

    "Somehow liberals controlled the Congress for 50 years, took over the education system, the mass media, etc. etc. So what does that say about the majority of Americans who identify conservative?"

    That an organized movement beats people who just believe things, but don't organize for them, any day of the week.

    But you know that already.

    "New York Governor Pataki was running for President as a Republican. New York city mayor Rudy Guiliani also ran for President as a, wait for it, Republican. So is New York city Democratic or Republican."

    Guiliani came into office because crime had gotten so bad under Democrats that people were willing to vote for a Republican to get some relief.

    Then they went right back to liberals.

    " To whit, the Democratic party when it comes to large cities has always been about machine politics and not liberal politics."

    Machine politics has various forms and as the Democratic party has come to be dominated by the left, machine politics becomes just another face of it, e.g. ACORN

    "IN other words, the Democratic party is not a monolithic party of singular ideology."

    It shouldn't be, except these days it's being consolidated. How much room is there for conservative dems, for pro-life dems, for anti-immigration dems, even for dem hawks?

    They're all dwindling groups being wiped out by the left and its Democracy Alliance.

  26. Excellent! Sharing all over.

  27. Anonymous6/1/16


    The 2015 murder rate in NYC was 3.4 per 100,000 (assuming a population of 7 million). That is below the national average. So if you wish to consider NYC to be a republican city, feel free.

  28. Anonymous6/1/16

    The dimocrats are already spinning this so it will redound to the detriment of the Republicans because they resist gun control. If only, those idiots say, would back gun control those cities would be safe and crime free. Like everything else they say, this line of argument is just full of it.

  29. Anonymous6/1/16

    mybrid w. you are part of the problem, NOT PART of the solution

  30. Just a common 'tater7/1/16

    Daniel, this should be required reading for anyone elected to public office, and in all schools, public and private. Unfortunately, that won't happen. The truth is that despots, tyrants, apparatchiks, and bureaucrats fear an intelligent, educated, and armed citizenry. They prefer ignorant easily cowed unarmed serfs.

    The police and military in most countries of the world are intended to protect the elites and keep the peasants in check. Mexico is the poster child for this. That same 3rd world scenario is where we are heading if we cannot get some of these bums thrown out of office. The small, paid, professional forces will be deployed primarily to protect the ruling class. The gangs will be turned loose on you and I so that we are too busy fighting for our lives to go after the real criminals that run the place.

    As for black crime, you need to know that the Latino areas and certain Asian areas are nearly as violent. Those tragic sounding "random" bullets that were "intended for another gang" that "just happened" to take out a kid, a teacher, a rising star athlete, or a person showing intelligence and promise are really not random nor accidents. I grew up in gang infested areas. Those acts of violence are intended to keep the locals in their place, show them who really is the boss. The cops and politicos know who the gangsters are and where they live. Unfortunately, right now the bad apple cops are getting the screen time, rarely the good ones, which aggravates the problem.

    Well, enough doom and gloom. It would be nice if we could just let the criminals go after each other and leave them to their own devices. Unfortunately we are a more mobile society now, and they can go to almost anywhere.

  31. Yes, it'll be tricky to manage though, it'll require a lot more gated communities and areas

  32. "2. The black community has yet to move on. Lots of groups went through a gang phase, e.g. Irish, Italians, Jews, Asians, but the phase tends to pass as people go on to live productive lives and the criminals lose cover in their community. 2. The black community has yet to move on. Lots of groups went through a gang phase, e.g. Irish, Italians, Jews, Asians, but the phase tends to pass as people go on to live productive lives and the criminals lose cover in their community."

    The cultures of these groups gave them a foundation to move on to become productive citizens. Religion, education, work ethic and pride all contribute to upward mobility. Since the 1960's we the taxpayers have nurtured a permanent underclass with no pride,no work skills/ethic, no moral compass and an expectation that all their needs are to be supplied by the government. Unemployment,unwed pregnancies, government support, etc. are not considered something shameful but rather a normal lifestyle. The progressive liberal mentality has only served to dig a deeper hole.
    Anyone have suggestions on how to change that without a civil war?

    1. ihih8/1/16

      Take a page out of the left's playbook. Organize a 'friendly' taxpayers meet and greet at yale with faculty and students.

    2. Anonymous8/1/16

      No. Our "leaders" in the 1960s were spooked by riots and responded with butter instead of guns. They cared only about restoring order, and if that meant emptying the treasury, it was seen as an alternative preferable to a massacre.

      Unfortunately, their pets soon understood the dynamic and were not content with handouts.

      There are three solutions. One is mandatory deportation to an island in the middle of the ocean. Two is widespread slaughter of the criminals AND their enablers - attorneys, judges, advocates, etc. Three is low level guerilla warfare by city.

      If anyone else has a better idea, I am all ears.

  33. Anonymous8/1/16

    In life like attracts like. The more one focuses on say negative events (evil, terror, scarcity) as opposed to positive ones, the more he will hear about these or encounter these in his own life. You attract what you think about most often even without realizing it. Never heard about the expression You are where your mind is or, Hashem is where you let Him in?? If we want moshiach to appear we need as soon as possible to FEEL 24/7 how it will feel like when he will be revealed, Then we will merit him! The Rebbe of chabad meant the same thing when he told his chassidim they ought to LEARN every day about moshiach and geulah and to LIVE (not just yearn or pray for him) like moshiach is already here, in thought, feeling and deed, including speech!! Start today and spread the message. Shabbat shalom - Ronit

  34. Anonymous8/1/16

    Outside of New York, Giuliani and Pataki (much like Romney and Christie outside their locales) are liberal Democrats by conviction.

  35. VA_Rancher8/1/16


    I don't think gated communities will work really. they will become like small city-states and the Huns can just surround them and wait.

    I fully Agree Progressivism is the disease of the mind which has allowed this infection to grow. but it is systemic, how do we cut it out/off and completely remove it?

    What other socio-economic "things" fund/feed this cancer of gangs and how can we remove that support? It is simply illegal drugs and prostitution?

    I do not know...

    I have chosen to live in a gated community of one family, on wooded acreage with a large iron gate I can lock and post an armed guard when the proverbial fan gets hit... But this is merely a survival plan... I fear we are lost for at least some period of time... Dangnabit.

    1. Anonymous16/1/16

      ...as for gated communities; Chuck Norris said it best. "When the fight starts,your gated community will offer no protection... look at the map. We've got you surrounded."
      Yep. - Grandpa


    The answer to the so called gun problem ……..IT IS Who Has the Guns

    This may explain why there has never been an attempt on Obama.

    In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.

    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died from the wound.

    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, TX.

    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown, CT.

    As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

    Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.

    Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservative was involved in any of these shootings and murders.

    It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns. Then If the communist liberal gun grabbers really wanted to do something about public safety as the say then all they would have to do is disarm all the illegal immigrant Hispanic gangs and all the black gangs in the big cities. This would fix 90% of the so called gun violence problem, instead of piling more restrictive gun laws on the law abiding citizen that are armed because of the aforementioned THUGS.

  37. You may enjoy my friend Zach's report from Israel http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2016/01/07/gay-israeli-lawmaker-leads-fight-gun-rights-anyone-rises-kill-kill-first/

  38. Anonymous9/1/16

    First the 2nd amendment goes then the 1st...

    Mr. Greenfield, doesn't the entirety of Israel have gun control? Or are private citizens allowed to own firearms?

  39. Democrats = death
    Mass shooters are left leaning 12:1 over right leaning
    Gun murders are committed by democrat voters 3000:1 over republican voters (yet republican voters own guns 300:1 over democrats)
    Wars and military engagements are begun by Democrats nearly 2:1 over republicans
    Democrats kill their unborn 1200:1 over Republicans
    Democrat cities are the most dangerous cities in the US
    Democrat crime stats throw off the entire nations crime stats
    Democrat cities have the highest poverty rates due to crime rates

    Democrats are death (they create misery, peddle flesh, and literally kill frequently)

    Common Sense Gun Control would be to ban Democrats from having guns, knives, pipes, bottles of flammable liquid, etc..

    What would our nation be like if Democrats never existed in the United States? Freedom and Equality and Prosperity would abound.

  40. Anonymous11/1/16

    You speak the truth. Very few others do. But the truth is plain to see if only people would stop their silly mind games ... that is, fooling themselves. Thank you.

    Barry lies to distract. We need to be watching for what he is doing that the media is NOT covering right now. He stated plainly that he will everything he can in his last year complete his agenda of fundamentally transforming America.

  41. Old Corps16/1/16

    This article should be mandatory reading for anyone who seeks facts and clarity surrounding the black murder epidemic, and the denial among the very people who have the potential for resolution. That has to be among the greatest ironies of the two Obama terms in the White House, and by my reckoning, a complete backfire of any promises he made regarding cohesion in the nation. He and others with an agenda feeding fuel to the racial unrest in America will go into the books owning much of this.

  42. Spot On again! There is not a gun problem, there is a people problem.

  43. It is not the amount of weapons that decide the level of violence, it is the level of inequality between people that decides the amount of murders according to scientific evidence.

    Obama represents the so called "Democrats", however he does not represent the people or equality. He represents the 1% with huge amounts of stock in the warmongering industry that feeds on violence, just like Hillary Clinton.

    Only equality and safety for all through more of Bernie Sanders democratic socialists has any real potential to heal the USA. But Trump is right about one thing. The border to overpopulated Mexico needs to be better sealed.

  44. The content must be necessary looking at for everyone whom attempts specifics along with lucidity adjoining your dark-colored kill plague, plus the refusal one of several quite folks who suffer from your risk of solution.

  45. Anonymous21/7/16

    You remarks are so accurate. It is so refreshing to see and hear these thoughts brought forward. BRAVO - MORE!


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